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Brothers in Islam, lets know that the matter you have been discussing (fitnai Inkari Hadith) is not

what is fresh and new .it is a very old fitna ( controversial mischief) which was first started by one Abdullah Chakdalvi and then picked up by people like one Aslam Jairajpori and Ghulam Ahmad Parvaiz ,Batalvi. These brothers of Ahmad Qadiyani and the progeny of Abu lahab and Abu Jahal died their own death. The enemies of Muhammad (salalahu alayhi wasalam) and Islam pick up the threads of this fitna to cause confusion and fissures in the unity of the Umma because they believe and know that the shortest way to destruction of Islam is to reduce the stature and importance of Muhammad (salalahu alayhi wasalam).The first step towards this satanic mischief (FITNA) is the rejection and refutation of Hadith as a source of Islam. There are many books and leaflets published by ulema aimed at explaining and elucidating the importance and validity of Hadith as the second confirmed source of Islam.Only the Ulema are qualified to discuss the matter because they can do that in the light and perspective of Quran and hadith. The matter has ben discussed by Hadrat Mufti Rashid Ahmad Gungohi (A.R) in his Ahsanul futawa vol 1. I will e-mail it to any interested person. (my email: masoodirafi@gmail.com) However, in this connection it will help to clarify some basic but very plain and simple facts on the authority of Ulema. Allah selected Muhammad (Salalahu alayhi wasalam) as His last and final Mesenger and sent Gabriel with wahii (revelation) to him. Quran was revealed to Muhammad over a long period of about 35 years part by part and as per need of the guidance requirements of humanity. Muhammad (salalahu alayhi wasalam) kept on passing on whatever was revealed to him to humanity through his companions. He (sallalahu alyhi wasalam) kept on explaining all matters to his companions in the light of the revelations. Quran describes generalities and does not give details pertaining even to the most important matters like compulsory five daily prayers (salaat), Haj, Sawm (fasting), Zakat and wudhu (ablution) etc. These details were explained and elucidated by the Prophet (salalahu alayhi wasalam) in person either through words or through practical day to day performance. The life of the Prophet (Salalahu alayhi wasalam) is thus a practical demonstration of Quran and there is not a single word or action of the Prophet which contradicts or refutes Quran. The Prophet(Salalahu alayhi wasalams) life is, in fact, the practical example of Quran . Whatever he (Salalahu alayhi awasalam) did ,said, approved or disapproved was said, done approved and disapproved in the light and perspective of Quran. How could the Prophet chosen by Allah do, say, approve or disapprove anything which could contradict with the Revelation of which he was the Messenger? So whatever he (Salalahu alayhi wasalam) said, did, approved and /or disapproved was as authentic as Quran.And all that the Prophet said,did,Approved and/or disapproved is Hadith. Thus Quran and Hadith are both valid as basic sources of Islam. One is incomplete without the other. That is the belief of all the innumerable Muslims who wee born before Chakdalvi,Jaipuri and Paravi Batalvi. Only a fool will agree with these three bufoons and consider all Muslims born in about 1400 years as wrong. This fitna had its birth in these enemies of Muhammad (salalahu alayhi wasalam) and died with ntheir death. Let people who Every Dai needs to be humble, positive and polite. Islam is what is revealed to Muhammad (Salallahu alyhi wasalam) through Wahii (revelation).Islam means all that Muhammad said, did, approved, disapproved- directly or indirectly. Quran is the first most manifestation and source of Islam. Who is Muhammad (salalahu alyhi wasalam)? Muhammad is the Final Messenger of Allah to whom Quran was revealed for implantation through deed and word, that is though preaching and practising. Quran is how Muhammad (sallalahu alayhi wasalm) spent each moment of his life. There is not even a single action or word of his which goes against Quran. He (salalahualayhi wasalam) is

Quran incarnate. Those who reject and refute Hadith and believe and preach Quran only bereft of Hadith should not and cannot call themselves Muslims.The Quran revealed to Muhammad (sallalahu alyhi wasalam) is the Quran which He (salalahualayhi wasalam) practised and explained and preached.Through his word and deed. Allah sent Gabriel to Mohammad (Salalahu alayhi wasalm).Muhammad preached it to people who lived that time. Those who accepted the Message of Allah at the hands of Muhammad (salalahu alayhi wasalm) carried the message to the next generation and so on and so forthn till it reached you and me. The Message of Allah (read Islam) reached you and me through human beings in whose honesty and sincerity we have full faith.An iota of doubt about the integrity,sincerity and honesty af these humans means that (Khakumbadahan) Quran is untrue and so id hadith and so is what not. The great souls like HAdrat Sidiq I Akbar,Hadhrat Umer,Hadhrat,Uthmen,Hadrat Ali (Ridhwanullahi taala alayhum Ajmaoun),the other companions of the Prophet (salalalahu alayhi Wasalam),the great Tabiin,Taba Tabiin and so on and so forth were all of them wrong and these Abu Lahbas and Abu jahlas of ther modern age lead by chakdalvi,Jairajp[ori and batalvi right? Muslims think and judge. Dont fail your duties towards Allah and His Rasool. Recollect the Qauranic words Atiullahu wa attiia rasolu (follow Allah and His rasool) mentioned at umpteen places in Quran and think what does it mean to follow Rasool?

Who should interpret Quran Muhammad Sallalahu alayhi wasalam) or (khakumbadahan) Abdullah Chakdalvi, or Aslam Jairajpori, or Ghulam Ahmad Pavaia Batalvi or this Munkir Hadith on this forum? What a strange logic? The Hamil Wahii Muhamad is denied the right of interpreting Quran and Chakdalvi,Jairapuri and Batalvi are granted the right.