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9th Petroleum and Chemical Industry Conference Europe Electrical and Instrumentation Applications

June 19th - 21st, 2012 Prague, Czech Republic Preliminary Program


Conference Site Marriott Hotel V Celnici 8, Prague, Czech Republic 110 00 Tel: +420 222-888 888 Fax: +420 222-888 889 www.marriott.com

Executive and Technical Program Committee Patrick Leroux, TOTAL (F), Chair Jean-Charles Guilhem, 2B1st Consulting (F), Vice Chair Terence Hazel, Schneider Electric (F), Secretary Claudio Enggist, Schneider-Treuhand (CH), Treasurer Ben Johnson, IEEE-PCIC (USA) Felix Seibl, Zvei (DE) Geir Nordvik, Statoil (N) Grard Hombourger, ExxonMobil (F) Graeme Peck, Hess (GB) Jacques Tastet, Technip (F) Justin Mason, BP (UK) Peter Freeman, Shell (NL) Peter Pieters, Sabic (NL)

Organisation Committee Terence Hazel, Schneider Electric (F) Jean-Charles Guilhem, 2B1st Consulting (F) Nathalie Bruno-Chavanne, ABB (F)

Local Committee 1 - Ji Tabek, ABB (CZ) 2- John A van Straalen, Hubbell Electrical Products (NL) 3 - Radoslav Dinka, Schneider Electric (SVK)

Contacts Patrick Leroux, TOTAL (F) Terence Hazel, Schneider Electric, (F) Nathalie Bruno-Chavanne, ABB (F)

patrick.leroux@pcic-europe.eu terence.hazel@pcic-europe.eu nathalie.bruno-chavanne@pcic-europe.eu


9th Annual PCIC-Europe Conference, June 2012Prague, Czech Republic

th -21st st 9thth Annual PCIC-Europe Conference,2012. th June 2012Prague, Czech Republic Prague, Czech Republic on Conference, st th 9 Annual PCIC-Europe 19-21 June th19 19 -21 June 2012Prague, Czech Republic

The Petroleum and Chemical Industry Committee Europe is organizing its 9th annual conference in For details regarding PCIC Europe Industry Committee Europe The Petroleum and Chemical conferences, please The Petroleum and Chemical Industry Committee Europe is Petroleum and Chemical conference go toThe organizing www.pcic-europe.eu. in Prague, Prague, Czech ouris organizing9th annualIndustry conference in Czech website its its 9th annual Committee Europe The Golden City, the City of the one thousand spires, Prague has a lot For details regarding PCIC Europe conferences, please The Petroleumregardingregarding PCIC Europe conferences, please For details website www.pcic-europe.eu. Europe please attraction to offer.Built by Europes finest architects and artists over the For and Chemical Industry Committee go to our details PCIC Europe conferences, is organizing its 9th annual conference in go to our600 our website www.pcic-europe.eu. course ofonwebsite www.pcic-europe.eu.Prague, Czech to years, it teems with magnificent places of Republicgo 19-21 June 2012. The Golden City, the City of the one thousand spires, historical Golden City, the City of the one thousand spires, interest. The Prague regarding attraction theconferences,the one thousand spires, For details has Golden City, to offer. please The a lot PCIC Europe Prague website attraction to offer. City of has a lot go to ourPraguewww.pcic-europe.eu. to offer. has a Town with Have a stroll in the Oldlot attractionits cobbledartists over the the right bank streets, along Built by Europes finest architects and Built by Europes finestofarchitectsthousand spires,the the Town Square, with andmagnificent places of artistsof The Golden City, and wonder at with of the course River, the City it the onethe beauty over Old Vlatva of 600 years, teems course Hall lot years, it teems with architects and characters the itsPrague has a600attraction to offer. finestmagnificent places artists over are a very Town of Built by Europes clock whose moving of and astronomical historical interest. historical interest. 600 years, course of Enjoy the variety of the brightly teems magnificent faades, popular attraction. finest architects itand artists with the coloredplaces of Built by Europes over historical interest. with magnificent places of Have a stroll teems its Gothic, course of a stroll in the the Old Town withcobbled streets, encompassingyears, it in Old architecture, fromcobbled streets, Have 600 all styles of Town with its along the historical interest.right bank of the Vlatva River, and wonder at the along the right bank of the to Art Nouveau. River, and wonder at the Romanesqueof theBaroqueVlatva Old Townits Town Hall and streets, beauty anda Old Townthe Have stroll in Square, with with its cobbled
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9 Annual PCIC-Europe Conference, 19 -21 June 2012Prague, Czech Republic

