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0 ) Inst allati on / Qu ick Sca rt



II Introd uction .. . .

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21Interface 31 Main Window
41 Com ba t
5) U nits

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6) Wizards and Heroes . . . . .
7) Magic

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8) Dip lomacy, R-e puta tion, R ace Re lat ions, and Morale . . .

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IMPO RTA N T NOTE Additional chap ters can be found in P D F [orma t in t he Doc umentation folder on the ga me C D. Thi s informat ion includes instru cti ons on using the S hadow Magic edi to r as well as un it and s pell cha rts. Dou ble click the I EditOr_cha rts. pdf" file to view this mate rial. Adobe Acro bat Reader is required to view P DF files . To install Acro ba t R eader, dou ble , d k k the "A crobatReader.exe" file in t he D ocument a tion folder on the game C D an d t hen follow the onsc reen in sr ru cri on s .

Th e lustall er w ill g uide you rhro ug h th e proces s of ins ra lling Age of Wo nde rs : S had ow Magic [herea fter abbreviar ed Ao W :SM) on to your com pute r. Ir will also provid e you th e op port un it y to insr all rela red so ftwa re s uch a s Di rec t>::a nd CameSpy, regis ter rhe ga me online, an d vis it th e S hado w M a g ic we bs it e for news a nd upda tes . [f yo u ex perience any probl ems ins ra lling the gam e, you s ho uld: - Reboot your sysrem and disabl e a ll background ta sks , s uch as virus checkers, before runni ng t he insraller. Bac kgr ound programs ca n be disa bled from the Crrf-Alt- D e! men u I[f yo u' re running Wind ow s 100 0 or X p, yo u'll rh en se lect 'Ta s k M a nag e r' i. - Make s ure the hard dri ve you' re installing to has plent y of free s pace, and ha s no e rrors on it. Errors can be chec ked by running ' C h kds k.exe IF ' from th e S ra rr Menu' s ' R un' op ti on .

Chapter One: Introduction




. ,:. >

"Th is lerter is binned. Do nOt read it, Its subjea matter is .very sinSiiive,.. ndshould only a t sent be handled ' by a being of considerable power a-nd'discipline:} under express -wTf t en 'cOn of H i. ·Supreinacy ;-Emp.ror Phebius.' '. . , ···f ; ...: ,. ...".:. ' ..

Setup (aowsmsetup.exe)
The Set up program allows yo u to cus to m ize gam e settings to improve perf orm an ce and bett er s uit your preferences . A dva nce d users can al so use th e program to enable resou rce edi ti ng in th e Editor. l] th e ga me is funn ing sl owly on yo ur sys tem/ you ma y wan t to t ry th e follow ing: - Lower t he derail level - Lower rhe d isplay res olution - Try d isabling Direcq D/ Di rec rS olJnd . These op rions s hou ld improve perform an ce on mos t systems, bur old er ha rd wa re Or drivers may run [aster wirh them disabled . - R eboot your svstem, a nd disa ble all background ta s ks, s uch as virus che ckers, before running t he game. Bac kgr ou nd progr a ms can be disa bled from the Ctrt-Alr-De! me n u (If you' re run ning W indo w s 10 0 0 or X p, you' ll rh en select 'Ta sk Ma nager' ). - C hec k for upd at es

"Co mmander O ;bus a fallen found .. writ ten,bYhis '.own to be un-deniably about.: .f and , and Iicrle children cry. For chls rta.son he. eXiled'from'the Phobian Empire. is lette.rwas conJiscattdAs heresy, Though .: of the Empire andlcs EmpeJ'Otj as.most it also portrays befori and Demo ns: It was s.1fdy ·_ " . squirieled a way from the g.n.ral public for the safetYof the innoeenrmaidens and litele·· . Lot #19194957, ... .'.{.. .; ., children.";·Phobia'; Archivist Seal of I, Skirly of rh: · . ilIuscri.otis Emperor' Phcbius, whose grac(and fo'undid anation.:against.the . tides of dearh. sweeping our world,. rhe verv same man who shall lead us fromth e.,•·• ', darkness charbefalls our people. Only he can rid ' fie world ofall decadence. I wrice',.• pertaining -to -my assigned inis5ion to discover faccsabout the creatures known as Shadow the ,mysterjous black porial me into I sun i\..iS'. . utt ered the:accivadon cantrip , as' auchorizedbY Phobius, sLIl a the wisd6m be banned from our fairies, and H'izardsj who ,toy'with th is-filth muse be put doV;rvfor the'ccriseqcene es of this deviant act is.cheworld that my company en'ered.;.;...a·Shadow Reaim. ... . .• . . o· .::,

Ao W :S M , Windows, and your har dwar e dri vers on rhe Int ernet .

.crf Phobius.that-.ill

Su rii}

QUick Start
How to Pea.y Age ofWorukrs: shadow Magic
To begi n, star t up th e progra m. You w ill be presented w ith a menu sc ree n with a nurnb e r 01 oprio ns, mosr of w hich w ill be cove red in derail in C ha prer I. For now, to learn how ro play Age of Wond ers : S ha do w M agi c, seleer Campaign, a nd rhen clic k on sfuuCow M"9"' Cam paign . You wi ll be prese nred wir h a map on whic h res r rhree flag s. C lick on rhe blue an d yellow flag label ed Fairy Hiff: Tutorial Start. Once you ha ve read rhe in rroducrion on ' rhe righr s ide of rhe scr een, click On Start ro begin yo ur guide d rour of Age of Won ders : S ha dow Magic.

1 I 1 nUdne.s5 lOy; . . guti ,he shadows cling [0 m.like pitch. th(dismal of chis ., plac". Everywhere,bright blue eyes- pal. like srai •...:.sh ifted in t he sliadowy.void. The air surge.d.with rivers.·of blue sparks . ·Uke. gnats/thi tiny 'azu re inco our.skin . is broken and' stra'nge:Crysuls/'somethi ng Iike.amet.nyst;·jUt":',.. . earth, like ehe wreckage of a fallen Th ere,is no frau) on rhe Blessed Conrinent. Infestations of alien fronds, rendrils and fleshy stillg.rswave rh. bfrs of blue floating-,hrough lhidoudy void.· .. .. , ::;. ,.;. and There.is no.way' to telr the time for there is no su n, We walku!jor what seemed like days. Voices echo and the sligh,es, soundS ring like churc.!lbelJ$ . 1l'iiU'b'lood f.i /and, ifit .were possible for a human to.smetl i', I would say,ha, 1 8"tmc!lJcXr. Lc';.n slupin ;lil. not Have J been this abomin..ble plice. 'phantoms s,alk my dreams. . touched by loa,hsome ';'agic? I do no, blame Phobius for thiicu(ii'i; h.m"impure I·admit and pray he will forgive' '';e. . .r.., ': ' ..•. ., my weakness

': '": .

.. . ._ ;, -:



M y iead force firsr ra.i a smail of and rheir ' venomous ca.!fw'rvae; We ·made short:Work of their:s anSIY.1 ims, and broke :lanceS, The bright blue bits :of [heir cara J1aee 'no glow with -: th eir bodies:upon energy tliey"steal from the Iiving',Th ey fought .a5 one.cruturel their prey wit h Across .,the ghoscly blue II ghr.lrs w;ngs ,uscled like dry parchm. nt in the wihd. . .' ,


e spawn guarded a dis heveled mass Q f alld p.l..c;sage .s-some. sortofilesL. AS. W lI: dug th rough the place, w.e found the remains of a human outpost, I [ear we M e not the firs.t to attempt this miss ion. What remains we found led me La believe that the previous occupants met a grisly fat e. The demons swarmed the village-ste.\ ling it-chang ing it. .M y men eager ly res tored it. We rid th e.place 'O f demo n ta int. M isgui ded l» "'e .. congratu la ted ourselves. We could resist t he power of t he S hadow Realm! We'd stay. We'd rescue those lost humans! Lsee now our s in, Our insanity, and our deluded pride.

We lcome to Age of Wo nders : S ha dow M ag ic, t he lat est chap ter in t he con t inu ing saga of Merlin, of Qu een Ju lia, a nd of th e im mort al W izar ds tha t strive to main tain ba lan ce in a wo rld to m asu nde r by myri ad rac es bot h good a nd ev il, by pow erfu l s phe res of magic, a nd by th e s pirits of the Land. Age of Wo nde rs : Shadow M agic crea tes a dramatic blend of tum- based s tra tegy, em pire build ing, a nd role -pla yin g in a de ep and es ta blis hed fa ntas y wo rld fu ll of fantastic creatures, amazing landscapes/ and pow er fu l im m orta ls . In ir, yo u w ill tak e on th e role of a pow erfu l Wi za rd a s he Or s he fig hes again" lor fo r) t he forces of dar kness. You wi ll bu ild grand citi es, resea rch ar can e s pells, co mma nd po werful armies, crea te a llia nce s a nd va nq uish ene mies. your ene mies a re o ther \Ni zards as power ful as yourself, an d th ey wi ll not be easy to overcome . Age of Wonders : S ha dow Mag ic is a tum -ba sed gam e, whi ch mean s that all of t he pla yers cak e tu rn s pla ying" mo ving t he ir troo ps a cer ta in d is tance, performing a s ing le ac t, o r srarrin g research on a grand proj ect wh ile their a llies a nd o pponent s do t he sa me . In orde r to s ucceed yo u will ha ve to have a pla n, a grand Stra tegy to d efe," yo ur o pponents before th ey defeat yo u. Most of th e t ime, yo u will be movin g aro und on a va s t overlan d ma p s howing a la rg e reg ion of th e wo rld comp lete w it h m isty fores ts , ta ll mo un ta ins, a nd dark caves. lt is here that you w ill build and defen d you r cit ies, ra ise you r a rm ies, a nd seek o ut yo ur enemi es . Powerf ul H ero es may join you r cause, becom ing mo re po werfu l as th ey follo w yo u from battl e to ba ttl e. When you mee t th e enemy, you ca n zoo m in and manage yo ur uni ts in a close-up and personal tacti cal ba t tl e, or yo u ca n tr us t in yo ur armi es [ 0 ca ke ca re of th ems elves .

A week pa..ed. The scouts I sent through the Shadow Care still had no< returned. I joined the pat rol th.u day. 1 decided we wou ld d ear a path to th e S hadow C are, an d • esta blish a sceady supply line. M uch our sorrow, an ann y of grea t demon bugs gua rded the Shadow Gate. We saw t hree creaeures in the mob-c-large-c-grcarer th an a g.dley. The things resembled fat beetles, the size of a. barn, black a nd gfowing wi th th at eerie blue Shadow Demon energy a long their long abdomen. It lumbered and bulged, flexing .l
swo llen red bladd er beneath a pair of cruel mand ibles.

We thought .,b out attacking the th ings :They looked 50 stow, But before we could rake Our ·pos.itions, a band of .men dresse d in desert cloaks a ppeared in-th e mouth of th e . ShadowCare, A woman with deeply tanned skih led th em. Sh e dressed like a harlot, which is ro t hat s he barelvwcre dnything" yet she st rutted abou t with the look of ,co a power. I knew at once she \Va d. VViz rd. She led a long line of men teth ered in th ick iron chains. The bulbous dem on beetl es qu ivered . Likean ava lanche they fell upon the staves. T hey slurped down rh e horrified men wit h a quickness rhac [roze soldiers in th eir sti rrups. As they a te, the D emon abdomens groa ned Cl od ch ume d} almost mechan icallv O ut of the filth that spilled from th eir anterior, s lirbered sluggish, venom-soaked Larvae-c-scme 'Of the sa me crea tu res we purged [rom th eir nes c.


Th e \oVi zard l.lughed end instru cted the. rTKll ti.armed crea ture that WeL'" with her to ,IO., d up a pavload bics-the stuff of Wizards . Then somethin g moved t o the +l r lot , The crea t ure mad e no sound, floati ng !=. ifem lv ab ove the ground. 1[5 useless ",I , a spindly legs dangled like moss below, swaying sl ightly from .side to side. The great [loaring spheroid of black-reminded me of .' tick swollen with blood. It clicked s tillne, s in s my head: M y men sway ed in the lull. The harlot nodded an.d talked 10 it as ' hough it said somet hing Intelligent, She said s he had marry enemies and t hat there would be more "food" if got more paymeors. Sh e thendisappeared th rough t he Shad ow C a re.

The black floatins he;td 'tu rned, as tho agh it could 'my thought s, it raised a. thin tube from between a pair of slanted iridescent. blue eves. Th e who le army of black bugs lunged at us. A sea of bright eyes wash edever us. There w ere too ma ny to count. I fled wit h the last of my men to the village. . . T hen so mething else. a t us.


. ..



In th e end, on ly v igilance, s trategy, and s tre ng th w ill .111ow yo u a nd save the wo rld fro m Shadow Mag ic!

CO ov e rcom e

your e ne m ies

h walked , like a gia nt horned with th:n clawed ove r iLo; should ers like tin y wings woven ,o f s ha dow. It broke t hrough the city . .M y men had no chan ce, Every man that s tood agal ns t it was crushed-in it s mas -si ve cla ws : Th is lord of demons clawed through my best men: We couldnot help.bul. flee.
We flee to th e S hadow Care, M y slower men a rc.behind me..N othing s fows [:h ;ng, bur l must make it back-to warnPhobius of t he treachery chal ""waits us I will not fail, for I am MeSsed wirh the ofri ghrrousncss: i .will preva il. I am Orb us Ski, k, O rder of rhe ' ; oly'Fist, Herald of the Rightful Emperor·of the Blessed Continent, Phobius,C r.lceful Master of Truth an<!Reason.May rh.u Crace , est upon all our souls:'·. , . ' .





-'t or the Experimced Wizard
section is for those of you who are not strangers to the Age of Wonders, who have guided Merlin or Queen Julia, who have battled against the forces of darkness lor of light! in the past and just want to know what has changed. There have been many changes (Q statistics/ mechanics/ and rules, so it is highly recommended that you read through [he manual to understand all of the changes and additions. It however, you are of the impatient sort, some of the highlights have been provided below.

Scenarios are collections of stand-alone maps on which you can play games. The Scenario button brings up a list of several options. If you want to playa single-player Or hotsear mult iplaver game, pick the Si"9fe option. If you're looking to playa multi player game over (he Internet/ hit the Internet option. If you are not going co be the one hosting the Internet game, you must find out the host's IP address before you can join their server. The lP of your machine is listed when you dick on the Internet option in case other players need (Q know your IP (Q join. If you want co playa game over a network/ JUSt hit the LAN option, you don't need to know the IP to join LAN games. The last option/ requires you (Q be able (Q send saved games (Q your opponents/ normally via Email. If you choose an Email game, first go into the Setti"9s menu on the Email screen and enter the relevant information. When the game stares, each player will playa turn, and upon hitting the End' Tum button, will be shown the email address of the next player/ and given a choice between Autorna-ti.c and.Ma.nu.a£. Autorna-tic uses the settings you provided earlier (Q send the turn fire auromaticallv (Q the next player. Alternatively, if you choose MaTluaf; you will have to go into [normally] C:\Program Files\Age of Wonders Shadow Magic\EmailOLlt and send the file la .asg file) to the next player via a conventional email program. When the file is received/ it must be saved manually to the C:\Program Files\Age of Wonders Shadow Magic\Emaillnfolder.at which point the player can go to Scenario/Enuti/iLoa4 Game to play the next turn.

o Three new races: tIie mobiCe NomadS, tIie ancient Syrons, and: tIie mysterious
sliadOw Demons

o A compfete and' fuCC-featurel! RandOm Map Generator o New Raciaf Structures, bu«:dl"9s unique to each race tIiat provide poweifu£ bonuses aruL spedaC units o The Item FOJ9e, a city Structure tIiat rcts you create your own, custom '""9U: items jOr your WiulrdS and: Heroes o A varietyof new spellS and: slUllSfor your Wiulnf o Many units, spellS, and: features have been red'esipted and' re6afanrof to enJianre 9ame pfay o In addition to tIie Swface and: tlnd'eJ'9round; tIiere Is now a compfetefy new Cevet; tIie sliadOw world' o The a6iftty to use custom portraits jor your WWudS and: Heroes o A new editor, more poweifu£ and: versaiiCe tJian ever
The campaign portion of Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic is the story-based single-player game. The campaign follows the quest to unite the ancient races/ unravel the secrets of tile Shadow World, and bring down Emperor Phobius. The campaign comprises 16 scenarios, including a short Tutorial. When you click Campai9n on the main menu, you will be presented with a choice between the sliadOw Campai9n and a User that you might have made yourself or downloaded from the Internet. When you select the Shadow Magic Campaign, you will be presented with a map with three flags. Each flag represents a separate starting scenario for an episode of [he campaign, with each episode being played with a different Wizard. They can be played in any order by selecting a flag and then clicking on Start. As you complete each scenario, new ones will become available, shown as new flags on the map. As you play an episode, your Heroes, Items, and Research will transfer [rom scenario [Q scenario/ but not [rom episode (Q episode.

o A 6rcuu£.new sliadOw


Scenario Setup
If you have chosen Sir'9fe, you'll need to select a map to play the game on. The list of available scenarios/ coupled with some information on their size and number of Wizards (players ), will appear under the Sefect Scenarto tab at the top of the window. Pick the scenario you wish to play and hit the Select button. By default, Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic uses a system called Simultaneous Turns. This allows all of the Wizards in the scenario (Q play their [Urns out in pseudo-simultaneous fashion. If you wish (Q play your scenario in a more classic turn-based fashion/ change the option in the upper right from simultaneous to CCassic. If you are trying to playa horseat mulriplaver game, you must pick Cl'assk style before you can assign other players to Wizards.
TIP: Large and Extra LarqeScenarioseilll taJi:s a very, very!ong time to complete, especia£li; when using Classic 'Turns.

There is a variety of scenario options/ such as the ability (Q modify the amount of time allowed for each turn, the total number o] turns, and several other features. Custorruee Wiulnf will let you choose a different Wizard from the default, or create an entirely new Wizard. For more information on customizing Wizards/ see the section on Wizards and Heroes. IMPORTANT: '13e carejuiabout cfumging'Jourstarting raceor allifnmentwith the Customize. Wimnf option. Scenariosojtw have startinq units and/orcities that I7UUf react viofentfy if'JouM not pra'J the Hue originallyintended in the scenario design, 'This is not as much.01a[actor on random maps.
Expforatiotl, on by default, means that a black 'fog' covers unexplored portions of the map. If you turn this option off, the underlying terrain of the map will be revealed. In multi player games, turning Expforatioll off usually balances the map between players who don't know the map and players who do. AJIidVictory means that your Wizard and other Wizards can simultaneously achieve victory if they are allied and eliminate all opposing Wizards. Otherwise/ you must eliminate all other Wizards in order (Q win/ including your allies. The Advanrof button will open up a new window in which you can specify the levels of available Heroes/ whether cities can increase in size or new outposts be built/ whether magical items can be teleported between Heroes/ and which specific city structures can be built.

In rnultipla ver games, the option of Aliow Tactimf Combat will appear. This detennines whether or not players will be allowed to engage in Manual Battle. If it is set to A(welYs, it will always be an option. If it is set to Never, all battles will be Quick Battles. Between Humans means that it will only be an option when two human players encounter each other in battle. The option Pniferred: Color in multi player lets you set the default Wizard to play. you are not guaranteed to get that Wizard; but if it is available/ the server will auromaticallv give you that Wizard. To select your Wizard manually, or to change the difficulty of computer opponents, click on the box underneath each Wizard/s name and race. Computer opponents range in difficulty from the easy CPU Squire to the difficult CPU Emperor. Once you have assigned each of the human players to a Wizard, set the difficulty of the computercontrolled Wizards; and selected your game options. hit Start! to begin your scenario.

