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Employment through Skill Sindh Technical Education & Vocational Training Authority (STEVTA) 9th Floor, Shaheen Complex,

M. R. Kiyani Road, Karachi. Phone No. 99213331-6 Fax No. 99213337 Website: http://www.stevta.gos.pk

Standard Operating Procedure(S O P) For Distribution of Zakat Funds under MORA Scholarship
The Govt. of Sindh has transferred funds to Local Zakat Committees amounting to Rs. 84.423 Million on account of MORA scholarship for Mustahiq candidates. It has been decided that all such funds will be distributed through active involvement of STEVTA in future. Therefore, In order to distribute funds in a transparent manner, following standard operating procedure is proposed to be adopted:

1. Application Procedure.
1.1 STEVTA will call applications through 3 leading news papers as well as display on Notice Board for MORA scholarship. 1.2 Existing MORA scholarship application forms prescribed by Auqaf, Religious Affairs Zakat & Ushr Department will be used for distribution of Zakat funds. These forms will be made available to the students at the Institutes and may also down loa

ded from STEVTA website (www.stevta.gos.pk). 1.3 The Principals will display the MORA scholarship scheme on the Notice Board, specifying eligibility criteria and application procedure. 1.4 Application forms (dully fillen-in), along with Istehqaq Certificate, Income Certificate Self declaration of Income will be submitted to the Principal along with the application form.

2. Eligibility Criteria.
2.1 Mustahiq Adult Muslims, living below poverty line and meeting Zakat recipient criteria.
2.2 Enrolled in any Technical / Vocational institute under administrative control of STEVTA. 2.3 Class attendance of more than 70%, as certified by the institute. 2.4 Istehqaq certificate, Income Certificate, Declaration of Income or Tax Return of Parents / guardian to establish level of Income for eligibility.

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3. MORA Scholarship Committee.

The MORA Scholarship committee, comprising of representatives from Local Zakat Committee, Institute and Regional Directorate shall be constituted as follows:

S.No 01 02 03

Authority Institute/ college Regional Directorate Local Zakat Committee



Principal / V. Principal, & 02 members Accountant / Cashier RD or his 01 member Representative Chairman Local Zakat Committee 01 members or his Representatives

4. Functions and Powers of MORA Scholarship Committee.

4.1 The Principal of institute shall be the Convener of the Committee. The Accountant / Cashier will be the Secretary. 4.2 The quorum of the meeting shall be three members i.e Principal / Convenor, Accountant / Secretary and Chairman Local Zakat Committee or his representative. 4.3 The committee will scrutinize applications for MORA Scholarship Istehqaq of the applicant will be decided on the recommendation of representative of Local Zakat Committee. 4.4 List of selected candidate shall be placed on STEVTA, Web Site and Notice Board of the institute. 4.5 Candidates selected by the committee for MORA scholarship will be issued crosschecks within one week. 4.6 The list of approved candidates shall be signed by all the members of committee / quorum Local Zakat Committee. 4.7 All complaints regarding any issues connected to MORA Scholarship shall be addressed to Dir (A&T).

5. Fund Flow Mechanism.

5.1 After the finalization of applications, the required funds shall be transferred to the NonGovt. Account of the respective institute by the Local Zakat Committeee. 5.2 The Principal shall be required to issue cross cheques to the approved Candidate within 30 days of transfer of funds from Local Zakat Committee. 5.3 Fund utilization report shall be sent by Principal to Dir (A&T) & Local Zakat Committee within 45 days of disbursement of funds. 5.4 A final report on the overall disbursement of funds under MORA Scholarship shall be submitted by Dir (A&T), STEVTA to secretary Zakat & Ushr Department.

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