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Summer Day Camp 2012 Parent Handbook Discovery Camp ~ Explorer Camp ~ Kiddie Camp ~ Swim Camp

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Child Care Services Day Camp Program Handbook 2012 TABLE OF CONTENTS
Welcome Letter.... Registration.... Financial Assistance...... Fees.. Payment Policies..... Participating Elementary Schools/Operating Hours/Days..... Age Range of Children Served/Ratios..... What to Bring to Camp....... What to Wear to Camp....... Daily Activities/Sample Schedule...... Pre and Post Camp..... Character Development....... Program Goals... 40 Developmental Assets.................... Parent/Guardian Involvement............................................ Family Table.......... Lunch/Snack/Food from Home................. Attendance, Drop-off and Pick-up Policies..... Late Pick-Up Policy....... Making Changes to Registration Documents.............................. Behavior Management and Discipline Policy... Removal of Child from Program..... Staff Relationships with Children outside of the YMCA.. Children with Special Needs..... Personal Belongings......... Policy on Outdoor Play................................................... Custody Issues..... Medication Policy......................................................... Intoxicated Adult Policy..... Insulin/Inhalers/Epi-Pens............... Sunscreen.... Sick or Ill Children/Contagious/Head Lice.......................................... Emergency Procedures................................................ Health and Safety...... Childrens Records.. Reporting Child Abuse..... How to Report a Problem... Star Rated Licenses............ Cleaning Schedule... 3 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 6 6 6 6 7 7 7 7 8 8 8 8 9 10 10 10 11 11 11 11 11 12 12 12 12 12 12 13 13 13 13

YMCA of Western North Carolina www.ymcawnc.org/camp-information 828 210 2273

Dear Parents/Guardians, Camp is a time of tremendous personal growth...attempting new challenges, building self-esteem, making memories that will last a lifetime. Camp has been a tradition of the YMCA of Western North Carolina for many years and we are excited to spend this summer with your family. We appreciate and respect the choice you have made for the Y to be the provider of care for your children this summer. We recognize the incredible responsibility you have placed upon us and we will work tirelessly to meet your expectations. This handbook has been designed to answer your questions, promote communication between our staff and your family, and to assist you in understanding our policies and procedures. By selecting the Y Camping Program, you are giving your children the opportunity to benefit from a quality program founded upon YMCA tradition which provides a fun, experiential learning activities that build on developing new skills and helping children feel successful. We look forward to a fun summer that will build memories and friendships that last a lifetime.
Sincerely, Paul Vest President & CEO YMCA of Western North Carolina James Spearin Executive Youth Development Director Child Care Services YMCA

YMCA of Western North Carolina www.ymcawnc.org/camp-information 828 210 2273

Registration Process
A Registration Checklist is located on the Day Camp Registration form to provide an outline of all the documents that are required. A child cannot attend the program until all documents are accurately completed and submitted at least one week prior to the childs start date. What To Bring For Registration 1. Completed and signed 2012 Camp Registration Form 2. Copy of childs immunization record 3. Current color photo of child 4. Valid Child Care Subsidy Voucher (3 copies) 5. YFinancial Assistance form 6. Registration Fee $35 child/$50 family 7. Non-refundable/non-transferable deposit of $20 or payment in full for each weekly camp session **For all completed applications received in CCS office by 3/31, we will waive your registration fee. Please Note State Subsidy Vouchers are accepted at Camp Averys Creek & Camp Haw Creek, but not at Camp Beaverdam. **You must present SEEK Card at CCS upon registration. The person who completes the Registration paperwork is responsible for the payments and is the only one who can alter the forms.

Registration Fee (non-refundable/nontransferable) - $35 per child / $50 per family Weekly Day Camp Fee - $155 Weekly Deposit (non-refundable/nontransferable) - $20 weekly deposit required to register a camper for each weekly session. Late Payment - A $20 fee will be assessed for all late payments. Late Pick-Up - Refer to pg. 7

Payment Policies
Payments Are Due - The Thursday prior to each weeks camp session by 5pm. Payment Options - Cash, Check, Credit Card and Online at ymcawnc.org Late Fee - A $20 late payment fee will be required for any balance not paid by 5:00 pm the Thursday prior to each weeks camp session. Refunds and Cancellations - All deposits and payments are nontransferable/nonrefundable. Insufficient Funds - If checks are not honored you are still responsible for the payment plus a $30 service charge applied by Federal Automated Recovery System. Children will be unable to attend until account is paid in full. Subsidy Voucher Participation Participants are required to notify the Y of any changes in subsidy voucher status and to abide by the rules set forth by the issuing agency. Participants are responsible for paying the rate discrepancy between what the Y charges for the Summer Camp Program and what the State of North Carolina pays (this may vary by site). The parent/ guardian is responsible for any payment of child care not covered by the county.

