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Eco Plaza Green Lao

opens at Wattay
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4500 kip 4500 kip wednesday may 2, 2012 IssUe 99 www.vientianetimes.la
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Volunteer Sub-Editors wanted
Vientiane Times seeks experienced writers/editors to
edit copy for daily publication.
Applicants must be native English speakers, able to
write perfect English, and have some experience in
journalism, editing or writing.
We require full-time assistance, with some evenings and
Sundays, and will pay a basic monthly salary.Please call
in at Vientiane Times with your CV. Our ofces are on
Setthathirath Road opposite Namphou fountain.
authorized Cargo agent for:
TG Thai airways International
Km 3 Thadeua Road,
Please contact us at:
offers transport, forwarding and packing of
all kinds of outgoing and incoming goods by
overland, river, air and sea.
Always at your service for reliable, smooth and speedy delivery

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Times Reporters
Chitchalern Construction
Company will rebuild the
Morning Market bus station
in Vientiane so that it can
accommodate the 42 new
buses being donated by the
Japanese government.
Plans for the new bus
station are still under
discussion among the various
sectors concerned so it is not
yet known when construction
will start, according to the
Director of Vientiane State Bus
Enterprise Mr Khamphoune
The new facility will have
eight storeys. The ground
foor will be the bus station, the
second and third foors will be
used for private parking, and
the remaining foors will house
shops and other commercial
outlets, he said. Deputy Director
of the station Mr Bouapha
Phetvixay said the enterprise
will have a 70-year concession
to operate the new building.
We are looking at two
places that could be chosen as
a temporary bus station once
work gets underway. One
possibility is a plot of land in
the Km 5 area of Chommany
village in Xaysettha district
Vientianes morning market
bus station to be rebuilt
The existing bus station near the Morning Market in central Vientiane.
and another is near the former
Northern Bus Station in
Nakham village, Sikhottabong
The new Northern Bus
Station is located in Dongnathong
village, Sikhottabong district.
The Morning Market
terminal is heavily used by
people travelling around
Vientiane, so the new facility
will be a welcome change for
the citys many bus passengers.
The 42 buses donated by
the Japanese government will
help to ease traffc congestion,
while also reducing carbon
emissions by lowering the
number of motorbikes and cars
on the road as more people opt
to use public transport.
Since 1988, Japan has been
supporting the improvement
of public transport in Laos
and in 2000 the Japanese
government provided funding
for 56 buses. The Vientiane
Public Transport Enterprise is
responsible for about 60 buses
in the capital.
Traffc jams are increasing
in Vientiane as the size of
the city and its population
increases. However, the
number of people using public
transport remains low.
Lao photojournalists to
put new perspectives
on display
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CAMCE to make
Vientiane a new world
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Times Reporters
Asean and EU nations who
are members of the G20
grouping should jointly
enforce agreements endorsed
at the previous G20 Summit,
including the reform of
fnancial institutions and other
development issues towards
balanced and sustained
economic growth.
The comment was made
by Deputy Prime Minister and
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Dr Thongloun Sisoulith while
attending the 19th Asean-
EU Ministerial Meeting held
in Seri Begawan, Brunei,
Dr Thongloun said that
despite signs of recovery in the
global economy, the situation
remained uncertain. This
required joint efforts on the
part of Asean and EU nations
to implement previously
approved agreements, which
were key to sustaining
During the meeting, Asean
and EU leaders reviewed
the implementation of their
cooperation activities over
the past 35 years. Several
sectors were noted to have
made satisfactory progress,
particularly in trade.
The EU is Asean's second
largest trading partner with
US$208 billion of trade in
goods and services in 2010,
while Asean is the EUs third
largest trading partner. The
value of EU investment in
Asean has reached US$230
The two regional blocs are
committed to strengthening
their cooperation in priority
areas agreed upon by the two
sides, according to a press
release from the Ministry of
Asean, EU
urged to sustain
Times Reporters
Workers rights protection
authorities have announced
they will invite businesses
with pay-related concerns to
the discussion table in order to
mediate disputes.
Although businesses have
raised the minimum wage
they pay their employees in
line with the governments
decision announced in
January, many workplaces
are cutting supporting
allowances, which offcials
Businesses urged to observe minimum wage rule
say is a misinterpretation of
the Prime Ministerial Decree.
Under the governments
decision, employers are
required to raise the monthly
minimum wage for unskilled
workers from 348,000 kip to
626,000 kip to compensate
them for the higher cost of
Many businesses have
raised the wage, but have cut
the supporting allowances they
used to pay, Director General
of the Worker Protection
Department under the
Federation of Trade Unions,
Mr Ounkham Bounyaseng,
told the Vientiane Times
This has been
misinterpreted. The
governments decision means
that employers are required
to increase the wage they pay
and maintain all supporting
allowances as per usual.
Between January and
April, workers from 12
businesses submitted petitions
to the federation, asking the
organisation to help mediate
with their employers.
Misinterpreting the
minimum wage payment and
the refusal to pay supporting
monies to employees who have
lawfully resigned are among
the most common grievances
on the part of employees.
The department has
invited representatives from
some of these enterprises to
the discussion table in order to
seek appropriate solutions.
We will invite
representatives from the other
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Wednesday May 2, 2012
Home news
Times Reporters
A ceremony took place at
Wattay International Airport in
Vientiane on April 27 to open
the Eco Plaza Green Lao.
Eco Plaza Green Lao is a
component of the Lao Pilot
Programme for Narrowing the
Development Gap towards
Asean Integration project,
which is a joint collaboration
between Laos, the Asean
Secretariat and the Japan
International Cooperation
Agency (JICA).
The newly opened facility
will be a place where the project
can provide information and
sell goods produced under
the initiative. These include
souvenirs, handicrafts and
other items that have been
hand made using materials
whose use is environmentally-
friendly, such as dried leaves
and straw.
The project is fnancially
supported by JICA, while the
Lao Peoples Revolutionary
Eco Plaza Green Lao opens at
wattay airport
(From left) Mr Bounthavy Sisouphanthong, Dr Masato Togawa and
Dr Vilayvong Boutdakham attend the opening ceremony.
Youth Union is providing
six young people to staff the
The opening ceremony
was attended by Deputy
Minister of National
Planning and Investment Mr
Bounthavy Sisouphanthong,
Secretary of the Central
Committee of the Lao Peoples
Revolutionary Youth Union
Dr Vilayvong Boutdakham,
Chief Representative of JICA
to Laos Dr Masato Togawa,
representatives of interested
organisations, and other guests.
Khonesavanh Latsaphao
Lao Army Production Unit
A in Borikhamxay province
has rejected accusations it has
been spraying the feathers of
small chickens before they are
sold to traders.
The units Lieutenant
Colonel Someboun
Chanthakard told Vientiane
Times on Monday that those
responsible for changing the
appearance of the chickens
feathers were traders from
Borikhamxay province and
Traders spray the small
chickens they buy from
Production Unit A to make
them more attractive to buyers
in markets, he said.
When people are shopping
they often spot the brightly
coloured chicks and are
tempted to buy them as pets
because of their attractive
The chicks are sold by
Production Unit A for 2,000
kip each before they are sold
in markets for 5,000 kip each.
Army denies spray colouring chicks feathers
Young chickens at the Lao Army Production Unit No. 1.
People buy them
because they think the red,
green and white feathers
are real. But this isnt true
because the feathers have
been sprayed and the bright
colours will disappear within
two or three weeks, Lt Col
Someboun said.
He also said the small
chickens the farming unit sells
to traders are not hens but
We dont sell female
chickens, only males,
because we keep the hens
and sell the eggs they lay,
he explained.
In one week the Unit
produces 5,000 chicks of
which 50 percent are roosters
that are sold to traders. The
aim of the farm is to provide
more meat for people around
the country, he said.
Young hens should begin
laying eggs after 18 weeks.
However, Mr Phaengmanivong
Nakhonepheng of Meuangmay
village in Bolikhan district,
Borikhamxay province, told
Vientiane Times he has been
feeding his 10 chickens for
almost seven months, but they
still havent laid a single egg.
The trader who sold him
the chickens in a Borikhamxay
market told him they would
lay eggs after three months,
he said.
The colour of his 10
previously red, green and white
chickens has now disappeared
and all his chickens are now
According to Production
Unit A, the farm only sells
roosters to traders, but traders
tell prospective purchasers
that the chickens are hens.
The hens reared on the
farm are usually a red colour
while the roosters are normally
Currently, the farm has
8,000 hens producing almost
7,500 eggs each day for
sale in Vientiane as well as
in Borikhamxay and Xieng
Khuang provinces.
Each year Production Unit
A imports chickens from the
Netherlands at a cost of 5
euros each.
Times Reporters
A man was electrocuted
through a tent pole in
Thoulakhom district, Vientiane
province, on Saturday when
strong winds wreaked havoc
during a rocket festival held in
Bor village.
The incident occurred at
about 3pm as the 20-year-
old man and his friends were
holding tent poles during high
The tent had been ftted
with electricity cables to power
the evenings entertainment.
The dead man was a
member of a band that had
been invited to perform at the
According to witnesses,
several other men were
holding the poles but the pole
the deceased was holding
was closer to the electricity
When the other men noticed
the victim continuing to hold
onto the pole, they realised he
had been electrocuted. After
being pulled away from the
pole he was taken to hospital
but was pronounced dead on
An investigation is now
underway to identify those
responsible for the incident.
Similar cases relating to
the installation of power cables
for concerts have occurred in
the past.
It is important that the
organisers of concerts,
weddings, funerals and other
social events are more aware
of safety issues, so that
accidents can be prevented.
Man electrocuted at rocket festival
Phaisythong Chandara
Construction of a new Central
Library at the National
University of Laos is now 60
percent complete and should
be open by the start of 2013.
Central Library Director
Mr Chansy Phuangsouketh
told the Vientiane Times
yesterday that the four storey
building is costing about 8.5
billion kip. The government
is funding the project, and
the work is being undertaken
by the locally-based PPC
Construction Company.
Mr Chansy said the new
library will be the most modern
of its kind in Laos, and will have
a lift and security system. New
facilities includes a staff room,
reading room, photocopy room,
meeting room, workshop, and
research room, with toilets on
each foor.
The library will be open
to teachers, students and
the general public, and will
NUOL to have new library in 2013
The new Central Library under construction at the National University of Laos.
also accommodate overfow
when classrooms become too
crowded. Mr Chansy said
students from other centres of
education are also welcome to
use the new library.
The library is an important
aspect of education, where the
countrys human resources
are nurtured and developed,
he said.
The new facility is
expected to open offcially in
the 2013-2014 academic year.
Some 700-800 students are
expected to visit it daily, and
as many as 1,000 in the run
up to exams. The old library
could only accommodate 200-
300 students daily.
Online catalogue
programmes can be used
at the library by over 300
students each day, and up to
500 during exam times, the
library reported.
The library opened in
1995 and has more than 60
categories of books, donated
by the Asia Foundation, Word
Bank, NGOs, and private
Books are available in the
felds of engineering, science,
information technology,
medicine, law, political
science, literature, and art.
Mr Chansy said that by
the end of 2012, the Book for
Asia project and the library
will provide 20,000 free,
high-quality English language
books for specialised centres
of education, public libraries,
faculties, colleges and primary
and secondary schools.
The new library will become
a centre for the development of
human resources, he added.
People from all walks of life
will be able to make use of the
books and possibly develop a
reading habit.
The library will contain a
wide variety of books and other
printed materials which may
be purchased, subscribed to or
simply skimmed through.
Vientiane Times 3
Issues of Vientiane Times from 2001 to April 2012
have been recorded on CD-ROM. Now available
at Vientiane Times offce. Corner Setthathirath/
Pangkham Roads, Nam Phu, Vientiane.
P.O. Box: 5723,
Tel: (856-21) 216364, 217593. Fax: (856-21) 216365
Email: info@vientianetimes.org.la
Vientiane Times on CD-ROM
Wednesday May 2, 2012 Home news
Xayxana Leukai
The Ministry of Health is fully
prepared to tackle any health
issues that might arise before
and during the Asia-Europe
Meeting (ASEM) Summit
to be held in Vientiane in
Deputy Minister of Health
Dr Inlavanh Keobounphanh
told Vientiane Times recently
that the ministry will divide
its focus into fve areas: health
awareness; epidemiology;
food safety; administration;
and ambulance services and
accident prevention.
We have encouraged
medical associations at all
levels in Vientiane to realise
the importance of the summit,
she said.
To ensure disease
prevention and illness, Dr
Inlavanh has advised medical
staff to encourage the public
to regularly clean their homes,
eat cooked food, and drink
boiled water.
The ministry has also
told medical staff to closely
monitor the situation to
prevent possible outbreaks of
disease along Laos borders.
Dr Inlavanh said the main
duty of the ministry and
medical staff was to handle
unexpected emergencies
by providing the proper
A committee has set
up a health network, along
with related organisations,
to ensure everything runs
smoothly during the summit.
For example, major hospitals
have been given extra beds in
case of unexpected incidents
or disease outbreaks.
Unsafe food preparation
and unclean water are the main
causes of diarrhoea, cholera,
and other intestinal problems.
Medical staff are stressing
that hotels and restaurants
should serve food that does
not contain chemicals such as
borax or formalin. There are
also plans to check the quality
of drinking water and water
used for cooking.
Also, the public is advised
to destroy the breeding
grounds of dengue-carrying
mosquitoes to prevent an
outbreak of the virus.
The Ministry of Health
is expected to spend six
billion kip on summit-related
activities, including the
purchase of ambulances and
scanners for use at Wattay
International Airport.
Health offcials hope there
isnt an outbreak of disease
around this time, but if there
is, they are fully prepared
to keep the situation under
Health Ministry injects confdence
ahead of ASEM Summit
Dr Inlavanh Keobounphanh.
Ounkham Pimmata
Locals in Xayaboury and
Luang Prabang provinces
are anticipating much more
convenient travel from next
year, when a bridge linking
the two provinces across the
Mekong is set to open.
According to a report from
Deputy Project Manager Mr
Souksi Phanid provided to
the Pathet Lao newspaper
on Monday, the 630 metre
long bridge is now 60 percent
complete. The work is
expected to fnish on schedule
in May 2013.
The bridge is part of a road
construction project linking
the two provinces under the
Northern Greater Mekong
Sub-region Transport Network
Improvement Project.
The 10.5 metre wide and
45.5 metre high bridge will link
Thadeua village in Xayaboury
district of Xayaboury province
and Pakkhon village in Nan
district of Luang Prabang
Construction of the US$9
million project began in 2009,
with 80 percent of the funding
provided by a loan from the
Bank of Korea and 20 percent
by the Lao government. The
contractor is Ejung C&D
The bridge will ease
travel for the people of the two
provinces while improving trade
and communication, as people
will no longer need to wait for a
ferry to cross the river.
The opening of the
bridge will also be a boost
for tourism, which is an
important source of income
for local people.
Mr Souksi said construction
of an access road to the bridge
is now 63 percent complete,
thanks to close cooperation
between the two provincial
Meanwhile, Xayaboury
province recently signed
a contract with Chinas
Wuchang Shipbuilding
Industry to build a steel truss
bridge to link Xayaboury
and Vientiane provinces at a
cost of 4.5 million euros. The
project is being funded by the
Lao government and a grant
from the Netherlands.
The two ends of the bridge
will connect Nasak village
in Paklai district, Xayaboury
province, and Khokkhaodor
village in Xanakham district,
Vientiane province.
The company delivered
the frst section of the bridge
in 2011 and the second will be
delivered at the end of 2012. It
is hoped construction will be
completed by April 2013 and
the bridge will offcially open
for public use in December
on track
Asean, EU urged... FROM PAGE 1
Foreign Affairs.
The EU is committed to
assist Asean until 2016 in the
areas of regional integration,
Asean-EU economic
partnership, intellectual
property, air transport
integration, and capacity
building regarding statistics
and social cooperation,
estimated to be worth more
than 41 million euros.
Of this amount, 20 million
euros will be used for two
programmes involving
regional integration and
Asean-EU negotiating
The meeting also
discussed regional and
international issues of
shared interest including
the situation in the Middle
East, North Africa, Iran
and Afghanistan, as well
as the global economy,
food and energy security,
climate change and the
The EU informed the
meeting about the lifting
of some of its sanctions
on Myanmar, while Asean
urged the EU to totally lift
the sanctions imposed on the
The leaders also endorsed
an Asean-EU action plan for
2013- 2017.
On the sidelines of the
meeting, Dr Thongloun
held talks with UK Foreign
Secretary William Hague,
saying that Laos will consider
re-opening an embassy in
The Lao delegation also met
with German Foreign Minister
Dr Guido Westerwelle, who
said Germany would double
its assistance to Laos in
various projects.
Projects in the areas of
poverty reduction and technical
and vocational projects would
be funded with 18 million
euros, while infrastructure
improvement including rural
road development would
be funded with a further 20
million euros.
Dr Thongloun asked the
German side to assist Laos in
human resource development,
particularly in the technical
and vocational sector.
Dr Thongloun also met
with Finlands deputy minister
of foreign affairs, who told
him Finland would increase
its assistance to Laos to US$5
million per year, and would
provide another US$20 million
for the Mekong cooperation
The Lao delegation also
met with their counterparts
from Austria, Romania,
Sweden and Lithuania, to
enhance their cooperative
relations and inform them
about the progress of Laos
preparations to host the 9th
Asia-Europe Meeting Summit
in November.
Asean comprises Laos,
Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia,
Malaysia, Myanmar,
Singapore, Thailand, the
Philippines and Vietnam.
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr
Thongloun Sisoulith (left) shakes hands with the newly
appointed Ambassador of India to Laos Mr C. Gururaj Rao
at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Vientiane on Monday.
Times Reporters
A memorial to commemorate
joint Lao-Vietnamese
revolutionary activities is to
be built in Son La province,
Lao National Assembly
President Ms Pany Yathortou,
Politburo members of
the Communist Party of
Vietnam and President of
the National Assembly of
Vietnam Mr Nguyen Sinh
Hung on April 25 attended
a groundbreaking ceremony
for the memorial along with
other high ranking offcials
from Vietnam and Laos.
Vietnams Ministry of
Culture, Sports and Tourism
recently issued a certifcate to
approve the project.
The memorial will not
only foster closer bilateral
relations between Vietnam
Memorial to commemorate shared
revolutionary history of Laos, Vietnam
and Laos, but will also allow
the younger generations of
the two countries to learn
about the long history of close
cooperation between the two
The revolutionary
memorial will be built
on the site of a former
stronghold of Lao and
Vietnamese revolutionaries,
where President Kaysone
Phomvihane lived from
1948 to 1950 and devised
tactics to drive out the French
Speaking at the
groundbreaking ceremony,
Ms Pany said the construction
of the revolutionary
memorial will enable those
who visit it to appreciate
the longstanding special
solidarity between Laos and
Vietnam and reflect on the
virtuous deeds of President
Kaysone Phomvihane.
This historic memorial
is a symbol of cooperation
to protect the revolutionary
legacy of Laos and Vietnam.
It will be very important
in terms of preserving the
memory of past events
for current and future
generations concerning the
shared history and special
cooperation between our two
countries, Ms Pany said.
She added that it
would allow successive
generations to understand
the revolutionary activities
and significant achievements
of President Kaysone
According to the website
of the radio station Voice of
Vietnam, the memorial will
be built on a 3,500 square
metre site and will include a
statue and monument house.
companies for discussions
soon, Mr Ounkham said,
adding that many of the
issues have been triggered by
foreign investors with poor
understanding of local labour
An offcial at the
department said many issues
occurred because of the fact
that business owners and
employees failed to work
out detailed agreements,
especially in relation to the
refusal to pay supporting
allowances to workers
who resign. In principle,
workers who resign lawfully
are entitled to receive their
supporting allowance before
leaving the workplace, Mr
Ounkham said.
He said the Vientiane
offce of the federation had
received 12 dispute petitions
but believed the number
would be higher nationwide
as they have provincial offces
throughout Laos.
Any workers who feel
they have been disadvantaged
or denied their rightful
entitlements can call the
federations hotline numbers
on: 021 711547, 021 711531
or 020 22915240.
In a move to improve the
protection it can offer workers,
the federation is training its
members in the provinces to
register workers and compile
information about company
In collaboration with
the International Labour
Organisation (ILO) the
federation has also been
operating a migrant worker
information centre in
Savannakhet province.
The centre functions as
a bridge to connect people
wanting to work in other
countries with employment
recruitment agencies, as well
as providing consultation
to migrant labourers who
are exploited overseas, Mr
Ounkham said.
Those seeking consultation
with the centre can call 020
The federation aims to fully
realise the rights of workers
amid the global campaign
to raise workers profles on
the occasion of International
Labour Day on May 1.
Laos has joined the
international community to
actively mark this important
event with various state
agencies holding lectures to
promote the rights and interests
of workers in the country.
Businesses urged... FROM PAGE 1
Vientiane Times Home news Wednesday May 2, 2012
News in Brief
Vacancy Announcement
Vientiane Times
Positions available
1. Secretary (2 positions)
- Lao nationality, female (aged below 25, single).
- Advanced university degree in English (Secretary Diploma required)
- Good communication in spoken English and writing.
- Computer skills in Microsoft Word and Excel.
- Good character and friendly disposition.
- Able to work overtime if necessary.
2. Finance and accounting (1 position)
- Lao nationality, aged below 30.
- Advanced university degree in fnance and accounting with 1 year
- Experience in statistics and planning will be advantage.
- Computer skills in Microsoft Word, Excel and Accounting
- Able to work overtime if necessary.
All interested candidates are invited to submit an application letter
and CV to Vientiane Times office during official working hours until
May 25, 2012.
* Vientiane Times corner of Pangkham and Setthathirath Roads,
Vientiane, Lao PDR.
Tel: 021 216364
VaCanCy annOUnCemenT
(Announcement No. 12/30)
OPen TO: All interested candidates
POSITION: Shipping Clerk (OBO), FSN-6
OPenInG daTe: April 20, 2012
CLOsInG daTe: May 4, 2012
wORK HOURs: Full-time; 40 hours/week
COnTRaCT: Two Years
saLaRy: Actual salary will be based on the qualifcations of the applicant.
The U.S. Embassy in Vientiane is seeking an individual for the position of shipping Clerk in OBO. The position is temporary, for
two years.
The incumbent is responsible for tracking, clearing, and receiving at the Vientiane New Embassy Construction (NEC) Project Site
all diplomatic and commercial shipments intended for use on the project. He/she also assists with resolving any customs clearance
issues and overseeing the progress of local utility installation.
Full position description is available in HR Offce.
1. Education: Completion of Secondary School is required.
2. Prior Work Experience: Two years experience in managing logistics, freight forwarding, and customs clearance for a
major corporation or government entity is required.
3. Language Profciency: Level III (good working knowledge) of English and level IV (fuent) Lao.
4. Knowledge: Must develop knowledge of the Department of State regulations and procedures governing the shipment
of household and personal effects, POV, and other private property, US Embassy Construction Materials, and U.S.
Government property. Must have detailed knowledge of the Lao governments custom clearance, immigration and border
regulations and procedures. Must have knowledge of the abilities, general procedures, and quality of work of local shipping
carriers and transfer companies. Should have knowledge in design and construction practices, preparation of engineering
drawings and specifcation. Must have general knowledge of vehicle operation and safety.
5. Skills and Abilities: Must have a valid Lao drivers license. Must have good organizational and interpersonal skills. Must
be tactful, yet effective, in dealing with host country customs, immigration, border and other offcials, and with offcials
of shipping, packing, and transfer companies, and with US Embassy and other project personnel. Ability to negotiate best
prices and services. Must be a MS Offce package and engineering management software user. Ability to review utility
construction drawings for code compliance.
Interested applicants for this position must submit the following for the application to be considered:
1. Universal Application for Employment (Form DS-174). Download the form at:
2. Candidates who claim U.S. Veterans preference must provide a copy of their Form DD-214 with their application.
3. Any other documentation (e.g., essays, certifcates, awards, copies of degrees earned) that
addresses the qualifcation requirements of the position as listed above.
Human Resources Offce
American Embassy
Rue Bartholonie, That Dam
PO Box 114, Vientiane, Laos
(Hardcopy or e-mail attachments are accepted)

