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Name: Date:

1. Personal background Sex Age Educational Background Nationality First language


Experience Time

How much specialist knowledge did you have in your main field of study before the ESP course? Tick an appropriate box. very much basic knowledge not much 2. Interest, importance Are you interested in taking an ESP course? Yes, very much Yes Not much Not interested at all

Why do you need to take the ESP course? For study For work For promotion Others ...

How important do you think ESP is in comparison with other subjects? More important than many other subjects Less important than other subjects Whom do you use the language with? Native Non-native Both As important as other subjects

3. Language priorities Please mark your priorities To become a more fluent speaker To become a more accurate speaker To expand my general vocabulary To expand my specialist vocabulary Not important Important Priority

To improve my listening To improve my pronunciation To improve my reading To improve my writing 4. Feedback to course content Topic Professional standards, qualifications, career opportunities Greetings Numbers and quantities Describing facilities in hotel Asking and giving information Hotel landmarks rooms stairs/ lift other landmarks* very useful Useful not useful

Problem solving, advising and consultancy 5. Language skills Please mark your priorities (Reading) Manuals Instructions Contracts Product specifications Price lists Specialist literature Legal documents Brochure Other (specify) Please marks your priorities (Speaking) Speaking to foreign visitors Speaking to foreign colleagues Speaking on the phone Taking part in meetings Taking part in conferences Not important Important Priority Not important Important Priority

Giving presentations Giving instructions Small talk Other Please mark your priorities (Writing) Business letters E-mails Registration form Memorandums Reports Articles Summaries (of articles) Notes Brochure Glossary Other (specify) Please mark your priorities (Listening) Lectures Instructions Presentations Reports Explanations given by the teacher Teacher talk Other (specify) Not important Important Priority

Not important



NEED ANALYSIS INTERVIEW 1. How far do you know English? 2. What are the problems in learning English? 3. What is your expectation when you take an English course? (Models and Methods)