Financial Assistance
Contact the Buncombe County Child Care Services Subsidy Unit at 828-250-6700 for more information on subsidy/vouchers. The Ys Financial Assistance Program provides funds for those in need within our available resources. Assistance is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications are available at our Child Care Services Branch. Applicants must first apply for the subsidy/voucher program through the Buncombe County Child Care Services Subsidy Unit if applicable.

YMCA of Western North Carolina www.ymcawnc.org/camp-information 828 210 2273

Camp Locations
Explorer & Kiddie Camps @ Beaverdam Discovery Camp @ Bell, Black Mountain, Estes, Hominy Valley See cover page for contact information

What To Bring To Camp


Please Bring:
1. Lunch - Please pack a healthy lunch and a drink in a disposable BAG, as space is limited. We do provide a morning and afternoon snack each day. Please use ice packs to keep your childs lunch cool, if needed, and label with childs name & date. (See the additional section in this handbook for further details.) **If your child does not have a lunchwe will provide one for a $7.50 charge. The meal will be charged to your account. 2. Water Bottle - Please provide your child with a water bottle on their first day of camp and make sure they bring it with them every day. Please be sure its LABELED. 3. Sunscreen - On the registration form you have an option to give us permission to provide and apply sunscreen (No-AD SPF 45) OR you may choose to bring your own in an individual bottle labeled with their name and grade, stored in a zip lock bag. 4. 2 Towels - Campers will have very busy and tiring days. Please pack 2 towels daily for you camper to rest on during quiet time (NO BLANKETS) each afternoon & another towel for water play activities. Please label towels. 5. Swimsuit, water shoes, towel -Water play is a part of camp. We will also take weekly field trips where campers will have an opportunity to go swimming. Shoes are encouraged. 6. Y Camp T-Shirt - Your camper will get a Y t-shirt on their first day of camp. Please make sure they wear it on designated field trip days, not swim trip days. 7. Backpack - To carry items in. Please do not send personal items such as jewelry, expensive items, electronic equipment, toys, etc. to camp.

Program Operating Hours/Dates

Extended Care: 7 am to 9 am & 4 pm to 6 pm Camp: 9 am to 4 pm **Children MUST arrive by 9am in order to participate in camp activities and field trips. Dates: Explorer & Kiddie Camps @ Beaverdam June 4th through August 12th Discovery Camp @ County Camps June 4th through August 15th **last week of camp will run based on participant enrollment. Swim Camp @ Beaverdam & Bell week of 6/11 & 7/9 **swim camp will run from 8:30am12:30pm

Age Range of Children Served

Explorer Camp @ Beaverdam 5-12 years old Kiddie Camp @ Beaverdam 4 years old Rising Kindergarten Discovery Camp @ County Camps Rising 1st Grade -12 years old

Staff Ratios
We strive to maintain a 1:15 staff to child ratio as per the Y-USA School Age Program Guidelines and the North Carolina Enhanced Licensing Standards.

YMCA of Western North Carolina www.ymcawnc.org/camp-information 828 210 2273

What To Wear To Camp

Play Clothes! We get dirty & wet EVERYDAY! Wear play clothes. Sneakers - Campers will be moving all day and sandals are not conducive to active play. Campers can wear water shoes during water activity time. Y Camp T-Shirt - Please have your camper wear their Y t-shirt on all designated field trip days. Change of Clothes: Please send your camper with a change of clothes daily.

Sample Camp Activities

Heres a list of activities that your child will have an opportunity to participate in this summer. Camp Crafts Swimming Group Games Color Wars Carnival Tie-Dye Cooking Rocketry Hiking Field Trips Adventure Teambuilding We look forward to providing a fun and exciting summer camp experience for your child.

