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FITnews is published by Talisman Centre four times per year and is distributed our contributors
to more than 50,000 members and program participants of Talisman Centre. lorissa chan
The magazine provides information on living a healthy, active lifestyle in and kelly drager
around the City of Calgary. FITnews stimulates interest in its members through virginia janes
information on athletics, wellness and aquatic experiences available at Talisman dave joseph
Centre and through profiling Talisman Centre athletes and customers that have madeline kapiczowski
achieved success through utilizing the building. shane pizzey
Letters to the editor and editorial submissions are welcome. The editor reserves susan rockafellow
the right to edit or refuse any submission. Views expressed or implied are aimee rowles
those of the individual contributors and do not necessarily reflect the views of jocelyne svensson
Talisman Centre.
robert bunka editor and special thanks to our models . . .
Susan, Stacey and Dominique
Cover Photo: Susan wearing Nike
PB Long Sport Top ($69) and Nike
Perfect Fit Capri Pant ($92) from
Breathe Apparel.

2225 MacLeod Trail South, Calgary, Alberta T2G 5B6

233-8393 info@talismancentre.com www.talismancentre.com
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from the editor
Finally warm weather has arrived! I can’t tell you how
long I have anticipated these days and how, now that they
are here, I cherish each one. I love summer in Calgary—
patios, outdoor runs, hikes, floats down the Elbow and
tons of sunshine. People seem to get a lot more active in With access
and around the city. I get outdoors as soon as I can. Since to hundreds
the beginning of May I have been using the pathway of kilometers
system that connects Talisman Centre to our outdoor
facility—Stanley Park Pool. I run “the loop”. It’s about a 4 km trail that takes you by
of pathways,
the pool and then over to the Glencoe Club and up a set of mile high stairs. Now in my Talisman
fourth week of training, I have started running those tough stairs twice with hopes Centre is a great
of incorporating 4 sets per run mid-summer. What a great workout! With access to
hundreds of kilometers of pathways, Talisman Centre is a great meeting place to start
meeting place to
your run, roller blade or walk and then hit the hot tub afterwards. start your run,
For others, summer entails opportunities such as those portrayed in our lifestyle roller blade or
exercise article on kayaking (page 18). With so many great lakes and rivers at our
fingertips this is a unique way of getting a great workout and seeing our beautiful
walk and then
country at the same time. I’ve had the opportunity to visit Vancouver on a regular hit the hot tub
basis every few months and can tell you that sea kayaking around Stanley Park is afterwards.
absolutely beautiful and a great way to spend your morning. Check out our article to
find out more information on who to contact.
For those that continue their workout regimes inside the building over the
summer months you have the unique opportunity of working out beside some of
Canada’s top athletes and coaches. In each publication of FITnews we showcase
athletes and members (who were once top level athletes) who continue to train at the
centre. I find this such a motivating factor as you lift weights and look over and see
Canada’s top kick boxing athlete, top rower or highly ranked female wrestler working
out beside you or assisting you with your workout as a staff member of Talisman
Centre. Many of our staff members are athletes in training or coaching high level
athletes and have been attracted to the centre because of the healthy, active lifestyle
that we promote and live. Talk about membership having it’s privileges!
This summer challenge yourself with something different, a run outside, a kayak
across a lake, or question our staff to find out how they can change up your workout
routines to keep you motivated. These summer months are fitness filled and lots of
fun so let’s take full advantage!

— R.B.

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ab exercises

to the Core
There is more to doing your abs than just working to get a six-pack. Working on your abs is one
part of keeping an all around strong core. Good core strength is important for keeping good
posture, whether you are sitting, standing or being active. Maintaining core strength and good
posture over the long term will help you to keep a healthy lower back. Here are a few things to
think about when you do your next core workout.