Random Scenarios
Alternately, you can select the Generate Scenario tab at the top of the window to randomly generate a map to play 011. On the screen that presents itself/ you can choose the number of players (human and AI) that you want in the game, and one of four general types of

BelttCe Scennrio: A small map, focusing on combat, designed to let players quickly find
each other and start fighting it out. Epic Scenario: A huge map, loaded full of special locations and treasure, designed to give players a long game to savor and strategize about. Arclinul!Je SCClU1rio: A small map, focusing on magic, designed to let players quickly find each other and blast each other with powerful spells. Empire BuiLfi"9 SCClU1rio: A huge map, sparsely populated, designed to let players explore and build up their empire over time! as they see fit. If you want more control over the specifics of your random map! click on Ad"vanced SettiJ'9s . Across the top of the Advelncd SettitJ9s window are the options to choose the size of the map! the number of players! and whether the map is generated using a random seed or one that you specify. A 'seed' is a random series of ten numbers that AoW:SM uses to generate the map. If you use a fixed seed! you can then write down the series of numbers you used and send them to a friend so that he can play on an identical map! or save them so that you can replay the same map at a later time. (f you chose to use a random seed! you can always see what number was generated by looking at the scenario objectives during the game.
IMPORTANT: 111 order for 011 identicalmap to begenerateawitli. all identicalstring, of[ of the JIdvaJlaaSctti"ffs wi[[have to be the same as well.

Down the left side you can specify the size of each player/s starting city and the relative numbers of various features appearing in the map. In the section labeled M"Pc Splieres, you can decide which spheres of magic are able to be represented on the map, and on the right side you can choose which races mayor may not be present on your map. Good races are listed in black, Neutral races in green, and Evil races in red. By default, all random maps will have One level (Surface) and consist entirely of grasslands. In the center at the bottom is a section labeled Alfowed: 'Iermin. The first two items, Urufer9rouruC and SliadOwlaruC, are very important options! as they determine how many levels your map will have. The remainder specify what types of terrain lin addition to grasslands I will be present. The size of the map! the number of levels! and the number of cities are what determine how long it will take to pray a scenario. A Large map with many cities! Underground and Shadowland can take a very, very long time to play. The number of players to be involved in the game should be taken into account as welL The recommended numbers of players! based on map size! are as follows: S,tuIf( Med:ium Lelrge Extru Lelrge


2-4 players 2-5 pCayers 2-8 players 2-8 players

= =

Once you have specified all of your options, click on Accept. You can then assign players, decide on options! and choose whether or not to customize your Wizard. VVhen you are ready! hit Start! to generate and play your map.



Chapter Two: Intetface
e nce a map has loaded an d yo u've clicked in to s ta rt the game, the first th ing you'l[ ge t to watch is your W iza rd des cend ing to his or her s tart ing position . The default interface in AoW:SM is broken dow n int o t he M ain Wi ndOw, where all the action ta kes place, and t hree 's ub' w indows th at feed yo u informa tion . Before you go playing with the Main WindOw, take a look a t t he very bottom, at t he bar ru nn ing the entire leng th of t he Screen . This is t he lriformation Bar, a nd is an im portan t source of inf ormacion. An y t im e yo u allow y OUT cursor to hover over an item for a few sec onds; this bar will give you s ome basic information on t he item . Th is wo rks for all pa rts of t he interface and for most terrain a nd objects in t he main w indow. N ow take a look at the three windows just above the Information BaT, Sta rting t he fa r left,

MU!dIe Window and Options

.'40'.'.' C -', , ',\',\" t\,>"

I' r'



'- 7





C .. ,! 't. ,

_ __



.:.- _

The mi dd le w indow is us ed for many differe nt functions . When not hing else is selected, th is wi ndow defaults to yo ur Ma9U: Options , IMPOR T,\NT: 'To get rid of any other options wirufowand6ring up the M"9U: Options zoindou; simpfy riglit- cruton ml!lsplUe in the Main w'ndOw. you can cas t Gfo6af or Unit Endiantment spells by clicking on t he spelt: button, yo u ca n cen ter yo ur Main W indow v iew on yo ur Wizard by clicking t he Center button! and yo u can chan ge what sp ell or sk ill yo u are research ing by clicking the Research button . The t ab a t the tOP of th e M"9 U:Options w indow la beled Active can be clicked to s how what sp el ls yo u·-and w hat g loba l/Do main spel ls the ene my W iza rds .. current.ly have ac t ive. The Active ta b s hows all of your cu rren tly ac tive spells, incl ud ing w hich character cas t a parti cular sp ell, a nd t he a mount of Mana requ ired each turn to keep it active. CfidU''9 Remove will ca ncel t he select ed enc ha ntment, a nd right-clicking on an enchantment wi ll focus t he Ma ,n W' ndOw on th e target of t he encha ntment. The Power tab in t he upper righ t wil l s how you a list of every t hing that is ge nera ting Mana for your emp ire. l] you rig ht -clic], on one of th e lis t ings in th e Power tab! it wi ll cen te r yo ur view on the s our ce of power. C licking t he Wiulrd t a b s imply ta kes you back to th e defa ult w indow if you we re on th e A ctive or P""",r ta b. If you d ick on th e R£searcli but ton, a book w ill a ppear w here you can chan ge w hich s pell Orski ll you a re resea rching . You ca n sw it ch bet ween res ear ching s pells or s kills by click ing eit he r t he speffs or slUlfs but ton in the res ear ch book. There is also a s lid ing bar on th e left t ha t s hows how much of your power is going to ge ne ra ti ng Mana an d ho w much is ge ne ra t ing Res ea rch . More M a na mea ns yo u ca n cas t a nd main tain mo re sp ells, , / hile more R esearch means yo u ge t new spe lls and ski lls more quick ly. Sim ply click th e Close button to remove t his wi ndow. For more information on S pells, Ski lls, a nd M ana , see C hapter 7: M agic .
Ti p:

Events Window
... ..
\ I,

ledd y ,,/

l J .UI, \.1

l);lv ", <.b w n., 8

Lak c-, . Item r t i.Jil
mad e ..I Ic n :1



Y "I
t ;-


_ _ _ _ _ _ __






The Events WindOw is a si m ple seq uent ial text list of all th e important events that are occurring wi t hin your ra nge of si ght. If you click on one of th e eve nt s liste d in the wind ow, it will cente r your Main Window o n th e place where th e eve nt occu rred. For eve nts t ha t occur o f f- screen Ilike messages from other Wi zar ds !, clicking on the entry w ill bring up a n enti rely new w indow for you to exa mine. IMPORTANT: Wfle11 !Iou receiue messogesfrom other Wiza rdSandfrom Spirits, !lem must d icton the mtry in the 'Events W indOw to 6ring them up :Jo IWW, just remember tha:!Iou can die/COlI the events ! r em: fisted here to center!IOUI' view on th Below th e (isting of even ts a re thr ee.icons w ith s ome numbers next to each. The first icon, a pile of Co ld, s hould be followed by a numb er plus lor minu s ) another number Ifor exampl e, 250+17 /. This repres en ts yo ur to ta l am ount of stored C old, followe d by how much Cold you wi ll eit her gai n or lose a t t he end of the current turn. Cold is us ed to pa y for city upgrades, build new com bat units, hire H eroes, and pa y the upkeep for yo ur armies. The nex t icon, a deep blue cryst a l, is a lso follow ed by a number plus lor minu s ) another number. This num ber repres ents yO UT tota l s tored Mana and your Mana incom e lor loss] at t he end of th e curr en t turn. M an a is used for casting spells and purchasing upg rad es; as well as pa ying up keep on magica lly-s ummo ned creatures and enchantmen ts . The las t icon, a brigh t blue-and- white star, is followed by two numbers separated by a s lash [like 2Oho/. Th is represents you r W izard 's current I to ta l number of magic C asting P oin ts for th e curr en t t urn . Eve ry t ime yo u cas t a spell} it consumes Caseing Poin ts eq ua l to t he sp ell's M an a COSt , You ca n only cas t your to ta l number of Casting Point s of s pells each tu rn. Each ne w tu rn will au toma ticall y replen is h your Cas t ing Point s up to, but never exc eed ing; your cecal Cas eing Point s .

sure!Iou remember to research. sl(j/fs as we([as speffs as tfreyw i([600st !lour aftifities and , Casting Points, somethinq tliat can. become ver!l important in a [OIlIJ game.

The Speffs button from the Ma9U: Options window is what le ts you cas t new spe lls. If you wa n t to see what typ es of s pells yo u can cast, click on the bookmarks named Gfo6aL, Un it Encflantment, and Comb at on the bottom-right page of the book. Any s pell yo u ca n't cast wi ll be gra yed out. To ex it thi s book, click on the bookmark shaped like an X at ta ched to t he bor tcm-righ t page . IMPORTANT : 9"ou cannot cast !lourspeffsm'!lwhere on the map;!IouCOl' only cast them u/uhin !IO UI' 'Domain. Put !IOUI' W izard in a city u/ith. a Wizard's Towerto increase his 'Domain. 'Do mains appear as colo redborderssurroundinq!lemr WizardS andJfero in the Main w'ndOw. es You've pro ba bly not iced t he five big icons to the righ t of where your M"9U: Optio ns a ppear. These icons, from t OP to bottom, represent the M"9U: Options, Map 06ject Options, Reafrn Options, Dipfornatu: Optio ns, an d Game Options. The M<J9ic Options will auroma t ical lv com e up w henever you do n' t ha ve an yth ing else s elect ed! as well as wh en ev er you right click on a s pace in t he Ma,n WindOw. Th e Map 06ject Options w ill au to mat ica lly pop up every time you click on a un it! ci ty! or ot he r objec t in the Main lrVirufow.

Tip: ')Our current tum 's Casting Points appfyto 60tli the ouerlandmap andcombat, 1f !Iouspend fza[f of them onetum sumnliming a unit, andentercombat tfiat same tum, !Iou wif[sti ff 071fy hnue fiafj during the combat. Lj(ewise, CastingPoints usedin comba wiff stiff begone wf !Ioureturn to the overla t /£7l nd
map, possibfy aefayingmufti-t urn spells .


The Rm&n Options is main ly jus t an inf or ma tion al to ol. It has several choices that will give yo u inf orm ac ion on y ou r T reas u ry, Citi.e$j Heroes} and Quests. For now/ just remember : like o che r lis ts; you ca n rig h t-clic k o n mo s t t h ings in t he ri ses to center your view on t hem. ,U s ing t he Cities tab an d the right-cli ck me thod, you ca n quic kly manage all of yo ur cities .



The DipCofTUltic Options w indow w ill not ha ve m uch in forma tion at the beg inn ing of ea ch scenar io. Uncil you meet a no the r Wizard, a ll you ca n do here is jus t see how yo ur R ac e Rela tions a re faring . When yo u mee t new VVizards j t he ir po rt raits w ill sta rt to appear in [h e em pty boxes; whe re yo u ca n click on th em a nd cry to Nf9 otia.te. Wh en yo u have yo ur W iza rd s elec ted, yo u can see yo ur person al info a nd R a ce Relati on s . R ac e R ela t ions ar e imp o rtant: th ey d et er m in e how m uch t he fift een races in A o W :SM like yo u. H appy fac es mean th ey like yo u a nd a re probabl y w illing to hel p yo u. N e u tr a l fa ces mean th e race doesn 't care for yo u one way o r t he ocher. A ng ry fa ces mean [h e rac e doesn 't like yo u a nd w ill go o u t o f i rs way to ma ke yo u misera b le .
IMPORTANT: )1Ju can efu/(.01l eachrace[or a more ifl-tie description oj wfuj tfiat race hates or ptli

-! ••. ..




_ '..


J, . •



, .:J"

.. '.,' '

>- '


fites'JOlL Cliedcout Chapter 8 on aipfomae'J ami race relationsfor 1I1Il," inio muu ian. on hour to use the
DiPCofTUltic Options The lase of t he o ptio ns lis t is t he Game Options. From here , yo u ca n view your c u rre n t scenario Objectives a n d c hange some of the gra phic, a udio, a n d g a me play s ett ings o f A o WS M .
IMPORTANT: 1f 'Jouwisli toprevent'Jour units [rom mouinq automaticaliu wlien'Jouselect them,

La stl y, we ha ve t he MinifTUl/' Window. The M in im a p is s im ply a t in y repr es entat ion of [h e e n t ire scena rio ma p, wi t h units a nd build ings s ho w n in [h eir o wner 's co lo r an d independent s in gr ay. you ca n click on a ny part of [h e M in imap co ce nte r yo ur Mai.n WindOw on t hat pa rt o f th e map . If th e map s u ppo rts ei t he r Unde rgr ound Or S hadow Wo rld le vel s, t he re w ill be a d d itio na l tab s at th e to p o f th e M in ima p. C lic king on e it he r th e Suifaa, LlJufer9. o r S(uulow ta6 w ill cha nge th e Main WUufow to s ho w th at le vel. Be nea t h t he Mini ma p are fo u r very im portan t features. The first b u tt on is t he Ne><t Ac ti ve Party bu tt on . Th is bu t ton can be us ed to quickly cycle t h rou g h a ll o f yo ur part ies t ha t ar e s t ill ac tiv e for t ha t t urn . N ex t, there is the Unread Events ico n. This icon will fla s h w hen ever you ha ve an unread eve nt [chec k the Events WiTuCowl, and yo u ca n cl ick on it to aurorna tica llv ce nte r o n the nex t event. The next icon is JUSt a series of colored ba rs ca lled th e T u m Indicator. Th is n ifty bar is there to show you either wh o has no t clic ked in d urin g Sim ulr aneou s rum sc e na rios! or to show which player is cu rrent ly a cti ve in Clas si c ru m s cen a rios . Eac h bu tton is t he color of one of the players, and when a pla y er has clicked t he End Tum bu tt on, a s mall white indicator will light up underneath it to s ho w th at t hey ar e fin ish ed for t hat tu rn . The last button at the bottom right is the End TUTU button . W hen yo u clic k t h is button, yo u a re enrering your desire to end your rum . In Sim ulr an eo us rum sc enarios! once eve ryone ha s cricked this button, the nexr rum will proceed . In C las s ic tu rn s! o nce chis bur ton is cli cked! it proceeds to rhe next player!s rum . Reme m be r do not ! clic k rhi - bu tt on un til you hav e finished managing all of your citi es a nd ar mies for t hat rum!

tum off th Auto Move option ill Gallic Options . Also, this is tfie menu for sauinq, wading, and. e ojtintl theg ame. you Cilll get riJio tliis ioindour in tlu: same[ashion as the other optionuiindotus: riglitj cfi£/(.o71 a space ill tfte Main W inaow.

TIP: Be sure to read of[ of'Jour euentsevery tum, otheruiise 'Joucouldmiss illl importantopp ottunltu, flU; /l .ueli as a neuiJferoor a special quest that wi([ O come afmtg O C<.



Chapter Three: The Main Window
, he Main Window T
Th is is w he re all th e important s cuff in AoW:SM is ca rr ied o u t. You ca n left-cli ck o n a lmos t an yt hing in [he Main W iJufow [fro m units [Q cit ies to wind m ills co ma g ic nodes ) to bring up mo re in formacion on th e o bject. Mos t of the time/ chis new infor mat ion wi ll a p pea r in a box cha r replac es you r M a9i.c. Options w in dow. You' ll noti ce that yo u ca n on ly s ee a s ma ll portio n o f t he maPi the res t of it is blackened or gr a ye d ou t. The bla ck area s represe nt a reas of t he ma p that yo u have ne ver explored. The gray areas, cal led th e Fog of Wa rl repres en t pans of rhe ma p that yo u have ex plored, bu t you ha ve no units or cit ies cu rren tly w it h in v is ua l ran ge of th ose areas.

t •



,. '

;E .';

-? j o .
• .' ) ,'\;.::.

,, '

-:f: ."'.. '. . .

. . : ' .: ' :i
- .. , ;'i,''' '

If ,.. ,--:",..-,:-.-';:
'.,_,"'7" "


",' . ,;.; • .",.:'

t ' ,.1,,-\---

1tH 1

':""'JII az-r -:"

TIl' : 1f!JOu wish to increase the viewaMeareaof the map in the Main WindOw andare pfagillg ill J-f raware 5Ucderatea Mode, !Joucan. use the + and- 1i:!!J or!Jour mouse whed to zoom!Jour view in a s andout.
There a re many d ifferent things that can a p pear in the Main lVindOw . Most fit int o one of the foll owing ca teg ories: Parries, C ities/ Independents/ Terr ain , or St ructures. l.e r's take il. clos e look at ea ch ca t eg ory.

Parties am( Movement
Ao W :S M use s a Iparry/-based s ys tem where each hex on the mar can conta in anywhere between T and 8 units /individ ua l troops]. \A!hen multiple units belon gin g to the same play er e nter the same hex/ they combine to form one large parry which moves and fig h ts to gethe r. A party is re presen ted on the overland map by the highest lev el un it in th e stack unl es s a 'Transport' uni t is present! in which case the 'Trans parr' unit is s ho wn instead. Ea ch hex/ howe ve r/ ca n nev er contain more than 8 units/ nor can it ever con ta in m ore than one 'Trans port ' uni t (like a .sbip]. Each parry of units has a little num ber lis te d nex t t o it on th e Main Wirufow in a s m a ll s h ield of the owning Wizard /s color, this represents th e number of units stacked in that hex. W henever you click on a uni t or Parry in the Main \t'Viru!ow / a lit tle box of informati on a bou t that unit will app ea r in a box where the Magic Options window usua lly res ts. Th is is the Pany Options w indow. When you sel ect a party, yo ur icon wi ll change to a move men t cu rsor/ s uch as a foo t for ground units / o r a win g for flyin g uni ts . If y ou then cl ic k on a spot on the map, a little trail of ye llo w and gray d ots will a ppea r/ lead ing from you r pa rry to that s po r on the map. The yellow dots rep resent how fa r the party can move tha t cum , the gray dots represen t distances roo far for th em to move th at turn. Whe never you click on a SPOt all the map that is tOO far away for the pa rt y to rea ch t hat turn, a little flag with a numbe r will appear at the end of the gr a y dots . Th e numbe r in thi s Hag represen ts! at max im um s peed each turn! ho w ma ny mo re tu rns it wi ll ta ke for the party to reach that sp ot on th e map . To move the party/ click on th e s pot on the ma p ag a in/ or simply press the 1M ' key on your keyboa rd .
T IP: your units wi[[ not 6e committed to a moue until!lou cficton a destination a secondtime, 50 you

Th ere is some ad dit ional in fo rmat ion in t h e Party Options w indow. In t h e bottom -left corn er of t he win dow is the Movement Inzficator, T h e cu rre nt I total number o f mo veme nt points t ha t the pa rty h,15 is listed in th e bo ttom left of the w indow [s hown as someth ing like lO/J,I. This is norma llv equ a l to the m ovement points o f the sl owes t member of the pa rtv. O n a vera ge, it cakes 4 mov em ent points to cross one hex of terra in/ but obs tacles like forests w ill s low yo u down . T he lis t of m ovement COStS for non-flying units on the va rious rerrai n types is as foll ows:

TIP : 90u call sfww/hiJe the fie:(-grUf6!J hitt ing 'Ctr{-J-I'. Terrain Type
D es ert D irt [with Cave C raw ling ) Forest [with Fo resrrv) G rassland Ice La va [w irb Fir e Im m un ity ) Mo untai n Iw it h Mo un t a ineer ing) R oa d Iw it h Enchan t ed R oad s ) Sh a dow Land

Moves Cost
4 413 ) 814) 4 4 Impassable (4) Impassable 18)

) I,)

S now
S t e ppe S w a mp W astel an d Water

4 4 4

sillgfe-cru{lIudtipfeloca tions to see route andtraver time without IUtuaff!J moving.