is organizing on 19-21 June 2012. annual conference in Prague, Czech Republic its 9th 2012Prague, Czech Republic 9th Annual PCIC-Europe Conference, 19th-21st June 19-21 June 2012. Republic June 2012. Republic on 19-21on

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Welcome to Prague
I am very pleased to welcome you to Prague, Czech Republic for the 9th PCIC Europe conference. The Petroleum & Chemical Industry Committee Europe conference (PCIC Europe) is the premier forum for the exchange of experience in the practical application of electricity and instrumentation in the petroleum, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Experts from users, engineering companies, manufacturers, regulators, certifying bodies and international standardization organizations will present papers with the intention of informing the attendees about their experience and recent progress. The subjects selected for the conference cover safety issues, new standards and regulations, engineering, equipment, operation and maintenance aspects, and feedback from end-users. During the conference a Hospitality Area will be provided in the conference hotel to allow fruitful discussions among all attendees, exchange experiences, and create efficient and friendly networking. This Hospitality Area has had a great success in previous PCIC Europe conferences and I invite you to make full use of it. The first 2 PCIC Europe conferences were held in 2004 and 2005 in Basle Switzerland, then Amsterdam The Netherlands in 2006, Paris France in 2007, Weimar Germany in 2008, Barcelona Spain in 2009, Oslo Norway in 2010 and Rome Italy in 2011. About 200 attendees from 20 countries attended the previous PCIC Europe conferences. Also it has been noted that more and more end users are present, this showing the importance of the discussions. Every year the conference will be held in a different European country in order to foster exchanges among people having different practices and perspectives for the mutual benefit of everyone. I am looking forward to seeing you in Prague Patrick Leroux Chair PCIC Europe


The 2012 technical program

The continued success of the PCIC Europe conference demonstrates that it truly does provide the international forum needed by those involved in the Oil & Gas Exploration, Production, Refining, Petrochemical, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries. The presentation of high quality technical papers and the discussions during and after the conference make it very interesting for all attendees. The 2008 PCIC Europe introduced a tutorial session which was very well attended, and we will have another session at the 2012 conference. In Prague we will hold 2 panel discussions due to the high interest in topics that have been presented in the past. They will be 1 hour plenary sessions held during the last 2 hours on Thursday afternoon. Details are given in the next few pages of the program. The panel discussions will provide an ideal forum for the exchange of ideas. The PCIC Europe conference is a rare opportunity for end-users, engineering companies, manufacturers and regulatory bodies to be able to meet and discuss matters of vital importance to the industry. The PCIC Europe Committee has renewed the technical co-sponsorship with the Industrial Applications Society of IEEE. In addition to the possibility offered to authors to have selected papers published in the Industrial Applications Transactions and Magazine, all papers presented in the 2012 PCIC Europe conference will be digitally archived on IEEE Xplore thus being available to readers throughout the world via the IEEE Xplore website. Papers from the 2011 Rome PCIC Europe conference are available through IEEE Xplore. The main topics of the PCIC Europe conference are: 1. Energy efficiency & sustainable development 2. Safety in the Workplace 3. Experiences from Users with Regulations and Standards 4. Electrical and Instrumentation (E&I) Engineering Practices 5. Equipment, Systems and Components 6. Operation, Maintenance, Repair, Asset Management and Qualification of Personnel Attending the PCIC Europe conference is one of the best ways of getting the information needed to be able to adapt quickly in our ever-changing industry. Presenting a paper at a PCIC Europe conference is a way to control the evolution of our industry. I am looking forward to seeing you in Prague. Terence Hazel Secretary PCIC Europe


PCIC Europe Mission To provide an international forum for the exchange of electrical applications technology relating to the petroleum and chemical industry, to sponsor appropriate standards activity for that industry, and to provide opportunity for professional development.

