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This Agreement is entered into between the Divine Intervention Foreclosure Consultant (Agency) and the Bank. The purpose of this Agreement is for Agency to provide counseling services to Bank mortgage loan customers (customers) who may qualify for a modification of their existing Bank mortgage loan. This Agreement shall remain in effect until one of the parties provides 10 days written notice that it wishes to terminate this Agreement.

I. The Parties Prosperity Properties Invest. Recognized as Divine Intervention Foreclosure Consultant. II. Statement of Work Divine Intervention Foreclosure Consultants. Shall perform each of the counseling services and other responsibilities and duties identified in the attached Statement of Work. The counseling services may be provided to each customer identified and referred by the Bank to Divine Intervention Foreclosure Consultant. and/or to customers who contact the Divine Intervention Foreclosure Consultants. for counseling services. To the extent the Divine Intervention Foreclosure Consultant. receives nonpublic personal information about customers in the course of providing such services under this Agreement, Divine Intervention Foreclosure Consultant. Agrees to the requirements for the treatment and use of such nonpublic personal information defined in the Statement of Work.

III. The Compensation The Client agrees to pay Divine Intervention Foreclosure Consultant.$500.00 for services,Divine Intervention Foreclosure Consultant. provides defined counseling services resulting in a contract with the Bank (for purposes of this agreement, if there is a situation in which more than one customer is liable for the same mortgage loan). The Client shall also be responsible for the fee to Agency Divine Intervention Foreclosure Consultants. An additional $25.00 for us postage each completed loan modification of each Each party shall bear its own expenses in administering this Agreement. Additionally, each party shall be responsible for any liability arising from its own conduct and retain immunity and all defenses available to them pursuant to federal and state law.

_____________________________ __________________

Date Chief Executive Officer Divine Intervention Foreclosure Consultant

_______________________________________ __________________ Date STATEMENT OF WORK I. Defined Counseling Services

Agency shall perform the following defined counseling services:

Communication and counseling with Bank customer or customer group and explanation of loan modification program and, as appropriate, other options that may be available through the Bank.

Discussion with customer or customer group, including as needed for customer. Consultation with Bank customer or customer group that results in a communication with a specific Bank call center or loan modification representative. The communication must include customer or customer group submission of income information to the Bank to allow the Bank to make an eligibility determination.

The client will pay Divine Intervention Foreclosure Consultant. $2000.00 for completion of all of these defined counseling services for each customer.

II. Completed Loan Modification Counseling Services

Divine Intervention Foreclosure Consultant. Shall perform the following loan modification counseling services:

A. Assist customer or customer group in understanding their options and in gathering all necessary information to complete loan modification request.

B. Manage loan modification process until completion, including, as needed, assistance in preparing required documentation, communicating with Bank customer or customer group and the Bank, and obtaining required signatures and payment(s) to complete loan modification process.

C. Customer or customer group completes a Bank loan modification. This requires that the Bank receive and process a completed and executed Modification Agreement, needed to verify customer or customer group income and eligibility, and the first payment on the modified mortgage.

III. General Responsibilities and Duties

A. Agency shall comply with all applicable laws, regulations and regulatory guidance that govern delivery of the counseling services, including with respect to any nonpublic personal information that Agency receives in the course of providing the counseling services.

B. Agency shall use any nonpublic personal information it receives in the course of providing the counseling services only as necessary to perform the counseling services under this Agreement. No other use, disclosure or distribution is permitted.

C. Agency shall not disclose to any third party any nonpublic personal information it receives in the course of providing the counseling services, and Agency shall restrict access to such nonpublic

personal information to those employees who have a legitimate need for access in order to provide the counseling services.

D. Agency shall properly safeguard all nonpublic personal information it receives in the course of providing the counseling services. Agency shall ensure the proper disposal of any such nonpublic personal information. Upon completion of the counseling services, Agency shall return all copies of such nonpublic personal information to the Bank or certify to its destruction.

