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Rico: First thing Den, I would like to sincerely thank you for taking the time to answer those few questions for our readers. Could you please introduce yourself ? Dennis Martin: Im Dennis Martin, from Liverpool, England, and Im delighted to be interviewed here by you, Rico. R: Lets start with your early years, what kind of kid were you, back in the days? D.M.: I had a normal upbringing. Never really interested in sport, such as football, while at school. I discovered Judo at about age fteen, and that was the start of everything Ive done since. R: When did you start to run the doors in Liverpool? In the beginning, was it the job that you really wanted to do, or was it just for the money? D.M.: The rst security job I did was strictly for the money. To earn some cash for Christmas I worked on the door at an allnight Indian restaurant in the city centre, ensuring that no customer left without paying. After that I was asked to ll in on the Blue Angel Club, [which was Liverpools rst real nightclub, R: Working with guys like Tommy Mac, Gary Spiers and Terry ONeill was obviously a great experience, both as a doorman and as a martial artist, but it seemed to be a lot of fun too, am I right? Dennis showing the Chin-Jab on Terry ONeill. owned by Alan Williams who was the rst manager of the Beatles]. That led to regular work there, before I started working on the Victoriana with Terry ONeill. Then the job became more fun and more educational.

After the publishing of his book "Working With Warriors", Liverpools living legend, Dennis Martin, was kind enought to answer this interview and share some toughts about combat, training and security jobs... Enjoy


D.M.: Looking back, there were lots of laughs. Terry, in particular, was always up to something. Working with both Gary and Terry was like watching a comedy double act! We were friends, who also spent most of our time together when not working too.

R: Youve worked on many occasions in the close protection eld as a bodyguard, how did it change your training habits? D.M.: In close-protection the priority is to protect the VIP, what we call third party protection, which is a completely

hand, knife, stick, rearms, rst care, tactics, etc) into one integrated method. At the ACDS, our philosophy is to train for efciency from 0 to 1000m. How important is that integration concept in your training? D.M.: Its essential, its the core concept of CQB. Rather than separate specialities we integrate the training to

R: Speaking about Terry and his different orientation than self-protection. lightning fast kicks, I think he is the only living proof that high kicks could be effective in a street ght. techniques work, whilst other very skilled martial artist and doormen, failed to use them in that context? D.M.: This follows on from the previous question. When we started the rst ever commercial bodyguard training D.M.: I think it was two main factors. course, back in 1985, we looked at a Firstly he had absolute physical mastery system for training the guys, who had a of the technique. The strike was variety of backgrounds and experience, effortless, very natural, and delivered on a including top martial artists, soldiers, and high line. Terry could lift his knee right up complete novices. to his own ear as he kicked. Secondly, Terry had the fastest brain for processing threat information. In current terms his OODA Loop was fast and efcient. As his adversary conceived the idea of ghting, he would be unconscious! Really, you had to see it to believe it. I can still remember the rst time I saw Terry knock a guy out, its seared in my minds eye. R: It seemed that in the beginning, your training in karate gave you a tremendous edge over regular ghters. Now, everyone (and his dog) is training in MMA, Muay Thai and the likes. In you Den jogging with Danna Feller, opinion, how do this fact affect the Miss Isral 1979. bouncing game? I turned to the works of WE Fairbairn, to construct an outline syllabus. Lofty D.M.: We do indeed encounter more Wiseman and I then put together a people trained in various methods, and, detailed syllabus, and he too included increasingly MMA is the choice. However, m u c h f r o m t h e W W - 2 m e t h o d s . in our towns and cities the biggest threat Remember, the requirements were similar, is still knives and rearms. The use of a varied training group, with limited weapons in gang attacks has made front- training time, who needed a system that could be used spontaneously, and fully line security much more dangerous that integrated with the rearms and other when I rst started. I still work regularly in personal weapons. the city centre and its a great incentive to keep training hard. R: What I always liked about Combatives mentality, is the fact that it melt different aspects of training (empty-

R: Coming from a traditional Karate produce what we call the seamless background, why did you start to train transition between force options.

In your opinion, why could he make those (and teach) WWII Combatives?

Shooting session during a bodyguard training session. R: We focus a lot of our training on the knife, mainly because its the most widely used weapon in the streets, and probably one of the most dangerous. How do you cover this particular topic in your training? D.M.: As far as defence against the knife the best system Ive encountered is the G.U.N. System, as taught by Gary Klugiewicz of Milwaukee County Sheriffs Department. This system was developed for use by deputies assigned to the jail, which is a high edged weapon threat environment. The ofcers dont carry rearms within the jail, so the conditions are similar to that facing the general public here in Europe where CCW is rare. We also teach the use of the blade for those guys who have a need, based mainly on WW-2 methods.


By the way, Marcus will We also teach the use of the blade for those guys who have a need, based mainly on WW-2 methods. R: I know you are, with Marcus Wynne, one of the pioneers of the use of NLP in the combatives training eld. be presenting the Minds Eye Shooting Program in Scandinavia later this year. Readers can contact me via my website at

http:// How were you introduced to this concept, www.cqbservices.com/ and how do you think it could improve if I can help them in any combative training? D.M.: I visited the training centre at Marana, Arizona, when Marcus was training the Federal Air Marshals, and he told me about NLP then. Back home my good friend Tommy McNally, who had introduced Terry ONeill to door work, loaned me the book Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins, and I was hooked. Eventually, I was certied as an NLP Practitioner by founder Richard Bandler. Neural-based training works with state so is highly effective in training for selfprotection, as we install the requisite mental state of acting under intense stress. Marcus created the Minds Eye Shooting Program, and I helped with some of the drills and exercises. We have taught this program on three continents and the results are, frankly, amazing. Shooting is highly quantiable, as you know. We score both speed and accuracy, so can tell if the method produces results, and it does, beyond all expectation. This gives us the basis for using similar concepts in less quantiable, more subjective training, such as unarmed combatives.
(1) M.M.A. : Mixed Martial Arts, generic name given to the free-ght type sports. (2) Major William E. Fairbairn, considered as the founder of Close-Combat. An excellent article by Phil M. (aka TheBristolBloke) on Dennis website : http://www.cqbservices.com/?page_id=59 (3) John Lofty Wiseman Living legend of the non-less legendary 22 S.A.S. (Special Air Service), Lofty s still teaching his encyclopaedic knowledge on survival at Trueways Survival School (http:// www.survival-school.org/Default.aspx? tabid=372 ) (4) Gary Klugiewicz One of Garys article on the G.U.N. (Grab Undo Neutralize) system: http://www.policeone.com/ columnists_internal.asp? view=94340&vid=102828 (5) Concealed Carry Weapon (C.C.W.) is a generic name for the permit of carrying a weapon by a citizen. In most case the weapon has to be carried concealed, hence the name. (6) Well-known Operator, successful writer, renowned instructor, N.L.P. specialist, Meet Mr. Marcus Wynne : http:// www.marcuswynne.com/ (7) Richard Bandler is the co-founder of N.L.P. with John Grinder. http:// www.richardbandler.com/

way. R: Dennis, thanks again for this interview and for that great book! Notes: Den on patrol with the South African Polices Robbery Reaction Team

Working With Warriors

By Dennis Martin

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All pictures in this interview are M. Martins properties, used under his kind permission.


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