PCIC Europe Strategies 1. The PCIC Europe Annual Technical Conference will be held in locations of industry strength, and its location will be rotated annually in an effort to attract national and international participation. 2. PCIC Europe will proactively promote participation by a broad base of PCIC Europe representatives, with an emphasis on both younger and retired engineers. 3. Attendees will be encouraged to participate in technical activities including authorship of papers and standards development. 4. The quality of PCIC Europe paper offerings is essential for the PCIC Europe mission to succeed and will be given highest priority. Preference will be given to application oriented papers. 5. The technical content of the PCIC Europe Annual Conference will be continuously evaluated and updated to reflect the evolving needs of the industry. 6. Participation of users, manufacturers, consultants and contractors will be encouraged in the activities of PCIC Europe to strengthen the conference technical base. 7. PCIC Europe will offer tutorials directed towards enhancing the technical, communication, and interpersonal skills of petroleum and chemical industry engineers.


PCIC Europe 2012 Prague sponsored by

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Schedule at a glance
Tuesday, 19. June 2012
13:30 - 15:30 15:30 - 16:00 16:00 - 18:00 19:30 Tutorial #1 Coffee Break Tutorial #2 Welcome Reception and Cocktail 21:30 - 24:00

Hospitality Area hours

14:00 - 19:00

Wednesday, 20. June 2012

08:30 - 10:00 10:00 - 10:30 10:30 - 12:00 12:00 - 13:30 13:30 - 15:00 15:00 - 15:30 15:30 - 17:00 Paper presentations Coffee Break Paper presentations Lunch Paper presentations Coffee Break Paper presentations 17:00 - 24:00 12:00 - 13:30

Thursday, 21. June 2012

08:30 - 10:00 10:00 - 10:30 10:30 - 12:00 12:00 - 13:30 13:30 - 15:00 15:00 - 15:30 15:30 - 17:00 Paper presentations Coffee Break Paper presentations Lunch Paper presentations Coffee Break Panel Discussions 15:30 - 17:30


Tuesday, 19. June 2012
13:30 - 15:30 Tutorial 1 Guidelines for Designing Intelligent Electrical Distribution Systems 15:30 16:00 - 18:00 Coffee Break Tutorial 2 Most Critical Aspects to Install VDFs 19:00 19:00 19:05 19:15 19:25 19:30 20:00 21:00 21:30 Welcome Reception Opening Welcome by Local Committee Welcome by Patrick Leroux, Chairman PCIC Europe IAS/IEEE/PCIC by Marty Cole Guest Speaker Cocktail Social Event Hospitality Area opening

Wednesday, 20. June 2012

08:30 10:00 10:30 12:00 13:30 15:00 15:30 17:00 18:00 Paper Presentation Paper Presentation Closing day 1 Opening Hospitality Area Paper Presentation Paper Presentation Coffee Break Paper Presentation Paper Presentation Plenary, xxx Plenary, xxx Lunch Paper Presentation Paper Presentation Plenary, xxx Plenary, xxx Coffee Break Plenary, xxx Plenary, xxx Plenary, xxx Plenary, xxx


Thursday, 21. June 2012
08:30 10:00 10:30 12:00 13:30 15:00 15:30 Panel Discussions Fixed or Withdrawable Switchgear and Controlgear What is best for your Facility Moderator: Jean-Charles Guilhem 17:00 Paper Presentation Paper Presentation Coffee Break Panel Discussions What is the REAL Value of IECEx for End-Users, Manufacturers and Engineering Companies? Moderator: Marty Cole Paper Presentation Paper Presentation Lunch Paper Presentation Paper Presentation Paper Presentation Paper Presentation Coffee Break Paper Presentation Paper Presentation Paper Presentation Paper Presentation

Closing of conference

The Title, Abstract and Authors of the papers listed in the program are to be found in the following pages.

