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U8 GROUPS REGISTRATION FORM Please fill out our short form below and send it to: unilinks@u8development.org.

Thank you! CONTACT INFORMATION 1. University Name: 2. Primary Contact Person: 2a) Position 2b) Phone Number 2c) Skype Name 2d) Email Address 2e) Postal Address 3. Secondary Contact Person: 3a) Position 3b) Phone Number 3c) Skype Name 3d) Email Address WORKING WITH THE U8 4. What attracted you to the U8? The interesting idea of connecting students from different countries. We work with students and the idea of collaborating was a temptation. 5. What do you expect from the U8? As a student organization we expect collaboration so our network of students organizations can be enlarged. Creating a students network. 6. What are you most interested in getting from your involvement with the U8 (the global online summit, research, magazine, twinning with a developed country group, speaker events)? We are interesting in all of these events but mostly in research and twining with a developed country group. University of Tirana (Network of Excellent Students [NES] as a part of it) Erand Llanaj Executive director of Network of Excellent Students/part-time lecturer (+355) 069 2888 544 erand.llanaj1 Erand_llanaj@yahoo.com / dekzekutiv@nes-al.org Selaudin Zorbas street, Tirana, Albania. Ervin Demo President of NES / Director of Public Relations University of Tirana / Full-time lecturer (+355) 067 2073 028 Ervin.demo28 ervindemo@gmail.com

7. Do you have a preferred language (other than English) you would like to use with your twin if possible? If necessary, would communicating in English be a problem? No we do not have any preferred language other than English. Our members are all English speakers. 8. Is the online nature of the summit likely to be an issue? Can the U8 do anything to assist? The online nature of the summit is the first step. Considering developing countries difficulties the online summit can be interrupted or lack of quality because of electricity issues or internet connection related issues! U8 can organize this summit not online but in real. Considering cost, it will be an issue! 9. Is consistent access to the internet an issue? Would special arrangements need to be made to ensure this? If so, what would be required? We will try to have a no-problem connection, and we have all the capacities to do it! 10. What are your Universitys terms dates and when is your Freshers Fair (if applicable)? Not applicable 11. Is there any other support you would particularly like from the U8 when establishing your group? We need more details in order to define any need!

By signing off on this document, you are agreeing all the terms and conditions outlined in the U8 University Guide. Please check you are happy with these conditions before signing below.

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Erand Llanaj
Executive Director of Network of Excellent Students of University of Tirana