Curve Your Back The rectus abdominis muscle is the “ab” muscle that people are most familiar
with – it’s the “six-pack” muscle. The action of this muscle is to pull your rib cage and pelvis closer
by dave joseph together. In doing so, you curve your back. To best isolate your abs, focus on curving your back
Dave is a Personal as you do any ab exercise. This is where the term “curl-up” comes from – you are curling your
Trainer at Talisman back to isolate your abs rather than sitting up with a straight back. Keeping a straight back still
Centre and holds encourages your abdominal muscles to contract, but they function mainly as a stabilizer. To help
a Bachelor of
Science degree in with curving your back, try not to do abdominal exercises with too much weight; using too much
Kinesiology. weight encourages more powerful hip flexor muscles to take over and you end up flexing at the
hip with a straight back rather than curving your back to isolate your abs. See photo top right.
Don’t Forget Your Obliques Your oblique muscles are as important for good core strength
as your rectus abdominis. The oblique muscles have that name because they run at an oblique
angle to the vertical plane of your body. Because of this orientation, the action of the oblique
muscles is a combined flexion and rotation of your spine. You can isolate your obliques by
adding a rotation of your upper body (i.e. sit-ups, curl-ups) or lower body (i.e. hanging leg
raises) to pretty much any ab exercise. To best isolate your obliques, focus on bringing your
right-hand side ribs towards your left-hand side hip, and vice-versa. See photo middle right.
Try a Decline Bench If you already have strong abdominal, and you find that doing sit-ups or
curl-ups on a flat mat isn’t cutting it anymore, try taking the next step. Try doing sit-ups on a
decline bench. Remember – sit-ups should still involve curving of your back. By using a decline
bench, you use the same muscles, but it becomes a greater challenge. As you do a sit-up on a
flat surface the exercise becomes easier at the end because you are moving your torso more
forward, rather than “lifting” it up with your abdominals. Using a decline bench lets you “lift”
your upper body through a fuller range of motion, allowing your abs to become more fatigued.
See photo bottom right.
Your Lower Back – The “Other” Core Though your lower back muscles are not traditionally
thought of as core muscles, they are a vital part of keeping an all around strong core. The
muscles in your back act as antagonists (perform the opposite actions) to your abdominal
muscles. Your lower back muscles are a collection of several muscles grouped together as the
spinal extensor muscle group. The action of these muscles, as the name implies, is to extend
the spine. Just as you can use a decline bench to increase the challenge for your abdominal
muscles, you can increase the challenge for your lower back by doing back extensions using a
45 degree incline bench. Begin the exercise with your back arched down in front of the bench.
As your glut muscles extend your hips to bring you up, focus on straightening your back to isolate
your spinal extensor muscles. Extend your back as far as comfortable, and avoid hyper extension.

• Talisman Centre FITnews • Spring 2007 • www.talismancentre.com

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TAlisman Centre
sport partner profile
Calgary Masters Swim Club (CMSC)
by susan rockafellow

It all began in 1976, when swimming parent Henry Every swim competition hosts a relay event. Relay
Rechel placed an advertisement in the Calgary Herald events allow swimmers to come together to out race
for masters swimmers. The first night brought out five and outwit their opponents. Calgary Masters Swim
swimmers. Thus CMSC was founded. After a brief stint Club (CMSC) hosted the 2006 Masters National
swimming at Glenmore Pool, CMSC moved to Talisman Swim Championships in May 2006 at the Talisman
Centre (then known as Lindsay Park Sports Centre). They Centre Pool. They competed beside their arch rivals, the
have been a sport club at this high-profile facility since. Edmonton Masters Swim Club (yes, the Calgary-Edmonton
CMSC has hosted four Canadian Masters National rivalry extends beyond the Saddledome, Flames and Oilers!)
Championships at Talisman Centre—in 1981, 1991, 2001 and went on to break the national meet record for a 4 x
and lastly in 2006. Today, we provide a number of options 100 metre Freestyle Relay. CMSC lead swimmer, Brian
and schedules for our members, conducted with talented Brix came in at 100 m with a half-body length lead.
and qualified coaches. We continue to swim 12 months of Dave Dickson left the blocks and managed to hold that
the year and currently have 156 members in our sessions, lead. Chris Daniel, swimming third, was able to increase
with swimmers aged 18 to 76. the lead to two body lengths. The anchor and last relay
Master swimmers come from all walks of life and all member, our fastest male swimmer, Jeff Welechuk,
swimming capabilities and people swim at the masters increased the lead to four body lengths. Finish time:
level for all sorts of reasons, including team camaraderie, 3:43:16 (a 56 second average). This broke a best time
maintaining great cardio and shared motivation. Many of 3:43:45 set seven years ago at the same meet by an
swimmers are interested in maintaining a high level of American team!
fitness, which ultimately provides a better quality of
life. Some swim for fun, however “fun” can be a loose For information about the Calgary Masters Swim Club visit
term when the coach writes up an 8 x 400 metre set. www.cmsc.ab.ca.
Others swim to race and compete and are able to break
records—Provincial, Canadian and even World Records!