Telephone: 856-21-267176
Fax: 856-21-267140
E-mail: VientianeHR@state.gov
Interested persons should contact Embassy Human Resources Offce for more information. Blank application forms may be picked
up from the cabinet inside the Embassy entrance.
Only shortlisted candidates will be notifed.
CLOsInG daTe FOR THIs POsITIOn: may 4, 2012
An Equal Opportunity Employer
Times Reporters
The Government Offce has
held a training course to
teach its offcials more about
political ideology, philosophy,
economics, the science of
socialism, management, and
Party building.
Some 39 offcials took part
in the 45-day training course
which began in Vientiane on
February 20 and ended last
The course aimed to
develop the Party and
governments human
resources in response to the
countrys development needs
in the period 2012-2016.
The training is part
of programmes planned
to build the capacity of
offcials who will shoulder
more responsibility in the
Government Offce in the
future. It also prepares them
to bring to fruition the four
breakthrough approaches
approved at the ninth Party
Congress held in March last
Deputy Head of the
Government Offce Mr
Khamphan Pheuyavong
urged the trainees to apply
the lessons and knowledge
acquired during the training
course to their daily work, so
they could fulfll their assigned
The effective
implementation of their duties
would help the government to
achieve the seventh fve-year
National Socio-economic
Development Plan and
accomplish the Millennium
Development Goals by 2015,
Mr Khamphan said.
The Government Offce
- previously known as the
Prime Ministers Offce - acts
as a secretariat and coordinator
for the government. Its
ambitious goal is to ensure the
effectiveness, transparency
and advancement of the body.
Despite being classifed
as a least developed country,
Laos tries to maintain
economic growth of at least 8
percent and ensure that annual
average per capita income
reaches US$1,700 in 2015.
This will create the
necessary foundations and
conditions to enable Laos
to shed its least developed
country status by 2020 and
progress frmly towards the
goal of socialism.
Govt trains offcials in
political ideology
Mr Khamphan Pheuyavong (centre) and other offcials at the close of a 45-day training course in
Vientiane last week.
Xieng Khuang draws up fve-year education plan
Xieng Khuang provincial Education and Sports Department this week released
its strategic plan for 2011-2015, with a strong focus on improving the teaching
standard of maths at primary school level, especially grade 5.
Department offcials said the plan was made following poor student results in
the National Best Student Exams for primary school children, held last week in
Vientiane, where Saravan pupils fnished third place in maths.
The plan also includes increasing cooperation with development partners and
NGOs to seek funding to develop teachers skills through training courses and to
purchase school supplies for areas affected by the foods last year.
The department also stressed the need for authorities and various sectors to work
together to improve the education system.
Although the department has received assistance from various agencies in recent
years, it is still short of funds to develop the education system, especially in rural
More assistance is needed to enable schools to train teachers, both locally and in
other provinces.
Oudomxay to develop cultural families, villages
Information and Culture Department offcials in Oudomxay province recently
met to discuss the cultural villages framework. The designation is part of
efforts to preserve traditions and address socially undesirable behaviour.
During the meeting participants shared ideas about expanding the benefts and
addressing the weak points of the framework.
Participants reviewed the progress of work in 2011, when more than 150 families
were certifed as cultural families and seven villages declared cultural
To date Oudomxay has given the designation to over 1,000 families. The
department has also encouraged residents across the province to increase the
number of designated families and villages.
Savannakhet farmers harvest dry season rice
Farmers in many districts of Savannakhet province are harvesting dry season
rice, with 75-80 percent of more than 1,000 hectares already cut.
Farmers around the province have harvested more than 500 hectares of rice and
are expecting yields of more than 2,000 tonnes.
However, some areas in Outhoumphone and Mahaxay districts are struggling to
harvest due to the after-effects of weather extremes last wet season.
Vientiane Times 5 Wednesday May 2, 2012 Photo news
Assistant to Project Manger
Project Title: Second National Communication on Climate Change (SNC)
Position Title: Assistant to Project Manager
Funding: Project number 00048165
Location: Climate Change Ofce, DoE, MONRE, Vientiane, Lao PDR
Duration of Appointment: 3 months
Expected Starting Date: As soon as possible
1. Background
UNDP is supporting the Government of Lao PDR to develop both their Second National Communication
(SNC) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the National
Climate Change Strategy for Lao PDR.
2. Overall duties and responsibilities
Overall responsibilities
- The APM will assist the project manager (PM) to run the project on a day-to-day basis on behalf of
the SNC Project Board within the constraints laid down by the Board.
- The APMs major responsibility is to support WREA and the PM to ensure that the project produces
the results specifed in the Annual Work Plan (AWP) to the required standard of quality and within
the specifed constraints of time and funds.
Overall project management
- Provide assistance and support to the project team, Working Groups, and International Technical
Advisor in the development of project activities.
- Provide comprehensive support to the implementation of the project work plan.
Project planning
- Prepare plans on an annual and quarterly basis in close coordination with the PM, technical
working groups, and the UNDP Environment Unit manager / Programme Analyst responsible for
this project.
Project monitoring
- Plan and engage in project monitoring and evaluation activities, including the identifcation of
risks, issues and lessons learned on a monthly basis.
Project reporting
- Support the PM to report regularly to the national project director (NPD), technical working
groups and the Project Board.
3. Expected results
High quality support, advice and substantial technical, administrative and logistical assistance to
the PM. Project implementation on track. Deliverables may include (but are not limited to): required
project reports, work plans, presentations, result based management logs, minutes of meetings and
4. Qualifcations
- A bachelor or masters degree in Environmental Economics, Policy, Climate Change Science,
Project Management or related social science felds
- A minimum of seven (5) years of work experience in strategy formulation and management, and
advisory capacity in the area of climate change or related felds.
- Proven professional experience and sound technical knowledge on climate change.
- Experience in the development of greenhouse gas inventories, and vulnerability and adaptation
analysis preferred.
- Track record of successful capacity building and institutional strengthening activities with the
public sector.
- Experience in externally-funded development projects and working in teams.
Excellent interpersonal and communication skills and positive attitude towards working with
Detailed job description (TOR) available at: http://www.undplao.org.
Please send detailed CV along with a letter of interest by 05 May, 2012 to:
Department of Environment, MONRE Email: min999.mini@gmail.com and inthaboualy@hotmail.com
Telephone/Fax (856 21) 254350, 020-56336662, 020-55629734
Female candidates are encouraged to apply
Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for interview
Lao People's Democratic Republic
Peace Independence Democracy Unity Prosperity

Ministry of Health - PR Offce supported by Global Fund to Fight AIDS/Tuberculosis
and malaria
Request for Quotation of Procurement of
Offce equipment for Centre of Malariology, Parasitology and Entomology
Procurement N027 .CMPE.GF.Procurement Unit

The Lao Peoples Democratic Republic has received a grant from Global Fund to Fight
AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. The Procurement Unit ofCentre of Malariology,
Parasitology and Entomology
intend to pay this grant to procure Offce equipment by using budget for Round R7/
P2/Y4. Act P 44052.
This Procurement will follow Public procurement procedures for Request of Quotation
according Procurement Guideline of The Principal Recipient of the Global Fund to
Fight AIDS/Tuberculosis/Malaria in Lao PDR issue on November 2009.
TheProcurement Unit of Centre of Malariology, Parasitology and Entomologyinvitesall
suppliers about offce equipment to participate in this competition of requested
Interested Contractors may obtain further information and receivea complete set of
RFQ Documents at the address given below :
Centre of Malariology, Parasitology and Entomology(Procurement unit)
Ban Kualuang, Chanthabuly district, Vientiane
Tel: 856-21 214040, fax: 856-21 216 917, 218 131.
Responsibles: MrPhongsavanh MEUANGCHANH (020 56 40 33 68)
miss Chandaly LaTHsaBOUT (020 23 34 52 52)
Quotations must be delivered to :Procurement Unit.frst foor in Malaria building.
In working time8h30 12 h00 and 13h30 16h30 every day since advertising date.
Close requested quotations on07/05/2012 at 14 h00 .
Quotation will be opened in the presence of the companies representatives who
choose to attend this meeting.
Traders buy cattle from farmers, travelling from one village to another. The animals are destined
for the slaughterhouse to meet the rising demand for beef.
The imposing new Presidential Offce in Vientiane takes shape adjacent to the Presidential
Palace on Setthathirath Road. --Photos Sisouphan
Students prepare for their exams at the National University of Laos central library. Over 300
students visit the library every day, with numbers rising to 500 during exam times.
A truck sprays water to keep the dust down during rebuilding of the road from Phontong to
Nongnieng village in Vientiane. Construction is on track and the road will be fnished in time for
the Asia-Europe Meeting Summit in November.
Vientiane Times
Wednesday May 2, 2012
In brief from Asia
News Network
S J K Lao Co., Ltd
Our Company
Global Company with Top Priority Placed on our Customers

SJK Lao co., Ltd was established in 2011 as a subsidiary of Seoul Alloy Metal Co., Ltd
(SAM) of Korea with a purpose of exploding potential mineral operations here in Lao PDR.

Now our company is looking for new employees many positions in the following:
Vacancy Announcement
Education and Experience :
- Good verbal and written communication skills in both Lao and English.
- Profciency in Microsoft Offce: Word, Excel, Power Point, Internet, Email.
- Ability to maintain direction and achieve work objectives with minimal supervision.

All interesting applicants please kindly bring in the following:
Cover Letter and CV in English, Certifcate of graduation with score in English.
- Copy ID card, Family book and concerned documents in all applications.
A generous salary will be provided based upon experience.
Only short-listed candidates will be contracted for interview. In order to keep contact,
Please note down your mobile phone number in the application. All applications will be
Start and Closing date for applications : As soon as possible!
Vientiane Offce 501,503 Alounmai Building. P.O. Box: 8156, Ban Nongbone,
Saysettha District, Vientiane Cap, Lao PDR Phone +856-21 455 073, 020-
95573559 Fax +856-21 455 074 Email: visean.sjklaos@gmail.com
A Member of Seoul Alloy Metal Group
1. / Accounting staff (01 position)
2. / General Affairs (01 position)
3. / Mine staffs (03 Surveys, 01 Drilling,
01Mining) male.
6. / Law staff (01 position) male or female.
7. / Translator staff (02 Korean and 02 English)
8. / Marketing, Logistics staff (01 position) male.
9. / Quality control staff (05 position)
10. / Mining processing staff (03 positions) male.
Vacancy Announcement for Translator and Interpreter
We are a fast growing multi-national company with signifcant business interests throughout
the Lao Peoples Democratic Republic and are looking for a motivated and multi-skilled
translator and interpreter to join our team.
Education: Bachelors Degree or equivalent in English Language or related feld preferred
Experience: 2+ years of experience in English/Lao translation and interpretation
Job Responsibilities:
* Translate and/or revise company generated business plans, feasibility studies, PowerPoint
presentations, and pitchbooks for potential projects and senior management team
* Proofread, edit, and revise translated materials
* Check translations of technical terms and terminology to ensure that they are accurate and
remain consistent throughout translation revisions
* Translate oral messages consecutively into specifed language, maintaining message
content, context, and style as much as possible
* Motivated, multi-talented team player
* Fluency in both English and Lao language (oral and written)
* Strong presentation and interpersonal skills
* Ability to meet deadlines and work well under pressure
* Previous translating and interpreting experience required
* Previous experience in fnance, law, business or related feld preferred
* Ability to work with a wide range of sensitive and confdential issues
* High degree of confdence, intellectual curiosity and a passion to succeed
Qualifed applicants should submit a letter of interest and Curriculum Vitae to Mr. Jody Jordahl
at jody.jordahl@sanuminvestment.com. Only short listed candidates will be notifed.
Man arrested for
allegedly organising
terrorist activities
HA NOI (Viet Nam News)
-- The police have started
prosecution against Nguyen
Quoc Quan for allegedly
organising terrorist activities
to undermine the peoples
government of Viet Nam,
violating article 84 of the
Penal Code.
According to the Ministry of
Security, Quan entered Viet
Nam on April 17 through
Tan Son Nhat International
Airport holding a US
passport under the name
of Richard Nguyen. Initial
investigations revealed he
had schemes to execute
some demonstration and
terrorist activities planned
by the overseas terrorist
organization Viet Tan in
HCM City and some other
provinces and cities during
the anniversaries of the
Liberation of South Viet
Nam and May Day.
Chinas young
migrant workers
losing farming skills
BEIJING (China Daily)
-- Chinas migrant workers
increased to 250 million
in 2011, with a growing
average monthly income of
2,049 yuan ($304), but most
have abandoned the farming
skills treasured by their
ancestors, Beijing News
reported. Only 10.5 percent
of migrant workers have
received training in farming
knowledge, 26.2 percent
have no farming skills,
while an overwhelming 68.8
percent have never been
trained at all, according to a
report released by Chinas
State Statistics Bureau.
BANGKOK (The Nation)
-- The Labour Ministry will
monitor the cost of living
over the next three months to
determine if any additional
adjustment is needed to the
minimum daily wage.
From April 1, workers in
seven provinces have already
earned at least Bt300 a day
thanks to a signifcant hike
pushed by the Pheu Thai-led
government and approved by
the Central Wage Committee.
And the daily minimum
wage will soar to Bt300 in
70 other provinces from next
However, a recent survey
suggests workers have not really
benefted from the signifcant
wage hike because product
prices have also jumped.
I have already signed an
order instructing provincial
labour chiefs to survey the cost
of living in their respective
provinces within three
months, permanent secretary
at the Labour Ministry Somkiat
The daily minimum wage will rise to Bt300 in 70 more provinces of Thailand from next January.
Chayasriwong said. This should
be done within three months.
In July, we should obtain
information to determine how
to tackle problems relating to
the cost of living.
The Bank of Thailand said
Tuesday infation was expected
to be 3.7 percent over the next
12 months, up from 3.5 percent
in February.
However, Somkiat has
sought to downplay growing
criticism that the government
policy to raise the daily
minimum wage had pushed up
the cost of living.
The main factor behind
the soaring cost of living is the
increasing energy price, he
Somkiat said when the
energy price rises, the electricity
price, bus fares and transport
costs climb too.
But on the bright side, the
increased wage has eased the
expense burden on workers,
he said.
Somkiat said workers
would be suffering more if the
daily minimum wage had not
increased signifcantly.
He said the move to push
for a Bt300 a day minimum
wage took into account the
fact workers have struggled
with soaring costs in the past.
Their debt problems have
accumulated over years.
While the Central Wage
Committee planned to not raise
the daily minimum wage for
two years after the rate reached
Bt300, the committee would
review the plan if needed. If
the cost of living has drastically
changed, a review is possible,
he said.
Thailand Development
Research Institute labour-
development research director,
Dr Yongyuth Chalamwong,
said the current wage-hike
policy could endanger many
businesses and make workers
The policy, after all, also
involved two years of no wage
hikes afterward.
Rising living costs in Thailand
eat up hike in daily wage
NEW DELHI (Xinhua) --
Over 200 people were feared
dead in a major ferry incident
in the northeast Indian state of
Assam Monday evening, with
103 people confrmed dead
from drowning while over 100
still remained missing after an
over-packed double-decked
steamer with 300 passengers
capsized in the fast fowing
Brahmaputra river amid a
heavy storm.
The Press Trust of India
quoted Indian National Disaster
Relief Force head Alok Jha as
saying the bodies of 103 victims,
including women and children,
were recovered by the Border
Security Force and the National
Disaster Relief Force personnel
near Jaleswar of the Bhubri
district in western Assam.
Dhubri district Police
Deputy commissioner Kumud
Chandra Kalita told the media
about 25 people swam to
safety, while 35 people were
later rescued.
The ferry was crossing
the river from Dhubrighat, a
fshing town, to Medartary in
the south bank of the gigantic
Over 200 feared dead
in ferry incident in India
river when it capsized amid
storm at 16:20 pm local time.
The Indian Army, Navy,
Border Security Force,
National Disaster Force and
police armed with mechanized
boats have launched a massive
rescue operation in the river,
which was forced to suspend
after darkness, bad weather
and strong current made
it impossible to search for
Indian President Pratibha
Patil and Prime Minister
Manmohan Singh both
expressed grief over the loss of
life while the Prime Minister
ordered assistance to the Assam
state government for relief and
fund for families of the dead.
Meanwhile, 12 people went
missing Monday also on the
Brahmaputra river in another
boat capsize at Jaleswar amid
the storm, according to media
Boat capsize takes place
from time to time in India due
to overloading of passengers,
bad condition of the boats or
steamers, and hostile river and
weather conditions.
SYDNEY (Xinhua) --
Detectives are continuing to
search for a carjacker who
stabbed a chauffeur at Sydney
Airport, the New South Wales
Police said Tuesday.
Police were alerted after a
chauffeur was stabbed outside
the airports domestic terminal
at about 6:30 pm local time on
Police said early
investigations suggested a man
stole a rental car but was forced
to abandon it after he crashed it
into a minibus.
The man then attacked a
chauffeur who was sitting in his
car waiting for a passenger at
Chauffeur stabbed in
carjacking in Sydney airport
the airport.
The chauffeur managed to
kick away the man who was
trying to carjack his vehicle but
was stabbed in the leg by the
The man fed the airport
after carjacking a silver 2010
Mercedes-Benz E250 sedan
driven by a 57-year-old woman.
The woman was not injured
during the incident, police said.
Police remained at the
airport overnight interviewing
witnesses and continued their
search for the carjacker who
was described as being aged in
his 20s, about 173 centimeters
tall with short brown hair.
7 Vientiane Times Wednesday May 2, 2012
Vacancy Announcement
District Focus Survey Manager
Handicap International is looking for 1 District Focus Survey Manager for the UXO Program
based in Sepon, Savannakhet
HI started to work in the UXO sector in Lao PDR in 1996. Since October 2011, HI has been implementing a
new survey approach, the District Focus Approach (DFA). The aim of this pilot project is to defne the level
of contamination in Lao PDR with its socio-economic impact and design a 10 years clearance plan.
Main tasks of the Manager is to:
1. Supervise, coordinate, monitor and manage a team of 12 surveyors (possibility of extension to 24
2. Produce annual and monthly work plans;
3. Produce monthly and quarterly report;
4. Work closely with the partners National Regulatory Authority, UXO district committee, other NGO
involved in the District Focus Approach;
5. Work closely with the different other projects in the UXO program, with the Technical Adviser and the
Head of Mission;
6. Conduct regular Quality Assurance visits to the feld to oversee the activities of the survey teams.
Ensure all activities are being carried out in accordance with the DFA methodology and the organization
7. Ensure all activities are being carried out in accordance with the DFA methodology and the organization
8. Quality Control on all data collection forms;
9. Manage the survey documentation;
Required Qualifcations:
- High School certifcate;
- Excellent skills in management and organization;
- Committed to community development;
- Good interpersonal and communication skills;
- Be fexible, reliable and trustworthy;
- Knowledge of English (speaking, reading, writing).