Hospitality Area will open on: June 19: From 14:00 to 19:00 and after 21:30 June 20: From 12:00 to 13:30 and after 17:00 June 21: From 12:00 to 13.30
Bohemia 1 10 Bohemia 2 Hluboka 1



24 of the following papers will be presented at the 2012 PCIC Europe Conference.
Ref. Title PR-01 Motors for Explosive Gas Atmospheres: Selection, Installation, Inspection, Maintenance Following IEC Standards
Motors used in petrochemical industries require special consideration with respect to selection, installation, inspection, and maintenance. These motors have additional protection incorporated to operate safely in Zone 1 or 2 explosive gas atmospheres.

GEEnergy,Canada FMApprovals,USA Petrobras,Brazil PTB Germany

WilliamLawrence RobervalBulgarelli Dr. Frank Lienesch

PR-02 Evaluation of Applying Hydrogen-Cooled Generators

Hydrogen-cooled designs are available for ratings as low as 110 MVA meaning there is a choice of cooling technology in the range of 100 MVA to 300 MVA. The pros and cons and life cycle economics are analyzed.

Hussain A. Balfagih Rami Dabbousi

Aramco Motors & Generator Group, Saudi Arabia Saudi Aramco Oil Company, Saudi Arabia

PR-07 Company Specific Technical Requirements

The purposes of company specific technical requirements are described, including the development of such standards after a merger. What the new technical requirement documents include and do not include and some initial results of their use will be explained.

Geir Nordvik
Statoil, Norway

PR-08 IEC Standard High Voltage Circuit-Breakers: Practical Guidelines DelchoPenkov SchneiderElectric,France for Overvoltage Protection in Generator Applications
CBs tested to IEC 62271-100 are smaller and less expensive than generator CBs tested to IEEE C37.013. Due to generators high X/R ratios it is necessary to check the withstanding of the Transient Recovery Voltage (TRV).

Matsstman David Cole


WrtsilPowerPlantTechnology, Sweden

PR-11 High Power Electrical Systems for Air Separation Plants

Overall electrical design, construction, testing, commissioning and operation experience are described for two of the worlds largest air separation plants (100 MVA each) with synchronous motors rated up to 55 MW. Lessons learned and subsequent optimised design are presented

FriederEndrejat SouravPaul,

SasolTechnology,SouthAfrica SasolTechnology,SouthAfrica



PR-13 Reduced environmental impact and improved safety and performance of power transformers with natural ester dielectric insulating fluids
Over a million tons of transformer oils are annually purchased worldwide. A comprehensive review of natural ester fluids main properties, environmental impact, fire resistance and overall performance of transformers filled with natural ester fluids is described.

Roberto Asano
ABB, Spain


PR-14 The Big Picture of Arc-Flash Mitigation


Two arc-flash mitigation strategies are compared in terms of arc-flash incident energy G. Amjad Hussain, AaltoUniversity,Finland levels: fault current limitation and arcing time reduction. Risks related to limiting the fault current are discussed, and effectiveness of rapid protection in minimizing incident MarcRival, energy is shown. SchneiderElectric,France

PR-15 A Users Perspective: Design Considerations for Power Management Systems at Islanded Facilities - Part I
Various factors to be considered when specifying new power management systems are described. The focus is on optimizing PMS at oil and gas production and processing facilities, both onshore and offshore where the power system is islanded.





R. Osteicoechea Mora

Equatorial Guinea Operations S.A.