4 • Talisman Centre FITnews • Spring 2007 • www.talismancentre.com


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Talisman Centre
athlete profile

michelle thorkelson by shane pizzey

Michelle Thorkelson is on a mission to achieve her dream of being involved in the National Rowing
Program. She is a very dedicated athlete who has called Talisman Centre home this winter.

Where are you from? Canada Cup of Rowing in Montreal. I’ve made it to
I was born in Vancouver and raised in beautiful Barrie, the finals a handful of times in crew boats at the Royal
Ontario. Canadian Henley Regatta in St. Catherines, Ontario,
perhaps Canada’s top rowing regatta. That was fun.
Why did you move to Calgary?
I moved here to attend U of C after completing three years What are your goals?
at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario. My number one goal is to be involved in the National
Rowing Team program. This is what I am training for. In
What did you take in school? the meantime, I would like to achieve my personal best
Back in Ontario I was a biology major. When I came 2000m time this summer.
to Calgary I focused on geology, more specifically
hydrogeology. Now I work in the oil & gas industry. Have you had any injuries during your career?
Go figure. In 2002 I suffered a serious back injury. I continued
to push through it until the end of the 2003 season,
How did you get involved in the sport of rowing? where I was diagnosed with 2 herniated disks in my
I was first exposed to rowing at Laurentian by their lower back. I spent two and a half years in and out of
rowing club. I took a learn to row course and sort of left physiotherapy, and didn’t get on the water at all during
it at that for a while. When I moved to Calgary, I dabbled that time. I thought that my career may have been
in the U of C Rowing Club before I started competitive over. Last summer, I felt good enough to return to active
rowing in 1999. My first full competitive season was the competition. I was very pleased with my season after the
summer of 2000 here in Calgary. long layoff.

What success stories do you have to share? When not training, what do you do?
I have been fortunate enough to have trained with some Not training? (Laughs). In the winter, during the off-
very good teammates. Sometimes memorable successes season, I try to spend as much time with my friends as
happen when everything comes together during a really possible, to let them know that I am still alive, and to find
tough training session on the water. balance. In the summer, I am usually up at 4:30 am to get
onto the water for practice. That isn’t very conducive to
Podium success stories? an active social life. If I have days off, I get out of the city
I competed for the Alberta rowing team for three for some mountain biking or camping with friends. My
consecutive seasons. I won a silver medal in the pairs career as a geologist is important to me, so I am trying to
event, and a few bronze medals in other events at the foster that as well.