E. Agency has in place, or will implement, appropriate policies, procedures and safeguards to prevent unauthorized access to nonpublic personal information received in the course of providing the counseling services. In the event of a breach of security or confidentiality of such nonpublic personal information in Agencys possession, Agency shall immediately notify the Bank and shall cooperate fully in any investigation initiated by the Bank or law enforcement.

F. Upon request, the Bank shall have to right to audit Agencys books and records to ensure compliance with this Agreement, and Agency agrees to cooperate with any such audit.

G. Agency shall provide to the Bank a detailed reporting of the counseling services provided under this Agreement. The parties shall agree on a mutually acceptable format and interval of billing and reporting.

H. Divine Intervention Foreclosure Consultant.shall immediately notify the Client in the event it ceases to qualify.

Divine Intervention Foreclosure Consultant. responsibilities with respect to the audit of books and records, and confidentiality and security of Bank nonpublic personal information shall survive termination of this Agreement.

Most lenders require that you submit the following documents:

Hardship letter describing the event(s) that triggered your inability to make your mortgage payments. Copy of any documentation supporting your hardship claim, such as hospital bills, a pink slip from your work, or divorce papers. Borrower information sheet (sometimes referred to as a financial worksheet) showing your income and assets, similar to the Uniform Residential Loan Application 1003 you completed when applying for your loan. Copy of past two years federal income tax returns. Copy of past two years W-2 forms. Copy of past two months bank statements. (If you have a pile of money sitting in the bank, the lender is less likely to grant you a loan modification based on hardship.) Copy of past two months pay stubs showing income from your job. Copy of most recent mortgage statement. Copy of most recent property tax statement (if escrow payments for property taxes are not shown on your mortgage statement). Proof of homeowners insurance (if escrow payments for homeowners insurance are not shown on your mortgage statement). Your insurance agent should be able to provide you with what you need. Current financial statement (sometimes referred to as a financial worksheet) detailing your monthly income and expenses and showing how much you are coming up short each month with the current house payment. Projected financial statement detailing any changes to your monthly income and expenses and the payment amount you will be able to afford assuming you obtain a loan modification. Any letters from credit counselors demonstrating your commitment to getting your financial house in order and what you are currently doing to achieve that goal. Cover letter or form explaining why youre submitting all these documents and providing a list of all documents included in the package. Make sure the cover letter includes your name and account number. Prior to submitting your application, make sure you have signed all documents that require signatures. Your significant other may need to sign, as well, assuming his or her name is on the original mortgage. You may also want to include your loan number on copies of all documents in the package.

Keep in mind that you may get only one shot at having your application approved, so make absolutely sure you follow your lenders instructions to the letter and include each and every document the lender requests in whatever form specified.

Divine Intervention foreclosure Consultants

Date: Re Loan Number: Property Address: We understand that a recent hardship may be causing your inability to make your mortgage payments and to continue to reside in your home. You may have experienced reduced income or increased expenses. Divine Intervention Foreclosure Consultant. Loss Mitigation Department may be able to assist you by approving a modification on your home. A Modification permits the sale of your home to a third party and the release of our lien on your property prior to foreclosure action when: A loan modification is when the lender modifies your current mortgage in order to work with you because of a hardship. The purpose is to help make your loan more affordable. Usually it is in the form of a rate reduction and fixing the rate for a certain amount of time. In the past this was only used when a borrower was delinquent and suffered a hardship such as a job loss, divorce, illness etc. Now, borrowers can obtain mortgage help from their lender for unfordable rate adjustments on adjustable rate mortgages. The earlier you get started, the better your chances are of negotiating a fixed rate and a payment that you can manage. If you can afford your home and not just your loan, then you may be eligible for a loan modification.

Disclaimer. Loan modification services are referred to non affiliated licensed professionals. Divine Intervention Foreclosure Consultant makes no guarantees or warranties regarding the outcome of referral modification petitions presented to a lender for; modification of a loan, rate, principal reduction/increase, loan/principal/payment restructuring and/or not limited to other circumstances such as lis pendens, pre foreclosure proceedings, short sales or anything else relative to the petitioners statues related to his/her mortgage. We are not a law firm and do not offer, nor are we offering legal advice/services