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Department of Management Science

GC University, Faisalabad Course Specification

Course Title Course Code Credit Hours Category Aims and Objectives Supply chain management MIM3 Cr. Hrs. Master In Industrial Management This course is an introduction to the supply chain concept and will explore the management of supply chains to improve an organization's overall supply efficiency. Other concepts included are the definitions of supply chains, identification procedures, an overview of methods, processes, and systems that are used in the operation of supply chains, and the applications of methods, processes, and systems to improve supply chain performance. Introduction to supply chain management: What is supply chain management, Why supply chain management is important, The origins of supply chain management, Important element of supply chain management, Future trends in supply chain management. Purchasing Management: The role of purchasing process in supply chain management, The purchasing process, Manual purchasing system, Electronic procurement system, Small value purchase orders, Sourcing decisions, Role of supply base, supplier selection, Centralized versus Decentralized purchasing. Creating and managing supplier relationship: Developing successful partnerships, supplier evaluation and certification, Supplier development, supplier awards. Demand forecasting and collaborative planning, forecasting, and replenishment: Matching supply and demand, forecasting techniques, Collaborative Planning, forecasting and replenishment. Aggregate planning and management: operations planning, The aggregate production plan and strategies, Master production scheduling, Dependent and Independent demand, the bills of material, Material requirement planning, Capacity Planning, Independent demand inventory systems. Logistics: Introduction to logistics, Scope of Logistics, Customer Value Chain, Logistics Functions, Order Processing, Inventory management, Warehousing, Transportation, Material handling and storage system. Logistics for Business Excellence, Objectives of Logistics management, Logistics Solution, Logistics Future Customer Service: Customer Service for Competitiveness,

Syllabus in Brief

Customer Service Phases, Service Attributes. Material Handling System: Role of Material Handling in Logistics, Material Handling Equipment and Systems, Conveyors, Carousels, Overhead cranes, stacker cranes, Robotics, Unit Load Storage, Storage Principles, Benefits of storage design, Storage Methods. Performance measurements and controls: Need for Performance Measurement Performance measurement system objectives, Logistics performance Levels, Logistic Audits, Logistics Performance controls. Principles of supply chain management: Joel. D. Wisner, G. Keong Leong, Keah-Choon Tan Supply Chain Management: Sunil Chopra, Peter Meindle Logistics Management: Vinod V. Sople Sessional (25%) Quizzes Tests Assignments Presentations Semester Projects Attendance and Class Participation Sessional Viva Mid Semester (25%) Final (50%) Total (100%) Sessional + Mid Semester + Final

Books Recommended

Assessment Criteria

Mid semester Paper

Final Semester Paper