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Karlyn Garris Ms.

Caruso English 1102-059 16 February 2012


The Womans Rights Movement For many years, women have never been viewed as equally as men. Males have always
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been known as the superior sex, and controversy over this topic still exists today. As early as the 1920s, women were desperate for a change. Determined to make a statement for themselves, feminists met up together through lunch dates and conventions, which eventually resulted to the Womans Rights movement. The Womans Rights movement was the product of females making a point to change how they were viewed as a whole in society. Many attributes led to the Womans Rights movement. A group of woman came together and questioned why they were treated unequally whether it was socially, economically, or politically. They new in order to gain the respect they deserved, change needed to occur. As they thought about the positive outcome, and ignored the

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possible consequences, they decided to take on a task they knew wouldnt be effortless. From a political standpoint, woman lacked many rights of men. At the outset of the century, women

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could not vote or hold office in any state, they had no access to higher education, and they were excluded from professional occupations (Mintz pg 1). The Woman of the 1920s were basically owned by their husbands for many different reasons. Mintz also stated that a married woman could not own her own property, sue or be sued, and when their were problems within a marriage that resulted in a divorce the men were automatically granted custody of the children (pg 1). Job


occupations for woman were beginning to decrease because of the change in the economy. The economy began to center its focus more on factory jobs as opposed to jobs revolving around the household (Mintz pg 3). This economical change affected most every woman in the United States. When anyone would mention a job that required factory work, their mind automatically went towards males; therefore males began to take over the work force. Females of this century
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were treated unfairly socially, politically, and economically. The passing of the nineteenth amendment, which granted woman the right to vote, did not occur without hardworking, determined feminist ready for a change. Feminist believed woman should have the same equal rights as men and should be treated fairly. Many key events made up The Womans Rights movement, starting around the mid 1800s and ending in the early 1900s. Some of these key events consisted of the first Womans Rights Convention in Seneca Falls, the first National Womans Rights Convention in Massachusetts, and the actual passing of the nineteenth amendment. The first Womans Rights Convention held in Seneca Falls took place in the year of 1848 in the state of New York (Imbornoni npg). The convention lasted for two days and both men and woman were in attendance. As they discussed numerous topics dealing with womans rights, they were able to agree on issues and sign the Declaration of Sentiments (Imbornoni npg). Author Imbornoni also expresses the number of females and males in attendance at the convention, which consisted of 68 woman and 32 men (npg). This Declaration of Sentiments was extremely

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important because it began the long journey of The Womans Rights Movement. A leader of the Womans Rights movement, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, specifically outlined these Sentiments and plays a major role in history. Based on the American Declaration of Independence, the


Sentiments demanded equality with men before the law, in education and employment (Imbornoni). Although Elizabeth Cady Stanton presented eighteen grievances, twelve were adopted and boosted the start of females gaining their rights (Upstate pg 18).
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