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Vocabulary for Matilda

by Roald Dahl

Chapter 1 adoration: - noun - to be very fond of devouring: - verb - to enjoy eagerly transported: - verb - to transfer or convey from one place to another Chapter 2 ignorant: - adjective - having no knowledge or education fascinated verb - to grip the attention of especially so as to take away the power to move, act, or think for oneself tremendous adjective - astonishing because of great size, excellence, or power Chapter 3 clutching: - verb - to grip with or as if with the hand or claws satisfactory adjective - giving satisfaction (satisfied: to make happy) skulking verb - to move in a sly or secret manner Chapter 4 irritable adjective - capable of being irritated (irritated: to cause impatience, anger, or displeasure in) absorbed verb - to hold the interest of sensible adjective - showing or containing good sense or reason

Chapter 5

bearable adjective - possible to bear (bear: to put up with) obliged verb did a favor for or did something as a favor appalling adjective - inspiring horror or dismay Chapter 6 various adjective - of different kinds horrendous adjective dreadful, horrible clever adjective - of different kinds Chapter 7 blackboard noun chalkboard corridor noun - a passageway (as in a school) into which compartments or rooms open random noun - without definite aim, direction, rule, or method

Chapter 8 formidable adjective - very impressive eccentric adjective - acting or thinking in an unusual way flustered adjective - nervous and unsure

Chapter 9 presumed verb - to suppose to be true without proof literature noun - written works having excellence of form or expression and ideas of lasting and widespread interest despise verb - to consider as beneath one's notice or respect : feel scorn and dislike for

Chapter 10 gutsy adjective - aggressively tough, courageous amiable adjective - generally agreeable : having a friendly and pleasant manner enthralled verb - to hold by or as if by a spell

Chapter 11

assembly noun - a body of persons gathered together (as to make laws or for discussion, worship, or entertainment) persuasive adjective- tending to persuade (to win over to a belief or to a course of action by argument or earnest request) peculiar adjective - different from the usual or normal

Chapter 12 newt noun - any of various small salamanders that live mostly in water culprit noun - one accused, or guilty, of or charged with a crime or fault deed noun - something that is done

Chapter 13 aloft - adverb or adjective - in the air; especially in flight plummeted verb - to fall straight down hesitate verb - to stop or pause because of uncertainty or indecision

Chapter 14 wriggling verb - to twist or move to and fro like a worm serenity noun - the quality or state of being serene precious adjective - greatly loved

Chapter 15 sympathetic adjective - given to or arising from sympathy and sensitivity to others expel verb - to force to leave usually by official action <expelled from school> awestruck adjective - filled with awe (a feeling of mixed fear, respect, and wonder)

Chapter 16 phenomenon noun an observable, rare, or important fact or event bleak adjective dreary, cheerless, very plain perched verb - to land, settle, or rest on or as if on a perch

Chapter 17

awkward adjective - not graceful, clumsy triumph noun - the joy of victory or success clarity - noun - the quality or state of being clear Chapter 18 cautious adjective - marked by or given to caution (caution - carefulness in regard to danger) snippet noun - a small part, piece, or thing extraordinary adjective - so unusual as to be remarkable Chapter 19 confident adjective - having or showing confidence; sure, self-assured essential adjective - important in the highest degree obvious adjective - easily found, seen, or understood Chapter 20 scowling verb - to make a frowning expression of displeasure somersault noun - to make a frowning expression of displeasure elated noun - filled with joy or pride Chapter 21 chaos noun - complete confusion eagerly adverb - having or showing an impatient or enthusiastic desire or interest consent verb - to express willingness or approval