4 4

T IP , 1f!Jou tum on7luto 'Move in the IjallupfagOptWIL<, !Jourparties wi{{ automaticaliucontinue all W their destinationswhen!Jou hit 'Jofs)(j 7letive Party.




m ,

Next to the Movement Indicator} there is a Party Status icon that shows you how the party IS Morale is doing. As long as this isn'r an unhappy [ace, your party isrr't in danger of rebelling against you or running away. There are three buttons in the Pa.rl)' Options I indow. Clicking the first button; Guard;, will remove a party from the active party Jist. w Put units who are defending cities on Guard so you won/t have to pan through them (via the Next Active Party button) as you move your non-defending armies around the map. The Done button simply marks that party as finished for the current turn. Next selects the neXl active party. You can also hit the INI key on your keyboard to select the next active party.
TIP: j[ singfesiotu unit 11UUj siotu down tlie entire party. 'ln. WI ert1£rgetl£!I' ched(tfle Partu Options Window,and if a singfe unit is out ofmoues amitlie rest liave pfentlj feft,!Ioucan separa.te the slOwp0k:s to te: tlie rest move ahead.



t'.lli'L.. __



. ..... 'f"


" .'

'! ;


cAbj:....,.,,!l-d L 3-=-L i __ ;,


Cities are the most important strategic resource in AoW:SM. Cities are where the people royal to your cause live. Cities bring you income of Cold and Mana/ protect your Wizard/ establish your Domain) and produce the troops that you need to defend your realm. If you wish to succeed/ it is paramount that you protect your cities from attackers and improve them into cornerstones of your realm. \JVhen a city is founded (by a Pioneer unit], it is just a tiny OUtpost. As the population rises} the OutPOSt will rise in size to Village} Town} and finally to a bustling City. Each size of city will contribute more Cold and Mana to your realm/ and will build things more quickly. See Appendix 5 for more details on City Size. There are three main types of things that a city can produce: City Structures/ Units/ and Projects. City Structures are the specialized buildings that are built within your city/ and may come with a benefit/ such as increasing the happiness of the population/ or may allow the construction of special units for your armies. Some buildings have prerequisites/ buildings which must be built before you can build another specific building. you cannot build a Siege Workshop} for instance} until you first construct a Builder's Hall. Most cities have the same selection of Structures/ but each race also has a single specialized Structure that is only built in its largest cities/ often bestowing a significant bonus and powerful units. See Appendix 5 for [ull details on City Structures. One type of building in particular bears special mention: The Wizard Tower. It is through your Wizard Tower that your Wizard will be able to exert his influence over the land. There are three levels of Wizard Tower/ and each is the prerequisite for the next/ as well as for a large number of more advanced buildings. In addition} if your Wizard is in a town with a Wizard Tower/ his Domain (the area in which he can cast spells) is significantly increased. Not only that} but if your Wizard is in a Wizard Tower! all of your Heroes will radiate a small area of Domain around them/ allowing you to cast spells outside of your normal area of influence.
TIP: 'Rgrt1£mfier that zohen. !lourWizan! is not in a 'Wizards 'Tower, !lourHeroeswdi no Ionqer radiate 'Domain aroundthemseh/es andcannot cast spellsin combat outside!Jour Wizanfs immediate -uicinitu.

Left-clicking on a unit portrait in the Party Opti<Jns window will bring up the statistics [o. that unit. This is also where you can Disbaruf units that you no longer need by selecting Disbnruf and hitting Execute, The little red bar underneath the unirs portrait shows you how much health it has [efti a full red bar means full health. The button underneath the unit portrait. called a Movement Switch! usually shows a foot with a number underneath. This foot icon represents the type of movement [Foot = Walking} Wing = Flying! Wave Swimming) chat the unit uses and the number of movement points that it has left for thai turn. l] you wish to split up a party lincluding leaving a ship or other transport) simply click on this Movement Switch. The switch will grow dark, indicating that the unit will not move with the party from that spot.
TIP: 1f !Iou[ind!lourse!fshorton Mana or yord,consider'DisfiandiJzg units that !Ioudon't rearn; need ill orderto saue on upli§ep. TIP: you can 'Disbandwl.fiaPP!l units (eg. erlel7l!f units !Iou 11UUj liave seducedor dominated} to prevent themfrom desertingand faterattadi:jng!lourforces.


To split up your parties! you must use the Movement SwitcJi:es in the Party Opti<Jns window. Simply click on the switch for every unit you do not wish to move from the current location. Remember/ to move off of boats or other transports/ simply click the switch for the boat and move the rest of the units onto land. If you right-click on a switch/ all switches will be reversed. This allows you to quickly separate one unit from a party. [f you again right-click 011 that same unit/s switch/ it will grow darkened while every other unit's switch will brighten. Play around with the Movement switcJi:es a bit until you are comfortable using them, they are a big part of AoW:SM.
TIP: 'To quid::fy removea singfe unit from a party selection, feft cfUk,wui fwfd all unit's movement UOIl and tlien cfUk,t(leright mousebutton to invert tlie selection.


Units are the troops/ strong and weak/ that comprise your armies, Each city can always build one basic unit of their racial type/ but all other Units require that special Structures be built before they can be produced. As an example} a Haljling city can always produce a Peasant} but can only produce a Slinger if a Barracks has been built in the city. See Appendix t: Units for more details on units and their prerequisites.
TIP: Later in thegame, when resources areabundant, !Iou 11UUj want to dedicateone or two of!lour cities to he unit-production.[acilities. 'Builda /Ieleporter, queueup two or three oj that race'smast powerfui units, then select the option to Loop Queue. ')'iJu'([find that small armies wi([ build up in those


cities, avaifnfjfe to warp 10 all'f other cities ofyours that all enem is atlvancin tOU'ara.Just rrJ01:s Sure 'f g OUIers in th em, or tfle 'Ieiepo uiill not fu nction to tiint Ci y. rter t uour other cirieshave 'Wizanfs 'F
Projec ts are special act ion s th a t yo ur city can ta ke/ s uc h as Ra zing (des tr oy ing ! i t ! pro d ucing ex tra me rcha nd is e to incre ase yo ur cash flow/ building ex tr a housing to increas e yo ur popu lat ion faster/ or mi g ra t ing th e ex is t ing race out in fa vor o f a new one .

1'11': 1f you have enough. troops, you canLoOl a captured unun to prouide yourseifWitli a qUictsoUTce 0/ inc ome, depa uU uponthe size of the plac e being Ia ng oted: 'Tfiu 11Ul!f affect your relasions w ith.the hip C 's race or with. someSpirits. ity
TU': 'ln. order to migrate a city to a new race, 'fou must already have a city of the race that you w uh.to mitJrate to. Migrating a race out wi [[neg lUivefy affect your 'l\g cinf%fation.i Sco ulith. the orarace and re , improve 'four score with. the neu/ race. MaK$ sure 'fou have pfenty of troops in the city to prevent rebeffion 6y the orainhabitants'
To bring up more informat io n On a ci ty, cl ick on one of th e hex es [spaces] o f t he cicy. If a ll o f th e city hexes are occ u pied by u nits/ yo u ca n s im ply cl ick twi ce o n chat same hex [Q alterna te between sel ec ti ng th e PllT1) Options or th e City Options. W hen yo u se lect a city, ' t he City Box w ill appea r on th e bottom -m id d le o f yo ur sc reen, a long wi th tw o o ther w ind ow s to either side. Loo k firs t a t t he City Box, which g ives yo u some bas ic inf o a bou t t he city. The Current producti on qu eu e is listed on the left side of the win do w, from here yo u ca n e it her HUrl)' producti ons by spend ing extra Cold or Caned productions entirely. IMPORTAL\TT: J{urryi71g productionscosts 20 (joraana20 Popu1O.tUJIl for each.IUlfiffeacoin remaining A t t he bottom is the Loop Queue box . If thi s is ch ec ked, th e ci ty wi ll con ti n uall y pro d uce t he it ems curren cly in the product ion q ue ue in the ord er they appea r un t il yo u d ictate o t he rwise. To th e right o f th e prod uct ion q ue ue, the ra ce th at in hab its th e city an d the Ci ty M o ra le s ta tus a re s hown . (S ee C ha pte r B for mor e in forma t ion a bo u t C icy Mo ra le). U nd ern eath th e racial in fo is s hown how mu ch p roduction (s hown by ha mm ers, w ith a fu ll circle repres enting ten produ ction ), Cold [coins ], Mana [crvs ra ls ], res ea rch [books ], a nd pop ula tion grow th (hous es ) th e ci ty is produ cing .

of tu rns rema ining until th e city gr ows to th e nex t lar gest si ze w ill be s hown . R emem ber/ th e lar ger t he ci ty, th e mor e it con tri bu tes to yo u r em pire. Undern eath t he city gr o wch ind ica to r a re two ca bs: one fo r City S tructures, the o t he r fo r City Infonnation . The City StnJCtnres tab w ill lis t a ll the curre nt s tr uct u res an d w ha t t hey co n tr ibu te to yo u r cicy. You ca n clic k on a Str uc tur e and click the sclI butto n to se ll s tr uc tures ba ck for Cold. If you click on t he City Injonnafion ta b, a list o f eve ry thing the city natural ly contr ib u tes, as well a s " II mod ifiers for things like terr a in bon uses, wi ll be shown . Crop fields wi ll naturall y gr ow a ro und the city at a rate o f one hex per turn if the terrain is fa vora ble to the inhab it antsi s ee A p pend ix 5: Cities for more s pec ifics as to bonuses and whi ch terra in wi ll g row crops . If yo u w is h to bui ld new cities/ yo u m us t first construct a Pioneer uni t. Pioneers ca n be buil t in any ci ty as long is it ha s both a Bu ilder 's H a ll and eno ug h ci tizens to su ppor t the Pioneers . W heneve r a Pioneer is built, som e o f th e city 's res iden ts (150) will perm a nen tl y lea ve th e city a nd jo in th e Pioneers . O nc e th es e resi dents hav e joined the Pio nee rs/ th ere is no wa y to merg e t hem back in to th e c ity. When th e Pionee r is built, s im ply mo ve ic ro an o pen s pot on t he map th at has enou g h o pe n terr a in [a circle t hree hex es ac ross] a nd is not coo clos e to a no t her c ity. O nce it is in position/ cli ck o n th e Pi on eer 's pa rt y in th e Main Window, and th en click on the P ion eer itse l] in the list o f un it s in the J>llT1)' Options . S elec t and exe cute th e abil icy Build Outpost a nd the Pioneer w ill build a new city if there is en oug h room a nd yo u have enough go ld . Once a Pioneer s ta rt s a new ci ty/ th e Pionee r is go ne forever. Pioneers can also rebuild s truct ures that ha ve been razed/ or bui ld road s to facilita te moveme n t throughout your real m . Remem ber to (ea ve a t least some units to g ua rd yo u r cities/ especially th e cit y in w h ich yo ur W iza rd res ides . A n undefended Wi zard is an easy targe t for your enem ies . Prod uce a few de fensi ve un its and con si der build ing so me wa lls an d ci ty def ens es ar ou nd your cit ies to prot ec t the m from enem ies . Cities ca n be de s tr oyed us ing the Rnze City o r Loot City op t ion s from th e ProdUction Options.

TU ': 5Jnytime a city doesn't have an!fth.ing in its production queu it wi[[automaticallu Produce e, MercfuLluUse, th.ough. it won't aup fay in tfie queue.
Now, look at the other two w indows t hat po p ped up, the Production Options window on the lef t a nd the Infonnation win d ow on t he right. The Production Options w indo w has th ree ta bs, the first for Units, t he seco nd for Structures, and th e las t for Otfier pr oduction op tions. If you click on any thing listed in th e Unit or Structure produ ct ion lists, the Infoonation window on the rig h t wi ll ch an ge to g ive you m ore inf orma ti on on t ha t uni t or s t ruc t u re. LW ' ORTANT: 'for city size inf ormation, th. trst of C structures,ani!the Iis: of tfie units each. race e ity can buift£, see the append ices. 'for inf ormat ion about interpreting the statisticsfor inaivitfuaf units , see Chapter 5: 'Units It ca kes both C o ld and turn s to prod uce Str uc tur es a nd units . Th e C old cos t w ill be immed ia tely deducted from yo u r tr ea s ury if yo u do uble-cl ick on a un it/ stru ctu re, or if yo u cl ick t he ProdUu,lBuifdi'E=te bu tt on . T he Co ld cost of ea ch structure or un it is a lso the pro d uct ion cost. l] a unit COStS IO O G old a nd your city has 40 Prod uct ion pe r cum/ it will ta ke J turns to build the unit . If yo u do no t have enough Cold to pr od uce th e item you se lec te d, it will go on hold unt il yo u ha ve enoug h Cold to pay for it, a t w hich po in t the Cold wi ll be deducted an d prod uc t ion started. T I!': 'Wh.et< you Cancel production, you u'iff Iose aff accumulated production. Houieuer,'fou may receivea partial refu na basel!on tfie uncompleted PO rti011.


I' .1




If yo u do not ha ve a ny un it o r s t ruc t u re se lecte d/ th e Infonnation w indow w ill s ho w you mo re inf orm at ion o n th e city. In th e co p righ t/ und ern eath th e name o f t he ci cy, t he num ber


Structur es are buildings and in teracti ve terrain [eatures ot her chan citi es . Th ere is a huge

Structure Type


vari ety of Structures in AoW:SM. Some, like Mines, can be flagged a nd will g ive the Owne r a bonu s in G old o r Mana each turn . Others, like th e Ancient Ruin, can be ex plored only once. during a g ame, g iving a reward, such as a magic item Or uni ts, to the pla yer who is able to dejear the st ructure's guardians. T o use a st ructure, simp ly move in to the same hex th a t it occupies . If it is defended, yo u ma y be in for a fight. If it ca n be cap t ured, " s ma ll flag of yo ur W izard's color will appear over it (w hic h is wh y ca pturing , bu ild ing is ca lled ' flagg ing' it ].

Ancient Ruin

!:xplo re the ruin for a reward



Gives your troops ex perience - for a price

Camp Site

A party th at will e ither fight or join yo u


C onnects the S urfa ce a nd Underground

C haos Node

Conqueri ng this creat es a N ode of yo ur ow n Sphere

Strange crea rure s ma y be for hire

Critter 's Den

C ritte rs wh o ma y fol low yo u for G old

Dr ago n's La ir

Big risks, big rewar ds

D ragon's Peak

Dragon hatchl ings ma y foll o w yo u for G old



Struct ure Type


Structure Type


Dru id's Circle

Servant s of nature w ill serve you for donac ion s


A magic item left on th e gro und


If freed from the g ua rds, the prisoners you


Magic C ata lvst

Ci ves 50

Points or r50 Resea rch Point s


'@ I


Evil Woods

A ttacks anyth ing tha t moves

Magic N ode

G ives + 10 Sp here

per turn, or + 10 if of your own




Cold per tu rn

Magic Rel ay

Ex pan ds t he ow ner's Do main around ic

,.-.r· .


A pile of C old left lying a bout. S illy, th a t,

• I


De fend ed by magic, a new s pell is t he reward

Hast e Berry Tree

Eating the fruit res tores Move Points and Has tes you

Market Pla ce

A pile of crysta ls th at add


your toral Mana

H a un ted C ryp t D efe.lt the dead and cla im their treas ure
D war ven wa r machin es for sale


H ouse of H ea ling

A vis it heal.'. all units in a party

M ine

Ci ves you


Cold per turn



H eroes drinking awa y their coin melY join you


Pois on Plant

A t tacks anyt hing char moves


Structure Type

f;ffect. <

Structure Typ e


Produc tio n Resources

Lets you build" s t ruct ure ins ta nrly in a near by city

S ign

A message for th ose pass ing by

Quest Stone

One of the S piritS wi ll offer <1 ques t to the fin der

Teleport er

lns tantly trans ports unit s to a distant sp ot

Rai nbow's End

A pile of t reas u re, ofte n 3 U<1 rde d by <1 Leprecha un

Wa tc h Towe r

Lets you wa tc h a large a rea a nd protects unit s

Reflecti ng Pool

Th is poo l giv es yo u ,1 3 1im pse of a distant place

Wa te r Mill


+ 10

G old pe r tu m

Rogue S hac k

Local rogues may be w i!ling to join you

W indm ill

G ives ex tra G old ea ch tu rn

Sac red Woo ds

A ttacks a nyt hi ng char moves

Sh adow Port<1 1

A ga teway to the Sh .ldow World

S ha dow Wee d

T his herb 3 ranL< tem pora ry relief from Shadow S ickness


Shipw reck

Defea t the gua rds, cla im the booty



Independents are units, individual or in parties, that are not aligned with any of the Wiz a rds doing bat tle in the ar ea. They are al ways represent ed by a gr ay flag. They may he wandering aro und, o r they may ow n ci ties and St ruct u res. Th eir purposes are their own) and they may ign ore you. They may join in yo ur ca use for fame or for Go ld. They may a ls o arrack you wi thout provocat ion .

Terrain. - the sfuufow World
a rc very, very di fferent th ere than e ith er the Surface or the Undergr ound . R eached via power ful spell s or Shadow G at es, tra velers from ou tside the Shadow World find tha t they ca n move wi th "m azing sp eed. In fac t, the cost to m ove thr ou gh a hex of open S ha dow La nd is half th a t of mov ing thr ough a hex of open g rass lands . The landscap e was filled w ith vas t voids over w hich not eve n flying creatures could mo ve. Th e trav elers also report tha t w hile in the S hadow Lands they were snuck by the mysterious S hadow Si ckness/ leaving them wea k an d helpless IAn D A M , RES , a nd DEF a re all redu ced by 33%)·
TIP: 'Tf ;mysterious fJerb Shado 'J;J/eed; can o t the 5 u , w ffie lJmptollls of sfuufuu' Sick:!.le.5S for a.snort wnik ,

Not mu ch is know n about t he Shadow World , sa ve t ha t t hings

Independ£nt Type
A rea G ua rds

Gu ard an areal attacking any who come clos e

ascan SOT/U!.pouerjuispeffs.

Ar rack wha tever the y se e, regar dles s of th e odds
Gu ard a specific s pot, defending

Gua rds Infidels Patro l Rai ders Refugees S coutS

it against all comers

An ge red a Spiri t, who will order followers

hu n r them .

Patrols a defi ned a rea . M ay joi n your ca use. Move through th e wo rld attacking when th ey t hink they will w in, leaving razed buildings behind.
Wayw ard uni ts looking for a ne w mast er

Search the world . Th ey may attack, they may join
Wander rhe world, s eeking a cause


Terrain. - tfie SUtjace
Wh en yo u first look at the Mai n W indow, yo u will prob a bly be lookin g at t he Surface.
Th e S urface level is that parr of the world mos r like our own , w i th rivers and moun tains,

la kes a nd [oresr s . The ma jority of the races of the wo rld are most at home here, and t he
ty pes of terrain that you will find on th e surface are «15 varied as the races them sel ves. Soggy swam ps/ green grassiandsl deep snows, and man y more variatio ns are present ro

deli gh t an d challenge the traveler.

Terrain - tfie l.lndergTOUru!
Benea th the fertil e, s un lit Surface lies the dar k Underground, home of t he D wa rves a nd G oblins . A tra veler can move back a nd forth bet ween the Surfa ce and the Undergroun d by th e myria d caves darting th e la nd scap e, bo th natural an d cra fted. Be ca reful, th ough, for thos e not used to th e Undergr ound will find th emsel ves s ru m bling abo ut in th e dar k. Units nor used to it wi ll find tha t the ir range of vision has been dram aticall y reduced.
TIP: Spe<iIl( abilities sud ; as Cave Cra w[;ng and 5V)gfJi 'Vision, wfJichareavai!iJ6(e tosame 'Units and Heroes, improve thair chances in tru;'Un J"ergr owuf.