6 • Talisman Centre FITnews • Spring 2007 • www.talismancentre.com

www.talismancentre.com • Talisman Centre FITnews • Spring 2007 • 7
What is your training schedule like? When is your next competition?
In the off-season, during the winter months, I workout My most recent competition was the Alberta Indoor
between 6-9 times a week. These include erg (rowing Rowing Championships March 24th in Red Deer. My first
machine) workouts and weight lifting to maximizing on-water regatta this year was in May (Michelle won this
strength and core stability. In the summer our practice event!).
schedule ramps up to 8-11 workouts per week. When
we get on the water in May, the focus shifts a bit to What do you like about the training at Talisman Centre?
technique, endurance, and race strategy. I love the competitive atmosphere of the Athletic Training
Zone. There is a common thread among the athletes and
How does the coaching you’ve received from the Athletic we push each other to work hard. The coaching staff is
Performance Enhancement Program compare to other top quality and I appreciate the different performance
coaching that you have received? enhancement options under one roof. When time is an
I have had great team coaches at rowing clubs although it’s issue, it is incredibly helpful to be able to talk with my
inherently different than a personal coach. The difference coach, do a workout, consult a nutritionist, and when
has been the attention to detail. My coach is making sure needed, a physiotherapist, all without having to leave the
that I’m training for improvement, and at the same time, facility!
for specific injury prevention. We have open dialog about
what’s going on physically and that gives me confidence What is your best memory of the sport?
that my workouts are appropriate. My coach’s dedication I have so many fantastic memories from over the years, I
and time spent on programming really stands out. don’t know where to start. Actually, I’d say the best hasn’t
happened yet. I’ll tell you at the end of my career, when I
What do you do to stay focused and not just give in? look back on everything. My best memory is yet to come.
Challenge, that’s what I use. The drive to constantly
improve is what keeps me focused. The sport itself is Any advice you can give to those interested in rowing?
incredible. The sensation you get when you’re gliding Try rowing if you want a fun, full-body, athletic
across the water as the sun rises and the fog lifts, with experience. And if you compete in rowing or any sport,
nothing but the sound of your oars slicing the water is give it all you’ve got because the possibilities may
what gets me out of bed at 4:30 am. surprise you.


Customized Program Design • Advanced Nutrition Services
Guaranteed Small Groups • Weekly On-Ice Conditioning
Choose 8, 12 or 16 week packages • Call 355-1247 for all the details!

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Talisman Centre will be replacing the fabric roof of the main building
(the “tent”) in the spring of 2010. The new fabric roof will preserve the unique
look that has become synonymous with Calgary’s architectural identity.
• The Talisman Centre roof will not be replaced until the spring of 2010 or later.
• At this time we are working on a plan to minimize facility interruption “under the
tent” during the roof replacement. We anticipate being able to operate the two
new buildings and sections of “the tent” with minimal disruption to our customers.
• The work is expected to take 6-8 months to complete.
• Talisman Centre is committed to mitigating the impact of the closure in any way
possible for all stakeholders — members, sport partners, program users, staff, and
the Calgary community.
• Talisman Centre is an architectural icon that contributes to Calgary’s skyline; the
Talisman Centre roof is a City of Calgary asset and the cost to replace it will be
covered by the City.
• The new roof of Talisman Centre will be better than ever! It will have increased
translucency, a 30 to 40 year lifespan, and potential energy utilization savings.
The new fabric roof will still maintain the unique wide-open space feeling and the
warmth of the streaming natural light, integral to the original roof design.
• Talisman Centre wants to answer all your questions and concerns — we appreciate
and value your loyalty! President and COO, Robin Mitchell has promised to sit
down with each and every person who wants to discuss the roof replacement.
In addition, there will be ongoing information available through newsletters,
handouts, postings, Talisman Centre publications, and at talismancentre.com.
it’s all about
customer service
It seems like Talisman Centre is hosting a lot more sporting events on the
weekends this year, more than in past years? Is this true, and if so, why?

Talisman Centre is hosting more sporting events this year, and the primary reason is
that the Kinsmen Sports Centre in Edmonton is undergoing nine to ten months of major
renovations to their facility. During any given year, Talisman Centre and Kinsmen Centre
typically share the hosting of sporting events that occur in Alberta. With Kinsmen
robin mitchell undergoing the renovations, Talisman Centre has had to pick up several additional
events. While we will always host great sporting events as part of our unique culture,
President and Chief
Operating Officer the additional number of events this year is not something that we anticipate doing year
after year.

