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Squash Rules


SQUASH RULES SECTION I: GENERAL RULES AND REGULATIONS A. PERSONAL AND TEAM CONDUCT 1. Participants are required to represent themselves and their respective schools with respect and dignity. 2. Any team or individual involved in destructive or negative conduct at Post Secondary Games 2012 events or venues, including hotels, will be ejected from the tournament at the discretion of the Advisory Committee. Spirit Deposits may also be forfeited. 3. For a list of all on court violations leading to suspension or disqualification, please refer to the Registration Package. 4. The Advisory Committee reserves the right to disqualify any team based on the behaviour of any given team member of that particular team. B. CHECK-IN PROCEDURES 1. A representative from each team (coach/captain) is required to checkin at the score table prior to each game. Here they must fill out game roster sheets fully and accurately. 2. Each member of the team is required to hand in provided lanyards with their student card and Spirit Deposit Coupon to officials at the score table prior to the game. An individual who fails to do so is defined as INELIGIBLE to play in that game. Failure to comply will result in a FORFEIT and the loss of half the Spirit Deposit ($10). C. STARTING TIME OF THE GAMES 1. All teams are required to be at their games five minutes prior to start time. 2. All games will start on time. 3. A late team will be given a grace period of five (5) minutes past the scheduled start time, which will be deducted from the total playing time. 4. If a team fails to meet the minimum number of players, as per sport specific rules (below), after the grace period, the team will be required to default and a win will be awarded to the opposing team. 5. If both teams are late, both will default and no points will be awarded.

6. Teams defaulting a game for any reason will have half their Spirit Deposit forfeited. D. COACHES AND CAPTAINS 1. Each team must have a designated captain. 2. Referees decisions are final. 3. Only captains and coaches may address a referee with concerns. The captain/coach is expected to be courteous and respectful. Any verbal abuse or physical contact with a referee will result in ejection and will be reviewed by the Advisory Committee. 4. Captains and coaches are expected to know the rules and abide by them. They must also make sure all team members are aware of the rules and their consequences. SECTION II: THE GAME A. EQUIPMENT 1. Game balls will be available on site. 2. Eye protection is mandatory. If it cannot be selfprovided, goggles are available at the membership services desk outside of the squash courts free of charge. 3. Players are responsible for their own racquets. B. GAME TIMES 1. Players must register with Official 5 minutes prior to each game. 2. Defaults will occur 5 minutes after starting time. A missed game is recorded as a 20 loss. 3. If both players are late, they will both forfeit the game and no points will be awarded in the standings. 4. A win gets 3 points in the divisional standings. 5. A loss gets 0 points in the divisional standings. 6. Games will have a time cap of 25 minutes

7. Each match will consist of the best out of three games with each game being played first to 15. 8. The first serve of the game will be determined by the spin of the racquet. 9. The first serve of the following gamess will be determined by the winner of the previous game. 10. To win a point you do not have to serve; the winner of each point played will be awarded a point. 11. The winner of each point will serve the following point. C. GAME SPECIFIC RULES 1. An official will be onsite to referee matches to ensure fairplay. 2. The ball is only permitted to bounce on the ground once but can hit any wall assuming the ball falls under the red boundary lines and does not hit the line. 3. Any ball hitting the ceiling will be considered out. 4. All balls in play cannot hit the tin at the bottom of the front wall or the first red line above the tin. 5. Before making contact with the ball, if the opponent is interfering with your path to the ball - a let is called, and the point is replayed. If the opponent is interfering with your direct swing - a stroke is called, and you receive the point. 6. Upon striking the ball, If the ball hits the opponent while he/she is standing in your straight line path to the wall, a point is awarded to you. However, if your stroke hits the opponent while he/she is not in your straight line path to the wall (If the shot was going to hit a side wall on its way to the front wall) then a let
is allowed, provided the shot was going to reach the front wall.

7. Any discrepancies of opinion in terms of play will be handled by awarding no score to either player for the point and the point will be replayed. D. SERVICE 1. The side where the first serve is performed is up to the discretion of the server. a) Following serves must continuously alternate sides.


b) When a player loses a serve, the opposing player can choose from which side they would like to serve. 1 2. A service is good if: a) The ball hits the front wall at least once between the top two lines. b) The ball lands in the box outlined by the red lines opposite to the one from which the ball is served. c) The ball falls under all red boundary lines marked on all walls. 2 3. Any service that does not satisfy the aforementioned requirements will cause a loss of point and serve. 4. A loss of point and serve will also occur if a ball lands/hits any red boundary line, the ceiling, or its respective parts.