Applicants interested have to send application documents to Mr. Vithit Chantasari
Tel : 856 + 20 55671109, email: deputyhom@handicap-international-laos.org HI Vientiane offce, Ban
Vongvilay. Offce phone: 021 412110.
Application documents should include;
Personal profle / CV
Copy of Education Certifcate
Copy of motorbike driving license
Copy of ID card and family book
Copy of Working experience records (if available)

Deadline: May 15th 2012
Vacancy Annoucement
Service Fraternel DEntraide (SFE) is an NGO developing long-term projects in Laos
in the area of medical cooperation and rural development. The SFE Tuberculosis
project is supporting the implemenation of the national tuberculosis program in
Sekong Povince.
Situation : SFE offce in Sekong
General responsibilities:
- Providing assistance for project implementation
- Providing translation and interpretation service ( Lao-English or French;
French or English-Lao )
- Providing assistance for offce management
Skill requirements :
- Good level of english or french (spoken and written)
- Experience in management for at least two years
- Excellent interpersonal communication skill and team work
- Computer skills
- Flexibility to work in remote area
- Medical knowledge will be an asset
- Driven licence for motobike will be an asset
We invite qualifed and interested candidates to submit an application letter describing
their motivation for the position, a CV containing personal, educational, occupational
felds, skills, if possible a copy of diploma and contact information.
Application should be submitted as soon as possible or by the closing date of
25 May 2012.
Send application by email to : laos@sfe-laos.org. Or for more information please
contact SFE offce in Vientiane at : 021 31 53 98 .
Only short listed candidates will be contacted for interview. All applications will be
kept confdential and will not be returned.
NEW YORK (Xinhua) -- The One
World Trade Center has become the
tallest building in New York City,
overtaking the height of the Empire
State Building, according to the
Port Authority of New York & New
The placement of a column of the
100th foor brought the colossal new
steel structure of One World Trade
Center tower to a height of 1,271
feet - surpassing the frame of the
Empire State Building, which was
New Yorks tallest skyscraper, by 21
The New York City skyline
is - once again - stretching to new
heights. The latest progress at the
World Trade Center is a testament to
New Yorkers strength and resolve
- and to our belief in a city that is
always reaching upward, said
Mayor Michael Bloomberg, one day
before the one-year anniversary of
A visitor takes photos of the One World Trade Center, which is under construction,
in New York City, the United States. One World Trade Center has become the tallest
building in New York City, overtaking the height of the Empire State Building.
--Photo Xinhua
One world Trade Center
tallest building in new york
the death of Osama bin Laden.
The building stands just north
of where the Twin Towers once
stood, a space which was destroyed
during the September 11 terrorist
attacks and is now occupied by the
National September 11 Memorial
and Museum.
The building is expected to reach
1,776 feet when it is fnished by early
2014, making it the tallest building
in the Western Hemisphere and the
third tallest in the world after Burj
Khalifa in the United Arab Emirates
and Makkah Royal Clock Tower
Hotel in Saudi Arabia.
The One World Trade Center
building will have three top-foor
observation decks.
Its frst 90 foors will be
designated for offce space, while the
following 10 foors will be reserved
for air conditioning, heating, and
electrical equipment.
Secretary-General Ban Ki- moon has
issued a report to the UN General
Assembly that gave recommendations
to the international community for
combating the scourge of HIV/AIDS,
including the establishment of new
partnerships and a new approach for
HIV investment.
In his report he highlights the
urgent need to achieve immediately
tangible results and for the AIDS
response to be smarter, more strategic,
more effcient, and grounded in
human rights, Eduardo del Buey,
deputy UN spokesman, said at a
daily news briefng here.
The report, titled United to End
AIDS: Achieving the Targets of the
2011 Political Declaration, is the
frst on the disease to be issued since
UN chief releases report on combating HIV/AIDS
the assembly held its 2011 High-
Level Meeting on AIDS and explains
how the international community
could go about meeting the targets
by a 2015 deadline.
Among the targets set by the
international community at the
June 2011 high-level meeting are
the elimination of new HIV/AIDS
infections in children, cutting
sexually transmitted infections by 50
percent, and delivering antiretroviral
therapy to 15 million people.
The report indicated that despite
important steps forward, the
international community is not yet
on track to reach the set goals.
In his recommendations, the
secretary-general urges countries to
undertake immediate comprehensive
reviews of national, legal and policy
frameworks to remove obstacles
to effective and rights- based
responses, said del Buey, adding He
also calls for new partnerships and a
new approach for HIV investment to
mobilize necessary resources.
Del Buey explained that the
report lauds the substantial gains
made over the last decade including
groundbreaking scientifc advances
have encouraged leaders to talk about
the end of AIDS.
However, he noted, punitive
laws, gender inequality, and violence
against women and other human rights
violations continue to undermine
national AIDS responses and declines in
funding have the potential to jeopardize
the capacity to expand access to HIV
services and sustain progress over the
coming years.
WASHINGTON (Xinhua) -- A senior White House offcial
has said the United States will release documents seized
from the compound of al-Qaeda mastermind Osama bin
Laden in Pakistan, on the eve of the anniversary of his
John Brennan, President Barack Obamas homeland
security and counterterrorism adviser, made the
announcement during a speech at Woodrow Wilson
International Center for Scholars, a Washington thinktank.
Brennan said some of the documents seized at bin
Ladens compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, will be
published online by West Points Combating Terrorism
Center this week. The documents were never made public
He also gave a preview of what some of the documents
will show, including that bin Laden worried about the rise
of lower leaders who are not as experienced and this would
lead to the repeat of mistakes.
Brennan said the documents show al-Qaeda leaders
continue to struggle to communicate with subordinates
and affliates, and bin Laden confessed to disaster after
disaster, while urging his leaders to fee the tribal regions
and go to places away from aircraft photography and
The documents also show bin Laden considered
changing his organizations name, as US offcials have
largely stopped using the phrase the war on terror in
the context of not wanting to provoke Muslims. Simply
calling them al-Qaeda, bin Laden said, reduces the feeling
of Muslims that we belong to them.
The Obama administration is trumping up the killing of
bin Laden as the anniversary approaches, and it could be a
campaign asset for the president who is seeking reelection.
US to release bin Laden fles
ATHENS (Xinhua) -- With six days to go before the
snap general elections, Greek labour unions called local
administration employees to join a week-long anti-
austerity protest, threatening to short circuit the polls.
Greece has reduced election spending for the
upcoming contest by about 25 percent compared to the
previous parliamentary elections held on October 2009,
in the context of efforts to cut down on public expenses
to counter an alarming debt crisis, according to Greek
Interior Minister Tassos Giannitsis.
It is estimated that Sundays ballots will cost the Greek
state approximately 60 million euros (US$79.38 million).
As a result, bonuses of public servants for extra work
in poll related activities will be slashed by some 40 percent
compared to past years.
Ahead of Tuesdays traditional nationwide May
1 general strike for labour rights, the union of local
administration personnel called for abstention from any
task linked to the preparation of the polls in protest of the
ongoing austerity measures.
We will continue resistance to reverse these barbaric
policies that condemn Greeks to poverty, unemployment
and the sell off of public property, said the labour unions
statement, referring to harsh salary and pension cuts and
tax hikes introduced to slash defcits.
The interim coalition government of Lucas Papademos
has said there will be no tolerance of any blackmails,
reassuring for the smooth holding of the elections that
could determine the countrys future for years to come,
according to local political analysts.
Protest by Greek public servants
to hamper May 6 polls
Vientiane Times
Wednesday May 2, 2012
Vientiane Times 9 Wednesday May 2, 2012
Vientiane Times
No 011/12
Now is an exciting time to build a career with Phonesack Group, Ltd.
We have a huge range of projects which require driven and
talented people to join our team, to lead and collaborate
innovative ideas. We offer a diverse workforce and attractive
work/life initiatives.
We are urgently seeking the following positions for our
growing team.
1. GOAL EXPLORATION MANAGER 1 position in Saravan
Qualifcation required:
Bachelor of Science in Geology and Exploration;
At least 10 years of coal industry, experience in mine, resource and
exploration geology with 5 years of Management experience;
Well qualifed with mapping and ore deposit estimation methods and
software. (Experience with MapInfo preferred);
A strong leader to lead a feld Geologist and to manage, develop, support
the exploration geologists.
Qualifcation required:
Bachelor's degree in business, human resources or liberal arts;
At least 10 years of supervisory and administrative support experience;
Ability to lead, motivate and delegate work;
Managerial, cooperative and supportive skills are necessary;
Excellent English and Lao written and verbal communication skills;
Ability to work within deadlines and should achieve the targets;
Flexible and quick in responding within short notice period;
Good organizational skills, which are essential for managing every type of
administrative job responsibility.
3. COAL GEOLOGIST 3 positions in Saravan
Qualifcation Required:
Bachelor of Science in Geology or equivalent;
At least 10 years experience in Geological work;
Well qualifed with mapping and ore deposit estimation methods and software.
(Experience with MapInfo preferred);
Good organisational skills;
Computer literacy and ability to analyse numerical and graphical data;
Good written and verbal communication skills both in Lao and English.
Qualifcation required:
Bachelor Degree in Natural Science;
At least 10 years experience in an environment sector, mining industry;
Must be profcient in speaking, writing and understanding both English and
Knowledge of computer systems, internet navigation and various offce
applications including Word, Excel;
Excellent interpersonal and communication skills;
Ability to work independently and as part of a team;
Ability to meet tight deadlines and work under pressure;
Ability to work in the project sites, if necessary.
5. CIVIL ENGINEER - 1 position in Vientiane
Qualifcation required:
Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering or relevant felds;
At least 10 years of working experience in Civil/Structure Design,
Mechanical and Electrical Engineering along with project experience for
road, industrial, dam and/or Hydro Power Projects;
Knowledge of standard engineering practices, techniques, and procedures;
Ability to using other software in Civil Engineering
Fluency in English and Lao with very good writing and oral skills;
Profcient in MS Offce Suite, to include Word, Excel, PowerPoint and
other programs.
We offer competitive salaries and excellent benefts package, which include
Health, Accidental, and Life Benefts. Only short listed candidates will be
contacted for interview.
Individuals interested should send required documents including a Cover
Letter, CV, Copies of Diplomas and other relevant information directly to
the Human Resources Department at:
Phonesack Group, Ltd. Attn: Human Resources Department, Unit 15, Sithong
Road, Pakthang Village, Sikhottabong District, P.O. Box 1808, Vientiane Lao
PDR. Fax: (856-21) 550498 or E-mail to: careers@phonesackgroup.com.
Please include in the subject line: Position title, which is applied for.
Closing date for this position is 30 april 2012
GIZ and Sunlabob are hosting the Event
Energy Effciency: the forward-looking and cost-
saving response
to Lao P.D.R.s vulnerability to climate change
at the Settha Palace, May 17th 2012, 4:00 7:00
and a Follow-up Workshop
Implementing Energy Effciency best practice
and options for companies and institutions
at the Settha Palace, May 23rd 2012, 8:30-16:00
In this event and the follow-up workshop we will present
our goals for energy effciency in the Lao P.D.R. Private
local enterprises, subsidiaries of international companies
and public institutions are invited to come together and
learn more about energy effciency, a possible solution for
CSR policies. Best practice examples will be presented by
renowned experts in the feld. We will provide information
on various energy saving options and develop innovative
tailor-made ideas so as to help companies and institutions to
reach their energy effciency goals.
For more information and registration, please contact GIZ
representative Ms Judith Schicklinski (phone: 021 353
605 133, email: judith.schicklinski@giz.de) or Sunlabob
representative Ms Fanny Boulloud
(phone: 021 313 874 102, email: Fanny.Boulloud@sunlabob.com)
Job Announcement
Location: Phontong Street, Chanthabouly District, Vientiane Capital City
Great Peace in Lao PDR (GPL) is an International-Non-Government-Organizationthat was established by Taiwha
Social Welfare Foundation in Republic of Korea. It is a model of social welfare center that performs a social welfare
service and socio-economic aids to enhance the capacity of needy peoplein community
Great Peace is planning to start work in Lao PDR in 2012, we are seeking Lao National staff for :
Program Manager / Coordinator
1. Produce detailed work plan and activity budgets in cooperation with partner Government (MoU)
2. Manage all aspects of program cycle : assessment, design, monitor, implement, evaluation and regular report
3. Coordinate program activities with partners at district, Village level and implement all activities in target area
4. Build and maintain good relationships with government partner and negotiate at provincial, district, Village level
1. Bacheloror Master degree majoring in social science, community development or related expected graduates
2. At least 5years work experience, preferably in an INGO, NGO, GO
3. Experience in representing and communicating with Government
4. Experience in planning and managing the project or program with children, women and/or disability sector
5. Proven skill at building relationships with community members and strong communication skills
6. Fluency in spoken and written English and the ability to write narrative report in English in mandatory
Administration Offcer
1. Administer and monitor the fnancial system in order to ensure that the municipal fnances are maintained in
an accurate and timely manner
2. Oversee the accounts payable and accounts receivable systems in order to ensure complete and accurate
records of all moneys
3. Administeremployee fles and records in order to ensure accurate payment of benefts and allowances
4. Supervise administrative services within the offce
5. Perform other related duties as required
1. Bachelordegree majoring in Administration or related expected graduates
2. At least 3years work experience in administration or/and accounting, preferably in an INGO, NGO, GO
3. Fluency in spoken and written English and the ability to write report in English
4. Good knowledge of computer application (Microsoft)
5. Exceptional interpersonal, organizational, business communication, multi-task and time management skills
6. Be honest and trustworthy, respectful, ability and willingness to work with all kinds of people
Closing Date will be on 6th May 2012.
Please forward your cover letter and CV withapplied positionand salary history to greatpeacelaos@gmail.com
(Do not send certifcations or letter of reference at this time)
We will contact by e-mail only eligible candidates to further discuss their availability. Please no phone calls.
To learn more about Great Peace (Taiwha social welfare foundation)Please visit our website,
Wednesday May 2, 2012
Vientiane Times 11
Lao PDR is one of eight countries worldwide selected in October 2010 as a pilot country for the Forest
Investment Program (FIP), which is a targeted program of the Strategic Climate Fund (SCF), one of two
funds established under the Climate Investment Funds (CIF).
The Department of Forestry (DoF) under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF), on behalf of the
Government of Lao PDR (GOL), presented a proposed $30 million FIP Investment Plan to the FIP Sub-
Committee (SC) for consideration on October 30, 2011 and received the SC approval on January 30,
2012. The approved FIP Lao Investment Plan which consists of 3 projects will be implemented under two
Ministries (MAF and MoNRE) in partnership with the international agencies as follows:
Project 1 ($13.34 million): Protecting Forests for Ecosystems Services to be implemented by the
Department of Forest Resources Management (DFRM) under the Ministry of Natural Resources and
Environment (MoNRE) in partnership with the Asian Development Bank (ADB);
Project 2 ($3.33 million): Smallholder Forestry to be implemented by DoF under MAF in
partnership with the International Finance Corporation (IFC); and
Project 3 ($13.33 million): Scaling-up Participatory Sustainable Forest Management (PSFM)
to be implemented by DoF under MAF in partnership with the World Bank.
In preparation of the FIP project under MAF, DoF, in collaboration with the World Bank (WB), has begun a
process to prepare the FIP Project 3: Scaling up Participatory Sustainable Forest Management (SUPSFM).
Based on a participatory and consultative process, the preparation of Project 3 will build on the experience
of the Sustainable Forestry for Rural Development Project (SUFORD), which is currently being implemented
in 16 Production Forest Areas (PFAs) located in 9 provinces. This new FIP funding to the government of Lao
PDR will be used to co-fnance with the World Bank and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland (MFAF)
resources to scale up PSFM to as many of the remaining 35 PFAs. Other activities that will be fnanced by
this project are piloting Village Forestry (VF) and Smallholder Forestry (SHF) in forest land adjoining PFAs,
and contributing to enhancing various enabling frameworks including legal and governance, FLEGT (Forest
Law Enforcement Governance and Trade), REDD+ public awareness and MRV (Monitoring, Reporting and
Verifcation) with a focus on law enforcement, inter-ministerial coordination, and engagement of provincial
authorities in land-use planning and village forest allocation.
DoF is therefore seeking individuals to fll the following positions for four (4) short term international
consultants and four (4) national consultants in preparing the detailed components of Project 3 based on
the broad concepts identifed in the approved FIP Investment Plan as described below:
1. SENIOR FORESTRY SPECIALIST AND TEAM LEADER (International) to lead a Team of Consultants
and work with GOL counterparts and various stakeholders in the Capital and in the provinces and
rural areas, including liaising with donors and coordinating with the MFAF Project Preparation Team,
in formulating SUPSFM. The preparation process will include assessing and collecting additional
information on past implementation of PSFM in PFAs and in potential project sites, analyzing different
issues affecting the implementation of PSFM, generating options to resolve those issues, and
consolidating the analytical work and various other inputs (recently approved government policies and
legislations) in preparing SUPSFM and its documents to a standard that is acceptable to GOL, the FIP
Sub-Committee, and the World Bank.
Experience and Qualifcations:
Advanced degree in forestry or natural resource management;
Extensive experience in preparing and leading natural resource management projects;
Minimum 15 years experience in managing projects fnanced by multilateral development agencies,
especially World Bank/IDA projects;
Sound knowledge of issues and priorities in Lao national development; having prior experiences
working in Lao PDR, including Southeast Asia will be an advantage;
Signifcant experience in working closely with and transferring capacity to local counterparts;
Knowledge of climate change issues and related international processes will be an advantage;
Profciency in oral and written English.
The total duration of the assignment will be 8 months between May and December 2012. The duty station
will be at DoF in Vientiane, Lao PDR.
2. SOCIAL DEVELOMENT SPECIALIST (International) to lead in (i) identifying the potential social
impacts from the planned SUPSFM investments; (ii) preparing the stakeholder consultation plan, as
well as assisting DoF in conducting the consultation processes with the active participation of all key
stakeholders including line government ministries at the central and local levels, development partners,
ethnic communities, mass organizations (Lao Womens Union), Lao Front for National Construction,
and civil societies organizations (CSOs); (iii) formulating village development and poverty alleviation
strategies and approaches, including participatory land-use planning and communal land titling; and
(iv) based on the outcomes of the potential social impact analysis, assisting DoF in the preparation of
social safeguards documents for the project including the Social Management Framework, Ethnic
Group Development Framework, and Resettlement Management Framework.
Experience and Qualifcations:
Advanced degree in social sciences, rural development, and related subject areas;
Minimum 15 years experience working on social impact assessment, community development issues
related to communal land tenure, livelihood of ethnic minorities and other local population in relation
to forestry and natural resources, and on formulation of various social safeguard instruments following
World Bank policies and practices;
Sound knowledge of issues and priorities in Lao national development, including related work experience
in Southeast Asia particularly in Lao PDR;
Signifcant experience in working closely with and transferring capacity to local counterparts;
Profciency in oral and written English.
The total duration of the assignment will be 3 months between May and July 2012. The duty station will be
Vientiane, Lao PDR.
3. ENVIRONMENTAL SAFEGUARD SPECIALIST (International) to support (i) identifcation of the
main environmental risks associated with the proposed investments as laid out in the proposed FIP
Investment Plan and detailed activities, linking the environmental risk identifcation to that of key social
risks identifed by the Social Safeguard Specialist; (ii) stakeholder consultation processes toward the
formulation of the environmental management framework of SUPSFM; (iii) providing recommendations
on mitigation to minimize the risks/impacts, as well as developing the Payment for Ecosystems Services
mechanisms that are relevant to the proposed project areas; and (iv) the formulation of environmental
safeguards documents related to natural habitats, forests, physical cultural resources, access restriction
process, and pest management.
Experience and Qualifcations:
Advanced degree in environmental sciences and related subject areas;
Minimum 15 years experience working on ESIA in relation to forestry and natural resources and on formulating
environmental safeguard frameworks following World Bank safeguard policies and practices;
Sound knowledge of issues and priorities in Lao national development, including related work experience
in Southeast Asia particularly in Lao PDR;
Signifcant experience in working closely with and transferring capacity to local counterparts;
Knowledge of climate change issues and related international processes will be an advantage;
Profciency in oral and written English.
The total duration of the assignment will be 3 months from May-July 2012. The duty station will be Vientiane,
Lao PDR.
4. PRIVATE SECTOR DEVELOMENT SPECIALIST (International) to support the (i) analyses of issues
related to current practices in timber harvesting from production forests; (ii) review of relationships
among MAF, MOIC, and MOF to address the gaps in and identify opportunities for defning clear
roles, improved coordination, sharing records and information, and reviewing development (including
legislation and practices) in timber processing businesses, as well as programs to promote forest
products value chains.
Experience and Qualifcations:
Advanced degree in forest industries and business management and related subject areas;
Minimum 15 years experience working in the forest industry covering different aspects including timber
harvesting; locating, tooling, and operating processing plants; industry business management; and
marketing of forest products.
Sound knowledge of issues and priorities in Lao national development, including related work experience
in Southeast Asia particularly in Lao PDR;
Knowledge of non-timber forest products will be an advantage;
Profciency in oral and written English.
The total duration of the assignment will be 1 month from May-June 2012. The duty station will be Vientiane,
Lao PDR.
5. ECONOMIST AND FINANCIAL ANALYST (National) to assist the Team in economic and fnancial
assessment of the components and sub-components of SUPSFM, particularly in analyzing and
estimating project benefts and costs, formulating the project fnancing plan, and assessing risks and
their mitigation.
Experience and Qualifcations:
Advanced degree in resource economics and related subject areas;
Minimum 7 years experience working in forest or natural resources management, particularly in
preparing projects in their economic and fnancial aspects.
Sound knowledge of issues and priorities in Lao national development;
Knowledge of climate change issues will be an advantage;
Profciency in oral and written English.
The total duration of the assignment will be 3 months from May-July 2012. The duty station will be Vientiane,
Lao PDR.
6. AGROFORESTRY AND NTFP SPECIALIST (National) to support (i) the identifcation of criteria for
zoning PFAs, particularly Agroforestry and NTFP management zones; (ii) assessing the suitability of
degraded land in PFAs for sustainable agroforestry-based livelihoods and enterprises; (iii) generating
and assessing the suitability of sustainable agroforestry-based livelihood options; (iv) assessing the
potential of PFAs for sustainable management of NTFP resources and developing village enterprises
based on NTFP processing and marketing; and (v) incorporating the results of analyses in the
preparation of SUPSFM.
Experience and Qualifcations:
Advanced degree in agriculture/agroforestry/forestry and related subject areas;
Minimum 7 years experience working in areas related to agroforestry and NTFP based livelihoods and
enterprises development;
Sound knowledge of issues and priorities in Lao national development;
Profciency in oral and written English.
The total duration of the assignment will be 3 months from May-July 2012. The duty station will be Vientiane,
Lao PDR.
7. SOCIAL AND ETHNIC GROUPS SPECIALIST (National) to work with the Team particularly the
(International) Social Development Specialist in (i) development of the consultation plan and
conducting stakeholder consultation processes toward strengthening the participation of women, ethnic
communities, and mass organizations/civil society/non-governmental organizations; (ii) analyses of the
potential social impacts of the proposed investments and implementation of the SUPSFM; (iii) assisting
DoF in the formulation of village development and poverty alleviation strategies and approaches; and
(iv) providing inputs to the preparation of social safeguards documents.
Experience and Qualifcations:
Advanced degree in social science, rural development, and related subject areas;
Minimum 7 years experience working in areas related to the analyses of social issues in village
development and participation of villagers, especially women and ethnic groups.
Sound knowledge of issues and priorities in Lao national development;
Profciency in oral and written English.
The total duration of the assignment will be 3 months from May-July 2012. The duty station will be Vientiane,
Lao PDR.
the Project Preparation Team in aspects related to biodiversity and forest ecosystems services
in production forestry situations, and support the Team particularly the Environmental Safeguard
Specialist in (i) participation in stakeholder consultation processes toward the formulation of the
Projects environmental management framework; (ii) analyses of potential environmental impacts, with
special focus on biodiversity, of proposed investments and implementation of proposed activities; (iii)
providing recommendations on mitigation to minimize the risks/impacts, as well as developing Payment
for Ecosystems Services mechanisms that are relevant to the proposed project areas; and (iv) providing
inputs to the preparation of various environmental safeguards documents.
Experience and Qualifcations:
Advanced degree in environmental sciences and related subject areas;
Minimum 7 years experience working in areas related to conservation of biodiversity and ecosystems
services in production forestry situations and to environmental safeguards.
Knowledge of and experience in developing Payments for Environmental Services will be an
Sound knowledge of issues and priorities in Lao national development;
Profciency in oral and written English.
The total duration of the assignment will be 3 months from May-July 2012. The duty station will be Vientiane,
Lao PDR.
Expression of Interest including CV and description of similar assignments must be submitted not later than
Friday, 26th of May 2012 to the person and address below.
Mr. Khamsene Ounekham
Planning Division, Department of Forestry, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
P.O Box 2932, Vientiane, Lao Peoples Democratic Republic
Tel/fax: + 856 21 219561
Email: ounekham_k@yahoo.com
Lao Peoples Democratic Republic
Peace Independence Democracy Unity Prosperity

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Wednesday May 2, 2012
Vientiane Times
Wednesday May 2, 2012
A generous remuneration and benefits package is offered for these roles.