In 2010, we anticipate replacing our existing fabric roof.  We are extremely excited about
this unique opportunity as the new roof will provide greater energy efficiency within
In 2010, we the building and allow natural light to filter through.  You may even get the feeling that
you are training outside!  The existing roof is really showing it’s age with small drips
anticipate and darkening of the inside insulation. With the new one we won’t have to worry about
replacing our any of this. As our partnership with Kinsmen Sports Centre had us hosting many of the
existing fabric aquatic special events for the province due to their renovation, Talisman Centre expects
roof. We are the same partnership will occur for 2010 when most of the provincial aquatic events will
be held at Kinsmen.
extremely excited  
about this unique In anticipation of the increased number of events that we are hosting this year, we
opportunity as partnered with several other recreational facilities in Calgary in order that we might
the new roof will be able to ensure that our members were given the opportunity to still work out. We
know that people joined Talisman Centre in order to work out here and not somewhere
provide greater else. We also know from previous experience that the pressures on the parking lot,
energy efficiency locker rooms and the rest of the building during events result in fitness members being
within the building frustrated. Members made it quite clear to us that we needed to do something. Since
and allow much we do not have plans to stop hosting events and with limited parking and no immediate
plans for additional parking, we needed to look elsewhere for facilities our members
needed natural could go to when hosting a big event—hence the MEMBER EXCHANGE PROGRAM.
light to filter
through. On any given weekend, when we pre-determine that it is going to be busy because of
an event, we will inform our members via the web site and signage located strategically
throughout the building (Customer Alert Boards). We know that the Member Exchange
Program is not a perfect solution but one we hope our members will take advantage of.

10 • Talisman Centre FITnews • Spring 2007 • www.talismancentre.com

Talisman Centre
member services
You’re invited to a . . .

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Enjoy North America’s largest fleet of
Come in to Talisman Centre and pick up your referral card. Give it giant inflatable toys. One of a kind,
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your pass by one month for free! employees & families.

Stop by and check out our new website! Launch date early July!

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Talisman Centre

staff profile
pam wilson
by madeline kapiskowski

Pam Wilson started her athletic career at a young age

in Peterborough Ontario. She quickly excelled in the sport of
Judo and earned the opportunity to travel around the world
as one of Canada’s best. In University she started wrestling
on a whim and quickly moved up the ranks in the University
and National standings. She burst onto the international
scene right away, winning a bronze medal at the Junior
Worlds and the World University Championships
which earned her a spot on the senior national team. Pam’s
success as a wrestler brought her to Calgary after graduating
in 2005 to train with new coaches and work towards to her
next goal, going to the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.
When Pam moved to Calgary she had many job
interviews but it was when she walked into Talisman Centre
that she knew it was where she was meant to be! She joined
the TC team as a fitness consultant and quickly became a
personal trainer. Pam managed to find the time to work
five days a week, train six days day a week and travel
periodically to tournaments in Asia, Europe and United
States. When I asked Pam what her favourite part about
competing in sports was she said it was the opportunity to
travel and experience new cultures, meet so many unique
people and test her limits everyday in training.
Pam’s ability to excel as an athlete has complemented
her career as part of the Talisman Team and her work with
diverse groups of clients at the facility. She attributes
her success to the support of friends and family and the
flexibility she enjoys working at Talisman Centre. Her clients
are understanding when she needs to reschedule a few
sessions and her co-workers are always willing to cover a
few shifts when needed.
Thanks Pam, for your contribution to sport excellence
and work excellence! Good luck!

