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Narrative Reflections on the Leadership Standards

1. Instructional Leadership
The two evidences that support the instructional leadership standard are 1) Impact grades having in making curricular decisions, and 2) Implementing New Practices. These two reports support this standard because instructional leaders consistently use data to plan for instructional improvements. School grades are very controversial. Is holistic scoring better than letter grades? Parents and teachers have continued to give their opinions on this topic. In the future, I letter grades will still be an ongoing debate and I would be implementing new practices. These experiences will help me have the knowledge and the foundation that I would need in order to provide instructional leadership. Through these, I have learned that grades are here to stay at least for a while and I have also learned that principals will come across changes that they might not necessarily agree with but if it is mandated by state or federal, would have to make the same effort in implementing these practices. Grades
Holistic Reading Letter Math Grades Science

Both components are used to plan for instructional improvement Both assess the curriculum needs Both Demonstrates knowledge of student performance Both works to relate to state standards

Implementing New Practices



New Practices
Problem Solving Skills


Through this exercise I learned that instructional leaders need to be flexible. They need to be aware of the newest, latest research and use them. I will definitely use the knowledge from these experiences through professional developments and collaboration. In the past as a classroom teacher, I have experienced grades and new practices to be unimportant. As I go through this process, I have learned how important this is for all teachers and instructional leaders. These topics need to be addressed and utilized as the school grows year by year. In my opinion, grades can be tedious for teachers and it can take a negative approach but with the guidance of the administrators, it can definitely be a way to create high expectations for all teachers and students.

2. The learning Environment

The two evidences I picked for Managing the Learning Environment Standards are 1) Case studies and 2) Children with disabilities: Whats after high school? The case studies talks about issues that relate to the church vs. state and the disability law. The PowerPoint Presentation on Children with disabilities offers the programs that Palm Beach County School District has in place for our students with disabilities after they leave high school and go on to the workforce and college. These cases will help me in the future since these laws are going to be a part of a leaders everyday operations. The students are the priority and I have to be able to provide for all students a safe school environment. I have to encourage student learning and still conform to the legal and ethical standards. I learned the new laws that pertain to children with disabilities. I also learned the boundaries that will assist in decision making for diverse organizations.

legal stanards

safe school

Learning Environment

ethical standards

Business and Community resources

As a future leader, I have learned that the Florida School Law is a document that I will not be able to live without. The knowledge of the learning environment will be an ongoing process for me. The knowledge I learned from this experience will be very useful especially when managing the student learning and instructional goals. In the past, I have had ESE students in my classrooms and I have attended IEP meetings. During those meetings, we focus on so much goals and strategies but we often forget the child as the purpose of the meeting. It is important to remember the child first and the opportunity for the students to grow while utilizing all the resources possible to help them succeed.

3. Learning, Accountability and Assessment

The two evidences I provided for the standards Learning, Accountability, and Assessment are: 1) The importance of the Gold Report and 2) NorthGrade on the Rise. The Gold Report was a very useful tool for both evidences because the data was useful in assessing school improvement. The Gold Report has shown me and will continue to show me what to do when I am presented with data. As a learning team facilitator, I am always working with data but now, Im more confident in using it to identify strategies that will help in student achievement.
Assess Data

Access Data

Apply Data

Identify Strategies

These evidences have helped me realize that as a high performing leader, I will need to become very familiar with all subject areas taught in my school. Every time that an assessment is given and results return, I would feel prepared to attack the data and create a plan of action. In the past, data was frightening to me. I took data personally instead of taking data as a tool to strategize my instruction. This is something that I will truly incorporate in my school as a leader.

4. Decision Making Strategies

The evidences I used for Decision making standards were 1) Hiring a New Coach and 2) Demographic Data Comparison between St. Lucie County School District and Palm Beach County School District. Through these evidences I have learned that a leader needs to use data in order to make informed decisions. I learned that problem solving skills will vary depending on the type of decision that needs to be made.



Decision Making



I have learned that I need to work on differentiating problem solving and to not take them personally. Once in a while, emotions can get in the way and this will not allow for good decisions. I will be making daily decisions as a school leader for myself, for my staff, for my students and the families. It will take a team to assist in accomplishing these goals. Decision making is always hard for everyone because you feel that youre committing to something but when a team of people are there to help, its not so nerve wrecking. Even though its hard to come up with a decision as a team, the different thoughts and views and experiences that others have combined all together might bring the most effective decision.

5. Technology
For the technology standard, I used 1) Resources for ESOL Methodologies and 2) Academic Achievement Plan. These two resources are great evidences to show how technology is important in high performing leaders. Instructional leaders understand that technology is an important part of enriching the curriculum, enriching the instruction, and enriching assessments. Technology usage should be a big part of the everyday routine.






I learned that being an instructional leader, I would need to know the technology components just as good as or even better than the teachers, students and the staff. I will need to be able to model these technologies in order to support educational efforts that the teachers and the students might have. In the classroom, I had the opportunity to acquire a laptop cart so each one of my students had a laptop to work with. I thought it was a wonderful opportunity for the students to get intervention but computers and technology has a mind of its own. When relying on technology, I have learned to have a backup plan just in case it decides to work against me. Technology is important, technology assists in professional developments as well, but when technology decides not to cooperate, I need to make sure that I have option B to fall back on.

