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Males: How would you define street harassment?

Any actions (verbal or physical) that can be conceived in a derogatory way by any witness. The person who is being harassed may not be the only person who is insulted by the actions. Have you ever experienced it? In a form! If so, what sort of people have harassed you? When I was in primary school I remember occasions when lads from other schools would shout ginger! Have you ever engaged in harassment (be honest)? Technically by my own definitions yes! If you have engaged in street harassment, what are your reasons for this? Social conformity and media like the Inbetweeners which make shouting things like bus wanker seem acceptable! Would you be more likely to engage in street harassment when alone, or in a group? Only in a group Where do you see/ experience the most harassment? Of women on nights out in town Why do you think people engage in street harassment? As a way to show-off in front of their friends, for attention, because they have received it and want to dish it out, Do you think that it is harmless fun, or a serious matter? Why? It may seem harmless, but it is serious. Especially when it comes to women and also ethnicity. Women are constantly harassed over their looks and men dont fully understand what their words may constitute in a womans head. They may be fuelling a girls insecurities and possibly eating disorders etc. In terms of ethnicity, harassment can be extreme and should never be allowed to continue. People should never be harassed in their own country/town/place of work etc. We all have a right to a peaceful life If you see an attractive woman when out in public, would you approach her? How? I would try! Normally need a bit of dutch courage if the aim is to get her number or ask her out. But mainly I would try and find something similar

about me and her and use it to start a conversation, usually by the bar. Do you think that street harassment should be taken as a compliment, or as an insult? Why? Technically, no. But some women like to feel appreciated or desirable and therefore they enjoy it. If women shouted at men youre fit in the streets then Im sure they wouldnt be insulted. But thats a gender difference. Do you think that females are also guilty of street harassment? Against other women, certainly. But not so much against men. If you were a victim of street harassment, how would you deal with it, and why? Personally, now I would confront the person and try to make them realise they are being stupid. Show them up in front of the friends they are trying to impress. However, this is only because I am older and bigger than when I was in primary school! Then I would ignore it and not give them the satisfaction of retaliation. If a female friend, girlfriend/wife or family member experienced street harassment in your presence, how would it make you feel, how would you deal with it, and why? When women are involved I can be very protective. A bit too much. If a guy was harassing them I would step in and put myself between them, removing the woman from the situation and dealing with the guy one on one. If it was a woman on the other hand, I would leave it to the female to stick up for herself first but always be there to step in if they dont want to or feel scared. Do you feel that females are seen more of a sex object than what men are? Yes, in the media, but men are becoming increasingly sexualised and women, more vocal about their opinions on men as sex objects. 99% of women claim to have experienced street harassment regulary. Does that figure shock you? Not at all As a male, do you see females as your equal or not? Do you think that complete equality is possible? Women are completely equal to men, except in their rights over children where I believe some men are neglected rights simply based on their gender. Would you describe yourself as a feminist? Why/ why not? No, not in a radical sense. But I believe womens rights do still need to be advance in legislation and policy Do you read "Lads Mags" (Zoo, Nuts, Front, etc) Why/ why not?

I have in the past. Tbh most men dont even read them for the pictures, but to simply stop them from boredom. They are normally cheap and full of different types of journalism which means that they appeal to as many men as possible.