Chapter Four: Combat
Generuf Combat Infonnation
When your parties come into contact with a hostile enemy party/ a battle will ensue. You will be allowed to choose from three options before the battle begins: QUick Bnttfe, which lets rhe computer aurornatically calculate the combat resu[rsj Ma.rtuaf Ba.ttfe/ which gives you direct control over your units during the skirmishj or Retreat; which is only available if you initiated the battle/ and allows you to withdraw your troops before the conflict begins. On rare occasions, if your opponent is significantly demoralized or outnumbered/ you'll be offered the chance toA=pt Surrender. IThe Retreat. option is moved to a smaller square next to the Surrender oprion] This option results in an automatic victory for your army; without any risk of harm to your units. Note that this isn/t considered a battle/ however/ so your units will not gain any experience from accepting a surrender. Before every battle! you'll see this window:

? r




If either of these rhree parties attacks the neutral party in the center! the other two stacks will automatically enter the combat as well.
TIT: 'The Jlc!ja£.em Jfe'( rule conbe usee! ratherrutfi1essfy, ilyou're wif[ing to ofler up weal(gr units as sacrificialIambs to the Jl1 in the sinqie-ptauergallu. 'Whenyou anticipatebatue witfi a prnoer/ulerumy party,you may want to separate your wea{est unit into its oWnparty; when baule occurs, that unit w;[1 6e atta£.I@e!6y nUlny 01the nearestenemies, feaving your maingroup orgroupswith a smaller[orce to deaf with. 'Even ilyOW" (amE is siauqhieredearfyon, it willhaueservedits purpose 6y nUl!i:ing the baule easierlor your maingroup. 'Tfiiscall6e quite useful in city sieges, wheree!rawiJlg off thelire 01",umy siegeweapolls can aflore!your strongestgroup time to 6reatdOwn t!ie gates.

ln Manual Battle! you control your units in a turn-based battle. Combat! unlike the overland game) is always played out in Classic tum style! not Simultaneous turn style. The defender always moves his or her units first.

you will need to choose one of the three available options to proceed with the battle. You can also examine your troops and the forces arrayed against you by looking at the icons above and below the option window: the icons above are your foe!s troops! while those below are your own. Clicking on any of these icons will bring up a small window showing that unit's statistics. If you or your opponent will have multiple stacks of units in the same battle, you can scroll through the armies by clicking on the arrows near the troop display windows. In multi player games, only the aggressor will be allowed to choose what type of combat will occur. The defending player is not allowed to choose between Manual or Quick Batrles; they must play whatever type of barrle the attacking player wishes.
IMPORTANT: 'Ba1:tfes can6e wagecfbetuieenmorethanjust 2 parties usillgwhat is calledthe 'Jlc!jauntJfq '!?Jile'. 'Ea£.h spot em the nUlp is a£.tuaffy a 6-sidee!ligure caffee! a 'Jfe>c' 'Every party that

occupies a he'( adjacent to the fte'(6eillgattac{ee!wi![ automaticaliu enter the combat. 11you want to 6ri11!J n",!tipfeparties into a combat, surround" the enemyparty's he'(with.your parties and" then. haue Olte olyoUf parties initiate the atta£./(Jldja£.ent neutralparties andaitiedparties canjoin in t!ie fight if they arealigltee!with. either side inuoh/ed. 'Whenmouinqmultiplepartiesacross the map, IfUl!@ sureyou teep af[ 01your parties touchinqeach. otherso that if anyone party is attacked, the otherparties w;[ljoin the combatas wef£ J1.voUiputting !:lour parties in affine' [ormation, because in a fine formation, each. part!! is usuaffyonfytOlKfiillg 1 or 2 otherparties, Instead,teep them clustered in a 'triauqle'{omuuion.usiere every party is touchinqat feast two otherparties.

The interface for Manual Batcle is similar in form to the Maift Witufow and its three subwindows. There is an Events lVitufow on the left that keeps crack of everything going on in the battle. Underneath the event list is your Matul lruficator and Casting Point I,uficator. There is a battle Minimap on the right) complete with Next Unit} Tunt Imficator! and Emf Tum buttons. The information in the middle of the three windows will change depending on what task you're attempting to accomplish and what unit you're controlling or targeting. You can change what it displays by left-clicking on one of the four icons to the left of the Millimap. The book icon on top opens up your speff6ook, allowing you to cast Combat and Unit spells. IGlobal spells are not available to cast during combat.) Casting spells in combat is quite similar to casting spells on the overland map: [eft-click on a spell! move your cursor onto a valid target! then left-click again to activate the spell. Combat spells usually have either an immediate effect on a target or multiple targets! or a persistent effect that remains until the end of combat. U nit spells give one of your units a statistical boost or a special ability. your Wizard can only cast one spell per combat turn: any spell-casting Heroes in the same battle will be able to cast one spell per combat rum! as well.


' j



tal(gs placeinside!Jour Wizara's 'Domain. '1/ you must send troops outside!four 'Domain, and want to retainyour spell-castinq abilities durinqcomba you'[[needto fia ve a Jiero or a unit witli the Magic t, a6ility accompauy them. wlii£1i wi[[create a sllla[[pod:5t oj!four 'Doma in around!fourtroops, Heroes andMagic 1?g.fay units onfygenerate Doma in if !Jour Wiza rd is ill a Wizari's T(J7jJer, hotueuer.
IMPORTANT: Onecritical distinction between casting spellson tlie Maill 5\{ap

IMPORTAII.'T: ?(eep in mind that.you wif! onfy be ableto cast spellsallri g combatiJ tfuu combat n

andcasting spe[[s in battle is tliat !fourCastingPoints cfo not refresli at tfte beginning oj ever!fcombat round. 7J!fou fiave 20 Cast ing Points at the begiluting oj combat, and!fou usethem a[[ 011 !fourfi rst tum, !fouWOlI 't be a61e to cast a"!f more spe[[s aUril'!J t fiatcombat, 'l1ie sallierestriction applies to spelkastil'!J »[eroes in COli/bat, a"

it/ you can click a nyw her e else on th e tacti cal ma p to bring up the path between the point where the crea t ure i.l7 an d it s desti nati on . C licking for a second time on the destination will sta rt your un it on its way/ but no te that/ unlike on the Main Map/ where paths are exclusively ye llow an d g ray/ paths On th e tacti cal com ba t map will consist of green/ yell o w, red/ and gray docs . Th e un it/s path w ill auro ma r.ica llv a void any obstacles . Some units a lso ha ve the abi lity to au toma tically attack arry o the r uni t that attemp ts to mOve near ir, if you nee d to move one of your so ldiers past such a un it/ th e path wil l au(Omatical ly a tte mp t to maneuver your soldier Out of hann's wa y.



The sce pte r icon char resides bel ow th e Speffbook o pens up th e Unit Options wi ndow, whic h displa ys tactical inf orm aci on for a unit th at yo u'v e selected , You wi ll be a llowed (Q see [hat unir 's va rious s ta t is t ics on th e left and its com bat-related a bilit ies on th e righr . {S ee th e Units s ecti on for more dera ils on rhese statistics an d a bi liries.] A bilit ies listed in white ar e a bilit ies th at require yo u [Q ac tiva te [hem before th ev /re us ed, s uch as A rchery o r s pecia l a t tacks . A bilit ies in ye llow ar e passi ve ab ilit ies that a re al wa ys ac tive , s uch as Poison lmm uni ry or Lea dership , A bilit ies in red or blu e denot e tempora ry s ra rus eff ects or enc han tme nts that a re ac tive on the unit, effec ts in red Me usu all y nega tive/ su ch as Burning or Poisoned, whil e thos e in blue are usu a lly posi tive , like Ench a m ed Weapo n, These a re s ometimes acc ompani ed by a visual modification of the unit itself in the ma in com ba t window. The crown icon opens up the Reafm Options window/ al lowing yo u to eit he r Surrender/ which results in the immediate end of th e battle a nd th e death of all of yo ur parti cipating units/ or switch your units to Auto comb at / wh ich lets the com pu ter control yo ur side of the barrle un ril the battle is resolved, In sin gle- player ga mes, thi s resul ts in a com pletely com puter-controlled battle/ while in multiplayeTj your opponen ts will st ill retain the option of manually comrolling their units. Click th e A uto Com ba t bu tt on again to turn this option off, The Realm Options screen also s hows the curre nt battlefield enc ha n tm ents th at are active/ and allows you to a t tem pt to di sp el your op ponenr's enc ha n tm en ts/ if you ha ve researched the Disjunction spell.

lnstigating an a rrack is as easy as wa lking . Select o ne of yo ur units by clickin g on it, th en click on an o ppos ing uni t. You r unit' s pad, to the un it w ill be s hown . C licking ag a in on the en em y w ill ca use yo ur un it to a utomatica lly cove r th e di stan ce to th e enemy a nd s tart th eir assa ult. Keep in m ind th at g rou nd · based mel ee un it s ca nno t a ttac k units that fly, but that flyin g units ca n a ttac k gro un d units . 11P: Sinceg roullaunits can't attac(ff!Jil'!J units , computer-controlled parties that consis ofa[[ t growu! rtwlity to cast units wilf often sit sti[[if!four party consists elttiref!J oJJ!iers, 1f tliis occurs, taRstlie oppo 0 JJensive spe[[s an his units until!fou mil oui ojCasting Points; w'!f survivil'!J units w;[[ proba6f!J be severef!J andless liKsf!J to fumn or Ki! one oj your units ill a counter-anack f Of course, your attacking units wil l not simply be a llowed to s lau gh ter t heir targe ts , when you attack an oppos ing unit/ it will usual ly at tempt. to counter-a t tack. Units can counte rattack mo re ofte n th an they ca n attack, bu t even so, they w ill eventua lly be overwhelmed against a numerically s uperio r force, so that a gro up of a verag e units can often overpower a single strong foe by re lentlessly pressi ng th e a t tack, A uni t wi th full movement points can make up to five co unte r-attacks, so you may wa n t to a t tack with your heavily-armored units first to absorb th e co unter-attacks, th en se nd in yo ur less powerful units to finish off a target. Note that ground unit s Call co un ter-attac k wh en a flying unit attacks them, even though they can', attack th em di rectl y, 11P: CWftell attacKing a strongmelee unit witft a Iilrger number oj weal( melee units,!foumay umnt to arrange !fourmovementso tfuu the initial attacKsrs eacfi miI!f ftit tlie target OIlU, 'TIiis meanstliat the defender wi[[onf!Jg et oneretaliation striK,g aqalns: eacli atUUKsf, elfectivef!J spreadinq out tlie cfollU'!Je andlimitil'!J casualties. Units that re ly on ra nge d at tacks are us ed in a simila r fashio n. On ce yo u s elect the unit and click on a target, however; ins tead of sh owing a path between th e two enem ies, a pa rab ola sh owin g t he arc of the ran ged at tack wi ll be displayed, Like a path, this arc w ill be co lored green, yel low, an d red, w ith the vary ing colors ind icat ing the likelihood that a m issil e will strike it s targe tj if t he ene my un it is in the red zo ne, a s uccess ful strike is fairl y unlikel y. When t he re is a n obs t ruc t ion on th e map / s uch as a wa ll o r o t he r unit between th e ran ged unit a nd its ta rget, red ci rcles wi ll ap pear on th e tar geting parabola to ind ica te th at yo ur acc uracy is redu ced, wi th th e number of c ircles ind ica t ing th e sev erit y of th e obs rruc tio n; you ma y wish to mo ve yo ur ra nged unit rather th an wa tc h it s missiles miss th eir target. Units wi rb ranged a ttacks Can a ttack flyin g un it s. Note th at ranged un its can fire th rou gh a n all ied unit stand ing dir ectl y in front of it wit ho ut pen alty/ but on ly when the units a re dir ectl y a d jace nt .
IMPORTANT: 'l1tenumber oj times a unit canattlle/ is determinedb!f IWw lIIon!f Moves tfzer; fiave C

TIP: 7J!fou cue[aced witli a battle tliat !fou liave IlC fwpe oj wi1l7'ing, !fouma!fwisli toSurrender rather than let !fOUl" oppOllent's unitsg ain experienceJor k,iffng!fours i ,
Lastly/ th e gea rs icon o pens up a s ma ller version of the Gam e Opti ons me nu from the ove rla nd map . Yo u' ll be a llowed (Q change Video , Sound, and Cameplay opt ions here ,

The Main Combat Window displays ,h e ta c,i cal ma p, where all of a battle's actio n ,akes place. In this window/ you/ll select and move your units/ choo se targets for th eir ranged attacks, and select the areas tha' will be a ffec te d by yo ur Com bat spells , Unit selec'ion and movement are the most basic tasks here. In order to selec t a unit/ left·click on it while no o ther unit is selected. (To de -sel ect a unit/ righ t-click a nywhere on the tac tica l map to bring lip the Rea&n Options w indow, l lf th e uni t sele cted has movemen t poims available


left. .::t unit wlic flOS llUJVea witliin itsgreell 9Y!o-.Jes allotment C sti[[maKs3 fu[[ attacks.. 'Units tflOt WI IfWI}e illto tlieiryellow ?,!ovesa[fotlllent ,vi!! onf!J nzaf@ 2 attacks., Lastf!J, units ,liat IfWI}e into tfteir rea 5\{oves allotmentwi[[anf!J get to lIlaKs 1 attact(
If the lInit also has usa ble abilities, like t he s kill Archery, they a re highli ghted and selectable on the list to th e righ t of the uni t's icon , W he n yo u se lec t a n ability to lise, the Event Window will dis play a ny re levan t inform ati on on th at a bility,



R a ng ed ab ilit ies cha t only make one a t tack, su ch as th e Ba llis ra' s Fire Ja vel in a bi lity, Can on ly be used if your unit ha s no t moved beyond his gre en moves allotm ent. M oving in to t he yellow o r red w ill make th e un it una ble to us e this kind of a bility. T h is does not ap ply co Tou ch a biliti es, like We b and Entangle, just ra nged a bilit ies . If yo u a re th e attac king pa rt y, yo u w ill not ice severa l a rrows placed on th e bo rders of th e ma p close to wh ere yo ur un its a re initia lly placed. if a ny o f yo ur un its move on to an a rro w, th ey will retreat from combat , These Retreat Arrows ar e on ly a va ila ble to t he attacking par t ies, no t th e defending pa rti es. if you us e t hes e arr ows to ta ke your ar my from t he ba ttlefie ld, th e ir Mai n Ma p moveme nt points w ill be d ro p ped to zero a ucorn a ti ca lly, to preven t hit -a nd-run tact ics .

Combat Medianks
Wh en units in A o \t\!:S M cry co d amage on e a no t her/ a ra nd om number is ge nera ted an d th en com pared against t he tWO unit s' s ra cisr ics co see if th e attac ker s ucceed s. For mor e info rmat ion on w ha t eac h ind ivid ual s ta t is ti c on a unit rep res en ts/ s ee the Units sect ion . The cha nce of success for most a ttacks is calc ula ted by com pa ring th e a tt acking un it' s Ar ra ck stat wit h t he defendi ng uni t' s Defens e o r Resista nce s ta t. Th e bas e cha nce for s uccess is 50% if the com pa ris on of Attack vs . Defens e or A tt ack vs. R es isca nce is equal. Each diff erenc e in A tt a ck and D efense lor Res iSta nce) incr ea s es or d ecrea ses th e odd s by ,ok. If th e a tt ack is s uccessful/ a s im ple dam age ro ll is made us ing J as th e m inimum a nd the Dam ag e va lue a s the m axi m um . Th us, a unit w ith A rrac k 8 and Damage 5, aga ins t a targ et w it h Defen s e 6, has a 60% cha nce of su cces s fully hitti ng his ta rg et 150% + 1 5% . 1)), If he hitS, he does a ny w here betw een I a nd 5 da mage ag a ins t his ta rget. Ea ch attack a lw ays has a m in im u m s ucceed , cha nce


O nce you 'r e don e a t tacking or pos it ioning yo ur troop s, you can en d th e curr en t com bat t urn by clicki ng t he check m a rk box in th e bottom right-h an d corn er of the s creen, just like 0 11 the wo rld ma p. A battle is ove r wh en o ne s ide's uni ts die, s urrender, o r re trea t.

Sieqes and Ma9ka! Terrain Battles
Wh en your cree ps a re attacked while ins id e a ba rr icaded s truc tu re/ like a C ity wit h wa lls o r a Watch to wer/ yo ur def ens ive pos it ion w ill a fford yo u cert a in advantages during com bat. In a dditio n to t he prot ecti on th at wa lls g ive yo u/ a nd t he gre ater accur acy of miss ile a ttacks du e to yo ur height a d va n tag e/ tr oo ps ins ide a [on ified s t ruc t u re w ill be ab le to move for free on the first tu rn of a ba tt le, You sh ould ta ke advan tage o f thi s free tu rn to mo ve your a rchers and ot her ran g ed- a t tack uni ts to pos it ions w here t hey ha ve a clea n field of fire into the onco m ing troo ps , This won't s ave you if you ' re hopelessly o ut ma tched, bu t at lea st yo u' ll go down figh t ing .

s ucceed a nd a maxi m um 95°./0 cha nce to

Rang ed attacks, like Archery, us e their own Attack valu es and suffer from a ccuracy pena lties, o r bonu s es} based on d is ta nc e a nd heig ht. The farther a wa y the targ e t/ rhe les s likely yo u ar e to hie it. S ta ndi ng o n elev a te d terr ain/ w hile yo ur ta rge t is on lo wered te rra in/ wi ll im prove yo ur chances o f h itting the targ et (a nd w ill ham per th em if yo u're on th e low ground ), Th e odds of a ra nged attack s ucceed ing a re s how n ill t he E vents WindOw . Obstacles/ su ch as w a lls or o t her units/ can s ome tim es int erfere with ra nged attacks . If a n obs tacle is in t he way of you r ran ged attack, a red circle will a ppea r ar ou nd the obstacl e, IMPORTAi\lT: 'T alEea unit starufillgcfirectfyneJ(l to w:Ii otherdonot6fac/(eacfi othe r's ran wo s gea attadJ . positioning a strong unit ill front of a '{uea{r angea writ/ !:Iou can sometimes (sfitefi{' diem [rom. enelll'J attacK!, In addition to no rma l Ph ysi cal da mag e, specia l dam age ty pes, like H o ly damage, wi ll be comp ar ed to a car gec's Resi s tance co se e if th ey ca us e th eir s pec ia l s ide effects / su ch as Vertig o, The A ttac k va lue o f th ese sp ecial si de ef fects is a lwa ys 8. M agi c, Ph ys ica l, a nd Wa ll damage rv pes have no spec ia l side aff ects as sociated wit h them , M agi c dam ag e, how ever, will le t yo u hurt uni ts t ha t have Phys ica l Protecti on or Physica l Immunity. If an at ta ck has the da mage ty pe ' Wa IV tha t mea ns the attack can de s troy ci ty w a lls lin a d d iti on co th e c itv ga tes th at a ll units ca n des troy) a nd rece ives a Damage bon us w he n s triki ng wa lls , For ex a m ple, a unit has Hol y S tr ike in ad d iti on to its no rmal S tr ike a bili ty, If the un it ma kes a succes s ful s tr ike aga inst a n ene my, H ol y Strike w ill also ma ke a chec k of Attack 8 vers us the target's Re s ist ance , If H oly S tr ike s ucceeds, it w ill inflict its s pecial a tt ack, ca lled Vert ig o, up on th e tar ge t.

