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Wireless Solutions Ensure Accurate Inventory Gauging in Offsite Tank Farm Locations

Most process plants have tanks that hold feedstock or finished products. As an example, a 150Kbbl/day refinery may have more than 50 tanks near the plant. Each of these tanks could be 50 feet wide and 60 feet high, holding approximately 25K bbl of gasoline worth more than $2 million. These tanks may be located from 500 feet to two miles from the process units. Monitoring and controlling the volume of tank liquid is important to ensure data accuracy used for financial statements and for refinery planning and scheduling. Inaccurate measurements may result in suboptimal capacity usage, accounting errors and even environmental incidents through spills. The traditional work practice of monitoring tank inventory levels involves two operators, one in the field and one in the control room. The field operator takes the reading from a tank level gauge and tells the control room operator to start/stop the pumps. This practice is expensive, resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. In addition, it exposes the field operator to hazards, including falls and hydrocarbon vapors.

In this 50 tank example, the costs of wiring the radar level gauges and pumps could estimate $5 million, including the cost of laying fiber optic cables, and the project could last more than three months to create 5,000 feet of cable trenching.

OneWireless with Honeywell Enraf 970 SmartRadar

Honeywells OneWireless infrastructure, using XYR 6000 highlevel analog input transmitters interfacing with Honeywell Enraf 970 SmartRadar gauges, offers the most effective solution for effectively capturing needed data.

XYR 6000


Tank Farm Automation

Due to the costs and risks mentioned above, a plant would chose to automate the tank farm processes. They may need to integrate the tank level information and the tank farm pump data with a central control room. The Honeywell Enraf SmartRadarTM series offers the perfect solution for measuring tank level, delivering contact free measurement without moving parts. The accuracy of the Enraf 976 IS SmartRadar gauge under reference conditions is 3 mm over the entire measuring range (over 95 feet). Overall, the device provides a wide operating range of -40oC to 80oC and is certified intrinsically safe for use in Class 1 Div 1 areas.
OneWireless Tank Farm Solution with Honeywell Enraf An XYR 6000 transmitter communicates with the control room through the multinodes

Wireless Solutions Ensure Accurate Inventory Gauging in Offsite Refinery Locations

Using proven measurement with a wireless infrastructure improves business performance while also saving costs. These benefits include: The OneWireless network provides a flexible and long range network, while the XYR 6000 transmitters provide reliable and predictable battery life up to 10 years. Reliable and secure performance using Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS). A network that is scalable up to 30,000 nodes and capable of supporting multiple applications like wireless worker and location system applications. Reliable network that provides redundancy both at the field instrumentation and backbone level.

The OneWireless multi-functional network provides one infrastructure to support multiple applications. With this infrastructure in place, its now easy to equip operators with Honeywells Mobile Station to provide access to critical process information, historical data, graphics and other key field functions. In addition, to further enhance safety, its easy to add gas detectors and CCTV over that same efficient network.

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