We strongly encourage you to apply through www.mmg.com Please click Lao National Job Search, click Search,
select the job/s you are interested in and click View selected jobs, then click Apply.
Applications may also be sent to:

MMC Lane Xang Minerals LimiLed Sepon (LXML) is a member o Lhe MinmeLals Resources LimiLed group o companies lisLed on Lhe Hong Kong SLock Fxchange (sLock code.
208) and operaLes Lhe Sepon Cold and Copper OperaLions in vilabouly DisLricL, SavannakheL Province - Lao P.D.R. Our copper operaLion produces approximaLely 80,000
Lonnes o copper annually and gold operaLion is in iLs eighLh year o producLion.

MMC LXML is commiLLed Lo provide employees wiLh opporLuniLies Lhrough Lraining iniLiaLives in boLh on and o Lhe job. We believe LhaL engaging in open communicaLion,
being responsible and decisive, and respecLing local communiLies, culLure and LradiLions are Lhe key acLors LhaL conLribuLe Lo our success and LargeLed expecLaLions.

we are currentIy Iooking for quaIified and enthusiastic Lao NationaIs to join MMG LXML in the foIIowing positions.

5uperintendent - Community ReIations
5ociaI 5ustainabiIity Department, 5epon Operations
1he SuperinLendenL - CommuniLy RelaLions will lead and manage engagemenL wiLh key local
sLakeholders and MMC deparLmenLs Lo enable MMC Sepon Lo mainLain iLs Social Licence Lo
OperaLe. 1he incumbenL will promoLe muLually consLrucLive relaLionships wiLh communiLy and
governmenL sLakeholders, and coordinaLe Lhe improvemenL o managemenL sysLems or
compensaLion, grievance resoluLion, communiLy agreemenLs and inLeracLions. OLher areas o
responsibiliLy will include.

CreaLing, reviewing and uLilising relevanL codes o pracLice, operaLing procedures and
sLandards as parL o Lhe MMC inLegraLed managemenL sysLem
MoniLoring, evaluaLing and reporLing on Lhe eecLiveness o communiLy relaLions
consulLaLion mechanisms

7he criteria oj section will incluJe.
Degree in Sociology/AnLhropology/PoliLical Science/CommuniLy DevelopmenL/ConlicL
ResoluLion or relaLed ield
FxcellenL inLerpersonal communicaLion skills wiLh advanced level in Fnglish
Fxperience working wiLh disLricL and provincial adminisLraLion and undersLanding o
poliLical sLrucLures and legislaLion
DemonsLraLed abiliLy in grievance resoluLion, conlicL managemenL, problem solving,
decision making, sLraLegic planning and Leam managemenL
UndersLanding o culLurally sensiLive and appropriaLe eLiqueLLe, behaviour and cusLoms
including sensiLiviLy Lo eLhnic minoriLy sLakeholder issues

5enior Officer - Community DeveIopment
Social Sustainability Department, Sepon Operations
ou will be Lhe leader o a dynamic Leam rolling ouL a new CommuniLy Driven DevelopmenL
projecL in neighbouring villages in vilabouly DisLricL. ou will have exLensive experience o
parLicipaLory communiLy developmenL and projecL managemenL. ou will be closely involved
wiLh Lhe villagers and Lhe DisLricL AuLhoriLies and also involved in planning, implemenLing,
coaching, and moniLoring o acLiviLies.

1o be successul in Lhis role, you will have 8achelor Degree in 8usiness AdminisLraLion wiLh good
wriLing and wriLLen communicaLion skill in Lao and Fnglish. FurLher Lo Lhis, you will possess sound
undersLanding o Lao SMF (Small and Medium FnLerprises) developmenL sysLem. OLher
requiremenLs will include.

Sound UndersLanding privaLe secLor developmenL sysLem in Laos
Sound UndersLanding o Lao economic sysLem and Lao 1rade & lnvesLmenL policy
1hree years experience in Small and Medium FnLerprise developmenL

Officer - MedicaI CIaims
5H5 Department, 5epon Operations
An opporLuniLy has arisen or enLhusiasLic and deLail-orienLed personnel Lo join our SHFS
DeparLmenL. 1he incumbenL will primarily liaise wiLh LXML employees regarding Lheir claims and
also ensure invoices are paid in Limely manner. ou will mainLain accuraLe record o all bills,
medical claims and back charge claims including compiling daily logbook. FurLher Lo Lhis, you will
provide adminisLraLive supporL, brie inducLion, and accounLs reconciliaLion.

7he criteria oj this selection will incluJe.

8achelor Degree in AdminisLraLion or oLher relaLed ields
High sLandard o boLh wriLLen and oral Fnglish
UndersLanding o accounLing principles
FxcellenL organisaLional skills wiLh compuLer compeLency
AbiliLy Lo work under pressure wiLh minimal supervision
ConidenLialiLy Lo be upheld aL all Limes
Previous adminisLraLion experience is desirable
Officer - HR (Re-advertised)
HRMD, Sepon Operations
1his is an exciLing opporLuniLy or experienced HR proessional Lo join our HR Leam on siLe.
1his posiLion will aid in Lhe recruiLmenL and selecLion o all Lao employees rom all parLs o
Laos. ou will coordinaLe wiLh CommuniLy RelaLions regarding Lhe recruiLmenL o local
people and also provide eecLive correspondence among candidaLes, vienLiane HR and
DeparLmenLal Managers. OLher areas o duLy will include.

FaciliLaLe arrangemenLs or candidaLes as Lhey relaLe Lo siLe inLerviews, medical check
ups and commencing employmenL
Provide eecLive Lravel, accommodaLion and inducLion arrangemenLs
Prepare employmenL conLracLs in line wiLh Lhe MMC LXML employmenL Lerms and
7he successjul canJiJate will have.
8achelor in Human Resource ManagemenL, 8usiness AdminisLraLion or relaLed ields
High command o Fnglish skills (verbal and wriLLen)
High level o compuLer liLeracy (MS Oice, Word, Fxcel and OuLlook)
AbiliLy Lo quickly develop and osLer excellenL working relaLionships wiLh Managers
and people rom oLher culLures
Minimum Lwo years experience working in a similar role

Officer - 5afety
5H5 Department, 5epon Operations
1his posiLion exisLs Lo prevenL loss by ensuring LhaL eecLive sLraLegies are developed in
Lhe areas o preparaLions, Lraining, and mainLenance across all areas o responsibiliLy
Lhrough Lhe eecLive operaLion o Lhe saeLy secLion wiLhin HS&S DeparLmenL. 1he
incumbenL will provide supporL Lo operaLional elemenLs by conducLing saeLy inspecLions
and audiLs including Lhe inspecLion and mainLenance o saeLy equipmenL.

Other key resonsibilities oj this role incluJe.

CoordinaLe saeLy Lraining program or LXML employees and conLracLors

Provide advice on saeLy issues Lo OperaLional Personnel Lo address saeLy issues
and Lo conLribuLe Lowards saeLy improvemenL
ConducL regular hazard idenLiicaLion inspecLions

1o be considered or Lhis role, you will possess high school cerLiicaLe and abiliLy Lo
communicaLe in Fnglish wiLh exLensive experience in Lhe mining indusLry in presenLing
Lraining maLerials and workplace inspecLion. ou will also acquire knowledge in Lhe ield o
risk assessmenL and risk managemenL including incidenL invesLigaLion pracLices Lo idenLiy
causes and remedial acLions. FxcellenL inLerpersonal skills wiLh high level o compeLency in
compuLer applicaLions such Fxcel, Access, and ProjecL are very crucial or Lhis role.

Leading Hand - CiviI (2 Positions)
Mining Department, 5epon Operations
ReporLing Lo Supervisor - Civil, you will assisL soil Lechnicians Lo underLake qualiLy
assurance/conLrol acLiviLies on civil earLhworks projecLs and conducL LesLing acLiviLies
including ield and laboraLory soil LesLs and reporLing o LesL resulLs. ou will ensure all
QA/QC LesLing is conducLed in accordance wiLh recognised inLernaLional sLandard.

7o be successjul in this role, you will have.

QualiicaLion in Civil Fngineer wiLh basic wriLLen and spoken Fnglish
various MS Oice applicaLions or recording, reporLing and qualiLy conLrol resulLs
Some experience in soil LesLing and soil laboraLory wiLh abiliLy Lo comply wiLh soil
LesLing, procedures and meLhods
Knowledge o civil earLhworks consLrucLion requiremenLs and design speciicaLions

Savannakhet Office:
PO Box 13, Ban Nalao, Kaison, Savannakhet
Tel (041) 212 686, (041) 251 636, Fax (041) 213616
Email: LXMLrecruitment@mmg.com
Vientiane Office:
HRMD, PO Box 4486, Sisangvone, Saysettha, Vientiane
Tel (020) 2221-3503, (020) 2223-5838, (021) 264 171, Fax (021) 414 293
Email: LXMLrecruitment@mmg.com
Vientiane Times 13 Wednesday May 2, 2012
Vientiane Times
The Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines is urgently looking for a qualifed
and highly-motivated individual to fll the position of Researcher / Translator /
Interpreter to perform the following duties:
Research, collect and update information on trade and investment policies
and statistics;
Conduct market research and analysis;
Arrange business meetings and undertake preparations for Philippine trade
and investment missions;
Monitor and prepare regular reports on pertinent political, economic and
development issues; and,
Translate news items, offcial documents and publications of interest into
English and vice versa and provide simultaneous interpretation as needed.
Required Qualifcations:a
College / University graduate;
Excellent command of English (written and spoken);
Good organizational and analytical skills; and,
Basic computer (Word and Excel programs) and internet skills.
All interested applicants may submit their Curriculum Vitae with picture at the
Philippine Embassy, Ban Sapanthong-kang, Sissatanak District, Vientiane Capital
from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm or email to pevientiane@yahoo.com / pelaopdr@laotel.
com or fax to +856 21 452-493.
Wednesday May 2, 2012
The World Bank
Patou Xay, Nehru Road, Vientiane Lao PDR
The World Bank Offce, Vientiane seeks for gardening and landscaping services for
the following offces:

World Bank Vientiane Offce 1, Patou Xay, Nehru Road, Vientiane, Lao PDR
World Bank Vientiane Offce 2, Nongbon Road, Seysattha District Vientiane,
Interested companies may inspect and collect the detailed Terms of Reference
[TOR], from the Reception Desk of the World Bank Vientiane Offce at the address
mentioned above from May 7, 2012 May 18, 2012 during 10:00 a.m. through 4:00
p.m. from Monday through Friday, excluding holidays if any. To get an electronic
copy of the TOR, please send email request to laoinfo@worldbank.org
or call 021 450010

Vientiane Times 15 Wednesday May 2, 2012
Lao Brewery Co., Ltd seeking a dynamic and analytical sales planner
LBC is the leading beverage company in Laos. Our strong brands and operation
are experiencing constant growth, this results in a need to expand our support
functions. We currently wish to hire a dynamic and hard working person to join with
Beerlao family.
Position: Sales Administration Executive
Location: Vientiane

Main responsibilities
Be responsible for yearly and monthly sales forecast of all the company
Participate and prepare sales documents using in the PSS meeting for
business planning
Do detail sales planning by sales rep, area and provinces
Participate in sales evaluation
Prepare daily/monthly and yearly sales reports
Check and manage rebates, wholesalers and distributors stock
Perform sales reports as requested
Performs all related work as assigned by the company

Qualifcations and competencies
At least a Bachelors Degree in business or any related feld. Possession of
Masters Degree will be advantages.
Advanced computer skills (particularly Excel, PowerPoint, Word, previous
experience with databases an advantage)
Strong analytical and planning capabilities and mindset
Ability to cooperate and communicate across functions
Minimum 3 years experience in similar role
Independent and able to work without high level of supervision
Good in written and spoken English
Please submit a letter of interest, CV with recent photo, degree, experiences
certifcate and other concerned documents to:
Beerlao Head Offce in Vientiane. Km12, Salakham Village. Tel: 1898 or 021 812 000
Selected people will be contracted for an interview and will have chance to
work with the Beerlao professional teams and get highest benefts.
Closing date: 18/5/2012
Vientiane Times
Wednesday May 2, 2012
Vientiane Times 17 Wednesday May 2, 2012
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Issued on: 17 April 2012
Deadline For Application: 31 May 2012
POSITION TITLE: Assistant FAO Representative (Programme) GRADE LEVEL: NOB
DUTY STATION: Vientiane, Laos
ORGANIZATIONAL UNIT: FAO Representation in Laos DURATION*: 12 months renewable
(Fixed term contract)
Applications from qualifed women as well as from qualifed nationals of non-and under-represented member
countries are encouraged
Liaise and cooperate with government authorities and local, national and international institutions in the areas of
FAOs activities in the country and in liaise with other UN agencies. He/she may represent FAO at inter-agency
meetings as required;
Promote the image of FAO through advocacy of the Organizations mandate, programmes, national priorities
and activities including development and maintenance of communication tools (e.g. website, press releases and
publications) and support the implementation of FAOs regulatory frameworks (Codex Alimentarius, Code of Conduct
for Responsible Fisheries, Safe Use of Pesticides, etc.) in the country;
Coordinate the collection, consolidation and maintenance of country data on food, crops, livestock, forestry and
fsheries including information on external aid in FAOs corporate systems and monitor changes in national policies
affecting the agricultural sector;
Participate in producing technical, economic and policy studies as required and developing country level development
frameworks such as the National Medium Term Priority Framework (NMTPF) and the United Nations Development
Assistance Frameworks (UNDAF);
Participate in the identifcation, formulation and preparation of programme and project proposals and monitor and
review the status of programme/project implementation to ensure that all operational activities are carried out in line
with the work plan and the project document; identify inconsistencies and delays and, when necessary, propose
corrective measures to overcome operational constraints;
Act as Offcer-in-Charge for the day-to-day running of the FAO Representation during the absence of the FAOR, if
Perform any other duties as required.
Candidates should meet the following:
University degree in agriculture, agricultural economics, forestry, fsheries, or in any other feld related to the work of the
Work Experience:
Minimum of fve years of professional experience in agricultural development and/or project implementation in an area of
FAOs activities in the country.
Working knowledge (level C) of English and working knowledge of the most widely used local language.
Candidates will be assessed against the following:
Level and relevance of experience in programme/project development and management.
Demonstrated understanding of the purpose and functions of the technical programme, operational guidelines
and project / programme management procedures, possibly of those adopted by the United Nations or FAO.
Proven capacity to approach work assignments in systematic and effcient manner with judgement and analytical
Demonstrated ability to communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.
Demonstrated ability to use standard offce software, such as MS Offce (Windows, Word, Outlook, Excel,
Power Point, and Internet) and project management software and other information systems /databases.
Please note that all candidates should possess computer/word processing skills and should be capable of working with
people of different national and cultural backgrounds.
* The length of appointment for internal FAO candidates will be established in accordance with applicable policies
pertaining to the extension of appointments.
A competitive compensation and benefts package is offered. For information on UN salaries, allowances and benefts,
click on the following link: http://icsc.un.org/
TO APPLY: Carefully read and follow the Guidelines to applicants
Interested applicants should submit their applications in writing (clearly indicating on the sealed envelope the Vacancy
Announcement number 2011/04 (Re-Advertise) to the FAO Representation, 128 Phonexay Road, P.O. Box 1640, Vientiane
Capital, Tel: 021 413205, 414503 or email their applications to: FAO-LA-Vacancies@fao.org
Applications sent to any other address will be rejected.
The latest date for receiving the applications is 31 May 2012. Please note that application received after the closing date
will not be given consideration. Only short listed candidates will be contacted.
In line with FAO policy on gender equity, the vacancy is open for both male and female candidates. FAO is also
committed to increasing the number of ethnic group staff in its programmes and offces. Therefore, Candidates
from ethnic groups are especially encouraged to apply.
Please note that FAO staff members are international civil servants subject to the authority of the Director-General and
may be assigned to any activities or offce of the organization.
Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) is an International NGO working to support development
projects in Laos since 1989. According to NCAs Strategic Plan 2011-15, our program priority
areas in Laos are: Gender-based Violence, Livelihood and trade, Climate change adaptation,
Social mitigation of HIV and AIDS and Access to quality Health Care.
JOB annOUnCemenT LaO naTIOnaLs
Position : Provincial Manager
Duties Station : Long district, Luang Namtha Province
Starting Date : June 2012
As part of our Integrated Livelihoods Program for the Empowerment of Ethnic Minorities in
Long District, Luang Namtha province NCA is looking for a highly qualifed national staff to
fll the position as Provincial Manager with the overall responsibility for the implementation of
NCAs programs in Luang Namtha province.
Key responsibilities:
Overall responsibility for the implementation of program activities in the province
including agriculture, animal husbandry, forest management, gender empowerment,
health and education .
Ensuring effective implementation of the various program activities applying a rights
based approach through timely provision of inputs, effective backstopping, timely and
effcient delivery of outputs, and monitoring and evaluation of activities in accordance
with NCA policies and program strategies as well as administrative and fnancial
Lead effort for continued development of program interventions to ensure the most
effcient delivery of support to the programs rights holders and duty bearers.
Direct supervision of more than 20 local staff and government and Government
Qualifcations/Selection criteria:
University degree or diploma in Agriculture, or related feld.
A minimum of 7 years proven senior program management experience.
Proven experience in support and supervising staff
Excellent communication skills and relevant experience working with Ethnic groups is
an advantage.
Extensive experience in working with Government counterparts and other development
Good communication skills in English and Lao both oral and written
All tasks are carried out in close cooperation with local authorities, District and Communities
NCA offers accommodation in offce compound, competitive salaries and excellent benefts
package including health insurance and pension scheme.
All interested candidates are invited to submit an application letter and CV to NCA Offce:
338 Donpamai Road, Thaphalanxay Village, Sisattanak District, PO Box: 4804, Vientiane,
Lao PDR, Tel: (856-21) 315812, 354017,
or e-mail Address: nlov@nca.no
The closing date for applications in Friday 11th May, 2012 at 17.00 hours.
Lao People's Democratic Republic
Peace Independence Democracy Unity Prosperity
ministry of Health
The Offce of Principal Recipient
The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria
Expression of Interest
For Supplying Audit Service
For Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria Program
Procurement N GFLAO/AUDIT/GFATM/2011
Date: 20/04/2012
The Lao Peoples Democratic Republic has received grants from the Global Fund to Fight
AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. The procurement unit of the Principle Recipient (PR offce)
intends to procure Audit Services for the TB Single Stream Funding Grant 2011-2013
(LAO-T-GFMOH) and Audit Services for Malaria Round 7 Grant 2011-2012 (LAO
708-G09-M) by using budget under the GFATM project.
This Procurement unit will follow the Public Procurement Procedures for request for
quotation according to the Procurement Guideline of the Principal Recipient issued on
November 2009.
The Procurement Unit now invites the International Audit Firms to apply to the audit
Services for the above Projects.
Interested Companies may obtain further information and receive a complete set of Term of
Reference and Request for Quotation documents (RFQ) at the address given below:
The Principal Recipient Supported by Global Fund to fght AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria
opposite of Ministry of Public Health. Tel: 856-21 242980, Fax: 856-21 242981
Mr. Keophouthone Inthivong, Procurement Specialist, email address: keophouthone@
theglobalfundlao.org and Cc; Mr. Khampiew Thipavongphanh, Head of Finance unit, email
address: khampiew@theglobalfundlao.org
Quotations must be delivered to the address below:
The Principal Recipient supported by Global Fund to fght AID, Tuberculosis and Malaria
opposite of
Main Building of the Ministry of Public Health. At 14:00h on May 19, 2012. Tel: 856-21
242980, Fax: 856-21 242981.
Any Quotations received later than the scheduled time will be rejected. Quotations will be
opened in the presence of the Suppliers representatives who choose to attend at the meeting
room of the Principal Recipient offce at 14:00h on may 19, 2012
Director of GFATM Project
Ministry of Public Health, Lao PDR
Vientiane Times
Wednesday May 2, 2012
Subscription Rates 2008-9
1. DOMESTIC SUBSCRIPTION (6 issues/week) and online fee
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Home Delivery (City Centre)
Area: Thadeua Rd. Dongdok, Ban
Tanmixay and Sikhay villages.
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Payment in advance
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Subscription Rates 2012-2013
Jim Lobe
WASHINGTON (IPS) -- Although
economic growth has resumed in much
of the world since the 2008 fnancial
crisis, the global unemployment
situation remains alarming and could
worsen, according to the International
Labour Organisation (ILO).
European governments, in
particular, should adopt more worker-
friendly approaches in dealing with
fscal austerity, according to the
agencys World of Work Report
2012 that was released here and at its
headquarters in Geneva Sunday.
Such a change in policy could
result in adding around two million
jobs in the advanced economies over
the next year, as opposed to only about
800,000 if current approaches persist,
according to the report.
Persistently high rates of
unemployment in the Arab world and
Africa also put those regions at high
risk of social unrest, according to the
128-page report, which noted that
most of Latin America and some Asian
countries have emerged in relatively
better shape in that respect.
The report comes at a critical
moment, particularly for key advanced
economies where pending elections
appear to offer stark choices between
candidates and parties that favour very
different approaches yawning fscal
defcits and high unemployment.
In France, for example, the current
front-runner, the Socialist Partys
Francois Hollande, favour more
worker-friendly policies than the
more austere approach taken by the
incumbent president, Nicolas Sarkozy.
And in the United States, the all-
but-certain Republican challenger
to President Barack Obama, former
Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney,
has endorsed his partys proposals for
sharp cuts to social and government
jobs programmes, combined with
reductions in already-low tax rates for
corporations and wealthy individuals.
The report charged that the
combination of fscal austerity and
tougher labour market reforms - or
de-regulation - adopted by many
advanced economies, especially in the
Eurozone, have proved devastating to
job creation, in particular, and largely
ineffective in reducing fscal defcits.
The narrow focus of many
Eurozone countries on fscal austerity
is deepening the jobs crisis and could
even lead to another recession in
Europe, according to Raymond
Torres, the director of the International
Institute for Labour Studies, the ILOs
research arm.
Countries that have chosen job-
centred macroeconomic policies have
achieved better economic and social
outcomes, added Torres, the reports
lead author. Many of them have
also become more competitive and
weathered the crisis better than those
that followed the austerity path.
The unemployment rate has
increased in nearly two-thirds of
European Union (EU) countries since
2010, according to the report, which
also noted that labour market recovery
has also stalled in other industrialised
nations, including Japan and the
United States.
At the same time, joblessness,
especially for younger workers,
remains acute in the Middle East and
North and Sub-Saharan Africa.
Four years into the global
crisis, labour market imbalances
are becoming more structural, and
therefore more diffcult to eradicate,
according to the report.
Certain groups, such as the
long-term unemployed, are at risk
of exclusion from the labour market.
This means that they would be unable
to obtain new employment even if
there were a strong recovery, Torres
noted, adding that employment
has also become more unstable or
precarious for many workers who
have a job.
Where employment growth has
resumed, for example, many of the
jobs have been short term.
Combined with increases
in growing income and wealth
inequality in many countries, the
unemployment situation is also
increasing the risk of social unrest
in the most-affected economies,
according to the report.
Out of 106 countries with
available statistics, 54 percent
reported an increase in the score for
the risk of unrest in 2011 compared
to 2010, Torres said.
The regions with the highest risk
of unrest are sub-Saharan Africa,
the Middle East and North Africa,
according to the studys barometer,
which also found important increases
in risk in industrialised economies,
particularly in Central and Eastern
Europe. Altogether, the report
estimates that some 50 million jobs
are missing compared to the situation
before the 2008 fnancial crisis.
Employment rates have increased
in only fve of 36 advanced economies
- Germany, Israel, Luxembourg, Malta,
and Poland - since 2007, according to
the report.
Youth unemployment rates have
increased in half of the developed
economies and in one-third of
developing economies in about 80
percent of advanced economies
and in two-thirds of the developing
economies since the onset of the crisis,
according to the report.
In that period, poverty rates
increased in half of the advanced
economies and in a third of developing
countries, while the gaps between rich
and poor widened in half of advanced
countries and in one quarter of
developing nations.
In reacting to the crisis, 28 percent
of the governments of developing
and emerging countries reduced
social benefts for workers and
the poor. By contrast, nearly two-
thirds (65 percent) of developed-
country governments reduced social
The report calls for a dramatic
shift in the current policy approach
to one that would plac(e) jobs at the
top of the policy agenda
First, core labour standards,
including the right to form unions,
should be strengthened, and the
report calls for all G20 countries to
ratify the ILOs core Conventions to
send a positive signal in that regard.
Second, more should be done
to provide adequate credit and a
more favourable environment for
small businesses, particularly in the
Eurozone countries where the major
banks have failed to boost credit
where it is most needed.
ILO urges worker-friendly recovery policies
Greeks protest austerity measures in March 2010. --Credit:Apostolis Fotiadis/IPS
Vientiane Times 19 Wednesday May 2, 2012
News Desk
The ASEM process began
with a mutual recognition, in
both Asia and Europe, that
the relationship between the
two regions needed to be
strengthened to respond to
the fast changing regional
and global environment of the
1990s, and the perspectives of
the 21st century.
In July 1994, the European
Commission published
Towards a New Strategy
for Asia, which stressed
the importance of enhancing
relations with Asia. The
Commission Communication
of September 2001 Europe and
Asia: A Strategic Framework
for Enhanced Partnerships
reaffrmed this strategy.
In November 1994, the
idea of holding an Asia-Europe
Summit was initiated by
Singapore aimed at discussing
how to build a new partnership
between the two regions.
Following Singapores
proposal, the frst ASEM
Summit was held in Bangkok
Overview of Asia-Europe Meeting Summit
in March 1996, which marked
the birth of the ASEM process.
ASEM addresses political,
economic and cultural
issues, with the objective
of strengthening relations
between the two regions, in
a spirit of mutual respect and
equal partnership.
The ASEM Summit is
held every second year in Asia
and Europe alternatively and
represents the highest level
of decision-making. Besides
the attendance of heads of
state and government from
Asia and Europe, the Summit
also features accompanying
ministers, the Head of the
European Commission and the
Secretary-General of ASEAN.
Key Characteristics
Key characteristics of the
ASEM process include the
Informality: It provides an
open forum for policy makers
and offcials to discuss any
political, economic and social
issues of common interest and
concern. It complements rather
than duplicates the work already
being carried out in bilateral and
multilateral forums;
It covers the full spectrum
of relations between the two
regions and devotes equal
weight to the three main pillars
of political, economic and
cultural dimensions;
Emphasis on equal
partnership: It eschews any
aid-based relationship
taken forwards under bilateral
relations in favour of a more
general process of dialogue and
cooperation based on mutual
respect and mutual beneft;
Dual focus on high-level
and people-to-people exchanges:
It provides a platform for
meetings between heads of
state or government, ministers,
senior offcials and experts with
an increasing focus on fostering
contacts between societies in
all sectors, including business
communities, parliamentarians
and civil societies in the two
asem Partners
The initial ASEM partners
consisted of 15 EU member
states and the European
Commission, and the 7
ASEAN member states, plus
China, Japan and the Republic
of Korea.
ASEM enlarged its frst
round of membership at the
Fifth Summit held in Hanoi,
Vietnam, in 2004, where the
10 new EU members (Cyprus,
Czech Republic, Estonia,
Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania,
Malta, Poland, Slovakia and
Slovenia) and three new
ASEAN member states
(Cambodia, the Lao PDR and
Myanmar) were offcially
admitted into ASEM.
The subsequent rounds of
enlargement in 2006 brought
in Bulgaria, India, Mongolia,
Pakistan, Romania and the
ASEAN Secretariat, and 2010
saw the inclusion of Australia,
New Zealand and Russia, thus
increasing the total number of
ASEM partners to 48.
The composition of the 48
ASEM partners from Asia and
Europe is as follows: 27 EU
members and the European
Commission; 16 Asian
countries and the ASEAN
Secretariat; and Australia, New
Zealand and Russia.
Asia Europe
List of asem Partners
1. Brunei Darussalam
2. Indonesia
3. Malaysia
4. Philippines
5. Singapore
6. Thailand
7. Vietnam
8. Cambodia
9. Lao PDR
10. Myanmar
11. ASEAN Secretariat
12. China
13. Japan
14. Republic of Korea
15. India
16. Mongolia
17. Pakistan

