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Nama : Ina Aini Maharani Kelas/no: XI.S.

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Tommy Hoffison is exactly,100 years oid.he is a retired engineer.his wife, maude,died 14 years ago. They had children now he lives alone in his flat in bristol. Tommy has smoked all his life,first he smoked cigarettes,about 10 a day,but 40 yeard ago he changed to a pipe.He has only been ill once in his life, and that was just before the first world war, when he had rheumatic fever. The only time he visits his doctor is to get a certificate to say that he can still drive his car.Everyday he has a full English breakfast bacon,eggs,toast and marmalade.He has only been abroad once,to france during the war.He says;I still go dancing and swimming but I dont want to live forever, perhaps 12 more months.My father live until he was 99. 1.what type of text is it? A.descriptive B.recount C.report D.narrative Answer : D. narative 2.what is the about? A.a person who had no children C.aperson who likes english breakfast Answer : B. a person who has retired 3.how old was Tommy when Moude died? A.86 years old B.87 years old C.96 years old D.97 years old Answer : A. 86 years old 4.Did he marry? A.yes,he does B. a person who has retired

B.yes,he did C.no,he did not D.No,he does not Answer : B. yes, he did 5.what job has he had in his life? A.Driver B.Doctor C.Mechanic D.Engineer Answer : D. Engineer

Now,only Singapore Airlines giyes you the choice of 86 weeky flights from Indonesia to Singapore,you can connet to over 65 cities in more than 35 countries.you will enjoy kriss World, the biggest show in the sky with over 90 entertainment options featuring biockbuster movies,music,short,features,latest in worlds sport and the wides selection of Nintendo and Pc games. And no matter which flight you choose from our global network,you will enjoy the in-flight service even other airlines talk about. 1.The text is a/an.. A.report B.invitaaation C.announcement D.advertisement Answer: A. report 2.How many coutries can we connect to fly with Singapore Airrrrliines? A,Eighty-six B.Sixty-five C.Thirty-five D.Ninety

Answer: C. thirty-five 3.what does the Singapore Airlines offer us? A.flight to an America an Europe B.connetion to over 35 famous cities in Asia C.The biggest show outsides the sky D.90 entertainment options Answer: D.90 entertainment options 4.The Singapore Airlines connects people to.All over world from Singapore? A.some big cities B.somev big countries c. biggest airport D. many destinations Answer : D. many destinations 5. and no matter which flight you choose from our global network, (the last sentence). The word you refers to a. the owner b. the passenger c. the tourist d. the pilot Answer : B. the passenger