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1. Project Introduction 2. Objectives of the study/project 3. User views 4. Functions 5. Technologies used for the project 6. Software & Hardware used for the project

E-Campus System can be used by education institutes to maintain the records of institute easily. Achieving this objective is difficult using a manual system as the information is scattered, can be redundant and collecting relevant information may be very time consuming. All these problems are solved using this project. In this project I am trying to create a platform for the authorized people who need to get the information from institutional database. The name of the Project is E-Campus System in which user has to create Login First to be a legal member and after that he/she will be able to avail the services provided by the site. This site will provide the whole

information about institute and student record like student name, class, online marks, online attendance, placements records, online notes, online submission of articles, online assignments etc.


The objective of this project is to provide Online Registration of Student. The objective of this project is to provide information about the student database according to their login id.

Students can access their whole database but can modified portion of that database.

The objective of this project is to provide Searching Student Records.

3. Users
1. Administrator:Administrator is the person who is having the administrative rights over the application. He/she is allowed to manage the users.

2. Students/Registered Users:Users who are registered with the applications are registered users. They have their login accounts. They can access their accounts according to access permissions.

3. Guest:Customers who are not yet registered with application are Guest Users. Guest User is having limited access in the application. He/she is only allowed to view & use the some specific features like registration, login etc.

4. Functions

System provides the login functionality for authorization & authentication of various users.

Login Functionality:-

Account Maintenance:-

The system allows the registered users and operators to manage information of their account.

System provides the administrator to activate or deactivate any type of user account. The system also provides the administrator to create user accounts of type operator.

Managing Users:-

Manage News:-

The system will allow operator to maintain daily news about the institute.

System provides the administrator and registered users to maintain their own accounts.


Other Functionalities:-

System will also provide other functionalities like Feedback, FAQ and Discussion Forum etc.


Language Used:

HTML, CSS and Java Script

Front End: Back End: MYSQL

6. Software & Hardware used for the project

Software Requirements:
PHP 5.0

APACHE HTTP Server Microsoft Windows or Linux Hardware Requirements:

Intel Pentium IV processor or equivalent or higher 512 MB Ram or Higher 20 GB HDD or Higher Network Connectivity