12 • Talisman Centre FITnews • Spring 2007 • www.talismancentre.com

fitness fashions!
brought to you by

On Susan: Nike PB SL Base Layer ($52); Nike Perfect Fit Knee Short ($81)

14 • Talisman Centre FITnews • Spring 2007 • www.talismancentre.com

On Stacey (left): Nike Perfect Fit Pant ($104), Nike PB Cap Sleeve Shirt ($58); On Dominique: Nike Seamless SS Fitted Shirt ($86),
Sugoi Mobil Trail Short ($48); On Susan: PUMA SL Sheer Top ($41), PUMA 3/4 Tight ($75).

www.talismancentre.com • Talisman Centre FITnews • Spring 2007 • 15

“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.” Joseph Pilates, Return to Life

breathe, strengthen and lengthen your way to a new you!
by lorissa chan & jocelyne svensson

Pilates has become a popular form of exercise in

the past decade but Joseph Pilates developed his series of
exercises on the mat and on specialized equipment such
as the Reformer and Cadillac/Trapeze table over 90 years
ago. He set out to create a system of movements that
would challenge not only the physical body but the mind
as well. The three main principles of the Pilates Method
are Whole Body Health, Whole Body Commitment and
Breath (as described in Pilates’ book Return to Life).
Pilates is a system of work and release designed
to open the body while releasing joints. It trains muscle
systems so that the body can move more efficiently. A
Pilates session is comprised of exercises done on the
mat and/or on equipment designed by Joseph Pilates.
He originally developed 34 matwork exercises which
later evolved into exercises done on the Reformer, Chair,
Cadillac and other equipment. The matwork exercises use
one’s own body weight and gravity for resistance, while
some of the exercises done on the equipment use springs
for resistance. Many of the Pilates exercises we see today
maintain the original intent of the exercise as developed
by its founder. However, as science and knowledge of the
body have evolved, so have the exercises.
To achieve the maximum benefit from your Pilates
workout, proper execution of the exercises requires:
1) Concentration: Requires that the mind and body
both be engaged. It can be considered as a 2-way
street, where the brain trains the body and the body
trains the brain.
2) Control: Requires that the entire body is controlled at
the same time and is achieved through concentration
3) Centering: Stabilization of the area from the
floating ribs down past hipbones. It is important to
have control of this area at all times as there is no
connection between the upper and lower parts of the
body if the center is not secure.

16 • Talisman Centre FITnews • Spring 2007 • www.talismancentre.com

4) Precision: Requires that correct muscles and
muscle systems are used and ensures that bones
are in their proper positions so that muscles can
walk this way
by virginia janes
work efficiently.
5) Rhythm (Flowing Movement): Objective The old adage, don’t knock a sport until you try
is efficient movement – the body learns in it remains true. If you are looking for something to
movement not in stillness. increase core strength and deepen cardio conditioning try
6) Breathing: Facilitates the movement, delivers racewalking.
oxygen, relieves stress along the vertebrae and It may not be big in Canada, but racewalking has
discs and opens and strengthens the body. respect and a large following through Europe, Asia and
7) Balanced Muscle Development: so that Australia. Racewalking is a technique which requires the
no one particular muscle or muscle system use of often under utilized muscles to propel the walker
becomes overdeveloped forward at faster speeds and evolved through decades of
Pilates is suitable for all levels of fitness, defining the sport. A legal racewalker must walk without
and can be done either in a group setting or an violating two rules. At no time should there be visible
individual setting. To achieve maximum benefit loss of contact with the ground and the advancing
from Pilates, a well-rounded program will include leg must be straight from the moment it contacts
elements of matwork as well as equipment work. the ground until the vertical and upright position is
Group mat classes are designed for the average achieved. It is these two rules differentiate racewalking
healthy back and focus mainly on the core postural from running.
muscles which support the spine. Alignment of In Calgary we are fortunate to have Canada’s
the spine and contraction of deep torso muscles are reining queen and former Olympic racewalker Janice
important to help alleviate and prevent back pain. A McCaffery and Jeannie Harms as coaches for Adrenaline
one-on-one session may include exercises done on Rush Racewalkers. I first met Janice at a Mentally Tough
the equipment, giving the individual a total body workshop held at Lindsay Park (now Talisman Centre)
workout. The Pilates professional is able to address where she introduced the group to racewalking as a way to
specific issues, aid in promoting rehabilitation from stretch paradigms. At the time I was running 6 km easily,
injury, and promote healing. In both the group and but soon discovered it took more cardiovascular endurance
individual settings, exercises can be modified to and muscle tone to reach that distance racewalking. After
make the exercise either more challenging for the three knee surgeries, running is no longer an option so I
advanced participant or less challenging to address turned to racewalking with continued success.
specific injuries or limitations. Talisman Centre’s 200m track is a good likeness to
Pilates is now being recognized by health care Edmonton’s Butterdome for race conditioning. Through the
professionals as a respectable form of rehab exercise winter, several Adrenalin Rush Racewalkers have utilized
but should be done “one-on-one” with a certified Talisman’s track in the mornings to prepare to challenge
Pilates professional because every injury is unique Edmonton racewalkers. All members are competitive and
and requires specific exercises for recovery. As yet wonderfully compassionate friends. We encourage
Pilates is not designed to be a cardiovascular activity each other and take great pride in our accomplishments as
but rather a supplement to one’s weekly workout a group and as individuals. Long live racewalking!
program, the full benefits of Pilates are realized Oh, and if a racewalker passes you as you run,
when Pilates is practiced 3 times per week along remember you are welcome to join us. Talk to us on
with regular cardiovascular activity and proper Talisman’s track!

