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Deconstruction and analysis of our Magazine cover

The title: is bold and placed at the top which is conventional as

This quote is featured on every issue of the magazine. This gives the consumer an insight into what the purpose of the magazine is what its all about. It is also suggestive that it is for younger readers through the phrase young and ambitious. This is a clear indication as to what target audience this is aimed at (the same target audience as our film). this makes it a focal point, this suggests that the title might be a key selling point if people recognise it when shopping, we found that Flavour magazine was the most common well known platform for Grime. Our title adheres to previous flavour magazines, with the title positioned at the top in a plain sans serif font. The simplicity of the title allows room for other information on the magazine such as the master head, the main image and the feature articles instead of detracting away from them. We chose a purple font in order to tie in with the theme of the magazine we took influence from a precious issue and felt that the feminine colour tied in nicely with the plot and female protagonist. This choice is also to break away from previous colours used within other ancillary tasks such as the plain black and white on our poster to set the products apart but linking them with other more subtle aspects.
We used featuring articles in order to construct the overall image of the conventional magazine. We chose to include featuring articles about recognisable people within the Grime genre. For example Sneakbo is an up and coming Grime music artist. We included this in order to create an urban edge in which strongly connects with the Grime genre.

We included a main article in order to coincide with the main image on the magazine. This allows the reader to associate the image with the magazine special SW16 SPECIAL. In order to emphasise the uniqueness of this months magazine we have chosen to use a different font for the letters of SW16 the distorted block capitals is used to portray the grime genre through its rough and ready look. This gives the readers an insight into the film and genre.

The original Flavour magazine is an The main Image: The main images are over-laid one is of the main protagonist online magazine. This means that it isnt required to have a barcode. In order to adhere to the conventions of a stereotypical magazine, we had to use a barcode from another magazine and incorporate it on our own front cover. This shows that we have acknowledged and consider the conventions of magazine covers generally.

another significant character is placed slightly behind putting the characters

featuring one of the characters from the film and the image of the second girl roles in the film into context. This image was chosen in order to captivate her in character as seen through her outfit as it is similar to what she has been seen wearing in the film; almost as if she is still acting in part of the film. Another way we achieved this was also by making her look away at the camera - in order to make it look as if shes still in the film an action shot to some extend instead of a posed one. We felt it was effective to have her in character as oppose to appearing as herself, this was because it fits in with the issue of the magazine being an SW16 Special. We chose to include the second character, in order to make the headline story seem less personal and not solely focused on the main character of the film as it says Meet the stars.

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