'I'll' : 1f 'Jou h ue more than eig(/l units ikjerufng a city,'Jou eatt place some of'Jour units outside tlie a i core he:r.. o thecity tuiihoiu: fear, 1fanelle f mljattacK! 'J0U ar of'Jour units wiI[ap ' [ pearinside the wa[fs oj thecity durinq a 6attl£ regarrifesJ of theirposition 011 the uor id map, ,
If, on the ot her hand, yo u'r e bes ieg ing a s tructure from o uts ide its walls, yo u' ll ne ed to fin d a way ins ide th e wa lls befo re yo u ca n eng age yo ur oppon en ts in com ba c. There a re a few d iffe ren t ways o f g a ining entry co a city/ bu t t he most com mo n is to jus t knock on th e d oo r. Kn ock har d , Each wall of a ci ty w ill ha ve t WO doo rs; yo ur tr oops can a ttack these w all s as if they were a crea tu re/ and once the door is d estroyed/ you r units will ha ve unfettered acce s s to t he inside of th e ci ty , S ome uni ts a re a ble to a ttack city wall s di rec tly and crea te a passage for yo u r tr oo ps, w hile o ther units pos s es s the a bility to clim b ove r w a rts or pass throu gh th em a s if th ey we ren' t th ere. Flying un its, o f co urs e/ ign or e th e p rese nce o f wa lls and ca ll bypass them at wi ll, Though sie g es a re similar to nor m a l battl es, so me battles a re a bit mor e ex o t ic. \Nh en yo u assault a Magic Node or Magic Va ult, yo ur tr oo ps wi ll co n te nd not just w it h th a t loca t ion 's defenders, bu t a lso ag a inst th e powerful mag ical fo rces that dw ell w it hin , In a ba ccle o n a n Earth N ode, fo r in s ta nc e, a ttacking uni ts ma y find th em s el ves pel ted w ith a Stoning sp ell every [lim ,



Dumaqe Type Effects Tabfc
Fire Co ld De at h H oly Lightning M"gic
Pb ys ica l
Po ison

special Atuu:k Effi"'L'
Inf lic ts ' Burn ing.'

H exes ca n range in height from 0 [ 0 155 so th e maximum modifier a unit ca n ea rn from / differen ces in terrain height is a +10 A ttack bon us or a -10 A t tack penalty. Mos t hexes a re less th an II I in height howeve r, so height bonu ses a nd pen alties rarel y ran ge outs ide of th e + 5 A rrac k to - 5 A ccack sco pe .

A l l a nd

H its per rum for t hree 'ru ms .

lnfl icrs 'Frozen. ' Tar get cann ot move for J ru ms or until dam ag ed .


Inflicts 'Curs ed .' -2 R ES, Death We a kness, and prevents healin g . Inflicts 'Vertigo.' -2 ATT an d -2 DE F
Inflicts 'Stunn ed ,' Uni t ca nno t perform any action for

turn .

Adds M"gical Dam age to arrack. Defaul t damage type for mos t uni ts. Inf licts 'Poiso ned.' -2 A n -2 DE F -2 DAM, -2 RES for J da ys. ,

A llows atta cks to destroy ci ty wa ils.

Rnnqe atu! Hei9h.t
A bilit ies th ar fall into th e 'M elee' or 'To uch' ca tego ries only work <It poin t-blank r,ln ge, bu r the re a re man y abi li t ies th at can fire Ov er mu ltiple hexes. Es pecially im po rtan t ro ran ged abi li ties is bo t h th e d istan ce be t w een the attacking an d defending un it and t he d iffe rence in ele vation bet wee n t he t W O un its . Eac h ranged ability has its own Ra nge va lue, w hich plays a large rol e in d et ermi ni ng irs effec t ive distance. The maximum n um ber of hexes an ability can fire is as follows :
Sfwrt Ra"9e: Medtum RaT"je:
LOI"j RaT"je:
Extra L0"9 Ra"9e:

4 Hexes 8 Hexes 12 1G Hexes

As the name im plies, a ny ab ility w ith Unl imited Range is una ffec te d by Ra nge resrrict ions or pe na ltie s . Note rhar , co a cco un t fo r th eir mobility th an th eir pedestrian co un terpa rts, mo un te d a rcher uni ts ha ve th eir Ra nge redu ced to Med ium. In a ddi tion to limiting th e maximum ran ge of t he a rrack, the Ran ge va lue als o [act ors into how mu ch effective nes s th e a bility loses "5 th e ta rget ge ts farther awa y. The formul a for th e distan ce penalty is a s follows :
Penalty to Attack

= (((Ra"ge + 1 -

Distance) • 10) / Ra"ge) - 10

For a n ab ilit y w ith Long Ra nge (Il Hex es), fir ing a t a ta rget 6 hexes "way, th e penalty wou ld be rough ly -4 A ttack. -4 Attack equa tes to" -20% in shot accuracy. If th e abili tv had Extra Long Range instead of JUSt Long t he penalty would only hav e beeu c-j Arrack, or - 15%. There is a m ax imum o f a - 10 Arrac k penalty for ranged abilities . Th e di fference in height between t he tw o t a rget s w ill a lso affect accuracy. Unfort un at ely, it is much more difficult to tell th e heigh t of a hex tha n it is to count the differen ce be tw een the two hexes. The [or mula for t he heig ht bon us, or penalty, is as follows :
MOdifier = ((Attad<er's - Tar,9et 's
• 5) / 127




Cliapte:r Five: Units
Ea ch unit in A o W :S M ha s a un iqu e mix of six ba sic s ta cis cics a nd sp ecia l ab ilicies. Eac h of th e six bas ic s ra ristics repres ents so me t hi ng [und a rnenra l to the unit. Excludi ng H its and Movemenc, the statistics are ca pped a t 10 . H igher numbers are be t ter, wit h each point of dif ference re prese nt ing a 5"10 difference in efficacy . A un it wi th a n A ttack s ta t of " , for instance, would be 5% mor e likely t o hi ' an enem y rha n a unit w ith a n Attac k of II wh en mat ched up again st th e same o ppone nt . These s ca cist ics a re no' co ncre te, rhev wi ll go up or do wn de pendi ng on w ha t befal ls a un it during com bat or on th e world m a p. U n its t hat ga in eno ug h exp eri ence LO becom e Veteran o r Elite uni ts wi ll see a perm an ent sca t improvemen t, while t here are man y Unit Enchantment s pells, s uc h as Encha nted Wed po n, tha t will also res ult in a persi stent im proveme nt to unit's stars. See the sec tion on Comba t Mec1iatt..ks in the Combat cha pter
for an explanat ion of how the scats interact.

Moves describe the am ount of d istance the unit ca n tr av el per rum , bot h on the overla nd map and in co rnba t . Travel ing across a hex on the ove rland map con s umes "bout 4 Moves [ofte n ca lled Movemen t Poin ts } but Fores ts , S wa m ps, and o t he r diff icul t terra in ca n s low , prog res s down, whi le Road s can s peed it up.

other Characteristics
Beyond just their base numerica l statistics, all uni ts have a sm a ll list of characterist ics.

1 Abi(ities
Eac h unit has a lis t of a biliti es nex t to the ir name. M ost un i ts pos se ss so me kind of offensive ab ility, s uc h ,1$ Strike or Arc hery, t ho ug h s om e, s uch as P ioneers, do not pos sess a bility to fig ht. A ll uni ts possess some kind of move me nt s uch a s W"lking. Beyond th is common thr ead, however/ a bilities vary grea tl y from uni t to unit a nd race to

A unit's Attack sta tist ic governs its ab ility [ 0 pene tra te an o ppos ing uni r's defenses . S ome un its ha ve no numer ica l A ttack val ue lis ted, or an A ttack of on e; thes e uni ts rely on ra nged a t tacks, which ha ve th eir o wn, se pa ra te A ttac k sta t . For exa m ple, the Archery s kill has a base A t tack va lue of 8. a t tack informati on w ill appear in the Events . WindOw in comba t w he n you se lec t th e a bilir y,

Eac h un it has a n ind ivid ua l ra ting. M or. le is by a mul t itud e of things, but prima rily Race and Alignment. U n its rypi call y will ha ve hig h if yo u have good R ace R elat ion s wi rh th ei r R a ce and if yo ur is of the same Al ignment. If you ha ve poo r R a ce Re la rions wi rh t heir R ace and/or a re of a n oppos ing A lign me nt, units a re If a pa rty is co m posed mos tly of uni ts w it h poor th ey like ly to have poor ha ve a cha nce eac h t um of desert ing/ab a ndoning yo u. S ee the cha pte r Dipfomary, Kepulatioll, Ra ce RclaUons, and Morale for more info.

Th e Damage stat is tic represen ts a unit's ab ilit y co hurt or kill opposing units whe n an a t tack is lan ded in co m ba t . As wi th the A tta ck stacis t ic, so me un its w ill not have a num ber lis ted for D amage, t hese units rely o n the D a ma ge sr a tis cic for t hei r ran ged a t tack, w hich is lisced in t he Events Window in com ba t when you select t he abil ity,

The R a ce of a unit is si mp ly de term ined by what race inh a bited t he city whe re th e unit was built. S iege ma chines , like Ball ista, a re not t ied to an y particular race. A unit' s Mo r,"e is by yo ur R ace R elarion s with its Ra ce. M os t races are fa irly sim ilar in the ir ab ilities, but Undead units have some unique a bili' ies . Al l U ndead creatures [m a rked wi rh t he a bility ' U ndea d' in thei r lis t! are immune to Dea th, Poison, a nd Sed uc tio n. Most U ndead un its ha ve the D ea th S tri ke which adds s pecia l D eath effectS th eir a tta cks . So me Llndea d un its possess the R esu rgence w hic h a llows t he m LO rise from th e gTdve if t hey di e in cornba r. Note chat un its res urrected in this manne r w ill only possess a fraction of their origi na l hea lth, and a lso kee p in mi nd t hat t his a bility ca n on ly be used once per unit per bat de . Se e A ppe nd ix Fou r for mo re dera ils on these abili t ies .

Un its with high D efense val ues have harder s he lls, quicker foo twork, or to ugh er a rmor th a n yo ur ave rage g runt, a nd t hus a re ha rder LO stri ke in co mbat. No te thar a high D efen se s ta; does n't lessen dam a ge ded it by a s uccessful a rra ck, it iusc makes it less like ly rha t a n a ttack will actua lly s ucceed .


Wh en try ing to da ma ge a targe t wi th s pells or ot her magical a bilit ies, Resi s tan ce is com pa red to t he A tt ac k of th e s pell or a bility instead of D efense.

H its is a represen ta tion of how m uch damage " un it ca n take befor e d yi ng . Each individua l H it [ojren ca lled hi , points, H p, or hea lth ] rep res ents one poin t of D a mage chat a unit can a bso rb, Wh en " II of a un it 's Hi ts a re gone, ir dies (or in rhe case of th e U ndead, co lla pses] . U n ics in A oW:SM rega in health ar t he rare of '-1 H its per bur this a mo unt ca n be inc reased by hea ling s pel ls .
TIP: J IL5t 6e/ore tM start 0 a new!m;, /


l ust ,15 Wiz ards can be good or evi l, so can units . The a lign m ent of a unit is us ua lly t he the a lign me nt of its race, as s ee n in C ha pte r Eigh t. The sca le of A lignment , from S" me good to neut ral to evi l, is as follows :
Pure Good


Cood Ncu tral Evi(
Pure Evil

andother units witft tfieHeafing a6ifity wilt IllI10nUlt01{[y attempt to Maran injl/Tea lulit in tfiesame. party. However, tftey wi[[onfy <fo tftis if tfiey

ftave /Wt airead l/sea up tfteir {leafinga6ifitks rfuringtfte prevwl/s!m;. y

S iege mac hin es a nd boar s ha ve no na tu ra l A lign mene Ilis eed as ' None.' ) Elernenca l s um moned units a nd anima ls a re a lso consid ered CO ha ve no natu ra l a lign men t . They will never desert you due (Q a rea ct ion to you or yo ur sta rt ing race ' s a lign men t.
' TIP: Jl unit can liave its afignmellt cfianged6y certain spellsand abilities. Tor instan e, a unit tliat is c

H eroes ha ve th eir own level a nd ex perience svs tern that isn 't the sa me as th e ab ove .,y<; remi see thei r s pecific sect ion for mor e in form at ion .
'I'l l' : 1fsontetliing disastroussfwufif6eJ aIlyourWiza rd; andyOIl fi ntiYOllr empireg oing into debt, yOIl .<Iioufif uoluntarih; dis6antiing some ofYOIU units in an attempt to return to a positive flow 0/ 0'of1f. garrisons in cities f ar away from the main areas of combat are usuaffy agooa choice. '1fy OIi wait until YOllr armiesstart to desert yO , yO Il Ilmay[inti that YOllr best antimost expensiue units w ill 6e th e first One; to Ieaoe.

possessed6y a 'Dar('EJf 'Incarnate will liave its alignment dUJ1lged to 'llndead unit 6y tfteYlnimate Hero spelL

as w i/l a Hero madeinto an

Larger units a re more likely co ad versely aff ec e the acc uracy of a ra ng ed ar rack when ehey a re between the a t ta cker a nd its tar get. Friend ly units w ill never block a ran ged at tack when t he ra nged at ta cker is in an ad ja cen t hex in ba t t le, however.

U n its ea rn exp erience wh en th ey land the killing blow On an en emy unit. Th e on ly uni ts in the ga me th a t cannot ea rn experience ar e the W izar ds rh emselves . There ar e t wo meda ls I ha t a normal un it ca n ea rn:

Unit Type
A ll un its fa ll in to on e of t hree ca tegories : H uma noid, Creatu re, or Siege M ac hine . S om e ab ilitie s, such ,1S Repair M ac hine, only wo rk on a s pecif ic Unie Ty pe. S iege Machin es ha ve rh e followi ng innate a bilit ies : Co ld Prorecrion, Fearless, and Poison tmmu nicy.

Si lver Meda l lVeeera n}
Co ld M eda[ IE[iee)

lIni e Level '



+, ', D EF +1, H ies -t-r +1', R ES -t- z, H ies + ,

U n ie Level ' 30

Ma le, Fem a le, or lr . This a ffeces w he the r or not Se d uce at ta cks w ill work on t he uni t.

. U nies w ieh only ra nged abi lit ies ga in a level in M a rksm a ns hip instea d of A rrac k -t-r and D a mage +1. H igh er- level uni ts require more ex perience tha n low er-level uni ts co ga in a bonu s meda l, bur th e bene fit s of earning a me da l are the s ame. A few units ga in ent irely new a bilit ies when chev level up, but the effeces ar e dep endan t upon th e ind ividual uni t. Some uni ts even mo rph int o en ti rely new un its whe n they rea ch Elite s tatus . The am ou nt of experience a un it gives wh en s la in is det ermined by th e un it 's Leve l:
J;xperi erue p ""n when sCain

Level a.nd' upkeep
Ea ch unit has a level < lSsigned Co it. The default unit av a ilab le in a city and a ll units built wirh a Barr a cks a re Level l uni ts . Unies requ iring a War H a ll a re Level l units, Level 3 units require either a C ham pions G uild, or a race-s pecific s t ructure, s uch as the D ra con ians: Hydra's Pool. The sin g le uni t of eac h Race that requires a C ha m pions G uild, Sanceu ary, and M asce rs C uild is rhat R ac e's Level 4 uni t. lIn ;es also ha ve a n upk eep cos t; a cert a in a mount of Gold lor M a na, in the cas e of s um mone d uni ts/ mu se be s pen t ea ch turn co keep the un it s upplied. Each uni t's dail y COSt of s upplies is: U pkeep case in G old or Ma na per turn: 3 + 1 . Leve l] 3 U s ing chis [orrn ula, yo u can cell a un ir/s Level by its upkee p cos t :

= Unit Levef • 5

H eroes ga in ex perience in the s a me fashi on a s regul ar units/ but ins tead of earn ing T neda [s, ehey ga in levels at s pecific in tervals . S ee t he sec tio n on Heroes in C ha pter S ix for more infor ma t ion on ho w th ey ga in levels .

T O' : 'l(eep an eye O your units' ex:periencc dllring combat. Ollce yOIl clearout tlie dang n erous f oesanti are kfi contendin witli stra q !J!Jung weak!ing useyour units tfiai liavelI' rece s, t ived medaisyet tofi nish (1) the erte", party. 1I's better to liave off of YOllr units become veteran trian to liave oneor two reach y s elite status.

I l

Unit upkeep
6 Gold or M an a 9 Gold or Mana rz Gold or M an a 15 Gold or Mana


Each turn you fa il co pay a uni t's upkeep, M ora[e wi ll si n k. A fter a few t urns of neg lect, yo ur units w ill s ta rt to aba ndo n yo u, w ith chose un its that are fea s t com pa t ible w ith yo ur Wizard' s a lignmen t being th e firs t co a ba ndo n th e cau se an d [eave yo ur a rmy. S umm oned units/ wh o rely on regular in fusi ons of magi cal ene rgy to rema in corp oreal, w ill s imp ly va n is h if yo u fa il co pay their M a na up kee p. The upkeep of s ummoned un its is lis ted wi th th e ir ca.st ing cost/ bu t che ir level is determi ned by the level of the ir corr espo n ding s ummon s pe ll. S um mo n Black S pide r is a level , s pell, so Bla ck Spiders a re a Level I uni t.



Chapter Six: Wizards and Heroes
our Wizard and Heroes function like normal units in many respects, but both have

Nurne C as t ing Specialist

Wizard Casting Points +10 Spell Mana and CP COStS 20°,10


unique abilities that require explanation.

Wizards, unlike every other unit in the game, do not gain experience in combat. Rather,
Wizards improve themselves

Channeller C onqueror C o ns tructor Enchanter Expander Explorer Merchant Peace Keeper Scholar Summoner Survivalist War Mage Anarchist Bureaucrat Decadence Pacifist Techno phobe

by spending

their time in their towers; researching new spells

and skills to make them more powerful, insightful, and dangerous. Not only do they never gain medals or levels/ they also will never permanently die unless you have 110 cities with Wizard/s Towers [eft under your control. If your Wizard is ever slain in combat and you have no cities left under your control, you lose the scenario. If you do still have a city with a Wizard's Tower under your control and your Wizard falls in combat/ you will suffer a penalty to Fame 1-201,all of your enchantments will be cancelled, and you will drop all items; but your Wizard will reappear at the closest Wizard/s Tower at the start of the next turn. you can use your Wizard as a combat unit! but it is generally better to leave him in a city with a Wizard's Tower. Wizard's Towers will allow your Wizard to cast spells over a long range! both on the overland map and in combat. There is little that a Wizard can do in the field that he can't do from his Tower.

Experience Earned + 50°,10 City Production Bonus 1+ 0/+ sf + ro/ + lsi" Enchantment Spells -20% Mana & Research Points Ciry Crowrb +20% All Units Cet +20% Move Points City Cold Income Bonus 1+0/+ 5/+ ro/+I51" Race Relations + 20 Spell Research Costs -20% Summoning Spells -20% Mana & Research Points Less Unit Upkeep I-I/-V-Y4)" . +lATT & DAM to Direct Damage Combat Spells Race Relations

Customizi"9 you.r Wizard"
To select one of the pre-made Wizards, click on one of the portraits on the righ' side of the screen to display some infonnation on that Wizard, and then click Next. If you do not wish to play with one of the default Wizards available in a scenario! you can simply select the Cu.stoTrtire Wimnf option before the scenario begins. This will allow you to either pick an entirely different Wizard or to create your own Wizard. If you wish to create your own Wizard! select the empty portrait underneath the words "Or Create Wizard' and hit Next. The first thing you must do is select one of the seven Spheres of magic. The seven Spheres are natural divisions of magical energy based on the magic/s [orm and function. Wind; lightning, and cold spells, for instance, fall within the Sphere of Air, whereas divine and healing spells are of the Sphere of Life. See Chapter 7: Magic for more information on the seven spheres. Pick a sphere from the selections on the right side and hit the Next button to bring up a list of Wizard skills. By default, you may pick one Wizard skill for your Wizard. Beneficial Wizard skills are listed in green, hannful ones in red. If you take a harmful Wizard skill, you may take one additional beneficial Wizard skill. The effects of each bonus and penalty will have a significant impact on some aspect of your Wizard/s perfonnancei choose wisely. Some hannfuIlbeneficial skills are mutually exclusive and cannot be picked together Ithey will be grayed out in the list).
TIP: you can research additional sRiffs for 'four Wizani tiuring the course of the game.