PR-17 EC market survey : the role of ATEX ADCO structure for workers and plant safety


The paper will be a review of ATEX EC market survey efficiency according to the Ex INERIS,France product, the penalties, the consequences of non compliance with points of view made FrederikKagerud by various countries, Ex Notified Bodies, end users and manufacturers. ADCO,Sweden


PR-18 How to increase EDGs reliability and performances while reducing space requirement on FPSO/FLNG
Solutions for the optimal design of emergency diesel generators for offshore installations, taking into account cooling system options, insulation and temperature rise, and the different technologies for excitation and AVR are presented.

Emerson,France Technip,France

PhilippeAngays SylvieHabert
Emerson,France Emerson,France Emerson,France

XavierMerceron CdricAnchier

PR-19 Induction Motor performing well at Factory test platform Which RajendraV.Mistry Siemens, USA factors lead to its poor performance at the operating site?
Induction motor performance at site with respect to the performance and tested data at the manufacturing facility will be analysed. The design and manufacturing aspects for best performance of the motor at site will be presented.




PR-22 Internal Arc Testing of Low Voltage Switchgear

Test results and assessment of internal arcing tests are shared. Furthermore the practical value of the tests according to IEC/TR 61641 will be presented together with ideas for future evolution of this Technical Report.

BasBouman Eric Alferink

Eaton, The Netherlands Eaton, The Netherlands

Marco Lusing

DEKRA Certification, The Netherlands

Jan Verstraten

DOW Chemical, The Netherlands

PR-23 Grounding Arrangement of Direct Electrical Heating Systems

DEH is attractive for future developments of new fields with several pipelines and deep-water fields. Simulations based on a modified model are compared with measurements on laboratory test set-up and on installed DEH systems in operation.

Sintef,Norway Sintef,Norway Sintef, Norway

JensHyer-Hansen Atle Pedersen

PR-25 The Practical Issues involved in Designing, Specifying and Installing Skin Effect Current Tracing Systems
Practical issues in designing, specifying and installing skin effect current tracing systems for land based applications are presented. Key learnings from the authors forty years of experience with skin effect heating for above and underground applications are described.

Ben Johnson

Thermon Industries, USA

PR-27 Emulation Based Condition Monitoring of Induction Motors

Charles Pestell
Powell, UK

This paper describes how a novel emulation-based methodology could be employed Paul Dale to detect and identify progressive failures in induction motors. The technology consists Powell, UK of hybrid models that reproduce current signatures of the motor for monitoring and Will Bradley fault diagnosis. University of Bradford, UK

PR-31 Valorisation of associated gases in offshore oil fields by electrical Philippe Angays Technip, France generation
Oil fields allways contains a mix of product including associated gases whose flaring is now prohibited. Converting this potential energy offshore in electricity and exporting it by an HVDC link can be profitable.

PR-32 Electrical Power System Challenges During the Expansion of Offshore Facilities
The methods used to evaluate and overcome some of the electrical power system challenges during the expansion of one such offshore facility in Denmark are discussed. This includes the simulation and measurements of transient conditions.







PR-34 How to guarantee continuity of supply and reliability in the Smart Francesco Serpellini ABB,Italy Grids? Diagnostic systems in the MV network components, Calogero Saeli circuit breakers and switch disconnectors ABB,Italy
To achieve quality and continuity of power supply, the MV CBs and DSs have to allow preventive and selective maintenance. How this is achieved with sensing devices to measure temperatures, voltages, positions, speeds, pressures etc. is described.

Callisto Gati
ABB,Italy ABB,Italy ABB,Italy

AndreaBianco Gabriele di Natale

PR-36 IECEx System Evolution and role of the United Nations, UNECE ChrisAgius
An update of IECEx will be given including the status of Personnel competency certification. The role of UNECE and of the UN in standardization and the meaning of their recent acknowledgement of the IECEx will be presented.


United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

PR-37 Withdrawable Switchgear and MCCs A Technology of the Past?