Daily Activities
Your camper is going to have a summer filled with memories! They will explore nature, sing camp songs, participate in sports & games, meet new friends and explore lots of fun outdoor activities! Make sure you check out the chalkboard that will highlight the activities & field trips your camper will have the opportunity to participate in. The Summer Day Camp program provides children with developmentally appropriate activities that will enhance your childs confidence, enrich his or her social and physical development and encourage selfexpression. A healthy combination of individual and group activities are planned based on a weekly theme. Children are encouraged to give their input on what activities they would like to do. A suggestion box is located on each Family Table at your childs site, so please encourage your child to provide us with feedback on what they would like to do. A weekly lesson plan and schedule of activities will be posted on the Family Table at each site. Summertime is a Fun Time at the Y!

Pre and Post Camp

Extended camp care gives parents the option of additional hours of pre and post camp for those who need it. This is a time when children play games and activities in a large group setting, such as: board games, Legos, dramatic play, music, etc. Pre and Post camp operates from 7 am to 9 am & 4 pm to 6 pm daily.

Character Development

The Y Summer Day Camp Program incorporates the 4 Core Values:


YMCA of Western North Carolina www.ymcawnc.org/camp-information 828 210 2273

Program Goals
Y Day Camp Program is designed to help children: -Grow personally -Develop and strengthen values -Appreciate Diversity -Become Better Leaders -Build Skills -Build Developmental Assets -Lead Healthier Lives -Improve Interpersonal Relationships -Have FUN!

Parent/Guardian Involvement
We recognize that the support and involvement of parents and guardians is critical to the success of our Summer Day Camp Programs. Our staff works closely with you to make sure they understand your childs needs and what we can do together to provide an enriched environment for them. We encourage and welcome all interested parents and guardians to be an active participant in our program and visit


40 Developmental Assets
The Y of Western North Carolina is committed to supporting children to grow into healthy, caring and responsible adults. As a result, we have adopted the Search Institutes 40 Developmental Asset Model. The premise of Developmental Assets is built around the belief that there are 40 essential building blocks all young people need. These 40 assets include such things as healthy relationships with adults, service to others, developing conflict resolution skills, making constructive use of time & having a sense of purpose. Our programs provide assets that represent everyday wisdom, positive experiences and successful characteristics which supply tremendous potential to protect youth from unhealthy and negative choices. These principals are woven into our weekly programming & purposefully linked to all activities & projects.

Parents/Guardians can be involved by:

Volunteer in the program. Share a talent with the children. Become a resource for project Maintain a positive relationship and Read the weekly site newsletter and Volunteer to be a member of the Participate in the Ys Healthier Attend Family Night Events.

Please talk with the Program Coordinator at your childs site if you would like to be involved with any of the above mentioned activities.

Family Table
Family Tables are located at each site where Parents/Guardians are able see the weekly camp daily events & activity schedule, view the snack calendar & sign their child in and out. Camp Newsletters will be emailed to parents. Information about field trips will be posted at site.

YMCA of Western North Carolina www.ymcawnc.org/camp-information 828 210 2273

Please provide your child with a healthy lunch each day. All lunches are to be brought in a disposable bag (ice pack, if needed) and label with childs name & date. Refrigeration is available at all sites, however, it is not available on field trip days. Please do not pack lunches that require heating, as campers do not have access to a microwave. Should your child not bring a lunch, we will provide one for a $7.50 charge that will be applied to your account. Lunch Requirements Lunch must consist of at least four of the following components: milk, 2 or more fruits or vegetables, meat or meat alternative, bread or bread alternative.

Attendance, Drop-off & Pick-up Policies

Campers must be sign in & out by an adult each day. Before the child can leave the YMCA area, the adult must sign the child out & provide picture identification. Only those listed on the registration form will be allowed to pick up the child. Additions to the list can be made at any time, but must be made in person. ID is required at pick up time. This policy is for the safety of your child/ren & we ask that you come prepared EVERY AFTERNOON with ID. Please see your Program Coordinator to add an adult to the registration form to prevent any pick-up problems. Remember that only the parent/guardian that signed the registration documents can alter the forms. We expect your full cooperation with this safety policy.