www.talismancentre.com • Talisman Centre FITnews • Spring 2007 • 17

go kayaking and
experience lifestyle exercise!
by aimee rowles

Experience what the coast of British Columbia has We paddled each day for four-six hours, stopping
to offer whether you have two hours on a business trip or for lunch on various beaches and paddling into remote
a week to paddle through remote islands. areas to look at sea life beside us on rocky cliffs and under
Every year I make it a point to visit Vancouver Island us in shallow water. We even went out on a night paddle
for at least a weekend to relax and enjoy the ocean. with natural light guiding us around the islands.
Recently a group of us decided to spend two weeks on Wildlife was very visible, from bald eagles and
vacation with one week on Vancouver Island between bears to harbor seals and porpoises. The harbor seals
Echo Bay and Quadra Island. The four of us girls piled would tend to follow our group from a distance, randomly
into a car with all of our gear and headed out (luckily we poking their heads out of the water. One time a harbor
didn’t have to pack any kayaks or paddles). The tour we seal poked his head up at the end of my kayak which
were booked with, Spirit of the West Adventures, provided caught both of us by surprise. Unfortunately, in a region
us with the equipment and food needed for our week on known for Orcas, we didn’t see any. A super pod had
the water. formed further north of our location.
The trip started with a two hour drive from Quadra Our guides consistently made the experience one
Island / Campbell River to Alder Bay where we boarded to remember. The information they provided about the
a water taxi to transport us an additional two hours to area and the history of the various islands made the trip
Echo Bay where we spent our first night on a floating more exciting then if we would have paddled on our own.
house. This would be our only night in a bed. For the rest I personally loved every second of this trip and will return
of our nights we would kayak up to remote islands, tie our to the area. It was extremely relaxing, fun and provided a
kayaks up and pitch our tents under the canopy of trees. way to keep active in a form we don’t have in Calgary.

For more information contact Spirit of the West Adventures at www.kayakingtours.com