Withdrawable switchgear was developed due to frequent maintenance required ExxonMobil,UK for minimum oil CBs. The pros and cons of using modern CBs together with fixed TerenceHazel disconnectors to replace the complicated withdrawable mechanisms will be presented. SchneiderElectric,France


PR-39 Electromagnetic Compatibility A Vital Issue for Mediumvoltage AnsgarMueller Siemens,Germany Switchgear
The requirements on electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) increase constantly due to the number of electronic devices used for protection, control, monitoring and communication. EMC engineering must limit disturbance emission and ensure sufficient immunity.


PR-40 Advanced condition based management and energy efficiency solutions through intelligent diagnostics on process instrumentation and and analytic technologies
New developments in process instrumentation and analytic technologies providing solutions for advanced condition based management and energy efficiency will be presented. These lead to improvements in production quality, quantity and repeatability.

Rolf Panzke




PR-41 Advancement of Large Scale Energy Storage Devices and Applications in Petroleum and Petro-Chemical Industry: Myth and Reality
This paper will review the pros and cons of the various technologies for large scale energy storage as applicable to the petroleum industry. The application requirements and relative cost will be analysed as well as a look at myth vs. reality.

P.K. Sen

Colorado School of Mines, USA

PR-42 Benefits of Withdrawable Switchgear and MCC



This paper focuses on the benefits of switchgear in withdrawable execution, compared MischaVermeer to fixed execution. Total cost of ownership, operator friendliness, fit for purpose, and KemaConsulting,TheNetherlands safety for both personnel and process will be discussed.



PR-43 Electric Variable Speed Drives for Gas Storage

The paper describes the concept of an underground gas storage facility including the operation principle and experience using electrical variable speed drive technology. The site uses 4 each 15.5 MW 1500 rpm gas compressors.

ABB,Switzerland RAG,Austria


PR-44 Assessing The Cost Of Unreliability In Gas Plant To Have a Sustainable Operation
The purpose of this paper is to objectively demonstrate how to assess the cost of unreliability of a gas plant and help the End-Users and OEM to make the right decision in term of reliability,availability and maintainability improvement to have a sustainable operation.

Fernando Vicente
ABB, Argentina

PR-45 Petrochemical Plant Power Grid Stability Control System Study

Johan Hansson
ABB, China

Considering internal and external grid exchange power rate, inner power plant Zhu Lin Song, capability, and based on the collection of real data, the paper explains how to Sinopec, China compensate the lack of power from the grid and to react within milliseconds Chen Zhang Sheng with a proactive system. Sinopec, China Wu Ming Qing
Sinopec, China

Wang Bin

ABB, Singapore



Call for Papers PCIC Europe 2012

9th Petroleum and Chemical Industry Conference Europe Electrical and Instrument Applications June 19th- 21st, 2012 Prague Czech Republic
The 9th PCIC Europe Conference will be organized in Prague, in June 2012. The conference programme will include plenary presentations as well as presentations on specific topics in the field of electrical and instrumentation technology. Experts from: End users Engineering companies and contractors and manufacturers Regulators and insurance institutions Standardization bodies, certification bodies and other international organizations are invited to present contributions with the intention to inform about their experience and recent progress. The subjects selected for the conference are issued from lessons learnt out of field experiences. New solutions to achieve benefit concerning costs and safety are welcome to be presented. Calls for papers Experts in the field of Electrical and Instrumentation Applications in the Petroleum and Chemical Industry are invited to submit their contributions to the 9th PCIC Europe Conference. Please submit your abstract to the Secretary of the PCIC Europe Committee terence.hazel@pcic-europe.eu before June 30th, 2011. Your abstract should indicate the main ideas of your presentation and should not exceed 1 page (A4 size). Deadlines Abstract submission Draft papers Final papers Conference June 30th, 2011 November 30th, 2011 March 15th, 2012 June 19th 21st, 2012

Contact Terence Hazel, Schneider Electric (F) terence.hazel@pcic-europe.eu