1. Australia
2. New Zealand
3. Russia
1. Austria
2. Belgium
3. Denmark
4. Finland
5. France
6. Germany
7. Greece
8. Ireland
9. Italy
10. Luxembourg
11. Netherlands
12. Portugal
13. Spain
14. Sweden
15. United Kingdom
16. European Commission
17. Cyprus
18. Czech Republic
19. Estonia
20. Hungary
21. Latvia
22. Lithuania
23. Malta
24. Poland
25. Slovakia
26. Slovenia
27. Bulgaria
28. Romania
Laos will host the Asia-Europe Meeting Summit (ASEM9) on November 5-6, when 48 leaders of ASEM partners will gather in
Vientiane to share their thoughts and exchange views on current regional and global issues of common interest. To lead up to
this important event, Vientiane Times will run a regular page to present an overview of the ASEM, followed by a profle of each
of the ASEM partners. The CAMC Engineering Company of China has teamed up with us to make this page possible.
wishes the 9th Vientiane ASEM Summit great success!
Vientiane Times
Feature Wednesday May 2, 2012
Pam Pastor
Daily Inquirer, ANN) -- Theres
no doubt about itnail polish
is the new lipstick. And Im not
just saying this because of my
mad obsession.
In 2001, Este Lauder board
chairman Leonard Lauder
coined the term lipstick index.
It describes a phenomenon in
the early 2000s: an increase
in lipstick sales despite the
During hard times, when
people tighten purse strings and
cut back on bigger luxuries,
women turn to the cheaper
thrill of makeup.
And who can blame them?
When you cant afford that
hot bag or killer new shoes,
cosmetics are a great way
to inject colour into ones
Nail polish index
Over a decade later, the
lipstick index has been replaced
by the nail polish index.
Market research frm Mintel
revealed that lipstick sales have
been dwindling since 2007.
NPD Group, another market
research frm, reported that
while lip product sales grew
by eight per cent in the frst
10 months of 2011, nail polish
sales increased by 59 per cent.
Deborah Lippmann,
manicurist to the stars and the
woman behind the popular nail
polish line of the same name,
has witnessed the growth.
Its exploding! she
said. Nail lacquer is literally
splattering everywhere and is
growing in popularity because
Nail polish is the new lipstick
we started getting into the trend
when the recession hit, and
we had to rethink how we did
things. Women started doing
their own nails and realised
how fun it could be to create
their own look.
Ji Baek, founder of Rescue
Beauty Lounge, is not surprised
by the increase in demand. You
may not wear green or yellow
lipstick, but you can translate
the colour blocking trend to
your nails. Having strangers
compliment your nails is the
same as getting a compliment
on that bright yellow handbag
that you will wear for only one
Jis New York-based luxury
nail polish line has fans all over
the world.
Nail colour is an affordable
indulgence, said Karen Grant,
NPDs global beauty industry
analyst. The size of the market
is burgeoning, and theres a
huge opportunity for doubling
or even tripling growth.
But we dont need a research
frm to tell us that. There are
signs all around.
In 2010, cosmetics giant
Coty bought popular nail
polish brand OPI for a reported
US$1 billion, while beauty
brand LOreal acquired Essie
for US$28 million. Dior
released 27 nail polish shades
in 2011 and it seems bent on
beating that record this year.
Chanel continues to produce
cult favourites, with sold-out
limited-edition shades still
fetching insane prices on Ebay.
Special collections
Companies and brands that
have never released nail polish
before (Topshop, American
Apparel, Kate Spade, Calvin
Klein, Tom Ford, Oscar de
la Renta among others) have
joined the lacquer game.
Creative collaborations
between nail polish brands,
celebrities and fashion designers
continue to be huge. Katy Perry,
Nicki Minaj, Serena Williams
and OPI; Justin Bieber, the
Kardashians and Nicole by
OPI collections; Betsey
Johnson and Sephora by
OPI; Alexander Wang, Prabal
Gurung and Sally Hansen;
Peter Som and Zoyatheyve
all worked together to bring
new colours (and occasionally
glitter) to your nails. The
limited-edition nail polish
collection that Thakoon
Panichgul created with NARS
is one of the years hottest and
most anticipated releases.
TV and movie tie-ins are
hot as well. OPI came out with
colours inspired by Alice in
Wonderland, Burlesque,
The Muppets and Shrek,
and has upcoming sets inspired
by The Amazing Spider-
Man and Minnie Mouse.
China Glaze released the
much-talked-about Hunger
Games collection while
Sephora by OPI came out
with Glee-inspired shades
including a blue one called
Slushied. Soon, Orlys Dark
Shadows collection, which
was based on the upcoming
Tim Burton/Johnny Depp
flm, will also be available for
There has been an
explosion of nail polish blogs
worldwide. YouTube has been
inundated with nail art tutorials.
The nail industry continues
to fourish with the birth of
new brands, the return of old
trends (crackle, magnetic) and
the development of new ones
(gel, polish strips and decals,
In the Philippines,
collections constantly and
consistently sell out and nail
polish fans welcome the arrival
of new brands and collections
with open arms.
Nail polish is the fastest-
growing segment of the beauty
industry. My companys sales
have gone up by 50 per cent
over the last 18 months due to
nail polish sales, said Shelly
Lazaro, president of Cytherea
Global Cosmetics, the offcial
distributor of SpaRitual in the
She added, People are
using nail polish to express
themselves in the most unique
and colourful ways. With a
variety of shades to choose
from, it satisfes our inherent
desire to individualise and
theatricalisean affordable
luxury that is adding fun to
our daily lives.
Flying off shelves
Donna Rae Viola-Andrada,
marketing manager at Sprint
Asia, the offcial distributor
of Orly in the country, said,
We felt the growth in the
demand for nail polish two
to three years ago and its
continuously increasing. We
see how quickly Orlys nail
lacquers sell out. Women like
matching their outfts with
their nail colour. A polished set
of nails has become a fashion
Sevrine Miailhe, marketing
communication manager of
Rustans Cosmetics, Perfumery
and Toiletries Division, agrees.
Nail polish has become a
fashion accessory, a fashion
statement. You can play with
amazing coloursblue, green,
yellow, black, orange. Theres
glitter, matte, nail art. You can
defnitely be more daring.
Rustans, which offers a
number of prestige nail polish
brands including Chanel,
Dior, NARS, Laura Mercier
and Deborah Lippmann, has
witnessed the increase in demand
for polish. Sevrine said,
Customers come looking
for new colours before they
even arrive in the store. Our
best-selling nail colours are
fying off the shelves.
and why shouldnt they
Nail polish is a fun and
risk-free way of playing with
trends. Peter Philips, creative
director for Chanel Makeup,
said to The New York Times,
Nail polish is just makeup. If
it doesnt work out, you can
wipe it off.
Nail polish is the new
lipstick. This has been echoed
numerous timesby The New
York Times, Time Magazine,
many other publications, beauty
brands and industry experts.
And its a truth that is
mirrored by my own life. I
only wear lipstick when I go
to weddings, but I feel naked
when my nails are lacquer-
Vientiane Times 21 Wednesday May 2, 2012 Feature
The Health Poverty Action is seeking an experienced and qualifed candidate to fll a staff position
of Secretary. This post will be based in Vientiane Capital.
Offce Administration Responsibilities:
a) Functions as a receptionist and handles all in-coming telephone calls, arranges appointments
with relevant organizations
b) Transmits and receives fax/email messages and distributes appropriately
c) Functions as liaison staff between feld offces and Vientiane offce especially in the feld of
administrative matters
d) Acts as leave monitor and maintains records of daily attendance and leave taken by Vientiane
e) Maintains staff training records together with PMs/TLs
f) Maintains inventory of all HPA projects fxed assets according to the HPA rules and regulations
and responsible for the safety and maintenance of offce equipment and all other HPA property
g) Ensures that all offce fles (such as Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Health, LWU, Ministry
of Agiculture and Forestry and other relevant government partners), including electronic fles, are
kept in order and up to date
h) Ensures that transportation of staff related to work is available
i) Assists in logistics such as quotations, procurement, transportation, travel, appointments and
ensures that bookings are arranged as requested
j) Facilitates logistical arrangements during visits to projects by HPA London staff, and other visitors,
including visa arrangements for foreign staff and visitors.
k) Records all visits and their purposes
l) Prepares/photocopies/types programme documents as required
m) Checks vehicle log books on a monthly basis to ensure compliance to regulations and report to
Administration Offcer and Project Managers/Team Leaders as necessarily
n) Provides oral/written interpretation/translation (Lao-English or English-Lao) as required by
o) Assists Communication and Learning Offcer in setting up and maintaining offce library/
p) Assists with other duties as delegated by the Country Director and/or Finance and Administration
Manager/Project Managers/Team Leaders
Financial responsibilities (as required):
a) Facilitates bank transactions as required
b) Assists Finance Offcer to withdraw, deposit and transfer money for feld activities and offce as
required and requests monthly bank statements as required
Qualifcations required:
a) Bachelor Degree of University
b) Experience in fnancial management
c) Good written and spoken English
d) Excellent Lao language skills
e) Computer literacy in Excel and other accounting packages.
Personal qualities:
A self-managed and self-motivated person who needs minimal supervision.
A capacity to be fexible under diffcult conditions.
Commitment to the aims and overall policy of Health Poverty Action
Desirable qualities
a) Previous experience of working with INGO or international organizations or knowledge of
international standard pattern.
All interested applicants should submit a CV and an application letter in a standard application form
available at the HPA Offce in Vientiane, No 095 Ban Phonexay, Saysettha District, Tel: 021 264960-1,
Fax: 021 264961, e-mail: huvtelaos@laopdr.com. Electronic Application form and full job descriptions are
available upon request. Closing date is 11 May 2012. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for
interview. Women are encouraged to apply.
Department of Water Resources and Environment
Sustainable Management of Watersheds in the Lower Mekong Basin - NamTon Project
Procurement Notice
1. Together with the Government of Lao PDR, KfW (German Development Bank)
is co-fnancing the implementation of the pilot watershed management project in
the Nam Ton watershed called Sustainable Management of Watersheds in the
Lower Mekong Basin (SUMALOM-Nam Ton). The project is embedded into the
National Water Resources Policy and Strategy for 2011-2015. The Department
of Water Resources, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MoNRE)
intends to apply part of the proceeds of the grant to eligible payments under a
contract for which this Invitation for Bids is issued by the Department of Water
Resources acting as Executing Agency.
2. The SUMALOM-Nam Ton now is preparing tender construction of 5
Irrigation Schemes: 4 in HinHerb district, Vientiane Province and 1
in Sang Thong district, Vientiane Capital: the tender is planned to be
published for invitation on May 2012.
3. Bidding will be carried out based on the Decree on Government Procurement
of Goods, Works, Maintenance and Services on 9 January 2004 and
Implementing Rules and Regulations, No. 0063/MOF on 12 March 2004,
issued by the Ministry of Finance.
4. The form of selecting bidders will be by Regional Competitive Bidding
(incl Pre-Qualifcation). This procurement is open to all eligible bidders,
having construction business license (Grade 1) in Laos and/or construction
companies registered and operating in the Lower Mekong Region Countries
(Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam)
5. A complete set of the Bidding Documents in English Language will be allowed to
purchase by the interested bidders on submission of a written application to the
address below beginning at 3 May 2012 and upon payment of a non-refundable
fee of US$100. The method of payment shall be in cash or cashiers check.
7. All bids shall be accompanied by a Bid Security in amount of 2% (two) of the
bid price. The bid Security form shall be a bank guarantee in accordance with
the provided form in the Bidding Document.
9. The address referred to above is:

