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: Understanding Business Functions

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Faculty of Business Studies

B202 B: Understanding Business Functions I

Part A


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The marketing management process and social aims to focus on several factors which gets consumers to what they need and to achieve the goals of the organization. Marketing therefore depends primarily target buyer benefit Exchange organization in order to access the 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) Therefore, the Nokia company for electronic devices to study analysis method adopted by placing catalog aiming Equalizer between the needs of consumers and commercial business growth, sophisticated products example available at appropriate prices, many can, product Finnish Nokia is a company founded in 1865 m, which was founded by architect Frederick idistam and 1980s Nokia entered a new era and the company began in the area of electronics and communication, specialized strategy to cover countries in the region, and now the company has developed a new product has not been raised by competitors is a modern design Product: is every possible introduced in the market to suit the need or desire of consumers. Electronics product company depends on style of quick and easy to use and different specifications and benefits to encourage consumers to buy one of the most important... the size and color and design efficiency, etc. To satisfy consumers who wish to newer devices that fit with everyday life, and get high-tech smart devices, but at prices appropriate higher so the company design equipped is shipped with solar energy electricity together as product exclusively led the company to difference and distinctive help to new . The first product in the market will make the first competitors and positioning in the minds of customers and non-existent led other companies such as (Apple , Samsung ...) The company focuses on providing its product and treated with suppliers across the world to ask for a particular brand, according to business rules and laws


Price: pricing of the product that will sell the company sold basic steps. Put a price to reach target consumers and at the same time the price covers the cost of production plus a profit to ensure continuity in the market -Pricing of the same product competing this way is useful when faced with the difficulty of calculating cost and know the value of the product but the challenge is to reduce production costs without affecting the quality of the next higher profit -Low price (with monitor competitors) many consumers, build knowledge about the product as a low price and later can raise the price. -Higher price for the product unique, exclusive and high-value and the business it is important to the consumer.

-Discounts, discounts on buying large quantities, seasonal discounts during slow procurement seasons. Map pricing and focus on the nature of the market and flexibility demand and income levels and elements of cost and return on investment and the nature of price competition. Therefore, there is a demand for basic necessities like water, fuel ...Price change unlikely, while demand for electronic products are price sensitive and get the right price for a basic strategy of marketing in the organization.

place: the distribution channels are an important component of the marketing mix and relies on choosing the best distribution outlets for product delivery leaders target population aspects of company focused.: e-commerce-Internet marketing bug adopt high standards of service and functionality Given the new sites can increase sales and reduce costs, marketing, distribution centres.

Promotion: multiple forms can use in promoting the Declaration and the two heads of personal sales promotion, add another complementary aspects such as activate sales (exhibitions, gifts).


Advertising: using advertising is important for the company by identifying consumer-oriented advertising message and the quality of the various major (television, radio, billboards, commercials) advertising through Web site visitors to see more detail " Personal sales: personal power choosing methods and determine their size. Method of sale, timely selection of successful promotion that you use for marketing the product (holidays and occasions.) Excellence from the rest of the companies and uniqueness as first mover in the market

The marketing mix that was adopted by the company making them distinct company products and exclusive as the first product in the minds of consumers and the trade mark of a highly anachronistic modern techniques. And consumer satisfaction and understanding to grow in difficult economic and competitive markets, the continued adaptation and change in the marketing mix through a focus on consumers, actually was able to remain competitive

The companies deliberately specific pricing to sell products but important work here must focus in particular on price change (increase and decrease) know (the sensitivity of the price)

Definition of 'Price Sensitivity' The degree to which the price of a product affects consumers purchasing behaviors. The degree of price sensitivity varies from product to product and from consumer to consumer. In economics, price sensitivity is commonly measured using the price elasticity of demand. Widely available, homogeneous goods are more likely to exhibit high price sensitivity. For example, consumers are often not willing to pay even a few extra cents per gallon for gasoline, especially if a lower-priced station is nearby. Some consumers are more price sensitive than others. Consumers who are more frugal or who are on fixed incomes are more likely to pinch pennies and shop around for lower prices. Meanwhile, some high income consumers may feel it is not always worth their time to search for better deals on many items, and thus become less price sensitive


-Customers less sensitive to higher prices if the product is a very unique and high value and continue purchase -Customers are more sensitive to higher prices if there is no substitute for the product the lowest price to buy resort -Customers less sensitive to high when it is difficult to compare alternative product attributes -Example: mobile bills sometimes increase the price of apathy, hurt individual payment because the need whether when the invoice price sensitive or not http:// investopedie. Com

The basic rule of the company by adopting the marketing mix is that researchers devoted to record customer requests, unlike competitors who rely on the production and development of products and then needs to affiliate to convince customers to buy their products. Panama find company c hands produce products according to desire and request of consumers of design and other features in the product, customers receive for y is up to customers without the need to persuade customers to purchase affiliate, in addition to reducing the merchandise in the store without the buyers of this significant benefits to the company

There are other aspects, including: 1-Assistant to increase sales and maintain student by consumers 2. company's exclusive products that cannot be obtained in other 3-merchant you to split the company activities should be adopted in accordance with the code in "ethical trade initiator basebuilding relationship profitable with the customer through the marketing mix, which focuses on strategies to attract new customers that the company can offer products to the client in the most appropriate way to ensure they do not offer higher prices for the same goods or from the same Fashion business References http//A bout .com http//abaheco.uk http//cmguide .org /ar bic http//employee benefits .co uk http//heppytoyou


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