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KOREAN PASSPORT APPLICATION (for child of Korean & Filipino parents, born in the Philippines) Requirements: 1.

Application Form for Passport 2. 2 pieces passport-sized colored pictures - 3.5mm x 4.5mm - white background - must show the full frontal facial image of the child. both ears and the shoulders must be visible 3. Photocopy of the Birth Certificate from NSO 4. Passport photocopy of both parents 5. Baby's Basic Certificate (Gibonjungmyeongso: Korean pronounciation) - 1 phot ocopy 6. Father or Mother's Seal Certificate (Inkamjungmyeongso: Korean pronounciation ) - 1 photocopy 7. Authorization from Korean father or mother to allow the Filipino wife/husband to apply for Korean passport of their child. It should be in Korean characters. (Yeokwon Balgup Dong Uyseo: Korean pronounciation) * Note: The Korean father/mother should include the following information on his/her Authorization letter: - name of child - date of birth of child - name of Korean father/mother - date of birth of Korean father/mother - request of Korean father/mother to issue paasport to his/her child - signature of Korean father/mother & the date of signing the letter Fees: for electronic passport valid for 5 years - PHP1750.00 Processing: 2 weeks Fees: for 1 year regualr passport -PHP 750.00 Processing: 3 days Fees: for Travel Certificate valid for 1 month - PHP 350.00 Processing: 1 day Spouse Visa (F61) Requirement 1.Application form 2.One passport sized colored photo 3.Passport Original(6Mons. Valid) 4.Copy of Passport First Page 5.NSO Marriage Certificate Original 6.Korean Marriage History Original(Within 3months) 7.Original & Copy of Police Clearance or NBI(Within 3months) 8.Original & Copy of CFO certificate 9.Original Medical Certificate of Filipino & Korean(Within 6months) -For Korean, should be issued by Hospital or Public Health Center. For Filipino, should be typewritten/computerized with Hospital letter head, contact number and Physicians signature. Plz check ex ample of Physical Examination 10.Original Invitation Letter from Korean (should be in a specific format as required by Embassy) 11.Guarantee Letter (should be in a specific format as required by Embassy)

12. 13.

Korean Credit History Original True Copy of Koreans Financial Document (ex. Land title, Property contract of lease, Bank Certificate, Property Tax , Income Tax Return, etc.) 14.Koreans Police Clearance(Within 3months) 15.Original Certificate for Marriage Guidance Program 16. Visa Fee : 1350Peso * Processing time : 15 working days