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About the Company

2.1 Background Dawood lawrencepur Limited Formerly known as Dawood Cotton Mills Limited. The Companys principal activity is to manufacture and sell yarn and fabrics made from natural and man-made fibers and blends thereof. The operations of the Company are textile and polyester staple fiber. The Company is an integrated company of the Dawood Group. It was named after Sir John Lawrence who was military commander of this area before Pakistan gained its independence. DLL was founded in 1949 and became operational in 1954. DLL was the first woolen textile mill in Pakistan. It is an intergraded manufacturing unit of woolen textile capable of producing high quality yarn and worsted fabrics. In 1960 the Mills saw a revolutionary change. Dawood group of industries already operating three big units at different places in the country took over DLL as well. This progressive group evolved scientific management techniques and took radical stops to expand and modernize the production facilities by adding latest top making plant, worsted spinning machines and fabric producing looms. DLL qualified for ISO 9001 certification in April, 1998, which further reinforces quality consciousness of the company.

2.2 Mission & Vision Vision: To pursue sustained growth through a diversified business portfolio for enhancing stakeholder value.

Mission: To be a responsible corporate citizen with respect for the society. To achieve a safe and healthy business environment. To provide an excellent working environment and growth potential for the employees. To strive for excellence through commitment, integrity, honesty and teamwork. To make honest and ethical behavior a way of life. To improve quality of life for our employees. 2.3 Plant Location Dawood Lawrencepur Limited is located in Dawood district which is 70KM from Islamabad the capital of Pakistan. The headquarters of DLL are located in the city of Karachi. Its other mills are located in the Landhi Mills in Landhi Industrial Area, Karachi. Dilon Mills also located in Landhi Industrial Area and Dawoodabad Mills are located in Burewala. Main production is being done at the Dawood Lawrencepur located in Dawood district. Other mills have been shut down due to economic crisis. 2.4 Machinery Machinery installed: A) Spinning o Total Spindles B) Weaving o Total Looms C) Dyeing o Top dyeing long close (United Kingdom) o Fabric piece dyeing (Then Germany Ayg, Spain)

= 6856

= 20

o Data color equipment (USA) D) Finishing o Wet Finishing (Germany, Italy, England & Japan) o Dry Finishing (German, Italy & Japan) At DLL, Quality is the way of life. A well-equipped testing laboratory is available at the mills for stringent testing of fibers, yarn and finished fabric under a comprehensive quality control. In house modern CAD/CAM facilities of fabric and yarn development are present. 2.5 Production DLLs Manufacturing facilities consist of dyeing, spinning, weaving and modern processing plants for achieving top quality finish. DLLs Raw Martials, dyes and chemicals are all imported from European countries. Raw materials consist of Wool Tops, Synthetic Fiber Tops and Yarn. DLL produces the following products: Yarn and cloth made from 100% wool. Blended cloth i.e. wool/polyester, wool/acrylic, wool/cotton, polyester/cotton, polyester/viscose, and wool/silk. 100% woolen and polyester blended yarn to meet the market requirement of knitwear and shawl manufacturers.