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April 24, 2012 CSB 12-11

CSB 12-11 Acceptable Animal Breeds for Transport (revised)

United will now accept for transport the animals listed below subject to proper kennel construction and acceptable animal behavior.
Applies to: What: All stations that accept and handle live animals. United will now accept animals listed below (6 months and older or weighing more than 20 lbs.) subject to proper kennel construction as described below. (ref: IATA Container Requirements #82). The Cargo Manual will be updated accordingly. Additionally, stations need to ensure the animal is not showing any signs of aggressiveness. This Bulletin supersedes information found in the Cargo Manual / Chapter 5. American Staffordshire Terriers Ca de Bou Cane Corso Dogo Argentino Fila Brasileiro Perro de Presa Canario Pit Bull Terriers Presa Canario Tosa (or Tosa Ken)

Kennels meeting Container Requirement #82 can be constructed from wood, metal, synthetic materials, weld mesh and wire mesh. The frame of the container must be made from solid wood or metal parts bolted or screwed together. It must be constructed so that it cannot be damaged from continual biting or scratching at the corners or openings. If the total weight (crate + animal) exceeds 132 lbs. (60 kgs) metal bracing must be added to the frame. The sides and door must be made of metal or solid wood with proper ventilation openings. The front of the container can be made of weld mesh. The mesh must have a diameter that will prevent the animal from protruding its nose or paws to the outside. Ventilation openings must also be covered with wire mesh weld that prevents the animal from being able to protrude its nose or paws to the outside from any opening. Overall the crate must be constructed solidly and be able to contain the dog inside.

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Cargo Bulletin #12-11

Airport Operations and Cargo Communications

Note: 1. Plastic kennels for these breeds are prohibited. 2. Puppies as defined in our other policies are less than 6 months old and less than 20 lbs. These shall be left in their own category and are not affected by this rule. Anything older than 6 months or weighing more than 20 lbs. would be subject to this requirement.

Samples of Acceptable Kennels

For additional conversation our customers may be directed to the following websites:

www.eastcoastcrates.com www.zingercrates.com
For PetSafe process, shipment or booking information contact the PetSafe desk at petsafe@coair.com or 1-800-575-3335

Cargo Operations Planning

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