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WCP Homeowners Association

July 26, 2007

901 West Campus Lane


Action Items Motion/Second/Carried

• That the Association formally select HH Fremer to serve as the

architectural firm to oversee plans for leak mitigation,
contingent on the Board’s approval of the firm’s answers to the
Association’s follow-up questions.
• That Connie Burns redistribute specified funds in the
Associations CD portfolio to retain insurance protection.

Present: WCPHOA Board Directors: Eric Dahl, Jon Cruz, Steve Gaulin, Laura Kalman.
Audrey Nelson; Homeowners: Kate Metropolis, Jane Rudolph, Alison Moehlis, Gail
Humphreys, Tess Cruz; Management: Connie Burns

Call to Order:

• Meeting called to order at 7:10 pm.

• Board quorum established

Approval of June 2007 Board Minutes

• The Board reviewed and unanimously approved the minutes of the June 2007
Board meeting.

Liaison to the University-Update (Kate Metropolis and Jane Rudolph)

• The university indicates a readiness to move ahead with the next stage of
addressing the construction issues for leak damages and repair.
• The university will meet with the Liaison Committee (Metropolis and Rudolph)
and Board President (Dahl) to discussion plans to begin repairs on unit 917, which
remains uninhabitable since used for forensic study on structural flaws related to
water intrusion. This unit will serve as a pilot case to assess structural repairs,
construction innovations, and architectural alterations. The Board agreed that this
is a good step forward.
• It is anticipated that at a future date, the architectural firm that will guide the
renovations will do a careful site visit to unit 917. The Board will request another
meeting with the firm at which WCP resident-owners can ask further questions,

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West Campus Point Homeowners Association – Board Meeting Minutes – July 26, 2007

present their concerns, and participate in the development of a “wish list” for the
• The university is also eager to move on with formalizing commitments with an
architectural firm.
• The board has agreed that of the two firms on the short list, HH Fremer Architects
was by far the more appropriate firm to take on the West Campus Point leak
remediation project. However, the Board presented some additional questions,
several from owners, to HH Fremer Architects. Moved/Second/Carried: that the
Association formally select HH Fremer to serve as the architectural firm to
oversee plans for leak mitigation contingent on the Board’s approval of the firm’s
answers to the Association’s follow-up questions.

There was extensive discussion on how to best work with ongoing homeowner concerns
and input. With the process of leak mitigating moving from hypothetical to actual, the
Board anticipates increased homeowner attention and concern. The Board will establish
an Architectural Liaison Committee to collect, catalog, and summarize homeowners’
concerns; to collaborate with the University and the architectural firm in the design
process; and to keep WCP resident-owners appraised of progress.

Board Meeting Management

The order and structure of discussion at Board meetings was raised. How to include
member input, especially with regard to topics that require extensive discussion, and
which can easily shorten the board’s limited schedule to get through all committee reports
and the careful vetting of the monthly financial issues presented by management (Town
and Country) was again raised. The Board had moved in a previous session to start the
Members' Forum portion of the meeting at 8:15 pm (meetings start at 7:00 pm). However,
members may want to comment on urgent issues—such as how to tackle leak mitigation
strategies—discussed by the Board earlier in the agenda. A concern was also voiced that
WCP Board discussions have traditionally been more flexible, allowing members to
comment on issues before the Board as they are discussed. The Board will continue to
struggle with how to accommodate business expeditiously in a manner that does not
restricted members’ participation only to the Members’ Forum. It was suggested that as
the leak remediation project moves forward, the once-a-month Board meetings may not
be adequate to encompass homeowner input and an additional meeting for such
“overflows” be established to ensure adequate time to discuss the issues.

Member’s Forum
• Alison Moehlis reported on a notice from the Office of Campus Planning and
Design pertaining to plans to protect native vegetation in the Coal Point area. The
Board may wish to stay abreast with this since the concern over native plants may
actually impact the County’s plans to build a parking lot on the bluffs in front of
WCP housing. This issue is also a component in the larger Long Range
Development Plan for the area.
• Members commended Alison and associates who facilitated the Saturday evening
movies in the commons for residents.

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West Campus Point Homeowners Association – Board Meeting Minutes – July 26, 2007

• Gail Humphreys raised the issue of member’s input during board meetings,
suggesting that members have brought very helpful dimensions to the board’s
formal business discussions, and that it would be prudent for the board to not lose
this aspect of involvement. She also noted that it was important for the
Association to monitor the pilot work soon to be done on unit 917 to ensure that
construction and design decisions on the unit do run result in design decisions that
might not necessarily be the best for other units. Her concern underscored the
Board’s feeling that the rehabilitation of unit 917 ought to be the occasion for
greater attention and engagement on the part of the WCP Homeowners
• Tess Cruz, one of the two WCP representatives to the Architectural Review Board
(consisting of WCP residents and university personnel), raised the question of
how the ARB could be involved in the impending reconstruction plans. She also
suggested that now might be a good time for the Board to consider appointing
other members whose interests and expertise make them especially appropriate
for the next stage of development impacting West Campus.

Committee Reports

• Connie Burns from Town and Country reported that some of the Association’s
funds in CDs would soon be reaching the levels at which they need to be
redistributed to remain fully insured. Motion/Second/Carried: that Connie Burns
redistribute specified funds in the Associations portfolio to retain full insurance
• In order to prepare for and comply with the required Reserve Study, Connie
presented an estimate of major expenditures for the remainder of the year. This
estimate will serve as a significant factor in determining the recommendations of
the Reserve Study. The Board reviewed and prioritized the estimated
expenditures, postponing a number of them until 2008.
• Connie reported that district-wide efforts to reject the water meter rate increases
proposed by the Goleta Water District failed. As a result, fees will increase. Her
estimate is that the monthly water fees for WCP will jump by approximately
250%. She will notify homeowners of the impact this will have on monthly dues.

Landscape Maintenance
• The next walk-around for surveying landscape issues will take place on August
20th at 11:00am.
• The Eucalyptus trees, some of which are diseased and notorious for their
shedding black, sticky stains on nearby structures will no longer be fertilized and
treated. Instead, they will slowly be replaced in a case-by-case basis, and in
keeping with the larger goal of moving toward tree plantings in keeping with
aesthetics, climate/habitat appropriateness, and lower water consumption goals.

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West Campus Point Homeowners Association – Board Meeting Minutes – July 26, 2007

Additional Management Issues: Election of Board of Directors/Annual Meetings

• Consistent with recent state regulations, the Association will need to prepare for
its Annual Meeting in December, and this entails a state-mandated timeline to
ensure specific procedures for the election of the Board of Directors are followed.
Connie presented the Board with a timeline for such planning which the Board

Meeting adjourned at 9:41 pm

Next Board meeting

• Date: August 23, 2007.
• Location: to be announced.

Respectfully submitted by Jon Cruz, Secretary

These minutes presented in draft until approved at the next Board meeting.

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