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Springfield Police Department

130 Pearl Street P.O. Box 308 Springfield, MAOI 101 (413) 787-6313


April 27, 2012 Board of License Commissioners City Hall 36 Court Street Springfield, Massachusetts Commissioners: Enclosed are copies of reports submitted to me by Captain C. Lee Bennett of the Vice Control Unit. It is an ongoing incident which involves four establishments: Mardi Gras, 91 Taylor Street; Fifth Alarm, 775 Worthington St., Lace, 453 Worthington St.; Center Stage, 265 Dwight St., and their failure their bills in a timely fashion, and as of April 11, 2012, they are not in accordance with their safety plan to have a safety consultant. We are recommending sanctions against these bars at this time: Violation of 2O4CMR 2.05 (2) ETC. Failing to appropriately abide by the license restrictions by not paying their bills in a timely fashion, and not adhering to their safety plans appropriately: Mardi Gras 77 counts FifthAlarm- 89 counts Center Stage 65 counts Lace 110 counts


William J. itchet Police Commissioner Ends. Cc: Mayor Domenic Sarno

SPRINGFIELD POLICE DEPARTMENT Supervisors or Superior Officers Report April 27, 2012 Special to Commissioner William J. Fitchet Re: Overdue fees from License Establishments Sir, On this date, I was made aware from Sgt. Phillip Tarpey that several establishments are severely in arrears with their payments to the city for Extra Work Detail officers. One of which (Lace), is in arrears back to December, 2011. I had believed this problem was addressed with their attorney and the License Commission last December, prior to their liquor license renewal to the satisfaction of the city. However, it now appears that the same establishments are presently in the arrears for the following: Mardi Gras -$14,501.14 Fifth Alarm $15,115.20 Center Stage -$12,281.10 Lace -$20,712.55 (14 days in the 2011 calendar year)

Total: $62,609.99 Inasmuch as the extra job officers are a requirement of the Mardi Gras safety plan which is tied to their licenses, I respectfully recommend the above establishments be placed on a COD method of payment until their bills are paid. I also would request the Mayor suspend their entertainment license until their bills are paid to the city in a fashion amenable to the city. I would also respectfully request the establishments be charged with Violation of 2O4CMR 2.05(2) ETC. Failing to appropriately abide by the license restrictions by not paying their bill in a timely fashion. Mardi Gras 77 counts Fifth Alarm 89 counts Center Stage 65 counts Lace 110 counts

Bills attached. Respectfully Submitted,

C. Lee Bennett, Captain 04162 Narcotics/Vice BureauISIU

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