6. Human Resource and Development

For the Human Resource and Development Standards, I decided to use 1) an article review on Gender Differences and 2) Charter Schools: to give or not to give them their wings. For this standard, I learned that I need to be a teacher for teachers. I feel that I will have to demonstrate my knowledge in curriculum, supervising, in assisting them with their personal and professional, skills as well as achieving organizational skills.

Human Resource
recruit personnel select personnel nurture presonnel

design profesional growth

develop mentors

retain personnel

Through these evidences, I learned that I will need to work with people that might be very different from me. I have to be a better listener, avoid assumptions and I have to be open to what everyone has to offer. As an educational leader this standard will help me in creating an ideal climate in my school. Climate is really important in every school. As a visitor first walks in to that school, the climate is evident. The first impression sticks to students, visitors, district personnel and community members. This will set the tone for my school. As a leader, all these responsibilities might seem overwhelming since there are so many hats to wear but if one truly enjoys what he/she does, these will just come into play.

7. Ethical Leadership
For the Ethical Leadership standard, I chose 1) To fight or not to fight for clean air and 2) hiring a new coach. These two evidences are great examples of decision making based on legal, moreal and ethical implications. Ethical Leadership is a standard that Im still learning about since I just developed my own ethical statement. An ethical statement seems like an easy statement to follow but what people dont understand that reading it and knowing it is not enough. Practicing and living by these words are what it takes to be a high performing leader.

Decisons based on Legal implications

Decisions based on moral implications

Decisions based on ethical implications

Ethical Leader

Through these evidences, I have learned that I need to stand up for my educational beliefs. I am the voice behind my students. I value diversity, integrity and dignity and in the future, I hope that these will set the tone for my schools positive culture. All the protocols and laws that surround our schools are very important documents that we cant turn our backs from. High performing leaders need to be informed and knowledgeable about the laws and how they can affect our schools, staff, students and me. In this day and age where there are many law suits filed against the school districts, a principal could only be proactive to help the learning environment.

8. Vision
The evidences that I used for the Vision standards are 1) Charter Schools: to give or not to give them their wings and 2) Learning Heights Elementary Schools. These two evidences support the vision standards since both communicates how important the schools vision and mission is. Both evidences also show how the whole school, students and families can achieve these visions and live by the missions. Working on these products, I have learned that sometimes, the goals are not going to happen as quickly as I would like for it to happen and sometimes it takes school years to see more improvement but I have to make sure that Im giving time and space for everyone to achieve these goals.

School's vision Staff Students



I learned that not only do I have to live by these goals and missions and visions and utilize them in my school, I would need to share these to the communities. When they say it takes a village to raise a child, it really does take a village. Business leaders, community members, extended families need to know what the schools vision is because all these components influence the school and its growth. Before I can create a vision, I need to get to know who Im serving. As a future leader, I could have a vision that is attainable and that fits the needs of that particular school.

9. Community and Stakeholder Partnership

The evidences I used for Community and Stakeholder Partnership standards are 1) Educating in a diverse society: One size does not fit all (a review of articles that relate to methods of teaching in a diverse society) and 2) Demographic Data Comparison. I feel that these products were important in this standard because it allows for school leaders to see their role and the relationship they have between the schools and the community. Educating in a diverse society shows how partnerships, networks and businesses are all assisting in our students education. The demographic data comparison gives examples of the resources that are currently being given for our many families and students.
Community members



Community and Stakeholder Partnership

I have learned that business partners are important. I also believe that a strong parental involvement really helps the school. Parents are the biggest voice that influences other families of what they think about a certain school. In the future, I will be very much involved in the SAC committee as this is a great place to hear and learn about what our school is all about. Learning the area and the people that the school serve would also be very beneficial for leaders. This way, the families, business leaders, and community members feel as if they are a part of the students education. I have to create a family oriented environment so when there are events in the school, families feel as if they belong there, business leaders know that they can support the school and this is also a place for community members to get a glimpse of our future.



The evidences that I used for diversity are 1) Children with disabilitieswhats after high school and 2) Gender difference in the workforce. These two evidences fit the diversity standard because both products show how an instructional leader interacts with diverse groups. When dealing with diverse individuals and groups, one must make sure that he/she understands the legal and ethical standards. Through these evidences I have developed awareness on how to become a high performing leader. I learned that even though there are people labeled according to ethnicity, race, gender, and disabilities, each one of these individuals have their own specific needs.


Racial and ethnic appreciation

Gender Sensitivity Special interest groups

As a leader, I learned that I will have to make sure that I have open communication with my staff especially in the new changes and legal standards when dealing with diversity. Issues and changes that pertain to our students should not be heard through the grapevine. We as a staff need to be knowledgeable. As a student, I remember singing with the chorus for the nursing homes, the mall, the restaurants, etc. I also did the same with dance. It was fun to get out of school and perform but now as an adult I realize how important that is for the community. Our school involved ourselves in the community and provided entertainment. We sang songs based on the different holidays to honor the different members of the community. This is something that Im truly excited to start utilizing as a high performing leader. I cannot wait to develop ways to improve my schools relationship with cultural, racial, special interests that surrounds us.