Daily Snack
We provide a morning & afternoon snack each day for campers. Per licensing regulations, we are required to comply with a daily Meal Plan that is nutritious and consists of at least two of the following components: milk, juice or fruit, bread or cereal, meat or meat alternative. Non-nutritional food can be served only for special occasions and in addition to the daily nutritious snack. All snacks we offer are planned in advance. A weekly snack calendar is available at each sites Family Table. If your child has any allergies or dietary restrictions, please note it on your registration form & be sure the Site Director is aware. We are required to post childrens food allergies in the area where children are both served & fed. We also participate in the USDA Summer Food from Home

Late Pick-Up Policy

A $20 late fee will be assessed at 6:05-6:15pm. A $40 late fee will be assessed from 6:16pm-6:30pm. Chronic lateness could result in termination from the program. For consistency, the program will use the clock at site for time reference. It is critical to always contact the Site Director if you are going to be late. If a child has not been picked up by 6:30 pm and no authorized person has been reached, the local police will be notified. This may result in termination from the program.

Making Changes to the Registration Documents

The parent/guardian that completes and signs the registration documents is the only one authorized to make an changes/deletions/additions, etc. to the information.

YMCA of Western North Carolina www.ymcawnc.org/camp-information 828 210 2273

Behavior Management Policy

The Y staff will use positive behavior management techniques that are developmentally appropriate and adhere to the Ys 4 Core Values of Caring, Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility.

Behavior Management Techniques

Y staff will: 1. Involve the children in the development of the house rules. 2. Maintain consistent behavior expectations and reinforce the Ys 4 Core Values. 3. Guide children by setting clear, consistent, fair limits for program behavior. 4. Use natural and logical consequences. 5. Redirect children to more acceptable behavior or an activity. 6. Use positive reinforcement, including a positive behavior recognition program. 7. Make eye contact and listen when children talk about their feelings and frustrations. 8. Guide children to resolve their own conflicts through the use of conflict resolution skills. 9. Use effective praise that is immediate, sincere and specific. 10. Modify and structure the environment to attempt to prevent problems before they occur.

3. Behavior Write-Up Three behavior write-ups in any summer results in the suspension for one weekor at the Youth Development Directors discretion depending on the situation. The parent/guardian is responsible for contacting the Youth Development Director to set-up an appointment to discuss the childs behavior prior to a child returning to program. 4. Behavior Contract/Improvement Plan this document is designed to act as contract among Y Staff, Child & Parent. This document is completed during a parent meeting. 5. Suspension Serious behavior problems will result in immediate suspension from the program. If the child is reinstated and then receives a fourth behavior write-up, the child will be suspended immediately. If necessary, the parent will be notified to pick-up immediately. Upon the fourth report, the child will be terminated without the right of reinstatement. 6. Termination - Y Summer Day Camp programs cannot serve children who display chronically disruptive behavior. Chronically disruptive behavior is defined as verbal or physical activity which may include, but is not limited to, the following: -behavior that requires constant attention from the staff. -behavior that inflicts physical or emotional harm on other children or self. -behavior that abuses the staff and/or ignores or disobeys the rules. If a child cannot adjust to the program and behave appropriately, the child may not be able to remain enrolled. Reasonable efforts will be made to assist children in adjusting to the program

Behavior Management Action Steps

1. Personal Time removal of child from a situation for up to 5 minutes so they can regain control of their behavior. 2. Verbal/written communication to parent or guardian regarding a childs behavior.

YMCA of Western North Carolina www.ymcawnc.org/camp-information 828 210 2273

Removal of Child from Program

There are times when it is necessary to remove a child from the program. Reasons for removing a child from the program: Non-payment of fees or failure to follow SEEK policies and procedures. Child is unable or unwilling to conform to program, rules and program guidelines and/or all reasonable alternatives for behavior management have been exhausted. Immediate withdrawal for blatant disregard to rules or extreme disruptive behavior by child or parent/guardian. Custody situations that involve parents that are unable to resolve differences as