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eat more fish

by kelly drager BPE, BSc, RD

With the release of the new Canada’s Food Guide comes b) Limit amount of canned Albacore tuna. Read the
a specific recommendation on the number of servings label – look for canned ‘light’ tuna (or skipjack on the
of fish to consume per week. The benefits of consuming ingredients). Health Canada advises that women who are
fish are not new. The Heart and Stroke Foundation or who may become pregnant, or who are breastfeeding
of Canada as well as the American Heart Association can eat up to 10 oz (2 cups) of canned albacore tuna each
currently encourage 2 servings of fish per week and many week. Children between 1 and 4 years can eat up to 2 1/2
nutritionists also stress the importance of fish in your diet. oz (1/2 cup) each week. Children between 5 and 11 years
Fish is an excellent source of high quality protein and is can eat up to 5 oz (1 cup) each week.
one of the few foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids – mainly
eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic EAT MORE LOW CONTAMINATED FISH THAT ARE
acid (DHA). These fats have been shown to have HEALTHY FOR THE OCEANS
cardiovascular protective effects. DHA particularly is The oceans ability to provide fish for the growing intake
essential for optimal brain and retinal development. Fish of people is diminishing. One study that looked at the
is also low in saturated fat compared to meat and poultry, effects of changes in marine biodiversity on the marine
a source of vitamin D and A, selenium, and calcium (if ecosystem predicted that all wild fisheries would suffer
the bones are eaten). The recommendation stated on 90% depletion by 2048 if current management methods
the Canada’s Food Guide is: “Eat at least 2 servings of fish persist. But these current trends could be reversed if
each week; choose fish such as char, herring, mackerel, changes take place now to fix the problems.2 Fish options
salmon, sardines and trout” (1 serving is equal to 75g, 2 ½ that are high in omega 3 fats, low in contaminants and
oz, 125 ml (½ cup)) good for the fish populations include anchovies, Atlantic
herring, Atlantic mackerel, wild (Alaska) salmon, canned
EAT MORE LOW CONTAMINATED FISH salmon (pink/sockeye) and Arctic char. As healthy as
Though increasing fish intake has many human health fish are for people, awareness of contaminants as well
benefits, one also needs to look at choosing low- as fishing practices need to be considered when buying
contaminated fish. For example, the Food Guide also seafood. This can help to ensure future generations can
refers individuals to Health Canada’s website for advice on have the fish and eat it too!
limiting exposure to mercury from certain types of fish.
Health Canada’s guidelines for mercury exposure from fish To download an eco-friendly pocket-sized seafood
are reviewed and updated as needed. On February 19, selector visit https://www.environmentaldefense.org/
2007, Health Canada updated the health advisory related documents/1980_pocket_seafood_selector.pdf
to mercury in fish to include advice for certain groups
1. Information update – Health Canada advises specific groups to limit
(namely women and children) on eating canned Albacore
their consumption of canned albacore tuna. Available at www.hc-sc.gc.
tuna.1 To decrease intake of fish with mercury consider ca/ahc-asc/media/advisories-avis/2007/2007_14_e.html.
the following: 2. Worm et al. 2006. Impacts of biodiversity loss on ocean ecosystem
a) Avoid eating fish with higher levels of mercury such services. Science 314: 787-790.
as shark, swordfish, king mackerel, tilefish, and fresh or
frozen tuna.

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You asked us!
The Use of Chlorine in Talisman
Centre Pools
Why does Talisman Centre use chlorine in the pools?
Talisman Centre is committed to the health and safety of our customers. We are required to
work with the Calgary Health Region to ensure our standards meet the industry regulations.
• Compared to most facilities, we have a much higher volume of pool use. Chlorine is
recognized and approved by the Calgary Health Region as one of the best agents to control
the level of bacteria in the water in order to maintain safe swimming conditions.
• The Calgary Health Region determines that the minimum required level of free available
chlorine is 1 ppm. The strong smell of chlorine is not due to excessive levels. Our chlorine
levels are monitored via an electronic controllers for each pool (24 x 7) and water samples
are taken daily.
• All large swimming pools in Calgary use chlorine in one form or another. Talisman Centre
uses chlorine gas to treat the water. Pools that use other systems also produce/use chlorine
in one form or another:
a) salt system which produces chlorine
b) liquid bleach (which is chlorine)
c) ozone and liquid bleach
d) full stream ultraviolet and liquid bleach
The concentrations of chlorine vary from system to system.

Would we consider changing to a different system?

Talisman Centre is exploring options and upgrades of the current system. Since the anticipated
shut down time in order to convert from one system to another is approximately 1 month, this
would not take place unless the building were closed for facility upgrades such as when we
replace the roof.
Careers at Talisman Centre
Stanley Park
Outdoor Pool
Projected Opening
June 30th, 2007
Outdoor fun for the whole family!
Take a moment www.stanleyparkpool.com
to discover us! for event and scheduling details

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