City Cold Income Penalty 1-0/-5/-10/-151" More Unit Upkeep 1+I!+V+Y+41" " Experience Earned -50°,10 Ci ty Production Penalty l-o/-sf-IO/-J51·


H eroes are uni que a nd pow erfu l units that w ill ta ke cha rge of your a rm ies a nd project your pow er to che fa r corners of th e ga me world . On the surface, chey fun cti on si mi larly co 'o cher uni ts, but a H ero is dis tin gu ished by its abili ty to carry magical items a nd gai n man y levels of experi ence , H eroes w ill a lso accompany your Wi zard chrough the ma ny levels of th e si ng le-p layer ga me a nd recain all cheir ex perience a nd items from level to level. H eroes join your s ide based o n your W izard 's R eputati on, a famo us Wi zard wi ll, by nature, a rrrac r more foll owers tha n one tha t has performed no gr eat deeds. Of CO UTse/ H eroes aren 't entire ly a lrruis t ic whe n they choose their masters: the y of te n ask for hand some sums of G old when chey first join yo u. Luckily, they require no G old upkeep once they 're a part of your army, Probab ly the most imp ortant funct ion of H eroes is that chey ex tend your Wizard' s Doma in beyond what it usua lly reac hes. Ea ch Hero rad ia tes a sm all s phere of D omain chat a llows your Wizard co cast sp ells near him or her. This will let you cast enchan t men ts on th e H ero's partYI su mmon creatu res to his aid/ and cast spe lls in battles far distant from your W izard's CUTTent city. Make su re you protect your H eroes as vigorous ly as possib le. It is highl y recomme nded that you put every possible kind of beneficial en chantment you ca n afford on your Heroes.
Gros mir has reccbed l:vd 11

Al least one, ofte n two/ of th ese ge neric bonuses wi ll ap pear along w ith one or two s pecia l "" ilit ies bas ed on your H ero' s cla s s . Pick whichever bonu s you think w ill rnost benefit vour H ero. H eroes ca n g a in an immense number of levels (30) a nd become very powerfu l, bur they ar e very vulnera ble at low levers . You mus t bal an ce try ing to ea rn yo ur Heroes as much experie nce as possib le and keepin g th em out of severe da nger.
T IP :
i ll

'Tr'f to get at feast aile rangeaaSifityJarevery Hero, such. as5lrdzerf or 'ThrIYW Spear. 'The aSifity ' attariJfying creatures orenemiesfrom a distance canbe iuva[lla6fe.

I tems
U nlike reg ular un its, Wizards and Heroes a like can use powerju] mag ic items . Items w ill grant new a bilit ies a nd stat bonuses to your W izard or Heroes . If your W izmd or H ero is ever de feated, he wi ll drop a ll of his it ems on the gro und for a nyone to ta ke. Whenever you click on a Wi zard O Hero in a party, it will bring up a n ad d it iona l column to th e left T show ing wh ich items they are currently carrying. You can view t he items lying on th e by s imp ly hitting the Ground button. Th e Telep ort button wi ll high light whe n you h.i ve se lecte d an item, and a list of yOUT Wizard and H eroes wi ll a ppear. H ic the Telep ort but ton a nd dick on the portrait of the Wizard or H ero you wa nt th e item to go to, a nd it will be ins tan tly tra nsported to them . There is a M a na cos t involved/ show n by th e number beneat h the portrait of th e recipien t. To bring up th e item s window when the re is nor .l H ero or W iza rd in your pa rty, s im ply doubl e-click on th e hex the ite m occ upies .




1'";""1,,,..'1£_ '

L1Ch Wizard or H ero can on lv use a certain number of items of each kind. You ca n use one wea pon, one s uit of arm or, one shi eld/ one helme t, and two rings. To be used/ the item n'us r be placed in a n a pprop riate s lot below your character's portrait by clicking on the i[\:ll1and th en on th e s lot . So me ite ms, su ch as wands/ don 't need to be eq uipped . Simply h.w ing th em in th e extra inven tory s lots at the bottom of the inve n tory wi ndow is eno ugh . Y" lI C n U t he smal l arrows to the right of th ese s lots to scroll up and do wn thr ough your a Se extra ite ms . Magic items can be acqu ired by defeating enemy H eroes or Wi za rds, by sc.uc h ing thro ugh special build ings on the map, as rew a rds for ques ts, or by cra fting th em III <1 Item Forqe. 11

O ne of th e ot her s ignifica nt d ifferen ces bet w een H eroes an d regu lar un its is the wa y in w hich th ey ea rn ex perience. Like every non-Wi za rd un it, H eroes earn experience for sla ying enemy units . Addit iona lly, H eroes wi ll g ain one point of ex perience for each da y the y remain in your se rvice . Heroes do not ea rn medals like reg ular un its, they gain levels . When a H ero earns enough ex perien ce/ you w ill receive a message notifying you that the Hero has gain ed a leve l. You wi ll t hen be give n a cha nce to pick one of three beneficial bonuses he receives for ga ining a level , Th e choices a vai la ble to the Hero are randoml y chosen from several g eneric sta tis tic bonu ses a nd s pecia l a bilit ies .

TabCe OfGeneric Hero Bonuses
Attack Defens e Damage R es ista nce H ealth

+1 Attack + 1 D efen s e + I D ,l m"ge

r u-, Wlii(e it ma'fseemtempti'!8 to pife aJ[ tfie 6est items onto'four'Wizard; remember thsu: it is'four t'r1x u . 51 s who areaetuaff:j fitJfuillgtfie6attfes, wliife'four W izard stfUjS in tfiesafety oJliisW izard 'l" wer


Res is ta nce

+1 H its, + 4 Moves


Item FOTge
The Item Forge is a sp ecia l building th a t ca n be bu ilt in your citie s th at a llows you to crea te yo ur own/ c ustomized magi c item s . O nce yo u helve built an ltem Forge in one of yo ur citie s, a new op tion will s ho w up in that cicv 's Ot her Production Op tions tab ca lle d Create Item. If you se lect Crea te Item, a new information window wi ll dis pla y on th e rig ht. In (he first d ro p-down box/ you ca n s pecify w hat typ e of item yo u wa nt [0 make. youcan t hen choos e the pictu re to be used for t he item a nd give it a na me. In th e Avai CabCc Abifities box is a list of abi lit ies th a t ca n be assi gn ed to the ite m. T he A vaifa6Cc Abifities can va ry depending on th e item and on which spell s you ha ve research ed. By sel ect ing ab ilit ies and
di cking on th e Add but con, you can assi gn up ro three abilities to ea ch item. ln so me cases, s uch as Dcmcqe +1, yo u can add it mu lt iple tim es [0 get a cum ula t ive bonus,

a lthoug h cumul a t ive bon uses ha ve a much high er cos t than just mu ltip les of the s ing le bonus. Ben eath t he SeCccled Abilities, the C old cos t a nd number of tu rns need ed (Q crea te the ite m are sh ow n. Once yo u are s a tis fie d w it h yo ur ma gi ca l crea t ion, hit Produce to ad d

it to

your producti on queue.

T IP : 'Don't neqiea '·Used' items. 'Tfiose inv entory spoees at t fte bottom.can fwY itemsjust as powerfu[as
a magic wea pon or sftiLlif.



Chapter Seven: Mt19 ic
.T he mys tica l ene rgies w ielded by th e g reat W iza rds a nd so me H eroes fall under the broa d Irerm " M ag ic." M dgic conta ins th e power s neces sa ry to s ha pe a nd manipu la te th e very Ja ws of na tu re acco rd ing co your W iza rd 's whim. M ag ic is divid ed in to six s pecifi c sph ere s a nd one ge nera l s phe re. Ea ch of t hese sp heres re prese n ts a cert a in as pect of the un iverse/ ranging from the powers of death and life to ra w element a l fury.

A M ulti -C i.lss W izar d is a W iza rd who ha s chos en not to s pec ia lize in one of th e six s phe res of magic, th ese W izard s ca n selec t s pells from m ult iple s phe res . (Mult i-Class \tV rds a re list ed a s s pec ializ ing in Cosmos magi c on t he Di ploma cy scr een, a nd are iza cons ide red Cos mos Wiz ard s for t he purpose of some spells an d structures; like Encha n ted W" lls a nd H a[1 of Encha nt men t. 1 Ea ch Wiz a rd gets s ix s lots to fill w it h a combina t ion of Sph ere selections. Sp eciali s ts in one Sphere automati call y fill up a ll s ix slots with s ix picks of that Sphere; but M ulti C lass Wizards can pick from m ult iple Spheres . Thi s ma kes Mu [t i-C lass Wi zard s more [lexible than Specialis ts; bu t the drawback is tha t M u[ti -Class W iza rds w ill no t ha ve access to al l of the highe r-leve l spe lls tha t Specialists even tua lly obta in; as s hown on the ta ble below:

Each Wiz a rd can specia lize in one sph ere of magic. Ea ch s phe re pos ses ses a uniq ue style, the sphere a Wiz a rd speci a lizes in ofte n reflec ts their person a lit y an d a lign me nt.

Number of pid;s affolUd' to Spfl£r<

The power to contro l the skies and wind s falls withi n the s phere of A ir. Spells of the Air sp he re typi call y revolv e aro und t he manipul at ion of wind; lightn ing; and co ld.

Number of spe«s avlliliJ6/£from tJ1at Sphere (Lew! I; LewC 2, LeveC3; Lew!

4 !


0; 0


4,2;1,0 5,3,2, 0 5, 4,3, r

In contrast to th e forces of A ir; the sph ere of Ea rth deals wi th all thi ngs bound to the gro und. The Ea rt h sphere possesses t he power to man ipula te rocks, me tals, and the very tectonic plat es of t he plane t.





Ti ed to th e sp here of Fire are all thi ngs burning a nd chao t ic. T he pow ers of int ense fla mes; mo lten laval a nd chaos bow to th e ma st ers of th e Fire s phere.

'It is no t possible for a M u[t i-Class Wizard to ha ve more tha n four picks in a sin gle Sp here .

Types of speffs
There are thr ee main typ es of spells, eac h w ith its own s ec tion in yo ur Wi zar d's s pellbook .


S itt ing opposite t hat of Fire is the sphere of all t hings we t; Water. Wi zard s of the Wa ter s phere can tu rn liquid s in to toxins, free ze [h e wa ter in the skies, or even evaporate th e wat er insid e living crea t ures .

Gfo6a! Speas
G loba l spells ca n only be cast on th e World M<1p screen. Wi th G loba l s pe lls; you w ill be a ble to s ummo n magica l c rea tu res to se rve your W iza rd; aff lict enemy cities wi th deva s tati ng plagues, or tum des er ts in to ma ss iv e [ields of ice. Of course, great power often comes at g rea t pr ice; and you ca n ex pect the best G loba l s pells (0 be quite ex pens ive [-0 cas t an d ma in ta in .

Lifell t hings holy a nd pu re; W iza rds of th e Life sphere exist. Life ma gic ty picall y pertains For a

t he pro tecti on a nd restora t ion of frien dl y uni ts, w hile rese rv ing its offen s ive ca pa bilit ies str ike out at th e unh oly.

ff you want to gi ve on e of yo ur un its a n ex tr a edge, yo u' ll wan t to cast a Un it e ncha n t men t on it. Encha nt ment s ca n su mmo n mag ical wea pons for your t roops, a llow [hem to wa lk across wa te r, or t urn th eir s kin to s to ne to im prove t hei r D e fense. yo u ca n cas t Un it Encha n tments eithe r on the World M a p or in co mba t . Bot h sor ts of ca st ing will res ult in a perma nen t enc hantmen t of the cr ea ture, Unit Encha nt ment s cas t in combat ncrs is t into the wo rld map; and do not d isappear at th e end of com ba t.
T IP : ?/.?ver underestimate the 111ifit!J 0 'llnit 'Enchantments! 21you lind your 5'vft a stores over/F 1 m OUling i l l tf/£ mid- (J7' fate.g ame, you rnaywant to cast 'Enchant 'Weapon ana any sphere-specific 'Unit 'l-nchantmenis on !lour strongestparties togi ve them.an extra boost in combat.

ln the absence of Life there is the dark and un holy streng th of D eath . The M ag ic of D eat h a llows a W iza rd to contr ol t he forces of ev il; dar knes s; a nd deca y.

W hat t he six s pecifi c spheres do not cover; t he broa d Cos mos s phere en com pass es . It cont a ins use ful sp ells t ha t are av a ila ble to al l W iza rds; regar d less of th e ir specia lization .

Comb at



Com ba t s pells; obvious ly eno ug h; ca n on ly be cas t dur ing a battle. These s pells usu all y yo ur opp onent's forces for a dam agi ng e ffect, th ou gh some ca n heal yo ur own un irs 0' effect a cha nge upon the entire batt lefield. Th ese battlefield enchan tments on ly last tl"ough t he en d of a n indi vidua l ba t tle; but ca n be dispel led by a n op pos ing Wizard .





Cusrinq Points
In addi tion to Mana, Wizards must exp end 'Ca s t ing Poines' [a bbrevia ted as CP£j every rime thcy cas t a spell. The.se C Ps limit the amo unt of mag ic Wi zards can use in a s ing le tu rn on the World Ma p sc reen. The Mana COst of a sp ell m us t a lways be equall y ma tched with an expend itu re of CPs, whe ther yo u cas t a s pell on the World Ma p sc reen Or in com ba t! but how this ex pend iture works can chang e bas ed on w here exac tly it is being cas e. Globa l s pells ca n only be cast on the World M a p s creen, a n d th ese spells often req uire a la rge ex pend it ure of M a na. Wh en you attemp t to cas t G loba l sp ells, or w is h to plac e a pers is tent Enchan tmen t s pe ll on a unit! the am ount of M ana required is compared to yo ur av ail abl e Casti ng Poin ts . [f you pos sess C Ps equa l to or gr ea ter th a n the Mana cos t of th e spell, you' ll be ab le to ca st tha t s pell immedi atel y, but if the Mana requir ed is gr ea ter rhan yo u're able to ex pend in cl si ng le rum! you'll need to s pread ou t the cos t of the sp ell m ultipl e turns. For examp le! if your W iza rd possesses 2 0 C Ps, and you w is h ro cas t a sp ell that cos ts 100 Mana, yo u w ill need to s pend 2 0 M a na per turn for five turns before the s pell wil l fina lly be pu r in to effec t. T hat sa me W iza rd with 2 0 CPs will be a ble to cast t wo spe lls cos t ing 10 M a na in the s a me turn. Sp ells cas t dur ing com ba t ar e tre at ed a bit dif ferentl y th an th ose cast on th e Wo rld M a p. In order to cast a s pell tha t Costs 25 M a na du ring combat, your Wiz a rd mus t be ab le to immed ia tely exp end 25 C as ti ng Po ints . If your Wi zard possess es on ly 20 C Ps, yo u will not be a ble to cast th at s pell in combat. A lso note t hat eve n th ough a ba t tle may tak e a dozen turns of com ba t to be conclude d, tha t ba t tle s t ill ta kes place dur ing a si ng le turn on th e Wo rld M a p. Thus, yo ur C Ps wi ll not be refresh ed to their maxim um a fter eac h tu rn of J ba tt le, a nd an y C Ps you us e dur ing a ba ttl e will not be a va ilabl e Once th e ba ttl e is over a nd you ' re re turn ed to the World M a pl or in s ubsequent ba t tles th a t ta ke pla ce on t he same turn of th e World Ma p.
TIP: Spdu.astiJlg :Heroes lUrve their oum allotment of CPsfor use durinq combat. 5l.!.s0 considertfiat Hero wi[{ ain experiencef or fG[fing units witli sperfs, wliife !four'Wiza,,£wi([not. 9'Oll m"!f unsh.to es g

The cas eing of grea t magi cal s pells is no easy [ea t, eve n for a Wiz,nd . The three most lim porcanc things requ ired to cas e a s pell are Doma in, M ana l and Cas eing Poin es .

In AoW: S M , W iza rds ca n cas t spells on th e World Ma p screen, as well as in combat, s o long as the targe t area or com bat lies wit hin yO U T ' Domain'. Your Domain in mos t s cenar ios wi ll be quir e sma ll a t first, fonni ng a small colored line ar ou nd your W izard, but yo u ca n ex pand c area gread y by moving yo ur Wiz ard into a W izard/s Tow er. lr' s eas y his to see whic h cit ies hav e Wiz ard 's Towers on th e World M a p - just look for th e hug e spire rising from th e cent er of th e city. (No te chac som e races/ such as th e Draconia ns, have
tow ers and spir es bu ilt into th eir cit ies. B e careful not

co con fuse th ese with

a true

Wi zard's tower, which w ill project from the Cen ter of th e ciry.] O nce yo ur W iza rd is safel y tu cked a wa y in a W iza rd 's Tower, your D oma in will spread out wa rd from that cen tr a l point . A s ingl e Wi za rd' s Tower wi ll be goo d enoug h for

core te rr itory" but

if you



exp and

y OU T

sphere of influence across th e

map, you' {l need to ex pa nd your Wi z.ud 's Doma in . Th ere are a few di fferent methods of doin g thi s .
Th e s imples t method of exp and ing you r Wi zard's s pell -cas t ing range is to ca pture cities wit h other Wi za rd' s Towers, or to hav e ci t ies far a wa y from your Wi zard build their own W izard 's Towe rs. As long a s yo ur Wiz ard is insi de a ny of th ese Towe rs, all of yopr oth er Tow ers w ill radiat e a s phere o f influe nce into rhe s urround ing territo ry. T here are also str uctures on some ma ps ca lled M agic Relays! w hich ac t to ex pa nd yo ur D om ain in a sm al l radius aro und their locat ion,

Once you begin upgradi ng your towns, yo u wi ll be abl e co upgra de yo ur Wi zard's Tow er into bigg er vers ions of the bas ic s truct ure. Whi le the prime reas on to do this is co unlock ad va nced st ruc tures for you r ci ty! a bigg er Tow er will also resu lt in a larg er perime ter fo r your D oma in. O nce you upgr ade you r Wiz ar d' s Tow er enoug h, vo u/ll be abl e to add a Farcasr er s tructure to it! w hich w ill increas e your D omain still furthe r.
H eroes a lso ex pand yo ur Wiza rd's D oma in. To be exact! they a llow yo ur W iza rd co cas t sp ells wi th in a one hex ra d ius of the H ero on the ove rla nd map. Th is includes both com ba t and ov erla nd sp e lls. For thi s pur pose, H eroes are inval uable for leading offens ives ineo enemy territory. So me const ructed unit s, s uch as the S vro n Forcesh ip, hav e a Mag ic R elay abi lit y tha t a lso project s D o mai n in a s ma ll area aroun d tha t un it.

so ften up an e1l£mywitli a

spefffi rst so tlint!four :Hero'sspel]wi([finisli the unit off

Kee p in mi nd th at your D oma in and th at of your enemies can ove rla p, which w ill a llow both yo u an d yo ur foe to cas t s pells in to the dispu ted territory. O n the ot her hand, if you a nd ano ther player s hare an A llia nce, yo u w ill both be a llowed to cas t sp ells in to each ot hers' D omain, a nd th e g loba l ef fect s of one A lliance memb er will aff ect the Doma in of al l oth er memb ers .

If" battle occurs while you ' re ca s ti ng a s pell on the Wo rld M a p, you w ill s till be a llowed (0 cas t s peJi during comb at! s ince the C as ting Point de duction fo r a mult i-t urn s pell isn 't s calcu la ted un til th e end of your World M a p turn s . U nfort una te ly, this will ofte n result in rhe dela y of th e spell being cas t on th e Wo rld M a p. If yo u use up 15 of your 2 0 C Ps du ring .t ba t tle, a ny s pells be ing cas t On the World M a p w ill only be a ble to us e th e rema in ing 5 CPs, and wil l th us likely ta ke a tu m lon ge r than th ey norm a lly wou ld. If you w ish to cas t ex pens ive overla nd s pel ls quickly, you m us t refrain from using yo ur C Ps in com ba t . If you expect m ult iple ba tt les w ithin yo ur D oma in on the same turn! be careful no t to Use all vour C Ps in th e first fight, or [he re w ill be non e lef t over for addit ion al ba ttles . You ca n incr ease yo ur C Ps by bui lding a C as t ing C ha m ber at the ci ty tha t yo ur Wiz a rd inhabits or by res earc hing the C a s t ing S pec ia lis t skill , You ca n resea rch Casting Spec ialise multipl e t imes to increase your C Ps to ma ny times w hat they were orig ina[[y, .md it's recom mended tha t yo u do so; the more C Ps yo ur Wiza rd posses ses! the ea s ier ic wil l be to ca s t ex pens ive spe lls on the Worl d Ma p and m ult ip le Com ba t s pe lls in ba ttl e.