Children with Special Needs

The YMCA of Western North Carolina operates within the provisions of all applicable laws, including those which provide protection to individuals with disabilities as well as to providers who care for such individuals. Y Programs welcome all children to the extent that it is reasonably able to do so. A child who requires measures that constitute a fundamental alteration to the program or other undue hardship, or a child that poses a direct threat to the health and safety of others, will not be able to participate in the program. Prior to a childs admittance to the program, it is imperative that a Youth Development Director make an individualized assessment to whether the program meets the particular needs of the child within the noted guidelines. Upon receiving the childs registration form, our staff will be in contact with the parents/guardians for a preliminary InTake Interview to gather all necessary and pertinent information to serve the participant to the best of our abilities and within the parameters of our programs design. If Y staff and/or the parents or guardians feel it necessary, a meeting will be scheduled as an opportunity for the Y staff and the parents/guardians to meet and discuss the situation. Upon your childs enrollment to the program, the Youth Development Director will review the Individualized Care Plan (ICP), so that the staff understands the best ways to provide care for your child. The ICP will also note any special accommodations that are necessary to ensure the childs success in the program. This information will be shared with site staff, and follow-up calls and/or meetings with Program Coordinators will be arranged on an as needed basis. The Y enjoys a partnership with the ARC of NC which allows us to provide truly inclusive programming for children with significant emotional and intellectual special needs. For more information on the Every Child program, please contact Mike Brown mbrown@arcnc.org

Staff Relationships with Children Outside of YMCA Programs

Staff are not to be alone with children they meet at the Y. This includes all forms of communication (phone calls, e-mails, instant messages, text messages, etc.). Baby-sitting, sleepovers and inviting staff members to a childs home are prohibited unless one of the following conditions exists: Staff and childs family have a relationship that predates the staff members employment or volunteering with the Y. Staff and the childs family have a relationship that predates the childs enrollment in the Y program. Staff and the child or childs family are related. If you have an existing relationship with a Y staff, you must contact Martha Rutherford 828 210 2273 so that appropriate disclosures and documentation can be completed. The Y does recognize that there may be occasions when children ask a staff member to attend their sporting event, dance recital, etc. This is permitted as long as it is a public event and the child and staff member are never alone. Staff are NEVER to transport children in their personal vehicles.


YMCA of Western North Carolina www.ymcawnc.org/camp-information 828 210 2273

Personal Belongings
Please be sure your child does NOT bring items of value to the Y program (ex. electronic equipment, jewelry, etc.). A camp environment is not the place for these items. The Y is not responsible for items lost, broken, or stolen during program hours. Articles that are left behind at the end of the day will be placed in the Camp Lost and Found. Any items not claimed from the Lost and Found will be donated at the end of camp.

Medication Policy
The Y does not administer over-the-counter medications to children. The Y staff will administer prescription medications that are in their original container with the childs nameaccompanied by a Medication Release Authorization form that has been completed and signed by a parent/guardian including the following information: Childs name Type of medication Physicians name Instructions on amount of dosage Time to be given (Cannot write as Number of days to be administered Possible side effects Please note that the Y staff are NOT allowed to give the first dosage of any medication. If a child refuses medication, then the incident will be documented and discussed with the childs parent/guardian. All medication on-site is to be checked in with the Site Director on duty, so that it can be properly locked for the safety of the children. Should your child require and inhaler or an EpiPen, Y staff will keep that medication on their person at all times. The same medication authorization release will be required. Should a child need his/her EpiPen, the child will insert the EpiPen and Y staff will contact 911 immediately.

Policy on Outdoor Play

Camp is all about playing and learning about the great outdoors & children will spend the majority of their day outside. Please note, if a child is not well enough to go outside, the child should not be in attendance at the Y Summer Day Camp Program. Article 7, Chapter 110 of the North Carolina General Statutes requires that outdoor play is a part of each childs daily activities, weather permitting. Y staff will consult State guidelines in additional to using their best judgment when deciding to take children outdoors.

Custody Issues
In the unfortunate event of a difficult/dangerous custody situation where a court order is in place, please contact the Child Care Services Office to set up guidelines regarding the release of your child. You must have a copy of any court documents regarding the restriction of release of children in our care. Parents/guardians are responsible for resolving any issues that may arise from their childs participation in our programs. The Y will not get involved in disputes. A child may be removed from the program until the parents/guardians are able to resolve the differences.

Intoxicated Adult Policy

Y staff will encourage any adult who appears intoxicated to call an emergency contact or another adult authorized to pick-up the child, or request taxicab to transport the adult and child home safely. Parents who arrive at the Y that appear to be intoxicated will be encouraged to stay with us and relax. If an adult chooses to leave, Y staff will call the police.


