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Biscocho, Isabelle Ann P.

3-AB POS Metamorphosis A fateful two years had passed ever since I had received my acceptance letter from the Ateneo de Manila University, my dream school since I was a little girl. It was such a momentous happening, the event still fresh in my head as if I could press replay and relieve the wonderful moment. There was screaming, there were tears, there was jumping; there was complete and utter happiness. But of course, the dream did not stop there. Because here I am, still going strong and trying my best to survive the supposed 10th Circle of Hell (a running joke among me and my blockmates) dubbed as the Ateneo, constantly falling inlove with the Styx that is Political Science, and four semesters on the deans list. Truly a dream, truly a wonder. But the story only begins from that. The Ateneo de Manila University, a school known for its wonderful holism in its curriculum, has not only went and let me live the Atenean dream: in fact, it had also helped me build myself in a whole lot of non-academic aspects, namely: Professional excellence, leadership, character, spirituality, and service. Five non-academic aspects, five stories of the simple lass who, by a twist of fate became a student in one of the top schools in the Philippines. Five stories of being moulded, five stories of change: these are the five stories of the caterpillars metamorphosis to a beautiful butterfly. This year had been one heck of a hellish semester, as it would be the first time I had encountered my majors. And boy, was it the time when Ateneo being the missing 10th circle of hell became a truism for me. I have been met by 200 pages a night readings from my professors, 20 paged papers that seemed to be coming in every week that had existed, oral exams and recitations that would make one cry in stress, and a whole lot more. In truth, during the first weeks, I almost broke down. But despite the hardships I have learned professional excellence and stayed in my track. What more, I managed to balance my hectic academic schedule with my home orgs activities: I have been the project head of the Assembly Art Exhibit, and there I learned the art of contacting people, and doing some manipulative wonders when in a tight spot. Because of its success, I have also been elected as the Vice President for Promotions and Publications in the org, and it is now adding to my professional experience. Add to that my appointment as the new Audit Magistrate of the Student Judicial Court, well this caterpillar has already morphed into one professional butterfly. In connection with my being elected, I have also managed to build up on my leadership skills. Ive already been used to holding such positions ever since I was in gradeschool, and yet holding positions in college organizations were much different. First off, I did not run with a party, due to the fact that I wanted to win on my own. I had to make my own promotions, and had to advertise myself to the members. Plus the miting de avance was kind of stressful. But it was a nice experience. I do hope I live by this, as aside from being a VP, I have also been appointed as the Audit Magistrate. Happy that they have noticed my hardwork, and I do hope to help Sanggu in their endeavours this coming year. Character-building and Service was also an important aspect this year. I have gained more friends, and this year I have learned the true meaning of men and women for others. I have been a HIT (Hero-In-Training) for the years ARSA OrSem and have helped freshmen to adjust to their new surroundings. Ive helped a friend with her QPI and shes staying in the Ateneo for another year and have rebuilt her relationship with her parents. Plus, NSTP had also been a great help in this: Ive learned how fortunate I am and have inculcated in me the want to help others more in the near future as a probable Human Rights activist and a diplomat, of course. Having theology classes were also a great help in increasing my spiritual faith. I have learned about God, strengthened my faith, and of course developed a closer relationship with my creator. Plus, praying to the Lord had been a great stress reliever. The GESU was always open for people like me, and I have spent some good hours there meditating and relaxing, especially when my course was already taking a toll on me. All in all, my two years in the Ateneo (and more years to come) have been a good experience. It had helped me build myself, my character, and had helped me form a wonderful relationship with my peers, and of course, with God. I have come a long way, suffered too and toiled to be in my place, to be the person I am now, and Ateneo had helped me with that endeavour. I do hope, as my scholarship continues, that I become moulded more, that my transformation be for the good, and that I, the caterpillar on her way to success, do metamorphose into one beautiful butterfly once I have graduated. And this butterfly shall tell her story once again, after she had burst out of her cocoon of changeall by the Ateneo.