Th oug h a larg e D oma in is im porta nt w he n detenni ning w here you can ca s t spe lls! you won't be ca s ti ng a ny sp el ls a t all un less yo u possess s uffic ien t qua nt it ies of M a na . Mana is prod uced by converting the innat e magi ca l abilities of yo ur W iza rds and H eroes into a phys ical comm odit y. Th is inn ate mag ica l se ns e is referre d to as 'Pow er.' An y of your Po wer that is no t us ed for resea rching new s pells is a uto ma t ica lly co nverte d into Mana! w hich is cons ume d in much the s ame way that G old is s pent in the crea t ion a nd upkeep o f units . C asti ng a s pell requ ires you to pos s es s tha t spe ll's cas ting cos t in Mana . S ome spells require an upkeep of Mana each turn even af ter they are cas t: if yo u run out of Mana, the spell wil l au tomati call y end . If you need to turn off a spell, do so from the Active ta b of the M"9ic Options.


Once a World Map spell is read y to ca s t, click on th e speas button on th e Ma9ic Options and hit the Cast button. Global s pells that a ffect the en t ire map, or the ar ea insid e yo ur 100ma in, require no target and will tak e effect when yo u hit the Cast button, wh ile those require a specific target will ca use yo ur targe t hex lor hexes; if the sp ell is cast on a w ide area) to glow purple. If your tar get g lows red, then chat hex is an invalid targe t for t he s pe ll, for instance/ if you attemp t to ca st Free ze Water on a desert hex/ you r spell won't fai1i you simply won't be all ow ed to cas e it. Summoning spells require you to ta rget any hex within your Domai n t ha t isn 't popu lated by the maximum of eight unit s . Ench an t ment spells [like Encha nt Wea pon l tha t targe t a unit require one extra st ep to cast. O nce yo u' ve hit t he Cast button/ selec t a unit or s tac k of units from the Main Window. A window w ill appear th a t di s pla ys all of the units on the tar get hex . Left-cli ck on th e box below th e unit, or units, chat yo u w is h co ca s t th e spell upon . You may selec t multiple units if yo u ha ve eno ug h CPs to s uppo rt casting th e spell mor e than once per turn . A fte r yo u've highli ghted th e correc t uni ts , hit th e Cast button on ce more. yo u will no t be a llowed to cas t a s pe ll on a n inva lid tar get unit, so, for instance, a s pell t ha t a ffects a un ir' s ranged attacks wo n' t wor k on a unit wi tho ut a ny s uch arracks .

sclccti119 a TaT9et


a.tU! Rcsearclii"9

A pa rt from th e Power ge ner a ted by your W izard a nd yo ur Heroes, your ma in sou rces of Power ar e N od es . Nodes appea r in seven form s; one fonn for each sph ere of magic . N od es typica lly ge ne ra te 10 Power per tur n/ but a Node of yo ur s pec ific sphere w ill ge ne ra te 20 Power. You can exa min e you r sources of Power from th e Power tab of t he M"9U: Oprious.




M ..... .



t..,/ Life0,,,,,,. . ::. 0"... 1

..l c._


c ....

,,·lr.... tot;>

, t"..



_ . 9 udo·.. · 5hi(t ......



-., . :" ...


. .
,t-:.. "", " . " ,-

: '-



_'. .I ,..







----_ ..


Dark. Cd l - 1 llbl 7..+ man.r


- -

_... -

-- -

--- - . --_._-.

-- -

A long wit h ge ne ra t ing th e Ma na for us e in cas t ing s pells, yo ur Wi zar d uses Powe r to resea rch new s pe lls and s kills . C licking on th e ResearcJi button Ion t he \Vim,,! tab of the M"9ic Options ] d is plays a lis t of spells/skills yo u ca n research, as we ll as the Power slUJU. The Power SCider, in the lower left -han d s ide of th e book, det ermines how m uch of yo ur Power goes to M a na a nd how much of yo ur Power goes to Res ear ch . As you move the slider between M ana a nd Res ear ch, yo u ca n observe its effec t on th e length of tim e required to research new spe lls an d s kills . To switch between resea rch abl e s pells or sk ills, left-click the button mar ked SpeC£.< or SkiCts.
TIP: 'JlplI£mf!er to research. SfiJlfs as werlas spells, especiallu OIIa !jour cities areleding !jou an appreciable. number0 research points, 7Iie!j ma!j ta£:s a Iittle IOlIger to research.thanspells 6ut their 1 , eff ects arewit/e-ra"iJing andalways useful. 'Best 01 they require IW Mana amicamwt 6e dispelled'6!j all opposing W izard.


A.II yo u need to do to researc h new spells or s kills is to left -click on a n item th at s uits you. Your Wizard w ill begin resear chin g t he item . This a cti on ta kes place a urom ar ica llv, w itho ut requiring yo ur at te n tio n, a nd cons umes no M a na or Casting Poin ts (as ide from ib e M a na w hich yo u have a lloca ted to res ear ch v ia th e Power SCider). W hen the new spe ll or s kill is avai la ble, a not e wi ll a ppea r to let yo u know, along w it h a recomm endation for YO ur next research proj ec t . You can e it her select th e recomm endation, Or cha nge it to sorne.rhing more s uitable to your s ty le of play. N ote that th e ga me w ill a lmos t a lwa ys recommend a spe ll ove r a ski ll, so if you wis h to access so me of the very ha nd y s kills available to you r Wiz.ud, you wil l need to select them manually. A ny research points th at remain after a resear ch projec t is com plete will be automat ica lly conve rted co Mana a nd added to your s tor es .
TIP: 'You don't IUzve to research every skjf£that's avaifa6fe; try to concentrate on those tfiat wi[[6e most

useju!to!jOIL 'Do'Jail have a lOt 01toumsand units[rom a race of opposite alignment than'Jourstartinq racei 'You ma!j want to pu:tup PetU:eR!eper to avow desertion and rebellion. :Jiruijourserlsummoning tots ! oj creatures' 1I..esearcftjllg Summollerwif[ maR!them easierto summon aruichea to maintain One sfiJ[[ per . that is ImiversalfJ; rfesiraSfe is Costill Specialis !jou can never have tooman!j Costing Points. g t;


Spirit Relations
A fte r a ciry has cons tr ucted a Tem ple Complex, that city w ill be able to bui ld a s hrine to on e of four mag ical S pirits . These shri nes will ha ve so me immediate benefit to th e city, \ uch as a boos t to morale or productio n, bur a s hrine also all ows yo u [ 0 acce pt qu ests from the S piri t that corres ponds to tha t s hrine, whi ch pop up in th e Midd le W indow from t ime co time . Each city can only have one shrine to one spiri t, but you can build a diffe rent shrine in each city under your con trol. Each Sp irit will have its ow n ind ivid ual relat ion with you r VVi zard. There are a number of .ic cions, beyond s imp ly fai ling or complet ing quests, wh ich wi ll aff ect th ese relations . The rela t ion s a nd th eir corresponding num erical values a re on this table:

Spirit Attitwfe
Friendl y Polite Neu tra l Wary H os tile

Point Rat'ge
81 - 100 6 1 - 80 4 1 - 60

The Spirits
Spint of War
The Spirit of Wa r desires nothing less than cons tant conflict ac ross th e land, and will
oft en send you on quests to raze structure, ca pture town s, or destroy bands of inf idels tha t wa nder nea r your c it ies. He usually rewards yo u wi th com bat- relate d items , or even extra

r r - 39
0 -20

levels for your Heroes. The Spirit of War opposes th e aims of the Spi rit of O rder.

Spirit of Order
Chaos and change are the bane of the Spirit of Ord er. Q ues ts from th is Sp irit will often enta il rebuilding destroyed structures or cities, whil e war a nd broken a lliances w ill provoke a nega t ive reaction. The Spirit of Order can be diffi cul t to please , due to its d is tast e for t he violence tha t is often synonymous with s tatecraft in Ao W :SM, but comp let ing its quests wilt sometimes result in a new skill for your Wizard .

Depending on your actions , you will occas ionall y please or anger the Spi rits . These tab les
descr ibe these reactions:

GeneraL Spirit Refction Modifiers

Spirit Mod'"..".
+ 10

Spirit of Nature
The world outs ide of cit ies is und er the sup ervision of the Spi rit of Natu re. S he desp ises a ll art ificial constructs and sp ells that disrupt the natura l orde r; thu s, her ques ts oft en revo lve arou nd the destr uct ion of structures like Cold M ines and Windmills, Or the Disj unctio n of nature-al tering s pells like Ice Age. Quest rewards rypica lly includ e wood lan d un its or large amounts of Cold.


Quest Succeeded Quest Failed Redemption Ques t Su cceed ed' Redempti on Q ues t Failed ' . S hrine Sold Las t S hrine So ld ' . . Build Shr ine of S pirit O pponent Build s S hrine

+ 10 +

(Q uest Level ' 5)


Spirit of Magic
The Spiri t of Magic is nor concerned wit h th e mora lity of wa r and peace, merely with ens uri ng th e cons tan t flow of ma gical energy through ou t the la nd. Wh en th is Spirit dea ls ou t a ques t/ it most oft en invo lves ca pturing or rebuilding a magica l st ructure, like a N ode or M ag ic Re lay. S pells th at count er magic displ ease t he S pirit of Magic, so you ca n count on it being upse t if you cas t a s pell like Disjunctio n or Power Lea k. The quest rewar ds from the Sp irit of M agic ofte n include magic s pells or Mana crys ta ls .

-1 0

Redem ptio n Q ues ts a re offered when the spirit is angry wi th you. . ' If you fa il a Re demp t ion Quest, you can ex pect a special pun ishme nt . . . . Con tac t with s pirit is broken, farewe ll punis hmen t is possi ble.

Quests are of fered at random in te rva ls) a message will pop up on the SCreen g iving yo u the o pport uni t y to center your World Map on the tar get of the quest, and als o giv ing you t he time limit. There are a lso "Q ues t Stones" scattered around the game worl d which w ill offer t he first player to step on t hem a quest, rega rdless of whether or not you have built any shrines. If you accomplish th e objective wit hin the t ime limit, you will be given a choice between two rewards, choose th e one that you prefer. It em s and units will ap pear at your Wizard's location. If you don 't su cceed in the obje cti ve of the quest, you will fai l it, and t he Spirit will be displeased. Quests come in t hree d ifficulty levels: Eas y (I), M edium I,), and Hard 13)·



Spi'" Refction M""'fi<"

War Moa !f\er

Order Mod'!f\er

Nature - Mod'!f\er

M"9 K


Rau City

ft;\ ,I
,\ ..)
. I


RattNmfc Ratt M"9 K Reeay AlIia nc£ MatC e Affla nc£ Brolten -20




War Ded'''''d
(Jeath Sto n n Cast


-10 -10 -10 -10 -10

l'estiCc Cast nc£
Da rfUaruf Ca s t

Fire Stann Ca.,t
I'ire (Jo mal n Cas t

Allarcf,y ea..1 Ic£ Age Cast Dl<jWU:tioll Cast Power Leak Cast


- 10

-10 -10



\ Dipfomatic options

DipCotnaC)') Reputation)

p.u [ey wi th yo ur foe in an attempt to broker a peace, find a co mmon enemy, or s imply trade lor W el ls or ite ms.
'I'll': 'In.scenarios wi tfi nllmer ous"",my comp"ter pfayers, 'Jailsfiollkf attempt to maR!peac wit ft. as e

R.efatiortS) aiU( Morace

'... f. ..- i·'"

,J ;;
-; '...
' "

·'·l " f
. . ·\t."

.. ' .




... . ... '
. - • .

"" .

li." .''1 >
i ) 't'" .

lIIan'J 0/ them as'Jailcan. 'Doil1fj 50wi[[ provide yO Ilwit fi a 6il oj securitu, and the fJ.I1fjdorns 0 peacefu: / Wiza rdScan act as a Il e 6r s Ju! 1/er zone to tJie fiostife races efse wfiereon t fielnap. 5l peace trC1U!J wirrafso rnaR! it a refativefysimple matter to amassyourforcesneartfieWiza rd'5 home basewfienyO Il/eer tfie need to end.J0llrdiplomaticrelationship. '


.- -,


,\ : ... ,

. . . . ..

\Nhil e conflict of ten occurs bet ween rival W izards / war need not be the only item in yo ur di plomatic toolbox . Ski lled rulers w ill attempt to make peace with pow erful opp onent s, or Wizards of similar ali gnmen t, w hile res ervi ng the brute force of their w ar m achine for
those enemies who stand bet ween them and their true goals. Chari smatic leaders can coerce or bribe oth er Wi zards into s ignin g peace treaties; forging alli an ces, or ev en de clar ing war on ot her, mor e power fu l foes . 'Nhile the nature of AoW: SM dict a tes tha t you wit! alway s be at war with someone/ yo u can greatly improve your chan ces of surv iva l by skill ed use of the game's diplom a t ic op t ions .

\!Vhen in negotiations, two co lumns w ill appear on either side of your screen, one repres enting what your Wi zard is offering, the o ther representing what you wi sh to receive in exc ha ng e. The first tab on your column is labeled Dip(, short for Diploma cy. in it, you can offer your counterpart Cold or M ana as a tribute, appeal for peace or an a lliance, or offer to go to war w it h anot her Wiz ard . The other three tabs, Struct, SpelL, a nd I tem, w ill list your Wi zard's structures /s uch as wa tchtowe rs, mills, or even who le cities) tha t are avai la ble to o ffe r, yo u r spells, and you r Heroes ' items, respec t ive ly The column for th e o ther Wizard may have fe wer tabs than yours if you are hostile to one a noth erj Wizard s can only trade sp ells or items with each o the r if they are at Pea ce or s ha re a ll Allian ce.
In orde r to mak e a prop os al, yo u' ll need to co llect w ha t you w is h to o ffer a nd ad d it to th e barga ining ta ble. O nce you'v e chos en it em s from yo ur co lum n, yo u ca n d oubl e-cl ick th em to add t hem to th e tab le, o r clic k th em o nce a nd sel ect AM Offer o r Add Request . You ca n "elect item s tha t are currcncly on the ta ble in the same fas hion to remove them (rom the current offer. As you select items from yo ur resou rces and com pare them to w ha t yo u want [rom your trad e part ner, an a dv iso r will let you know the pro ba bility that th e o t he r Wi za rd will accept your offer. TIP: 'In. tfie 5il1fjfe'pfayer campa some computer-controlled WizardS ziJi[[neuer accept 0//er50 pfiUe, ign, /

W hen you want [0 a t t em p t to nego tia te with ano ther Wizard; o pen the DipComati c Options men u by cli cking on t he bu tt on w it h the sm al l herald horn near th e m inim ap on th e main map s creen . A window display ing all of t he Wi zar ds that yo u' ve come int o co ntac t with will a ppear; a long w ith the current s ta re o f rel a tion s be tw een yo ur king doms , s uch as "War" or " Pea ce." If no relati on a ppears, chen you r t wo kingdoms are neu tra l coward eac h ocher for the m om ent . You can cli ck on the W iza rd porcr a i ts to initiat e a d ia logue with an y o f yo ur opp one n ts ; when yo u do, th e listed d iplom atic s tan ces w ill chang e to represent the rela tion of the se lected W izard w it h everyone else. Th e Mid.cfl£ Window below th e lin eu p d is pla ys wh atever inform a tion yo u pos s es s a bo ut the W iza rd chac is currently sel ected) the inj ormari on for your OV/ 11 Wizard co n tai ns a fisc of you r current relati on s with the va rious races chac populace the game wo rld} w ith green, happy faces indicating cha t a race likes you, whi le red! unsmiling port rai ts indicate char a race is disinclined to s erve yo u. You can lcfr-click on the Info button to read an y of th e Wizards' history and importan t achievements in the game world.

no matter fiowgeneroll tJie dea!is. Ol7viousfy enauqh, thesearetfie WizardS'JouwiU fiave to /(j[[ or s «uoid to complete tfiescenario.
\i\lizards w ith s imilar ali gnm ents to yo urs are easier to deal with than Wiz ards of oppos ing a lign ments . Your Wi zard's reputation also has an impact upon ho w eas y it is to success fully negotiat e with o the r Wizard s. Wh ile alignmen t is determ ined a t t he s tart of a -ce na rio, reputat ion varies dependin g upon the actions the Wiza rd has take n in that -ce na rio .

Reputa tio n atuf Fame
Repu rari on is used to de termine your relat ive s tanding am ong the Wizards and races o f [he game wor ld . A W izard wi th a goo d rep uta rion w ill ha ve a n upp er ha nd a t th e harga ining table, wi ll attract more H eroes, and wil] earn a highe r score at the end of the varn e tha n a W izard w ith a poor reputa tion. Two things de termin e your Wizard's reputa t ion: Fame and Might.

NC9otiati"9 willi otlicr WizardS
When you first encounter a no ther Wizard in a single-player campa ign, you wi ll a u roma ticall v be thrust into a state of peace or war, dependi ng on that Wiza rd's s toryline relati on to your ow n. In a si ngl e-pla yer scen ario, yo ur ini tial relati ons with o ther W izards a re us uall y neu tra l; th e g a me la bels t his " U n know n" on the DipComatic Op tions SCreen. In order to cha nge yo ur rela tio ns hi p w ith ano ther Wiza rd, you w ill need to con tact them and negoti at e. To nego tiate w ith an oppon en t, click on that Wizard's portra it in the Dip(omatic Options s creen . The Wizard 's vita l info rma t ion w ill a ppea r in t he MidiffeW indOw below th e Wi zard line-up, al on gside a no t her box t hat w ill g ive you di ploma tic options to choos e from . In m os t cases, t he only avai lable op tions wi ll be Decfare War or Ne9otiate. T o choose one o f th es e, cli ck on it, then click Sefect, or just d ouble-cl ick on th e opti on . Decfare War will imm edi ately break off an y Peace treaties or Alliances t ha t ex is t bet w een you and the selected Wi zard, and la un ch yo u into a state of hostiliti es . Ne90tiale w ill a llow yo u to


'famous Deeds

Refat ions
Ded Na;""
Ma ke Alliance Make Peace Brea k Ali iance Break Peace
R ec ruit Hero

Im pact 011 Fame
+ 20 +1 0 -25 -25 + 10 -10 +10 +5 -25 +5 + 10 +20 -20

Your Wiza rd has a unique relationshi p with each of th e fifteen races in AoW:SM , Some races will like your Wizar d and may offer to join you Or ass ist you in ba t t le sh ould th e opport unity ari se. O t her races will disl ike you and ac tivel y try to int erfere wit h your goa ls. your race relations hips will vary depending upon a varie ty of fact ors, includ ing both
even ts rh a r occ ur dur ing the cou rse o f a sc ena rio and yo ur s tarting cond itions . The races rela te
CO eac

h o che r bas ed on t heir raci al a lign m en ts. Ea ch fac e adheres co


Lose Hero D efea , Enem y H ero IRe-I Build City Raze/Loot a C ity Complete M edi um Ques t Comp lete H ard Q ues t De fea t Opposing Wizard Your Wiz ard Defeated

certa in mo ra l path; a nd judges each ot her race based upon its own codes, 50 that goo d races arc natura lly inclined to as sociate with othe r good races, while they will us uall y a ttack members of an evil race on sight , N eutral races fa vor con tact with ea ch ocher, of course, but are unique in tha t th ey are not hostil e to either good or evil races. [Th e Ar chons an d Undead races, how ever, due to their unbe nd ing [an ar icism, treat N eutra l races no better t han th ey wo uld each ot hcr.] Each uni t that a city of a particular race produ ces will usually s ha re its race/s a lign me nt, as s how n below:


Pure C ood Cood Cood Cood Cood Neu tra l Neutra l Neu tra l Neut ra l Neutra l Evil Evil Evil Evil Pure Evi l

Dw arf E lf

By defa ult, you r Wizard s tarts wit h 50 Fame. Your Fame, in relation to your Wiza rd's overa ll Might, wi ll determine his reputation . Th e ca lculati on for M ight is as follows: SlT0"9 Mi91i1 No ntl aLMi91i1 w rokMi!J1i1 y ou r M ight>
Ll5X J.l5X

Huma n

Average M ight

Ttq run Dr aco nia n

Average Mig h' > Your Migh t> .75X A verage Might

.75X Average Might > Your Migh t

FrostG,'9 s Nom",{ Dark Clf

D epending upon how mu ch s t ronge r o r weake r you a re chan t he o cher Wi za rd s, yo u' ll be

classi fied as possess ing a S trong , N orma l, or Weak M ight rat ing. yo ur t ide, det ermin ed by your Fame score and Might ca t egory, is foun d in th e following tabl e:

Reput ation Titf.e Ta6f.e
Very Low
0- 19

Go6G" Low Fc c lm
20 - 39

Fam e 40 - 59

H igh
Fam e -

Very High .


