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Pre - Start Check

Approach Review Top of Descent Check

Frequencies Ident Marker Beacon Mixtures QNH Compass / DI

Completed ( FIMMQC)
Avionics / Navaids Set as required Checked / ON Tested / Set low / Audio ON Set as required Set Aligned Pre-Flight Inspection Documentation Passengers and Freight Seats and Harnesses Parking Brake Trims x 3 Fuel Selectors Cowl Flaps Carburettor Heat Emergency Gear Extension Tool Alternate Static Air All Switches Controls Instrument Scan Undercarriage Selector Avionics Buses 1 and 2 Battery and Alternator Switches Circuit Breakers Flaps Alternator Warning Lights Undercarriage Lights Turn Co-ordinator Power Complete Maintenance Release and Flight Manual Secure Adjusted / Secure On Full Travel / Set for Take-Off Check Operation - On Open Off Stowed Off Off Free and Correct Sense Completed Down Off On In Identified and Retracted Press to Test 3 Green, 1 Red Flag Away Rich Full Fine Checked Open On / Check Pressure As Required Lookout / Clear Prop. Ignition Switch / Start 1000 RPM (Cold) - 1200 RPM (Hot) Rising (Min. Yellow Arc) Checked Check Pressure / Indicator Away Off / Check Pressure As for LEFT

Pre-Landing Checks
Brakes Undercarriage Mixtures Fuel Selectors Fuel Pumps Instruments Seat / Seat Belts Hatches (Doors) Pitch Levers Undercarriage Flaps Clearance


Off / Check pressure Down (3 Greens) Rich On / Check Contents On / Check Pressure Check T & Ps (Green Arc) Secure / Fastened Secure Full Fine Down (3 Greens) As Required To land Set for Take-Off Open Identified and Retracted Off Off Off / As Required Standby Call made (Cancel Sarwatch)

Final Checks 300 ft


After Landing Checks

Trims x 3 Cowl Flaps Flaps Fuel Pumps Strobes (Anti Collision) Landing / Taxi Lights Transponder Radio Call

(Clear of Runway)

Start Check


Mixture Pitch Lever Throttle Fuel Pump Prime Surroundings

Shut Down Checks

Park Brake Throttle Buses 1 and 2 Magnetos Engine Instruments Mixtures Throttles Magneto Switches Battery and Alternator Switches All Switches Control Lock

Applied 1200 RPM Off Checked Check T & Ps (Green Arc) Idle Cut-Off Closed Off Off Off Applied

After Start

Throttle Oil Pressure Load Meter Instrument Air Fuel Pump RIGHT ENGINE START


-3Flaps Mixtures Pitch Levers Friction Nut Fuel Pumps Heater / Blower Auto Pilot Magnetos Controls Flight Instruments Avionics / Navaids Hatches and Harnesses Emergency Briefing Departure Briefing Confirm Retracted Rich Full fine Firm On / Check Pressure Off Checked and Disengaged (Check Trim) L & R / Both Full and Free Movement Checked Set as required Secure Given Given

Pre-Taxi Check

Gyro Instruments Fuel Selectors Avionics / Buses 1 and 2 Radios Navaids Clock Taxi Path Park Brake

Suction, Erection, Alignment Set to cross-feed On On / ATIS / Ground Call As Required Set Clear Released Checked Checked
LEFT TURN - Left turn indicated, ball skidding right - Compass decreasing - D.I. decreasing - A.I. No pitch or bank greater than 5 - ADF tracking

Taxiing Check

Brakes Instruments Taxi Checks

RIGHT TURN - Right turn indicated, ball skidding (Left) - Compass increasing - D.I. increasing - A.I. No pitch or bank greater than 5 - ADF tracking

Holding Point

Run Up

Fuel Selectors / Pumps Mixtures Pitot Heat Transponder Strobes (Anti-Collision)


On Rich As Required On (Alt) On Final Approach Check Alignment Checked Confirmed Up / Red Light Out Fully Retracted Set (25 / 2500 RPM) Check T & Ps (Green Arc) Set as required Off / Check Pressure Closed (Set as required) Cruise IAS As required (23 / 2300 RPM) * Relieve Load On Check T & Ps (Green Arc) Aligned Leaned as Required Set

Park Brake Fuel Selectors Engine Instruments Cowl flaps Mixtures Pitch Levers Throttles(Check Behind) Engine Instruments Carburettor Heats Propellers Magnetos Instrument Air Load Meters Throttles Propellers Throttles Throttles

On Set to "ON" Check - Oil Pressure (Green Arc) Oil Temperature (Yellow Arc) Open Rich Full Fine 2200 RPM Check T & Ps (Green Arc) Check Operation (Separate) Exercise (100-200 RPM)(Both) Checked (Max Drop 175 RPM Max Diff 50 RPM) Check Pressure / Indicators Away Checked 1500 RPM Feather Check (500 RPM)(Separate) Idle Check 1200 RPM Check Electric Trim / Set for Take-off On / Contents Checked Open Off

Lookout Compass/Directional Ind. Windsock Undercarriage Flaps Power Engine Instruments Cowl Flaps At 1000 ft Fuel Pumps

After Take-Off Check (Min. 300 AGL or 300 above MDA, DA)

Pre Take-Off

Trims x 3 Fuel Selectors Cowl Flaps Carburettor Heats

Cowl Flaps Accelerate Power Trim Autopilot Engine Instruments Compass / DI Mixture QNH

Cruise Check

* For all Power and Mixture Setting refer to Flight Manual Performance Section