Mr. Thanongsay Douangnoulak
Sustainable Management of Watersheds in the Lower Mekong Basin Project
(SUMALOM - Nam Ton)
Department of Water Resources
Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment
Prime Minister's Offce
LaneXang Avenue, 01000,
P.O.Box 821, Vientiane, Lao P.D.R
Tel: +856-21-241 744 ext.114,
Fax: +856-21-251 963
Email: thanongxayy@gmail.com
Somxay Sengdara
ur bus stopped
some minutes after
leaving Thakhek,
the provincial
capital of Khammuan. Are
there really any interesting
caves so close to town? I
wondered as we set off across
some paddy felds in search of
places to explore.
I was familiar with the
landscape of Khammuan
province, especially the area
around Thakhek district,
which I had passed through
on the way to my hometown
in Savannakhet. I could see
mountains in the far distance,
and didnt really expect to fnd
any rocky outcrops near the
But I knew that new
tourist attractions had been
uncovered and opened up in
recent years, so perhaps we
would be in luck.
And yes, there was a cave,
named Xienglieb. I was lucky
enough to explore it in the
company of my colleagues
from the Lao Press in Foreign
We were accompanied on
our trip by some villagers an
older person and two children
who took good care of us for
the entire tour through the
Xienglieb Cave is located
14 kilometres northeast of
Thakhek on Road No. 12 near
Songkhone village.
Legend has it that the
cave was named after a xieng
(former novice) was sneaking
around, or lieb, because he
was in love with the daughter
of a mountain hermit, and was
looking for an opportunity to
catch a glimpse of her in the
Entering the cave at the
foot of a 300-metre cliff, we all
had to crawl, rather than walk.
There was an underground
stream that was full of clear
water, as well as a sandbank
and beautiful yet very sharp
Discover Xienglieb Cave and follow the legend
Staff of Lao Press in Foreign Languages explore Xien glieb Cave in Khammuan province. The entrance to Xienglieb Cave, an enticing prospect for would-be explorers.
limestone rocks.
We are just like
Xienglieb. This fascinating
cave motivates us to try hard,
said a member of our party.
It was not known whether
Xienglieb succeeded in
reaching his love, but we
succeeded in experiencing the
natural beauty of this cave. Its
not far from the town centre,
so everybody should make
the time to visit it when in the
Our tour guides were only
amateurs, but they had been
well trained by an adventure
outft called Green Climbers
Home. And they made sure
not to tell us what lay ahead at
the far end of the cave.
Wow! interjected
the members of our group
simultaneously after seeing
a row of wooden/bamboo
bungalows set up on fat land.
Green Climbers Home is
run by German couple Mr
Uli and Ms Tanja Weidner
in partnership with the
Vientiane-based tour operator
Green Discovery. They
accommodate adventurers
who come here for rock
climbing and to enjoy the
silence and tranquility.
Ms Tanja said We wanted
to live in Laos, so running this
business here was the best
way to do it, because we like
the place and love climbing so
Rock climbing in Laos
only got started in 2002.
The countless extraordinary
structures and formations
around the mountains
throughout Laos invite the bold
to climb them. You can fnd
more than 250 routes in Laos,
most of them in Vangvieng
district of Vientiane province,
and in Thakhek district.
Luckily, Xienglieb is
close to town so its easily
accessible. There are many
incredible places of natural
beauty waiting to be explored,
especially this cave and its
romantic legend.
Vientiane Times
whats On
Luang Prabang
Big Brother Mouse helps
young people practise their
English at free drop-in sessions,
9-11am and 5-7pm, open every
day. Just come to our offce at
9am or 5pm in Ban Vat Nong,
around the corner from 3 Nagas
Hotel. www.bigbrothermouse.
Traditional Arts and
Ethnology Centre. Open 9am-
6pm, Tues-Sun.
Ock Pop Tok
Living Crafts Centre open daily
for free guided tour. Natural
dyes, weaving and batik
drawing classes daily. 9am-
5pm. Free transfer from Ock
Pop Tok shops in town to the
weaving centre on the Mekong.
Call 071 212597
Royal Palace National
Museum. Open 8.30-11.30am
and 1.30-4.30pm from
Wednesday to Monday.
UXO Visitor Centre. Open
Mon-Fri 8.30am-12 and
2-5pm. Right turn just before
Presidents Monument on the
Northern Rd.
Lao National Museum
on Samsenthai Road opposite
National Culture Hall. Open
Mon-Fri during offce hours
and on weekends from 9am to
Horphakeo Museum
on Setthathirat Road
opposite Vat Sisaket. Open
Mon-Sun during offce hours.
Luang Prabang Laos Open from
May 3-6, at Luang Prabang Golf
ANZ Vientiane Lions
Womens Rugby Club
Wednesday night ftness
sessions from 7:30 at VIS. Pitch
trainings Thursday nights from
19:30 and Sunday from 16:00
at Polytechnic Pitch in Ban
Phonphapao. Contact Vieng
on 020 54234111 or Maggie
on 020 78110019 for more
Champa Ban Youth Rugby
Rugby activities with a focus
on fun, games and healthy
living message. Free and open
to all. Visit www.laorugby.com
or contact Noui 020 54905090
or Maggie on 020 78110019 for
more information.
Lao Elephants Australian
- The 6th Lao Women Artists Exhibition at the National Institute of
Fine Arts in Ban Chao Anou until May 10, open until 5.30 pm.
- Action with Lao Children Library: Open Mon to Fri 9am to 6pm and
Sat 9am to 3pm. Come in and read and borrow Lao, Japanese, Thai
and English books. Located in Ban Saphangmor, Xaysettha district.
- Permanent UXO exhibition and the provision of artifcial limbs for
victims. COPE Visitor Centre, Khouvieng Road, opposite Green
Park Hotel. Every day: 9am-6pm.
- Chess Club meets at 1pm every Sunday at City Inn on Pangkham
Road, Vientiane.
Contact: Gabriel_smit@hotmail.com
- Womens International Group. For activities and times email
- Toastmasters Club meets every Sun. from 4-6pm at
Khopchaideu restaurant (3F). Everyone is welcome.
- Meditation at Vat Sokpaluang every Saturday, 4-5.30pm.
- English Language Church Service every Sunday 10am at the
ARDA Language Centre (near the Mercure, formerly Novotel). Call
(021) 261441, or visit http://www.the-chs.org
- European Food Festival on May 9 at the National Culture Hall.
- A seminar on scholarships to study in Japan 2013 will be held on
May 12 from 9-12am at the National University of Laos.
Rules Football Club -Meet
at 6.30 pm on Thursdays for
training, please contact the
LE President at president_
for details and other meeting
Buffalos Rugby - mens
rugby training Tuesday
evenings 6 - 7:30pm. All
welcome. Sunday morning
social touch rugby - male,
female all ages welcome.
Free. For either, contact
John (020 77140176), Bob
(020 55510443) and Tom (020
2281111) for more information.
Wild Hogs Rugby training
at the Polytechnic pitch
in Phonpapao village,
Sisattanak, at 8pm on Tues.
and Thurs. Optional Saturday
touch session at That Luang
at 5:30pm, Sunday ftness at
That Luang at 5:30pm. Call
020 77615677
or Chris 020 77834385.
Lao Mahout Netball team
trains every Tues. at 6pm at
Vientiane International School.
For more information contact
Saeng on 020 77442689.
Lions Womens Rugby from
7.30pm on Tues and Thurs at
the Polytechnic pitch. Contact
Noui on 020 4905090 or
Maggie on 020 54656153.
Youth Community Rugby
Training for U15 Boys and
U17 Girls at the Polytechnic
pitch in Phonpapao village,
Sisattanak, at 7:30pm on
Wed. Training for children of
all ages at 9am on Sunday.
Aqua-ftness Fri 10-11am;
Sat 11-12. Please contact
Sarah at 020 54147069 or
nsteam @live.fr
Body Language at Vientiane
Accueil, Khouvieng Rd.
Class includes stretching and
respiratory exercises with
an oriental touch. Tues. and
Thurs. from 5.30-6.30pm.
Contact 020 5612107.
Aerobics at Sokpalouang
swimming pool, Sisattanak
district. Open every day from
Vientiane Hash House Harriers
Meet at Nam Phu Fountain
every Saturday for travel to
out-of-town runs. Mixed Hash,
register at 3.45pm and depart
4pm. Monday,VH3, family
Hash. 3 runs - short, medium
and long. Meet at 5pm at
advertised venue. Phones:
223867, 217493,
mobile 020 5511293, 5514669.
Wednesday May 2, 2012
Art & Entertainment
Ounkham Pimmata
Powerful vocals and an
impressive stage performance
by Ms Dalavi Silimongkhoun
won over the judges at the
Songfahadao (Search for a
Star) contest in Vientiane on
Saturday night.
Ms Dalavi took home
three million kip plus a Unitel
gift set after winning frst
prize in the competition, run
by TK Entertainment and
Star Telecom and held at the
National Culture Hall.
The judges scored
contestants on vocals, stage
presentation, dress and talent.
Ms Dalavis solo act drew
cheers and applause from the
audience for her dress and
appearance as much as her
Second place went to Mr
Hongkham Xayalath, who
received two million kip,
and the third prize of one
million kip went to Ms Anita
Phommahaxay. They also
received Unitel gift sets.
The event featured 22
performances, with contestants
offering up rock, pop, dance
and hip-hop numbers.
The contest aimed to give
young people with singing talent
and ability an opportunity to
perform on stage, with a view to
developing the best performers
into professional singers signed
to TK Entertainment.
The contest began in
December 2011, with more
than 200 solo contestants and
groups. By February, 35 acts
were left which were further
reduced to a fnal 22 in March.
The fnal 22 contestants
received stage training and held
interviews with newspapers,
radio stations and television.
During the contest, TK
singers joined special guests
such as DJ Pook, Tamon, 831
band, Jack, Top, Ambition and
Music contest showcases youth talent
The band Appcilon performs during the competition.
Phoonsab Thevongsa
Lao photojournalists will
soon exhibit their work at the
School of Fine Arts in Anou
village, Vientiane, after honing
their skills and perspectives
following a workshop last
The exhibition, named Laos
Today, will comprise the work
of 15 photojournalists from
various print media agencies.
The exhibit will feature
more than 100 photos revealing
diverse aspects of Lao culture,
heritage and lifestyle, along
with landscapes, portraits and
other stunning shots captured
around the country.
The photo exhibition is the
fruit of a workshop that was
held in Vientiane last October,
led by American professional
photojournalist Mr Andrew
Craft, who has over 18 years of
The workshop was
sponsored by the United
States Embassy to Laos
and organised by the Lao
Journalists Association with
help of Langkorng (the Lao
Photographers Society).
Vice President of the
Lao Journalists Association,
Mr Somsanouk Mixay, said
The upcoming exhibition
is very important for Lao
photojournalists, as it seems
that most of them are young
participants. I could see
how theyve learned new
techniques and ideas from the
workshop they attended. Here
in this event we can see how
they adapted their perspectives
through these works.
I think its a very rewarding
event for Lao photojournalists,
since this sector urgently needs
development. As we can see,
the Lao print media now cares
more about the quality of
photos. But its quite a long way
to equal neighbouring countries
that have more enlightening,
informing, and inspiring photos
to bring to their audience, Mr
Somsanouk said.
The upcoming exhibition
was a demonstration of the
photographers inspiration and
determination, he added. Mr
Somsanouk urged everyone,
especially those with an
interest in photography, to visit
the event.
Lao photojournalists to put new
perspectives on display
Some of the photos that will exhibit at the School of Fine Arts.
letter written by the British
bandleader on the Titanic to
his parents in England fve-
days before the ship struck an
iceberg and sank a century ago
sold for nearly US$155,000 in
an online auction on Thursday.
An unnamed US investment
group bought the letter written
by Wallace Hartley, 33, who
led the ships eight-piece band,
which played ragtime and other
tunes to calm the passengers as
the ship slowly slipped beneath
the waves of the north Atlantic.
It was a microcosm of
the whole tragedy, Bobby
Livingston, an executive with
New Hampshire-based RR
Auction which handled the
sale, said about the letter.
There was the hope he was
going to see his parents again,
he added in an interview.
Hartley mailed the letter on
April 11, 1912 during the ships
stop in Queenstown, Ireland,
according to Livingston. The
Titanic sank in the early hours
of April 15 on its maiden
voyage from England with the
loss of 1,517 lives.
We have a fne band and the
boys seem very nice, Hartley
wrote in the letter, promising
to see his parents the following
Sunday when he returned.
This is a fne ship and
we ought to have plenty of
money on her, he added on the
letterhead paper inscribed On
board R.M.S. Titanic.
The 180 lots in the auction
sold for more than US$600,000.
Other items included a silver
certifcate from the pocket of the
head barber who survived the
tragedy. It fetched US$39,402.
Another letter on ship
stationery from a survivor in
frst class sold for $35,193 and
a small salvaged piece of the
ships grand staircase grand
staircase had a US$15,800
price tag.
Titanic band leaders fnal letter sells for $154,974
Vientiane Times 23 Sports Wednesday May 2, 2012
Shanti Volunteer Association (SVA)
Re-Vacancy announcement
Shanti Volunteer Association (SVA) is a Japanese non-governmental organization (NGO)
which implements aid projects in the feld of education and culture since 1992 in Lao PDR
SVA has the international offce network in Thailand, Cambodia and Afghanistan and Japan
with the focus on quality basic education for childrens development.
SVA Laos offce is seeking the Administrative and Accounting coordinator
Duties & Responsibilities:
Works as the leader of the administration and fnance section, and supervises work of the
Carries out a full range of administrative, fnancial, logistic and coordination work for the
offce management, including:-
o Keep up the compliance issues for the offce management according to Lao Laws.
o Communicate and coordinate with line ministries for MOU and required documents,
and procurement of expert ID card, visa & vehicles documents.
o Manage offce based on the rules and regulations, and manage offce equipments and
vehicle operation.
o Manage Human Resource issues and documents.
o Manage fnancial issues by review and verify accuracy of fnancial transactions
made by an accountant and reports of various projects made by project sections and
correspond with the head quarter in Tokyo.
Perform other duties as may be assigned by the director.
Qualifcation & Experience:
Lao national, University degree in administration or accounting or other related felds
At least 4-5 years of experience in administrative works preferably with international
organizations and a few years at a management position.
Computer literate: ability to use data and word processing equipment, and accounting
soft-programme will be an asset.
Excellent written and spoken English.
Good interpersonal skills with the ability to work in a team.
Interested candidates are invited to submit an application letter, an updated CV, a recent
photo together with names & contact details of two referees and education certifcate
sent to Shanti Volunteer Association Laos Offce, PO Box 4561, Vientiane Lao, PDR or by
E-mail to svalaos@laotel.com , svalaos@hotmail.com , sva-loh@laotel.com
Closing date for applications on 07 May 2012
Only short-listed candidates will be contracted to interview. Document will not be returned.
(AP) -- Second-ranked Maria
Sharapova cruised past top-
ranked Victoria Azarenka
6-1, 6-4 on Sunday to win the
Porsche Grand Prix for her
frst title of the year.
Sharapova lost the fnals
of the Australian Open and
Indian Wells this year to
Azarenka, and the Russian
had never beaten her rival
from Belarus in four previous
encounters in a fnal.
I am really pleased to
win such a tough tournament,
against such tough opponents,
said Sharapova, before
collecting the white sports
car donated by the sponsor.
Victoria could not perform
at her best because of her
Azarenka, who fell to 29-2
this year but will keep the No.
1 spot, had her playing, right
wrist taped after the frst set.
She was seeking her ffth title
of the year.
I am disappointed to lose,
but still I had a good week,
Azarenka said.
Sharapova, a former No.
1, won her 25th career title, an
honor roll that also includes
three Grand Slam titles.
Sharapova made her
debut this year in Stuttgart, a
tournament played on indoor
clay that brought together
the eight top-ranked players.
Sunday was her fourth clay
court title.
The Russian needed 30
minutes to roll through the
frst set, ending it by fring and
ace with her second serve.
She broke serve for a
4-3 lead and closed out the
match with a service winner.
Sharapova is now 22-4 for the
I came here mainly to
warm up for the French Open,
so its been a good week, she
MADRID (AP) -- Spanish
leader Real Madrid closed in
on its frst league title in four
years by strolling to a 3-0
victory over Sevilla, though
Barcelona prevented its arch
rival from seizing the trophy for
at least another round with a 7-0
thrashing of Rayo Vallecano on
Spains powerhouses re-
covered from unexpected
midweek Champions League
semifnals exits with easy
victories, as Madrid maintained
its seven point advantage
over the three-time defending
champions for at least another
three days as the countdown
on Barcelona coach Pep
Guardiolas tenure began.
Madrid can secure its record
32nd championship regardless
of Barcelonas result against
Malaga Wednesday if its wins at
Athletic Bilbao.
The sooner (we win the
league), the better, Madrid
assistant coach Aitor Karanka
said Madrid extended its league
record goal tally to 112 goals
with three games remaining for
the club to further infate the
Karim Benzema struck twice
in quick succession following
Cristiano Ronaldos record
43rd league goal as Madrid
bounced back from losing to
Bayern Munich on penalties at
Meanwhile, Lionel Messi
scored a pair to end a four
game scoreless run and match
Ronaldos 43-goal mark with
his 65th goal in all competitions.
The Argentina forward had a
hand in an own goal by Roberto
Correa, a strike by Seydou Keita
and Pedro Rodriguezs brace as
the Catalan club ended a three-
game winless stretch, with
Thiago Alcantara also scoring.
Guardiola announced
Friday he would depart at the
end of the season with assistant
Tito Vilanova taking over,
and the coaching pair behind
Barcelonas most successful
period could only be pleased
by the teams reaction at the
Vallecas Stadium.
Messi scored from a typical
Barca buildup in the 16th minute
as Sanchez dragged his markers
into the centre before passing
wide to Pedro, who unselfshly
picked out Messi at the far post.
Messi won possession
in midfeld in the 26th and
Keita collected to put Sanchez
through, with the Chile striker
getting past goalkeeper David
Cobeno and seeing his shot
from an impossible angle turned
in by Correa.
Messi cut inside past two
defenders in the 38th and slid a
spectacular pass through the legs
of a third Rayo player for Keita
to slot past Cobeno for 3-0.
The world player of the year,
who was left in tears following
Barcelonas unlikely Champions
League exit to Chelsea, certainly
looked refreshed as he fed
Sanchez to the left and met the
Chileans return pass inside the
area for a shot that came off the
crossbar but onto the path of
Pedro for an easy goal.
Messi laid the ball off for
Thiago to head substitute Daniel
Alves cross home in the 77th
before Pedro controlled Messis
long ball to blast past Cobeno
in the 87th. Messi added his
second in the 90th minute to
match Ronaldos for the record
league total after the Portugal
forward opened the scoring at
the Santiago Bernabeu stadium
with his 57th goal of the season,
as he recovered from a missed
penalty against Bayern Munich.
The European loss left Madrid
without a Champions League
fnal appearance for 10 years.
This is good for us, it was
a very important game for us
as we continue on looking
to be champions, Benzema
told Canal Plus TV as Madrid
reached 91 points to Barcelonas
81. The Champions League is
in the past, we only care about
the league now.
Benzema set up Ronaldos
19th-minute opener as he rolled
a short pass into his teammates
path and the Portugal forward
cut back to shake his marker and
slot home a low shot inside the
opposite corner.
Benzema atoned for a pair
of frst-half misses in the 48th
when he redirected Angel di
Marias skipping cross into the
area past Varas. Four minutes
later, Varas could only watch the
France strikers powerful header
fy past him into the top of the
goal. It was the Frenchmans
20th league goal and 31st in all
competitions, making this his
best season at Madrid.
Madrid goalkeeper Iker
Casillas was rarely tested aside
from Alvaro Negredos weak
frst-half effort, while Barcelona
goalkeeper Jose Manuel Pinto
made a pair of impressive
diving stops in the frst half in
a rare league start in place of
Victor Valdes. Andres Iniesta
and Cesc Fabregas were on the
substitutes bench while Xavi
Hernandez and Gerard Pique
were missing due to injury.
Under the watchful eye of
Qatar owner Sheik Abdullah
Bin Nasser Al-Thani, Malaga
continued its run toward
securing a Champions League
spot as it beat Valencia 1-0 to
match the third-place clubs
55-point total.
Ignacio Camacho headed
in the 27th-minute winner for
the hosts, who enjoyed a man
advantage over the fnal half
hour after Sofane Feghouli was
red carded for clashing with
Jose Rondon.
Madrid, Barca rebound from
Europe with big wins
Rayo Vallecanos Aitor (left) vies for the ball with FC Barcelonas
Lionel Messi during a Spanish La Liga match in Madrid on
Sunday. --Photo AP
Sharapova beats Azarenka
in Porsche fnal
Maria Sharapova sits on the Porsche Carrera she won after beating
Victoria Azarenka 6-1, 6-4 in the fnal of the Porsche Tennis Grand
Prix in Germany on Sunday. --Photo AP
Vientiane Times
Wednesday May 2, 2012
LONDON (AP) -- Chelsea
showed its rivals for Englands
fnal Champions League place
just how hard they will have to
fght to fnish in the top four,
beating Queens Park Rangers
6-1 on Sunday.
Although Tottenham re-
turned to fourth place with
a 2-0 win over Blackburn,
Fernando Torres frst hat trick
in more than 2 years helped
confrm that Chelsea is the in-
form team of three aiming to
qualify for Europes club top
Chelsea, which could
yet render the race for fourth
place immaterial if it wins
next months Champions
League fnal, hit four goals
in the opening 25 minutes at
Stamford Bridge and only
conceded with six minutes
The Blues reached the
Champions League fnal in
midweek by completing a two-
legged win over Barcelona and
would qualify as defending
champion if it beats Bayern
Munich for the trophy, leaving
Englands fourth-place team to
enter the second-tier Europa
League instead.
After a Champions
League game in midweek,
it always proves diffcult in
the next game in the Premier
League, Chelsea interim
manager Roberto Di Matteo
said: I have to say that the
team surprised me. I wasnt
expecting but I was hoping.
They really put in a great
performance today.
Daniel Sturridge scored
after 49 seconds, John Terry
headed in a corner and the
rejuvenated Torres scored
twice to put the result beyond
doubt with more than an hour
The Spain strikers frst goal
was very similar to the one that
earned a 2-2 draw at Barcelona.
He knocked the ball around the
goalkeeper with one touch and
rolled it into an unguarded net
with his next.
He made it 4-0 after
goalkeeper Paddy Kenny
had dropped the slippery ball
following a header back to
him from teammate Nedum
Torres struck again in
the 64th for his frst hat trick
since September 2009, when
he scored three times in
Liverpools 6-1 win over Hull,
and substitute Florent Malouda
scored in the 80th.
Djibril Cisse got a late goal
back for relegation-threatened
After just eight goals in his
frst 61 games since joining
Chelsea for 50 million pounds
(US$81.3 million), Torres
now has four from his last two
I was feeling very good,
very sharp, playing well, but
I couldnt score, Torres said.
Now I feel Im not playing as
well as before, but I am scoring
goals, which is the important
thing for the strikers.
With Chelsea fans looking
forward to next months
Champions League fnal and
FA Cup fnal, the opening half-
hour was played in a party
atmosphere despite heavy rain
that meant water splashed with
players every footstep and
the ball barely traveled when
passed along the ground.
Still, a large number
of Chelsea fans jeered and
taunted QPR defender Anton
Ferdinand throughout for his
accusation earlier this season
that Terry had racially abused
Terry lost the England
captaincy and faces a criminal
trial after the European
Championship in the summer.
The furor meant that
the traditional pre-match
handshake between the sides
was abandoned Sunday to
avoid the players coming into
contact outside of the game.
Defeat further damaged
QPRs chances of avoiding
relegation, although it is still
just above the bottom three on
goal difference.
Weve damaged our own
goal difference today, QPR
manager Mark Hughes said.
At halftime we talked about
Chelsea hits 6 past QPR, Spurs cruise to 2-0 win
Chelseas Fernando Torres (right) vies for the ball with Queen Park
Rangers Clint Hill during a match at Stamford Bridge Stadium in
London on Sunday. --Photo AP
(Xinhua) -- Chinas last player
at the Crucible, Cao Yupeng,
was overpowered 13-7 by
Ryan Day in the last 16 clash
on Saturday while Stephen
Hendry shut out the defending
champion John Higgins
13-4 to reach the quarter-
fnals of the World Snooker
Cao, who turned
professional just last year,
trailed the Welshmen 9-7 after
the second session but failed to
win a frame tonight.