60 - 79

80 - 99

S tro ng Migh t Norma l M ight Wea k M ight

Terrible Infamous Pat het ic

Ruthl ess Irres pons ible Unpopul.u

Strong A vera ge Weak


Fa m ou s

Ren own ed Popula r

Prom ising



S im ply cross-reference yo ur Fam e sco re w ith your M ight ca tegory and you ha ve you r rep ut a t ion title,


If urnan




£If lIolf ""'1 ,w;

S )TlJfl

£If """

Orr CobGn

sIW40w llnJo,i

Keeping a Friendly o r Polite rela t io n w it h a race will often all ow yo u to assim ila re thei r {rOOpS an d cit ies inco you r e m pi re by a one-ti me fee fo r t heir a lleg ian ce . Races cha r are W,.uy or H os til e to yo u wi ll often seek oue you r weake r c it ies a nd pa rties for co m ba t, ,1T1d you w ill be req uir ed co s iege [ he ir cit ies in o rd er to ca ke t he m ove r. Ne ut ra l races w ill us uall y av oid inst igati ng com ba t, bu t w ill defend th ems elves if yo u ac t agg ressiv ely cowa rds th ei r cit ies . Yo ur relati on wid, ea ch ra ce ch a nge s t hro ugh o ut t he COUrSe of a scenario ba sed o n you r ac tio ns .





w w w w w






T1BN n



w w w

TabCe ofIm portant Race Relation Deeds
Na= of Dw!
Recen t Loo ti ng or Razi ng of Ra ce's C ity ' P,lst Looting or R a zing of Race' s Ci ty " R.eal m C o nsi s ts P rima rily of Same Race Rea lm C ons is ts Primaril y of A ligne d R a ces Rea lm C on si s ts Pr im ar ily of O pposite A lign men t R aces.' . . Impact 011 Race R£Catlo ll








Uf lIa1f1l..,


+ 40


w w

w w w

w w w




















Prac ti t ioner of Life Magic (For G oo d Ra ces ) P ract it ioner of Life M a g ic (For Evil RacC5/ Prac t it ioner of D ea t h M ag ic IFor Evil Ra ces ] Pra ct it io ner of D ea th Mag ic (For G ood R ac es)


w w w














Peace Kee per


r = Friendly
A na rch is t I' = Polite
N = Neutr a l W = Wary

. A R a zing or Looting is " recen t"

if it occurred

three or fewer [Urns ago .

. A " pas c" Ra zing O r Loo t ing occurre d four ( 0 (e n ru m s ago. . "Th is pen a lty o nly ap plies to G ood a nd Evil rac es .

II = H osti le Each race rela t ion del e, like Friendl Y Neutra l, a nd H os tile, has a point ran g e as s ign ed t


TabCe ofRace Relatio n T itle Ra"9 CS
Race R£Catio Tid" ll Friend ly Polite Ne utra l W,l ry H ost ile I'oill t Ra "ge of Titli:
80 " 10 0 60 " 79 40" 59 >0 - 39 0 " '9



Every un it/ party/ and cit y under your control has its own Mora le rating . Mora le expresses tha t group 's pleas ure or dis pleas ure at being und er your command, and governs how well unit or city [unctions .

IJarij MorolC Titl£ C heerful Con ten t

chana of lhUts Deserting

Unit Morale.
Each un it ha s nume rical Mora le rati ng th a t is normal ly eq ua l to your race rela t ions hip with its paren t race. The ca teg ories of U nit Mora le are as follows :

Neutra l
Un rest


Unit Morafe Tit(es Tab Ce

• lhUt MoraCe Titfe
H igh Cood Okay Poor Terrible


Ran9;fo r Titfe

T he ind ividua l uni ts with th e lowes t Unit M orale wilt continue to dese rt th e party un t il rhe Party M orale reac hes at lea s t Neutra l.
lhUt Sta t

None N one None
-J -1

City Morale.
Like units and pa rries, each C ity has a uniqu e relat ions hip with yo u) based primarily upon your race rela tion wit h the city 's paren t race . If yo u kee p you r cities happy, they have a chance each tu rn of freely hur rying t heir current product ion. If a city s lips int o Anarchy, it has a chance [0 rebel aga ins t yo ur emp ire each tum . The classificati on s of C ity Mora le .ire as follows:

60 -79 4 0 -59

OH, -r R ES OEF, -2 R ES


City MoraCe T itfe
C heerful C on te nt

Point RaJ'ge for Till£

Cfumce ofRdidlionper Tum ,

A unit's Morale rat ing can be modif ied by any of th e following circ ums tances .

81 - JOO
6, - 80
4 1 - 60
2 1 - 40 0 - 20

0%(0% ' ) 0% 150% ' )

Unit Momte Modljicrs Tab Ce

S ta ble O ppress ed (Unres t ' )
- 80 -10 Per Turn IM ax -50) + 30 -10

I lhUt MoraCe ModlJ1er
Pani cked Ins ufficient Upkeep U nit wi th Bard 's S kills in P"'t y Each H ost ile U nit in Party

Slavery [Anarchy "]

. Seco nd t itle is used when city rebelling forces are stronger tha n your units pres ent in city. C ity M ora le is base d on your race relat ion, bu t it is modified to ta ke int o account th e terra in the cit y is built upon, as well as cert ain st ruc tu res . Th e list of C ity Morale modifiers is as follows :

Pa.rty Morale.
Each party has a n overall Morale va lue that is roughly equa l to the aver age of all indiv idua l Un it Mora les in th e par ty. High-level units exert more inf luence in det erminin g the to ta l Part y Mora le than low-level units do. If the unha ppy units are s tronger th an the happ y units, th e Party M orale will s lip into U nres t. If the unha ppy units are at lea s t twice as strong as th e happy units, t he Party Mo ra le will s lip int o Unruly. If th e part y st at us eve r drops down to t he levels of Unrest or U nruly, th ere is a cha nce eac h t um th at un its in th at party will a ba ndo n you.

: Name--Friendly Terrain Host ile Terra in Tem ple C om plex S hr ine of O rder


Moia.-e Modykr


+ 20

+ 40

Racial Friendly and Hostife Terrains
M any races ha ve some Sort of friend ly or hosti le terrain th at w ill give t hem a s light M orale boost or penalty. Terra in Morale mod ifiers apply to U ni t, Party, an d C ity M orale. 'Friendly terrai ns result in cl +1 0 modifier co Morale, while hostil e terrains result in a -ro M orale penalty.

RaciaL Terrain Bonus/Pena!ty Tah[e
Archon Dark Elf
Dra conian

Racial rrnndly Terrains
N one Di rt N one Dirt Gras s

Racial HostUc Terrains
N one N one N one N one Wasteland De se rt N one Wast el,1nd N one
Sn ow, Ice

Dwarf Elf Frostling G oblin H alfling Human N omad s Ore S hadow D emons Syrons Ti gran Und ead

SnolV Ice ,
Dirt G rass N on e Deserts None Shadow Land S hadow Lan d

N one N one N one
Sn ow, Ice

- --



· 64


Designe r and Di rector
Len nar l 5a50

Lead Progra rnmer
Arno v a n VVingerden

M.11Hlal au tho red by t he Srracos G rou p D ua ne Budd N O.lh Co nra d Bret t Nor ton Ma tthew Ro rie Z ack S chie l

Interna tiona l M.1na gin g Di rect or G a ry Lewis
Busi ness A ffa ir.s D irect or Simon Littl e

Produ cer T im Begg.s

Vice Presi dent of Publ i.hing
C hri.sMa te Ma rket ing D irector G reg Baum a n C hanne l Ma rketin g M anage r: Mark Moon PR M anager Anne M ar ie S ims A rt Di rector Mi ke Sn yde r G ra phic A rt is t C hris tine Bat es M<lrCom Coordina to r D ave Th omas Webmaster R obert Flet cher Web A dm inistra tor Ben Hame l QAMa nage r P hil Sa nciago

Programmer josh Farley

Produ ce r C hris [C heck!es ! Lacev Eee cucive Producer Ruper t Ea st erbrook Techn ica l Produce r S a jjad Maj id D evelopment D irecto r Luke Vernon Ma rketi ng Dir ecto r Sa rah Sea by Project Man age r C hrist ina C ame-ora

G roup Production Co-o rdina tor C hri. M adgw ick G rou p Localisa tion Co-ordi nat or Maik. Kohler Group Pro duc tion Manager Jon Broad bridge G rou p De sign M anager Lames C rocker D es igner James Q u inlan G roup O pe ra t io ns Dir ector A ntho ny D odd

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This LIMITED SO FTWAREWARRANTY AND LICENSE AGREEMENT (this "Agreement"l, includin the Limited warranty andother speC g ial provisions, is a legal agreement between Yo (either an individual or an entity) and Ta 2 Interactive Software (the "Owner") u ke regarding this softwareproduct and the materials contained there andrelated thereto. Yo act of installing and/or otherwise using in ur by the terms of Agreem.ent. I.f You .dO not agree to the terms of this Ithe software constitutes Y agreement to be our Agreement,promplly return the software packagin and the accompanymgmaterials (mcludlng any hardware, manuals, other g written materials and packaging) to the place Y obtainedthem, along with you receipt, for a full rerUM . ou r clusive License. This Agreemen permits Yo to use one (1) copy of the sortware program(s) (the t u Gra of limited Non-Ex nt FTWARE") included in this pack for your personal useon a single home or portable computer. The SOFTWAREis in "use" on age "SO a computer when it is loaded into temporary memory(i.e., RAM) or installed into the permanent memory(e.g., hard disk, CD·ROM, or other storage device) of that comp uter. Installation on a network.server is striC prohibited, except under a spec and separate tly ial tained from Owner; this Agreement shallnot serve as SUCh necessary special network license. Installation on a nelWOrk license Ob network server constitutes "use" that must comply with the terms of thls Agreemenl This license is not a sale 01 the original FTWARE Of any copy Ihereol. SO Intellectual Property Ownership. Owner retains all righI, title and interest to this SO FTWARE and the accompanying manual(s), YINGMATERIALS"), including, but not limited to. all copyrights. packaging and other written materials (collectively, the "ACCOMPAN haracters, trademarks, trade secrets, trade names, proprietary rights, patents, titles, computer codes, audiovisual effects, themes, C character names, stories, dialog, settings, artwork, sounds effects, musical works, and moral rights. The SOFTWARE and t AC MPA CO NYINGMATERIALS are protected by Uni ed Stales copyright law and applicable copyright laws and treaties throughout the MPANYIN MATERIAlS may not be copied or repro G ducedin any mann or er W orld. All righls are reserved. Th SOFTWAREand ACCO e medium, in whole or in part, without prior written consent from Own Any persons copying or reproducing all or anyportion01the er. FTWAR ACCOMPANYI GMATER!ALS, in any manneror medium, will be wilfully violaling the copyright laws and may be S bject Eor N U SO to civil or criminal penalties. FTWARE Backup or Archiv Aher Y install the SOFTWAR info the permanent memoryof a computer, Yo may keep and use ing. ou E u SO the original disk(S and/or CO ) -ROM(the "S1orage Media") only for backup or arch purposes ival Restrictions. Other than as provided specifically in this Agreement, You are not permitted to copy or otherwise reproduce the nwARE or ACCOM PANYING MATERIALS; modify Of prepare derivative copies based on the SORWARE or ACCOMPAN YING SO MATERIAL distribute copies of tne SO S; FTWAREor ACCOMPANYINGMATERIALS by sale or other transfer 01ownership; rent.l ease,or lend m SOFTWAR or ACCOM PANYINGMATERIAL Of to display m SOFTWAR or ACCOMP e E S; e E ANYI GMATERIAlS p"blicly. You are N expressl prohibited fromtransmitting the SO y FTWAR ACCOMPAN NGMATER Seleclronically Of otherwise over the Interne Of Eor YI IAl l through anyother media or to anyother party. You are expressly prohibited from selling or using any chara cters or othercomponents of the game for any purpose. Y are expressly pmhlbited from selling or otherwise profiting from any levels, ace packs, sequels ou -on ms TERIALS or created by utilization of the SOFTWARE's or other ste based upon or related to the SORWAREand ACCOMPANYINGMA FTWARE's leve editOf including l , level editor. II you create levels, add-on packs, sequels or other items to the Software using the SO RWAR E's Ihe cons truction of new levels (collecllvely, the " Modifications"), you are subject 1 the lollowing restrictions: (Qthe SO 0 y ") RWAR E level editor and assoc iated development tools and documentation (correclrvel "SDK are considered separate from the SO R in the sense that they are not guaranteed or supported by the OWNER. However. the OWNE retainsall copyrights and intellectual ftware to run; (iii) you rights to the SDK.as stated in this license. (iQyour Modifications must require a full, registered copyof the So e may not distribute a Modification that contains an exec utable file wmcn has been changed or mOdifi d in any way; (iv) your Modifications must not contain any libelous, defamatory or other illegal material, material that is scandalous or invades the rightsof ptivacy or publicity 01any third party, or contain anytrademarks, copyright-protected work or other property of third parties: (v)your 0 Modiflcations must be distributed SOlely for tree. Neither you nor any other person or party may sell them 1 anyone. commercially eXDklit them in any way. or chargeanyone for using them without a license from the OWNER. OWNER encourages noncommercial ERat theaddress distribution of Q uality Modifications. If youdesire tocommercially distribute your Modifications, pleaseCOntact OWN below for the terms and conditions under which the MOdifi ationsmay be commerciallydistributed; (vi) your Modifications shall not c be supported by the OWNER . The prohibitions and restrictions in this Sec tion apply to anyone in possession of the Software or any of your Mod ifications. YOUARE NOT PERMITIEDTOREVERSE EN GI EER. DECOMPILEDRDISASSEMBLETH N ESOFTWAR INAN E YWA. Y Any copying 01 the SO nwARE or ACCOMPA NYING MATERIALS not specifically allowed in this Ag reement is a violation of this AgreemenL


This SOFTWAR intend to be user-friendly andlimitedproduct sU Eis ed PpOrt is provided by Owner as spec ified in the AC COMPANYING MA TERIALS .

TION. TEXASLAWS GOVERNTHIS AG REEMENT. REGARDLESS OFfACHSTATE'S CHOICE OF LAW PRIN CIPLES. WITHA FORUM JURiSDIC ANDVENUE OFDAllASCOUNTY. TEXAS.Thi Agreement maybe modifiedonly by a wri11en instrument specifying the modification s and execute by both parties. In the event that any provision of this Agre d emenl shall be held to be une nforceabfe such provision , b shall be enforced to the qreatest possi le extent,with the other provisions of this Agreement 10 remain in full lorce and enecr,
ENT AGREEMENT. This Agreem repre IRE ent sents the entire agreement betwe the parties, and supersedes any oralor written en communications, propo sals or prior agreements between the parties or any dealers, dlstnbutors, agents or employees. TERMlNA O This Ag n N. reement is valid until terminated. Thi Agreemenl ceasesautomatically (withoutany form of noU if Y do norcomply with 31ly Agreement provision. Y can also s ce) ou ou m EandACCOMPANYINGMATERIALSand all copiesand reproductions of the SO nwARE end thisAgreement by destroying the SO VAR AN GMATERIALS and deleting and permanentlypurging the SOnw ARE from any client serve or computer on which r ,Ind ACCOMP YIN It has beeninstalled. Program Transfer You may permanently transfer all of your rights under this Agreemenl. provided that the . ANYING MATE ALS and related RI recipient agrees to all of the terms of this Agreement, and You agree to transfer all ACCOMP doc uments and components and remove the SO FTWAR from Your computer prior. Transferring the SO E FTWARE automatically erminates Y license under this Agreem Equ our ent. itable Rem edies Yo hereby agree that if the terms of this Agreement are not u speC cally enforced, Owner will be irreparably damaged. and therefore youagree that Owner shall be entitled, wilhou1bond, other irr security, proof of damages. to appropriate equitable remedies with respectany 01this Agreemenl. in addition to any other available remedies. OWNER. If Y have anyQ ou uestions regarding this Agreemenl. the enclosed materials, or otherwise, please contact in writing: Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. 622 Broadway.Th Floor inl New Y NY 1001 orI<. 2 Attn: Customer Service

Technical Support (US)
If youhavea technical pro blemco ncerni g the ope n ralion of our software. please contact our tec hnica supportrepresentatives forassstance, Inorder 1 helpourrepr sentativesassistyou as effi. l 0 e cienlly as possible. plea seprovide themwith thefollow information: computerbrand and model. ing available hard dri e space. amount ofsystemRAM. typ of videocard, amount of video RAM , type v e ofsoun card. type of CD·ROM drive. and ve d rsion of DirectX. Also. please provideadetailed descriptio of the problem. induding any errormessages yo receive, n u
Note : This informatio n is for technical support only and represent atives are un able to provide game hint s or suggesti ons.
Phone; 410·933.9191 Hours ; M onday - Fr id ay 9 -5 p.m .• EST. E-Ma il: suppo rt@take2baltimore.co m M ail : Tak e-Two Interacti ve 9900 Fr anklin Square Dri v e Suile A Baltimor e. MD 21 236

LIMITED WARRANTY. Owner warrants that the original Storage Media holding the SO FTWARE is free from defects in materials and our workmanship under normal use and service for a period 01ninety (90)days from the date of purchase as evidenced by Y receipt FTWARE on your home or portable If for any reasonY find defects in the Storage Media, or if you are unable to install the SO ou COMPANYING MATERIALS1 the placeYou obtainedit for a full refund. This limited 0 computer, Y oumay retum the SOFTWARE and allAC ou E l warrantydoesnot apply if Y have damaged the SOFTWAR by acciden or abusa CU STOMER'S REMEDY. Y exclusive remedi s, and the entire liability 01Owner, shall be (I) replacement of any original Storage our e RWARE. By opening the sealed software packag installing ing, Media with theSOFTWAREor full refund of the price patd lor this SO G andlor otherwise using the SOFTWARE or ACCOM PANYIN MATERIALS, you herebyagree to waive any and all other remedies you may nave at law or in eqUity, Any suchremedies you may not waive as a matter of public policy. youhereby assign, or shall assign as they become available,over to Owner.


fJ 200J Triumph Studios.TriumphStUdios, lNITr lumph Studio.sIClOQ, ttle Age ctwcncers Slladow Magic lOgO andA/;}t'l of Wonoers Shadow Ma 1care ;
lrallemarks 01Tl1umph StU dios. Gathering and !he G l'lttlet1n!ll)QO. T l ake-Two IntlH8etiYil scnware,and The T ake-Twtllogoare traliem arkSof take-tw o Inlf'n1 ctive Softwar .All rights rese e rwd. All otte r uacemans and copyrights are prope rties 01 the'r respectiveO l M'l91'S. Made 1 theU.s.A M



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