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I. What is an' Information system? What is its Importance in Business? II. What are the Information system threats & Attacks? III. What are the measures to be taken for the security of Laptops? IV. Write short note on: 1. Integrity. 2. Confidentiality 3. Security 5. Give the classification of Threats? Briefly explain the history of Information Systems? 6. Explain the changing nature of Information System? 7. What do you mean by Internet? Give its advantages and disadvantages? 8. What are We_bServices? Explain the advantages of using Web Services? 9. What is the Importance of Information Systems in Organizations? 10. What are the security challenges of mobile devices? 11. What are the Security Implications for Organizations? 12. What are the basic principles of Information Security? 13. Describe the models for Confidentiality & Integrity? 14. Explain the classification of Information & their roles? 15. Explain the Distributed Information Systems? 16. What are the basic principles of Information Security?

17. Why is Integrity

& Confidentiality are important for Information Systems?

18. Explain the bask three pillars of Information Security ? 19. What are Biometric Systems? What are the benefits of using Biometrics Systems? 20. What are Virtual Organizations? 21. Explain the concept of Electronic data Interchange? 22. What are the security threats to E-Commerce ? 23. What is E-Commerce ? Explain different types of E-Commerce ? 24. What is the Importance of E-Commerce in the development of Business? 25. Explain the business transaction on the web? 26. Explain the concept of E-Governance ? 27. What are the needs of Physical Security in an Information System? 28. What are the Disasters & Controls for an Information System ? 29. Explain the basic tenets of Physical security? 30. What are the physical entry controls? Explain in brief? 31. What do you mean by Access control in Biometrics System ? 32. What are Biometrics Systems? Explain in brief? 33. What are the factors in biometrics systems ? 34. Explain the criteria for selection of Biometrics Systems? 35. What are the design issues in Biometrics Systems? 36. Explain the Interoperability issues for Biometrics Systems? 37. What are the Legal Challenges for the Biometrics Systems? 38. What are the Economic & Social aspects of biometric systems? 39. What do you mean by Authentication Service Security? 40. Explain the types of Virtual Organizations? 41. What are Fingerprints? Explain the use of Fingerprints for Biometrics Identification? 42. Differentiate between credit cards and debit cards? 43. What are the needs of using Virtual Organizations? 44. What do you understand by E-cash? 44. What are the characteristics of Biometrics Systems? 45. Explain the model of Cryptographic Systems? 46. Explain the concept of keys? 47. What are the issues in Documents Security ? 48. What do you mean by Public key cryptography?

Information SecuritY ~d Cvber Law.s JEit-~02) 49. Differentiate between Public key and Priva,te key Cryptography?

50. What do you mean by Private Key Cryptography? 51. What do you understand by Digital Signatures? 52. 53. 54. 55. 57. 58.

Explain the use of Digital signatures in the Security purposes? Explain Firewalls and types of types? Explain Virtual Private Networks ? What are the Design Issues of 'Firewalls ? Explain Intrusion detection Virtual Private Networks ? Explain the types of VPNs ?

56. What are the policies of Network security ?

59. What are the Network Attacks ? 60. What are the disadvantages of Network Attacks ? 61. Write a short note on Information Security ? 62. What are the various threats to Information Security ? 63. What are Cyber Crimes? 64. Explain IPR ? 65. Give Overview of Cyber crimes? 66. Explain Patent Law ? 67. Explain Copyright Law ? 68. What are the legal issues in Data mining Security? 69. What are the Ethical issues in Cyber world ? 70. What are the issues in Data & Software Privacy? 71. Explain the types of Cyber Crimes?