Under the best of 25
frames, the 32-year-old Ryan
rattled off the four frames in
a row and claimed a breezing
victory at the Crucible Theatre,
where the Championship was
staged since 1977. He will
meet either Matthew Stevens
or Barry Hawkins.
Caos last-16 fnish is the
best result for Chinese players
in this years event after top
player Ding Junhui suffered
a shock frst-round defeat to
Its a pity that I didnt
make it to the next round. But
when you trail the opponent
6-2 after the frst session, its
very diffcult to overtake, said
the 21-year-old.
The debutant Cao stunned
the home crowd in the frst
round as the world number 11
Mark Allen was upset 10-6 by
the Chinese qualifer, whose
world ranking was just 81.
I think I have gained
some experience from my
frst Championship. The
atmosphere and the venue here
are amazing. I will try to qualify
for this event next year.
Hendry, the seven-time
winner of this yearly biggest
tournament of snooker, had
already held an overwhelming
12-4 lead after last nights
session and completed the
victory with a break of 64 to
set up a last-eight clash with
Stephen Maguire, who saw off
Joe Perry 13-7 in the morning.
Higgins, the four-time
winner of the event, regarded
the contest last night as one
of his worst sessions in career,
when he lost seven of the eight
I thought Stephen hit the
ball tremendously well, he
looked back to his best. I really
dont know what happened,
said the 37-year-old.
This place can do that to
you, Ive seen it before, it can
bring you your good moments
but it can also give you your
worst nightmare.
The 43-year-old Hendry,
who last won this title in
1999, had to qualify for the
Championship as he had
dropped out of the worlds
top 16 this season but is still
promising to clinch an eighth
In the frst round, the
Snooker King hit a
sensational start to the event
with a 147 maximum break on
the opening day.
Hendry thrashes
defending snooker champ
Vientiane Times 25
Read more news at www.vientianetimes.org.la Wednesday May 2, 2012
Vientiane Times
Euro 50-500 10,533 10,585
Exchange rates as of April 30, 2012
Banque pour le Commerce Exterieur Lao
Foreign Currencies Buying Selling
US Dollar 50-100
Thai Baht
Times Reporters
Lao-Chinese joint
venture is injecting
a massive amount
of investment in real estate
project in Vientiane, vowing to
give the capital city facelift.
CAMCE Investment, a joint
venture between a Chinese
state-owned enterprise CAMC
Engineering and Kitriphong
Group, plans to spend over
US$600 million to complete a
construction complex project
in three phases on 42 hectares
of Don Chan Mekong Island
in Vientiane over six to eight
With a planned total
construction area of more than
700 thousand square meter
and a development scheme of
Vientiane New World, Glory of
Laos, the company is currently
building 50 villas, the frst phase
of the project, in southern part
of the island and will complete
in about fve months so that the
Lao government can use the
facilities to accommodate heads
of Asia-Europe delegations
during the 9th ASEM Summit
in this coming November.
Mr Yao, Managing Director
of CAMCE Investment, said
that ASEM Summit is an event
of historical signifcance.
Each of the past Meetings has
witnessed great enhancement
of regional consensus.
ASEM Villa, a tribute to this
years event, will also have
remarkable value after the
meeting is over. The company
has been approached by some
international organizations
who intend to rent the villas
as head offces, as well as
individual buyers.
The company will kick off
the second phase of the real
estate development project
in the second half of this
year, which will consist of
two parts: the International
Cultural and Tourist Center
and the International Residence
Mr Yao said that after
completion, the International
Cultural and Tourist Center
will become one of the best
walking streets in Laos, with
a large variety of shops,
bars, nightclubs and etc. The
company aims to create for the
public a shopping paradise, a
food paradise, an entertainment
paradise as well as a traveling
He also said that a shopping
mall will be built next to
the walking street and will
accommodate Vientianes frst
international-standard cinema.
The International Residence
Center, Mr Yao said, will
become the best international
community in Vientiane.
He said that in Vientiane,
there are more than 100
thousand foreigners whose
accommodation needs are not
fully fulflled at present. The
VNW International Residence
Center, a concentrated urban
residence area, will be designed
with international standard to
meet the needs of difference
people. Residence area will be
equipped with comprehensive
facilities and will be surrounded
by shops, restaurants and etc.
The third phase of the real
estate development project is
to build International Business
Centre where local and foreign
companies can locate their
offces in.
According to Mr Yao,
Laos is now experiencing
fast economic development,
where foreign investment
fows in and local companies
grow continuously, both
calling for a high-quality
offce environment. To fulfll
different needs, the company
will build three types of offces:
independent headquarter
buildings for large enterprises,
SOHO for medium- and
small- companies, even with
a living functionality, as well
as a landmark offce building,
which is going to be the highest
construction in Vientiane with
a height of more than 100
We hiked a number
of consultants to conduct
feasibility studies. We fnally
fnd out that this is good
opportunity for us to invest,
Mr. Yao told Vientiane Times,
expressing his confdence in
CamCe to make Vientiane a new world
real estate market in Laos.
Mr. Yao said that one of the
main reasons that the company
decided to invest in Laos was
that it saw bright future of the
country. Located in the middle
of the Mekong region, Laos
will become logistic centre
and transit point among other
neighboring countries.
He also said that a large
number of international
tourists will come to Laos over
upcoming years. Compared to
other Southeastern countries,
Laos still has a lot of potential
in tourism. With its rapid
economic progress and the
development of transportation
system, an enormous growth
can be expected.
Mr Yao said that CAMCE
saw the promising future in
Laoss real estate market and
believes that it will be a good
CAMCE really appreciates
the strong support and
encouragement from the Lao
government, said Mr. Yao.
The company has received 50
years land concession with 40
years renewable. It is one of the
biggest favorable conditions
foreign companies have ever
Mr Yao said as a real estate
project, the company pays
great attention to localization.
CAMCE has had successful
collaboration with local
employees in the past, so the
company believes that in the
future, local employees will take
up more responsibilities and
make bigger contributions.
Mr. Yao said that once
the project was completed, it
expects to create more than
5,000 direct and indirect jobs
for Laos.
Mr Yao.
A birds eye view of the VNW project after completion.
ASEM VILLA - the offcial mansion for the 48 heads of state during the 9th ASEM Summit.
Vientiane Times B 2 Wednesday May 2, 2012
Times Reporters
The European Union will
provide more aid to Laos over
the next several years despite
facing debt and a fnancial
crisis, EU offcials said on
The offcials made the
announcement at a meeting
in Vientiane with Lao senior
government offcials to discuss
the impact of the ongoing
European Union debt crisis on
socio-economic development
in Laos.
The EU is not just a
major donor to Laos but also
an importer of Lao garment
products. The ongoing debt
crisis in the eurozone has led
to concerns among policy
makers and businesspeople
about the possible negative
impacts it could have on the
progress of development in
According to a presentation
by EU offcials, the European
Union will reduce aid to
developing nations so that
more assistance can be given to
the least developed countries,
which will beneft Laos in the
coming years.
The European Union has
a budget of about 23 billion
euros available for fnancial
packages in cooperation with
other nations from 2012 to
In response to concerns
over the impact of the EU
debt and fnancial crisis on
foreign direct investment and
trade in Laos, EU offcials
said the European Union was
not a major foreign investor in
Laos so the debt crisis would
not lead to a major drop in
investment funding in the
The largest foreign
investors in Laos are Vietnam,
China and Thailand, with most
investment in the mining and
hydropower sectors, according
to the Ministry of Planning
and Investment. Their data
shows that the Lao economy
is not reliant on the European
EU offcials also said the
impact of the fnancial crisis on
Lao exports would be limited,
pointing out that most of Laos
exports to the EU are garment
products, which account for a
small portion of total export
Most garment exports go
to European nations that are
not involved in the debt crisis.
The EU nations most in debt
are Ireland, Italy and Portugal,
while Germany and France are
still fnancially strong.
EU offcials said, however,
that while the impact of
the debt crisis on Laos was
limited, Laos should have
concrete measures in place to
prevent any possible negative
effects, saying that the future
was unpredictable.
They advised the Lao
government to diversify its
economic base and increase the
number of its trading partners
to ensure sustainable economic
development, adding that the
crisis was an opportunity for
Laos to improve its situation.
EU experts also said the Lao
government should maintain a
sound macro economic policy
and stable exchange rates, as
this would create confdence
among foreign investors.
Lao and EU offcials meet on Monday to discuss the impact of the European debt crisis on the Lao
EU expects to increase aid
to Laos despite debt crisis
EDL-Gen surge powers on
Vientiane: Turnover faded to Fridays close but was still strong.
Support for EDL-Gen stock is strong and deservedly so at its current resistance price.
EDL-Gen dipped briefy in the second and third closings to 4,950 kip, but then recovered
back to 5,000 kip.
With one session to go the electricity stock had already traded 199K stocks, almost at Fridays
By the close 146.6K stocks had traded 15K above Fridays close.
BCEL dropped from Fridays big turnover 131.7 stocks to 29.8K, but none the less volumes
are starting to emerge for the banking stock.
The LSX will be closed today as will some other exchanges, for the International Labour Day
(May Day) public holiday.
US Indexes: US markets resume following late gains last week, which should help
markets stay positive for the early part of the week. Volume trading improved a little
in the last 4 days of last week, indicating risk on in some sectors. Investors remain very
wary of banking stocks. Asean banking stocks have outperformed this year particularly
in Thailand. All US indexes closed up: the Dow 13228.31, NASDAQ 3069.20, S&P500
European indexes: London FTSE +28.39 to 5777.11, German DAX +61.42 to 6801.32,
Paris CAC40 +36.95 to 3266.27. Spain: Madrids unemployment rate hit 24 percent and
S&P downgraded Spain causing the index to lose 2.2 percent Friday.
Asia indexes: The ASX is gaining momentum and was right on its daily average on Friday
turning over AU$5,515,351,039. Intraday Newsat NWT.ASX good volumes improved as
it gained (1) cent to AUD$0.70 in early trade and extended that to AU$0.715 by midday.
PanAust PNA temporarily gained (3) cents to AU$3.24.
Vietnams indexes remain closed today for public holidays.
Japan: Unemployment is at 4 percent and infation is contained with only a 0.02 percent
Q1 rise. In a political move the BOJ is set to issue a US$63B bond monetary easing boost
to the economy.
Oils: Nymex US$104.81; Brent was edging higher from US$119.65 / brl.
metals: Gold lost to US$1 US$1663-61/oz. Copper US$3.82 / lb or LME US$8418 /tn.
Currencies: Australias RBA meets today and a spread of interest rate cuts to avoid panic
is likely. Two rate cuts are highly likely. Analysts predict up to 75 basis points. The AUD
was at US$1.04 and will react to the RBA announcement. Chinas RMB has appreciated
around 40 percent to the US$ since 2005.
SINGAPORE (The Straits Times) --
Employment growth slowed in the frst three
months of 2012, but remained fairly strong with
27,400 jobs created, according to preliminary
estimates from the Ministry of Manpower.
This was lower than the 37,600 jobs created
in the preceding three months, and the 28,300
created in the same period in 2011.
The unemployment rate increased slightly to 2.1 percent last month, from 2.0 percent in December
last year.
1st quarter employment growth
slows in Singapore
Of the new jobs, 19,800 were created
in services and 8,000 in construction.
Manufacturing jobs fell by 500, after having
fallen by 1,400 in the last quarter of 2011.
Layoffs have fallen, with an estimated
2,700 workers made redundant in the frst
three months of 2012 - lower than the 3,250
laid off in the previous quarter.
Vientiane Times 27
Continued from last issue
Wednesday May 2, 2012 B 3
Times Reporters
The cost of living in Laos
is continuing to rise, with
power and water prices on the
According to a report from
the Lao National Statistics
Bureau, the Consumer Price
Index (CPI) in the household
utilities category including
electricity, water and cooking
gas saw a 2 percent increase in
March, forcing consumers to
outlay more for basic utilities.
The year on year change of
the utilities CPI in March was
7.60 percent, representing the
highest infation rate for goods
and services in Laos. The
infation rate of the 12 goods
and service categories in Laos
saw a combined growth of 5.33
percent in March.
Electricity price hikes took
place after the government
approved a 3 percent increase
in the price of electricity each
month from March until the
end of this year, which will
equate to a more than 15
percent increase by the end of
the year. The price of electricity
will also see a further 2 percent
increase annually from 2013
until 2017.
Transport costs were one
of the driving forces of CPI
increases in March. The month
on month change in the CPI
transport category was 1.23
percent in March, while year
on year it was 4.13 percent.
Increasing transport costs
are largely attributable to
the rising price of oil on the
world market. The government
is urged to restructure fuel
pricing as a short term measure
to stem rising infation, with
fuel prices incurring taxes and
Lao CPI fgures rise by
5.33 percent in March
charges putting up fuel costs
by 30 percent.
CPI increases in March
were also driven by the rising
cost of food and non alcoholic
drinks, which saw a month
on month change of about 1
percent while year on year they
rose by 6.3 percent. While
food prices are rising, the price
of rice, a major food staple in
Laos, has remained steady.
The government has
imposed restrictions on the
export of rice, closing down
opportunities to export the
commodity to neighbouring
The restaurant and hotel
service category meanwhile
saw a month on month change
of 0.95 percent and a year on
year of 6.05 percent.
Cigarettes and alcoholic
beverages rose by 0.22 percent
month on month and 3.49
percent year on year.
According to the National
Statistics Bureau, the cost
of labour and construction
materials such as bricks and
processed timber was also on
the increase.
Other goods and
service categories remained
stable in March, including
entertainment, recreation,
education, clothing and
footwear, but were still up by
between one and three percent
over the previous year.
The government has
recognised the burden imposed
by rising living costs and has
agreed to increase salaries for
state employees.
The government is studying
its capacity to increase the
salaries of state employees,
hoping to do so next fscal year,
which begins in October.
CHINA (China Daily) -- Sino-
Russian cooperation in the
energy sector will expand
beyond the traditional oil and
gas arena as economic ties
between the two countries
continue to grow closer,
industry experts said.
Russia sold 2.31 million
tons of crude oil to China in
March, a year-on-year increase
of 47.8 percent. Russia became
Chinas third-biggest source
of crude oil after the country
slashed crude oil purchases
from Iran by more than 50
percent year-on-year.
Russia exported a total
of 7.17 million tons of crude
oil worth US$2.06 billion to
China in the frst three months
of this year, an 81.4-percent
increase from the same period
last year.
Growth of such imports
from Russia will continue,
as the two countries, which
represent the worlds major
oil consumer (China) and
supplier (Russia), need each
other to maintain economic
momentum, said Song Kui,
a senior energy researcher at
the Northeast Asia Research
Institute at the Heilongjiang
Provincial Academy of Social
The oil and gas sectors
make up more than 20 percent
of Russias GDP, while China,
the worlds second-largest
Two workers monitor the China-Russia oil pipeline in Daqing, Heilongjiang province.
China-Russia ties in energy
set to expand
economy and oil consumer,
depends heavily on imports
of foreign oil - more than 55
percent of oil consumption - to
support its economic growth.
Energy cooperation
between the two countries has
been improving at a stable pace
measured by any means from
trade volume to the number
of participating sectors, said
Han Wenke, director of the
Energy Research Center at the
National Development and
Reform Commission.
Energy ties spearhead
the two countries strategic
cooperation, which will have
even brighter prospects as
bilateral trade grows, Han said.
Vice-Premier Li Keqiang
began his offcial visit to
Russia on Thursday and will
stay until Monday, making
it the frst offcial visit by
a top Chinese leader to the
country since Russias March
presidential election.
The two countries have set
a target to increase bilateral
trade to US$100 billion by the
end of 2015 and to US$200
billion in 2020. Thats
compared with US$79.3
billion in trade last year.
The frst oil pipeline
connecting Russias Siberia
region to northeastern Chinas
Daqing started operation on
Jan 1 last year. The pipeline
addresses the two countries
aim to lower delivery costs
and provide more effcient
means to deliver oil.
The pipeline is expected
to annually export about 15
million tons of oil from Russia
into China for 20 years.
Even though a pricing
dispute arose last year, an
agreement was reached early
this year.
Negotiations between
China and Russia about two
more gas pipelines have also
stalled due to price issues.
The disputes are
commercial, as companies
involved in the energy projects
have to take proftability into
consideration, Song said.
But he added that the
conficts have eased after
Russia achieved membership of
the World Trade Organisation
in December by providing
the companies involved with
a fairer and more transparent
business environment.
In addition, apart from
traditional oil and gas
resources, China and Russia
still have plenty of room to
cooperate in sectors such
as renewable energy and
unconventional gas, which
Russia has yet to vigorously
tap into, Han said.
We can expect broader and
deeper cooperation between
the two large economies,
Han said.
Oil hovers below
US$105 as US, China
growth slows
prices hovered below
US$105 a barrel on Monday
in Asia amid the prospect
that slowing economic
growth in the US and China
will undermine demand for
Benchmark oil for June
delivery was down 13 cents
to US$104.80 a barrel
in electronic trading on
the New York Mercantile
Exchange. The contract
rose 38 cents to settle at
US$104.93 in New York on
Friday. Brent crude for June
delivery was down 15 cents
at US$119.68 per barrel in
Asia stocks rise on
hopes of new Fed
stimulus move
BANGKOK (AP) -- Asian
stock markets rose on
Monday in holiday-thinned
trade as sluggish US growth
fgures boosted hopes for
more measures from the
Federal Reserve to help the
worlds No. 1 economy.
South Koreas Kospi
added 0.3 percent to
1,982.15 amid improving
business sentiment among
manufacturers. Australias
S&P/ASX 200 gained
0.8 percent to 4,396 as
rising commodities prices
helped push up its mining
sector. Hong Kongs Hang
Seng rose 1.1 percent to
20,978.72. Benchmarks
in New Zealand and the
Philippines also gained.
AB InBev proft
jumps 75 pct thanks
to lower costs
worlds biggest brewer
Anheuser-Busch InBev NV
said on Monday its frst-
quarter net proft jumped
75 percent thanks to lower
fnancing costs and taxes as
well as bigger beer sales.
Net proft rose to US$1.69
billion between January and
March from US$964 million a
year earlier, after a sharp drop
in fnancing costs as well as
declining taxes. AB InBevs
chief fnancial offcer, Filipe
Dutra, said the company was
benefting from growing
profts in countries like Brazil,
where the tax rate is lower than
in Europe and the US.
Pall Corp selling
some blood
transfusion assets
New York (AP) -- Filtration
equipment manufacturer
Pall Corp. has agreed to
sell certain operations and
equipment used in blood
transfusions to health care
company Haemonetics Corp.
for about US$550 million.
The deal announced on
Sunday calls for Haemonetics
to receive blood collection,
fltration and processing
systems and equipment, along
with manufacturing facilities
in California, Mexico and
Italy from Pall. Some of
Palls assets in Puerto Rico
are also included.
JAPAN (The Yomiuri Shimbun)
-- Automakers are catering
to the nostalgia of drivers by
reviving old models or releasing
new cars with names similar to
those of famous old models,
but with greater fuel effciency
and comfort.
Nissan Motor Co. is the latest
automaker to follow the trend
by announcing Wednesday its
Cima luxury sedan would make
a reappearance next month.
In December, Honda Motor
Co. released the N Box light
vehicle, which was named after
its N 360 model, the automakers
frst mass-produced light vehicle
model released in 1967.
This month, Toyota Motor
Corp. began selling the 86
sports car. The 86 is one of
Toyotas model numbers for its
Levin and Trueno small sports
cars, both of which enjoyed
wide popularity in the 1980s.
Mitsubishi Motors Corp.
will reintroduce its new Mirage,
a compact car, this summer for
the frst time in 12 years in this
Among foreign automakers,
Italian automaker Alfa Romeo
Automobiles SpA has recently
revived its famous Giulietta
model for the frst time in about
30 years.
Nissan said it had received
a number of requests from
customers to revive the Cima
after the automaker stopped
production in 2010. The car
will go on sale May 21.
The Cima made its debut
in 1988 and became a big hit,
selling about 36,400 units that
year. The model was a symbol
of the peoples preference for
high-grade products during the
bubble economy, and the word
Cima phenomenon became a
Nissan stopped producing
the Cima in August 2010
because adapting the car to
the latest safety standards was
too costly. But the company
said it received a large number
of requests from customers,
mainly Cima owners, urging
Nissan to revive the model.
The new Cima will not
really be the same model.
Instead, it will be a hybrid car
with a fuel effciency of 16.6
kilometers per liter, equivalent
to that of compact and midsize
cars, and the chassis will be
based on Nissans Fuga model.
To compensate for the large
price tag--ranging from 7.35
million yen to 8.4 million yen-
-Nissan said it had improved
the comfort of the new car by
making the back seat wider
than in older models.
It emphasized the
luxuriousness of the new model
by saying that each car had been
polished manually by skilled
Nissan said the new Cima
will be ranked above the Fuga
as the companys top model.
Carmakers play on nostalgia
Asia News Network (ANN)
The Asia News Network (ANN) is a network of leading daily English language
newspapers in Asia, supported by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation of Germany
through its regional representative bureau in Singapore.
It was established in March, 1999, to provide avenues for cooperation and
optimise coverage of major news events in the region.
It also aims to promote journalism, share news stories, feature articles, editorials
and personality profles. ANN is the worlds most active newspaper alliance with
a membership base of 18 newspapers in 16 countries.
The German News Agency of Deutsche Presse-Agentur, as one of the leading
international agencies and ANNs exclusive partner, distributes news and
features, background stories and commentaries from ANN to subscribers
They consist of Rasmei Kampuchea (Cambodia), China Daily (China), The
Statesman (India), The Korea Herald (South Korea), The Star (Malaysia), Sin
Chew Daily (Malaysia), The Nation (Thailand), The Straits Times (Singapore),
The Philippine Daily Inquirer (Philippines), The Jakarta Post (Indonesia), Vietnam
News (Vietnam), The Daily Star (Bangladesh), Vientiane Times (Laos), The
Kathmandu Post (Nepal), The Island (Sri Lanka), Brunei Times (Brunei), The
Nation (Pakistan), and China Post (Taiwan). The combined circulation of these
newspapers is more than 14 million copies per day.
Vientiane Times
Wednesday May 2, 2012 B 4 B 4
UNDP is the UNs global development network, advocating for change and connecting countries to
knowledge, experience and resources to help build a better life.
NAME & ADDRESS OF FIRM: Interested Date of issue: 27 April, 2012
consultancy Company
REFERENCE: RFQ_018_2012 (Extended)
Production of investment promotion video
Dear Sir / Madam:
The United Nations Development Programme in Lao PDR (hereinafter referred as UNDP) hereby
solicits your proposals for provision of services for production of investment promotion video.