YMCA of Western North Carolina www.ymcawnc.org/camp-information 828 210 2273

Children are not allowed to keep insulin, inhalers or epi-pens in their backpacks or with them while attending the program. Such medications are to be given directly to the Site Director. We recognize the need for immediate access and therefore do not keep these medications locked as we do with all other forms of medication.

Head Lice
If head lice are detected while your child is attending program, the child will need to be picked up immediately. A child with head lice is allowed to return to the program after treatment. Evidence of treatment includes no lice or nits, clean hair and scalp, and a note from the parent or physician stating the treatment used.

If you choose to send sunscreen, it must be noted on your childs registration form & be sure it is labeled appropriately in a zip lock bag with childs name & date. All sunscreen is kept away from the reach of children. The Y provides No AD-spf 45 to children who do not bring their own. Sunscreen is applied multiple times throughout the day.

Emergency Procedures
Y staff are trained and prepared to activate emergency procedures in the event of severe weather, fire and/or other emergency conditions that require building evacuation or other immediate safety measures. In the event of such a situation, parents/guardians will be contacted for early release.

Sick or Ill Children

To ensure the well-being of all children, please be considerate. If your child is too sick to go outside, he/she is too sick to be at Camp. Any child showing or developing symptoms such as fever, rash, diarrhea or vomiting will be excluded from the group and provided with an area to rest. Y staff will contact parents/guardians for arrangements to be made for pick-up.

Health and Safety

The health and safety of the children in our care is our top priority. Even so, young children are often testing their physical limits making injuries inevitable. Y staff will verbally inform parents/guardians of any injuries. Y staff will call parents should a child sustain any type of head injury. In the event of a medical emergency or accident requiring a doctors treatment, we will contact the parent/guardian immediately, and emergency personnel if necessary. Emergency medical personnel will take the child to the emergency room via ambulance if the situation warrants immediate measures.

Contagious Illnesses/Conditions
If a child has a confirmed case of a contagious illness/condition, s/he must be kept at home & the condition reported to the Site Director. At the discretion of the Site Director, parents/guardians may be asked to submit a doctors statement prior to a child returning to the site. The following conditions are examples: -Strep Throat -Chicken Pox -Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease - Impetigo - Lice

Childrens Records
Request for copies of childrens records (attendance/payment history, etc.) can only be given to the parent/guardian that registered the child for the program. All other circumstances require a court order.


YMCA of Western North Carolina www.ymcawnc.org/camp-information 828 210 2273

Reporting Child Abuse

North Carolina law requires any person who suspects child abuse or neglect to report the case to the county Department of Social Services. In addition, any person can call the Division of Child Development and Early Education at 919-662-4499 or 800-859-0829 and make a report of suspected child abuse or neglect in a child care operation. Reports can be made anonymously. A person cannot be held liable for a report made in good faith. Y staff will report all suspicions of child abuse or neglect.

Star Rated Licenses

Centers that are meeting the minimum licensing requirements will receive a one star license. Programs that choose to voluntarily meet higher standards can apply for a two through five star license. The number of stars a program earns is based upon the education levels of the staff, the history of their compliance with licensing requirements, and the program standards. It is our goal to work to obtain the highest possible star rating at each of our sites. However, parents/guardians should be aware, all Camp programs operate within the same expectations & policiesregardless of star rating.

How to Report a Problem

Open communication is vital. We are here to address and work through your problems and concerns. We encourage you to please report all problems or concerns to your childs Camp Director. Problems and concerns can also be directed to Martha Rutherford, Community Youth Development Director at 828 768 0892 or mrutherford@ymcawnc.org North Carolina law requires staff from the Division of Child Development to investigate a licensed child care center when there has been a complaint made to the Division. If you believe that a child care provider fails to meet the requirements outlined in the summary of North Carolina Child Care Law and Rules, or if you have questions, please call the Division of Child Development at 919-6624499 or 800-859-0829.

Schedule of Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Cleaning

Enhanced licensing regulations require that we inform you of our cleaning schedule. Sample Cleaning Schedule Daily-sweep, disinfect/clean tables and chairs, inspect playground for harmful objects, and ensure that all areas used are left in proper/clean condition. Weekly-disinfect toys, inspect toys/games for broken parts/pieces and maintain overall good cleanliness and organization. Monthly-clean/organize storage cabinets, wipe down cabinets, and dust surfaces.


YMCA of Western North Carolina www.ymcawnc.org/camp-information 828 210 2273