submission of proposals:
Proposals must include Technical and Financial proposal in separate sealed envelopes to the
address below no later than close of business on 12 May 2012
UNDP Country Offce in Lao PDR
Lane Xang Avenue
PO BOX 345

Full set of bidding documents which includes Terms of Reference (TOR), proposal submission
requirements and price schedule, UNDP General Terms and Conditions can be downloaded
on our web-site www.undplao.org using the following link: http://www.undplao.org/vacancies/
Proposals must be valid for 60 days. All documents must be submitted to UNDP in English or in Lao
language supported by adequate English translation.
aTTenTIOn: Please indicate on the envelop or on e-mail subject the RFP reference i.e.
RFQ/018/2012 Production of investment promotion video.
UndP will not be responsible for postal delays, if any, in the delivery of the bid documents
or non-receipt of the bid.
Request for additional information:
Firms/companies with questions regarding this request should send them in writing to the
following e-mail: lao.procurement@undp.org. Please indicate on e-mail subject the RFP reference
i.e. RFQ/018/2012 Production of investment promotion video.
Late or partial quotations will be rejected.
Lao pdR
HCM CITY, Vietnam (VNS)
-- The Cuu Long (Mekong)
Delta region targets annual
economic growth of 12 percent
through 2020, hoping to raise
per capita income to VND70
million (US$3,350) per year,
according to the Southwest
Region Steering Committee.
The region will be
developed into a focal economic
zone, an area specialising in
food and fsheries produce,
according to a report released
at an exhibition that opened in
Can Tho yesterday to showcase
its achievements in the past
Speaking at the
inauguration, Deputy PM Vu
Van Ninh, who is also head of
the Southwest Region Steering
Committee, reaffrmed the
strategic role played by the
Cuu Long (Mekong) Delta in
the countrys economy.
It is headed in the
right direction in tapping its
advantages and potential and
contributing to the countrys
development, he added.
In the frst decade of this
century, the region grew at 11.7
percent and accounted for 18-19
per cent of the countrys GDP
and 10 percent of exports.
Its average annual industrial
growth rate in the period was
18.8 percent.
Eleven industrial parks
were established, attracting
US$743 million and offering
over 70,000 jobs.
But a report released at a
conference held to promote
investment in the region on
the exhibitions sidelines on
KOREA (The Korea Herald)
-- Gimpo International Airport
may have lost its hub status
to state-backed Incheon
International Airport, but Korea
Airports Corp., the operator of
14 regional airports including
Gimpo, still aims to exhibit its
prowess in airport management
and equipment exports.
KAC vice president Kim
Byeong-no said the frm was
set to compete with global
equipment players such as
Thales and Selex, while
tapping build-operate-transfer
or operation and maintenance
KAC has more than 30
years experience in operating
cost-effcient and advanced
airports. No one can top that
here, Kim told The Korea
As we have succeeded
in developing key airport
equipment and systems
domestically with small and
medium-size partners, we
are ready to further grow
Kim, who has been with
KAC for 30 years and now
heads the R&D division, added
that such development has
helped Koreas airport industry
become less reliant on foreign
The time is ripe for KAC
to show that Korean-made
products such as distance
measuring equipment and
instrument landing systems
have as much capability as
others in this sector.
Delta targets annual 12 percent
growth over next decade
Thursday said the achievements
fell short of potential.
Economic development
remained unsustainable and
not very competitive, and
faced high risk. Agriculture
was threatened by climate
change and rise in sea levels.
Infrastructure was not well
developed, making the region
less attractive to investors.
There was a shortage of
qualifed and skilled labour.
The region also suffers
from a brain drain, losing out
to HCM City and the south-
eastern region, leading to
shortages of qualifed workers.
At the conference, the
steering committee called for
investments of nearly US$1.6
billion into 178 major projects.
Nguyen Phong Quang, its
deputy head, said the region
would tap gas reserves off
the south-west coast, set up
wind and thermal power
plants, and further develop
transport, irrigation, and other
infrastructure facilities.
More than 480 businesses
in Can Tho and other Mekong
provinces are displaying their
products at nearly 1,200 stalls
at the exhibition which will
remain open until May 1.
Workers process tra fsh for export at the Bianfshco Company in
the southern province of Can Tho.
Korea Airports Corp. looks
to overseas markets
Kim Byeong-no.
The company aims to
achieve overseas sales of 200
billion won (US$180 million)
by 2020, or grab a three percent
share of the global equipment
market. It has exported goods
worth some 30 billion won to
14 countries over the last four
years, the executive noted,
highlighting its latest export of
ILS to Turkey, which will be
KACs foothold to a foray into
the Middle East.
Another area it wants to
pursue overseas is build-operate-
transfer deals or operation
and maintenance contracts,
including equity investments in
both greenfeld and brownfeld
airports in Southeast Asia where
demand for airport infrastructure
is growing on the back of
economic growth.
KAC is bidding for
O&M of Vietnams Van Don
International Airport with
its feasibility study done by
Samjong KPMG, as well as
eyeing opportunities in the
Philippines. O&M contracts
normally run for 30 years,
and Kim said it is interested in
potential projects whose size
is equivalent to KACs Daegu
and Gwangju airports.
KAC has zero debt, which
clearly shows our strength
in operating and managing
airports effciently, Kim said,
pointing to Gimpo, Gimhae and
Jeju airports, which have been
operating in the black for years.
Were going to take our
management and development
model, including meetings,
incentives, conferences,
and exhibitions business, to
overseas for BOT and O&M.
MICE integrated with
airport operations is considered
KACs new growth engine,
Kim added.
KAC aims to achieve sales
of some 150 billion won in the
overseas BOT-O&M business
by 2020.
It is fnancially capable of
pursuing its global growth,
also backed by the Export-
Import Bank of Korea, Korea
International Cooperation
Agency and Koreas global
infrastructure fund.
The executive added that
KAC was looking to operate
an air force base in Portugal
where pilots will be trained
with Koreas T-50 supersonic
Vientiane Times 29
BeeRs BaR

40 BeLGIan BeeRs
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Fagnum, Mekongriverside roadinfront of bus stop
CHOK dee CaFe
Lao land company is one of the leading real
estate service agency based in Vientiane.
We are specialized in property service
sector, and proud to say your needs is our
For further inquiry, please feel free to
contact us at 020 5551 0155, 23666333, or
021 453 919.
030 981 9052, 020 23220022
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Car rental service
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AB Apartment
Services: 2Bedrooms, 1Bedroom & Studio room
Features: Fully furnished apartment in Vientiane
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TV, house keeping, 24 hours security surveillance,
washing machine and wireless connectivity.
Nearby: International community, diplomatic area &
minute drive from Patuxay Monument.
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Service offered: Logistics, Transport,
Home Removal,Custom clearance for air
freight and sea freight.
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C 2 Classifeds Wednesday May 2, 2012
Sale Agents for Lao Airline
Thai Airways, Vietnam Airlines
& World Wide Air-Tickets service
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unnc nnOveS iqOc nrc
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accommodate large vehicles, and
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There are 6 two-storey units
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Expected Characteristic: Hard working and diligent.
For further information please contact:
020 97970554, 020 55602942
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Ban watnak 2493 sq m
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Le Rnovateur is a weekly magazine of general information written in French and discussing current events in Laos. Readers will fnd it
different from other newspapers and can enjoy news about culture, consult their horoscope and fnd out about radio and TV programmes, as
well as check on current movies at the French Language Centre. There are also cookery items as well as personal profles. The magazine
costs only 10,000 kip per issue, and is published every Monday. You can buy it at kiosks or directly from our offce on Namphu Square at the
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Freight Forwarders-Land Transport-Services

u n n c u Ln OLs Ln nr c
Vientiane Times 31 Wednesday May 2, 2012 Classifeds C 3
Vientiane Times C 4 Classifeds Wednesday May 2, 2012
Capacity Development for Sector-wide Coordination in Health Phase II (CDSWC-
II) is now looking for a Project Assistant (Translation/Interpretation) for the JICA-
funded project. CDSWC-II is a fve-year project started in December 2010 in order
to strengthen the capacity of the health sector in Lao PDR in the coordination of
various efforts and interventions both by the Government and the Development
Partners. This post is only open for Lao Nationals.
DUTY STATION: Project offce close to Ministry of Health, Vientiane
Perform as an interpreter between Lao and English at meetings;
Translate wide variety of documents from Pasa Lao to English, and vice versa.
Perform a wide range of offce support functions with other project staff
CONTRACT TYPE: 6 months renewable
Fluent in both written and spoken Lao and English
Computer literacy, especially MS Word and Excel
High motivation and willingness to learn about the health sector and
international development cooperation
Good interpersonal and communication skill
Ability to Work within a team environment
Good organizational skills and time-keeping
Those who are interested in and qualifed for the position are highly encouraged to
apply as follows:
Please send by e-mail (cdswc2@gmail.com) the followings:
A Cover Letter, briefy stating applicants qualifcations, including English
qualifcation, and will to apply (Not more than 2 pages)
A Curriculum Vitae (CV)/Resume with your photo, articulating applicants
personal, educational, and occupational backgrounds, skills, salary
expectation and contact information (Not more than 4 pages)
A Reference letter from someone who is accessible by e-mail
Please quote Project Assistance (Translation/Interpretation) as the title of your e-mail.
Closing Date Friday 11 May, 2012.
Only those who are short-listed will be contacted for an interview.
Country: Lao Peoples Democratic Republic
Project: Education for All Fast Track Initiative Catalytic Fund (EFAFTI CF Program)
Sector: Education
Description:International Consultant to Assist the Pre-Primary IU on Community Based School Readiness Program (CBSRP).
Grant No.: TF097384
Project ID No.: P118494
Early childhood school readiness programs for children under 5 years of age, which assist in the development of learning capacities for
children in the areas of physical health and ftness, language and communication, intellectual knowledge, emotional and social development,
greatly enhance the success rate for children to remain in school and participate fully in the primary education programs.
Young children in poor communities and vulnerable ethnic groups have limited access to early childhood development programs.
Although MoES has successfully implemented preschool and kindergarten educational programs throughout Lao PDR with the
enrolment rate of children under 5 years of age at 40.3%, , MOES has found that 59.7% of children under 5 years still have no access
to such services. It is felt that early childhood development school readiness programs for children under 5 years play a crucial role
in helping children be successful in primary school and ultimately reduces repetition rates in grades 1 to 3.
Therefore, MOES has determined that the establishment of community based play groups within the community is one form of
a school readiness program that can offer vital opportunities to children under 5 years within villages where there is no exisiting
kindergarten or primary school available. These community based play groups will help prepare village children to be ready for
entering into primary school education and increase the success rates for these children to remain in school.
The consultant will strengthen the capacity of the Ministry of Education and Sports to develop, produce and use child-centered
teaching and learning materials for community-based school readiness play groups (CBSR).
Task 1: Carry out a desk review of existing MoES teaching and learning materials for pre-school and pre-primary education,
including the recently developed CBSR curriculum, facilitators guide, and teaching and learning materials. MoES will
provide all materials to the consultant for review. Translation of some materials into English may need to be done before
consultancy starts
Output 1: Analysis of existing teaching and learning materials with a focus on how they could be utilised in the CBSR
Task 2: Facilitate a series of ten capacity development workshops (two five-day workshops and eight one-day workshops) t o
strengthen the knowledge, skills and ability of a core team to lead the development, production and effective use of teaching
and learning materials for the CBSR. The capacity development workshops will include both theory and practice and use
the CBSR curriculum, and in particular the Scope of General Knowledge in each Teaching Unit of the Curriculum as a
reference to guide the content of the capacity development workshops.
The initial fve-day workshop will strengthen the core teams understanding of the concept of child-centered learning and how this directly
links with the use of hands-on classroom learning materials. The core team will have a deeper understanding of how learning materials can be
used not only by teachers to instruct students, but also as learning materials used directly by students to engage in their own learning.
Each of the bi-weekly one-day workshops will focus one of the eight CBSR curriculum consultant teaching unit. The workshops
will combine theory and practice to enable the core team to guide educational material companies, teachers and local communities to
develop and produce appropriate hands-on learning materials for the CBSR program.
During the fnal fve-day work shop the existing CBSR facilitators guide will be revised to include additional teaching and learning
materials within each of the eight teaching units of the CBSR curriculum based on the knowledge and skills learned during the
previous nine workshops.
Output 2: Ten workshops facilitated and a draft of the revised CBSR facilitators guide developed
The contract is for 37 working days from June 2012.
4. QUaLIFICaTIOns sUmmaRy
- Advanced University degree in Education or related felds;
- At least 10 years of working experience in the area of early childhood education;
- At least eight years working in developing countries in early childhood education;
- Experience working with governments for capacity development;
- Involvement in the development of the CBSR programme curriculum, teachers guide and teaching and learning materials
in Lao PDR
Interested eligible candidates may obtain further information and the detailed TOR from the Ministry of Education and Sports,
ESDF Coordination Unit (ECU) at the address below during offce hours 08:00 to 16:00 hours or by e-mail.
Please submit CVs and three [3] references along with a letter of interest by 27th April to 17th May 2012 to the address below. Only
short listed individual candidates will be contacted for an interview.
Attn: Mrs. Khampaseuth KITIGNAVONG, Program Director
Ministry of Education and Sports
Lane Xang Avenue,
P.O Box 067, Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR
E-mail: edpiimoe@laopdr.com
Tel/Fax: (856 -21) 243 672
VaCanCy annOUnCemenT
Programme Assistant_SRH (GS-5) Post No. 4134
The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) is the worlds largest international source of population assistance. UNFPAprovides
support to improve health through reproductive health and maternal health services, to achieve gender equality and to formulate/
implement population policies and strategies in support of sustainable development.
UNFPAin the Lao PDR is seeking a qualifed Lao national candidate to fll a staff position of Programme Assistant_SRH.
Under the direct supervision of the National Programme Analyst - SRH/Health Systems Strengthening, the successful candidate will
be responsible for the following duties and responsibilities:
1. As a member of the programme support pool for the SRH team, provide programme and administrative support to all team
members and consultants, in line with the needs and priorities identifed by the team.
2. Assist in following-up with activities and expenditures (FACE) under the projects as needed. Provide programme fnancial
assistance through ATLAS requisitioner and buyer functions; also facilitate audit requirements
3. When required, prepare programme/projects-related correspondence for clearance by the Programme Offcers for the SRH
Coordinators endorsement: carefully check enclosures and addresses and accuracy conformity of statement; screen and submit
in-coming correspondence /documents for the SRH coordinators perusal; draw attention to matters of high priority; timely
distribute correspondence to related team members; and timely follow up with the concerned on the implementation of these
4. Assist the Team in following up with the projects activities, other agencies on projects-related issues; administrative matters
such as: hotel bookings, transport, printing publications/booklets, workshop arrangements, national and international consultant
5. Draft supporting documents for the issuance of SSAs and sub-contracts and timely payment processing for these contracts.
6. Assist in organising overseas study visit, training course and fellowships under UNFPA-supported as well as under regional
7. Arrange meetings and take minutes and/or notes at meetings; arrange appointments for Team Members, receive visitors, place
and screen telephone calls, respond to routine requests for programme and project information and assist in making travel
arrangements for Team Members.
8. Carry out specifc operational/control tasks in accordance with instructions received for programme/project implementation.
9. Help retrieving fles and documentation.
10. Collect information, assemble and prepare background materials required by SRH coordinator and Supervisor for briefngs,
meetings, travel on missions, etc; type a wide of materials, proof-read for correctness; translate documents; and may act as an
interpreter for various meetings and during feld trips.
11. Keep lists of names, addresses and telephone numbers of ministers, government offcials and members of the diplomatic corps.
12. Assist in initiating procurement if required.
13. Demonstrate and promote gender sensitive behavior and gender equality within UNFPAand with partners.
14. Undertake any other tasks when required.
The following qualifcations and experience are required:
Bachelors degree in English or administration/management
Minimum of 5 years of secretarial and administrative and clerical/interpreter skills
Core Competencies:
o Values/guiding principles
o Developing people
o Personal leadership and effectiveness
o Building and managing relationships
Functional Competencies:
o Logistical support
o Managing data
o Managing documents, correspondence and reports
o Managing information and workfow
o Planning, organizing and multi-tasking
o Providing fnancial support
o Job knowledge / technical expertise
Fluency in both oral and written English and Laos
Profciency in current offce software applications
The salary for the above position plus other benefts will be in accordance with UN rules and regulations for fxed term staff. All
interested applicants must submit an application letter with a UN standard personal history form, P11, in English to: UNFPAOffce,
Phonesavanh Tai, P.O. Box 345, Vientiane (Tel: 315547, 353048-50) or e-mail to: laos.offce@unfpa.org indicating Application
for Programme Assistant_SRH. Please contact UNFPAoffce to obtain P11 form or download from http://countryoffce.unfpa.org/
lao/. The deadline for application is 04 May 2012.
We will only consider applications with complete P11 attached. UNFPA will only be able to respond to those applicants in whom
UNFPA has a further interest. UNFPA reserves the right to appoint prior to the closing date. UNFPA does not solicit or screen for
information in respect of HIV or AIDS and does not discriminate on the basis of HIV/AIDS status.
Notice: There is no application, processing or other fee at any stage of the application process.
VaCanCy annOUnCemenT
Programme Analyst (Population and Development) - NOB Post No. 34400
The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) is the worlds largest international source of population assistance. UNFPAprovides
support to improve health through reproductive health and maternal health services, to achieve gender equality and to formulate/
implement population policies and strategies in support of sustainable development.
UNFPA in the Lao PDR is seeking a qualifed Lao national candidate to fll a staff position of Programme analyst (Population
and Development).
Under the direct supervision of Assistant Representative, the successful candidate will be responsible for the following duties and
1. Provide technical and management support to the relevant IPs and related partners in planning, development, implementation,
monitoring and evaluation of population related policies and programme interventions
2. Coordinate technical assistance for and provide technical inputs to the conduct of key surveys. Articulate the inter-linkages
between population dynamics, reproductive health and rights, GBV/VAW and the needs of adolescents and young people; and
assess technical assistance for the integration of population variables into development planning
3. Provide substantive inputs to UNFPAs response and advocacy strategies relating to population and development, taking into
account political and social sensitivities.
4. Identify policy issues from data analysis to facilitate policy dialogues and the incorporation of these evidences into national
plans and strategies. Ensure population issues emerged from data analysis, ICPD goals and MDGs are translated into local
interventions, and responsive to Government plans and priorities.
5. Co-ordinate and support UNDAF Outcome 1 working group as co-convener and facilitate inputs to all joint initiatives with
other UN Agencies and Implementing Partners including joint planning, joint missions and joint reporting/reviews.
6. Document good practices and lessons learned from other countries on population related policies and programme interventions
7. Work with the Assistant Representative on upstream policy advice and support the work of other team members. Collaborate with
programme staff of other teams to promote programme coherence and linkages with the programmes on Womens reproductive
health and rights as well as the needs of young people and adolescents
8. Demonstrate and promote gender sensitive behavior and gender equality within UNFPAand with partners.
9. Actively contribute to advancing the ICPD agenda and mainstream gender, human rights, and culture into policy advocacy,
programming, and monitoring and evaluation as appropriate; also contribute to the review on the implementation of ICPD PoA
and developing strategies for way forward to fully achieve ICPD goals
10. Use multi-media approaches for the implementation of population and SRH advocacy strategies.
11. Strengthen capacity of IPs in programme management of UNFPA supported activities for timely and high quality substantive
and fnancial reporting
12. Contribute to the development resource mobilisation strategy by analyzing information on potential donors, preparing
substantive briefs and project proposals in line with donor priorities, creating feedback mechanisms and providing information
on progress of donor funded projects
13. Provide timely feedback to the Assistant Representative and the Management Team of UNFPAon programme implementation,
monitoring and evaluation
14. Implement any other assignments requested by the Supervisor and UNFPAManagement Team.
The following qualifcations and experience are required:
Masters degree in population, demography, and/or population and social development related feld.
At least 5 years of increasingly responsible professional experience in programme/project management in the public or private
sector which demonstrates expertise in the substantive area of work and programme experience.
Experience in policy analysis, policy research with track record of data analytical skills and proven ability to produce
demonstrable results.
Demonstrated ability to network among partners active in supporting development issues.
Good understanding of the Lao PDR Governments population related policies, laws, policy making processes
Field experience would be desirable.
Core Competencies:
o Values/guiding principles
o Developing people
o Personal leadership and effectiveness
o Building and managing relationships
Functional Competencies:
o Advocacy/advancing a policy-oriented agenda
o Result-based programme development and management
o Leveraging the resources of national governments & partners/building strategic alliances and partnerships
o Innovation and marketing of new approaches
o Resource mobilization (programme)
o Job knowledge/technical expertise
Fluency in both oral and written English and Lao
Profciency in current offce software applications. Good writing and presentation skill.
The salary for the above position plus other benefts will be in accordance with UN rules and regulations for fxed term staff. All
interested applicants must submit an application letter with a UN standard personal history form, P11, in English to: UNFPAOffce,
Phonesavanh Tai, P.O. Box 345, Vientiane (Tel: 315547, 353048-50) or e-mail to: laos.offce@unfpa.org indicating Application
for Programme Analyst (Population and Development). Please contact UNFPAoffce to obtain P11 form or download from http://
countryoffce.unfpa.org/lao/. The deadline for application is 04 May 2012.
We will only consider applications with complete P11 attached. UNFPA will only be able to respond to those applicants in whom
UNFPA has a further interest. UNFPA reserves the right to appoint prior to the closing date. UNFPA does not solicit or screen for
information in respect of HIV or AIDS and does not discriminate on the basis of HIV/AIDS status.
Notice: There is no application, processing or other fee at any stage of the application process.