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This serve as an Invitation: Football Association of Rizal and Montalban Football Club is inviting your Football Team/s to join the 1st Hon. Mayor Elyong Football Cup Mens Open 2012 this tournament is designed for a league type of competition, the kick off will start on May 26, 2012 and matches shall be played every Saturday and Sunday, it will also sanctioned by Philippine Football Federation. NAME OF TEAM / CLUB OR FA: _____________________________ REGISTRATION FEE OF PHP 5,000.00 YES AGREE NO DISAGREE

A. NAME OF COMPETITION This FAR/MFC competition shall be called 1st Hon. Mayor Elyong Hernandez Football Cup Mens Open Championship. B. MANAGEMENT, SANCTION AND ORGANIZATION The tournament shall be officially sanctioned by the Philippine Football Federation The FAR/ MFC shall manage and organized the 1st Hon. Mayor Elyong Hernandez Mens Open Cup. C. DATE OF COMPETITION The 1st Hon. Mayor Elyong Hernandez Cup will kick off on May 26, 2012 and it will last until June or June 24, 2012. 1. Mode of Competition 1.1 Groupings- four in each group 1.2 Elimination round will start May 26, 2012 Sunday until June 3, 2012 1.3 Semi Finals shall be played on June 16 and 17, 2012 1.4 Finals shall be played for 3rd and 4th place June 22, 2012 1.5 Championship shall be played June 24, 2012 1.6 Any adjustment on schedule for both teams shall be announced one week before the original schedule commences. 1.7 The FAR / MFC shall inform all teams in any adjustment on schedule during the elimination and all the way to the championship. 1.8 If in any case any teams would like to adjust their schedule FAR / MFC shall be given in advance notice one week before their scheduled match so that we can inform also other team/s and re schedule other matches. 1.9 Teams shall be given a onetime adjustment only 1.10 Only Team Mangers, Coaches of Teams are allowed to submit their written request for scheduled match adjustment one week before the original match scheduled.

D. ELIGIBILITY All players from team can play no age group required; teams shall submit their entry composing of 24 players and 5 officials. E. DURATION OF THE MATCH Each match shall be played in ninety (90) minutes consisting of two periods of forty five (45) minutes with 10 minutes interval. F. POINTS SYSTEM AND RANKING 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Three points (3) shall be awarded for a win and one (1) point for a draw The ranking of each team in each group shall be determined as follows: Greatest number of point obtained in all group matches; Goal difference in all group matches; Greatest number of gaols scored in all group matches. In the event two or more teams are equal on the basis of the above three criteria, their rankings shall be determined as follows: 6. Fewer numbers of points calculated according to the number of yellow and red cards received by the team in their group matches. 7. Drawing of lots.


1. Each football association that will participate in the Qualifying Rounds in Regional Championship will submit a selection list of eighteen (18) players in the Team List form. 2. The Team List should also be submitted to the Local Organizing Committee during the Team Coaches and Managers Meeting. H. EQUIPMENT 1. Players are required to wear their complete uniform comprised of: - Jersey with number - Shorts - Long socks - Shin guards - Football shoes (no bare foot) 2. The captain of the team is required to wear the captains armband around his left arm to enable the referee to distinguish him from the rest of the team. 3. Players are not wearing their complete uniform will not be allowed to play. I. COLORS 1. Each team shall wear its colours as declared in the Team Managers Meeting. 2. If a team should have a spare or second outfit (colours contrasting with those of the first outfit), this should likewise be declared during the Team Managers Meeting. Teams are obliged to use the first outfit for all its matches. 3. If the opinion of the Tournament Commissioner and Referees, the colours of the two opposing team clash, the outfits must be changed, whereby the second outfit may be used as a whole or in combination. 4. In the event that both teams do not have a second outfits, one of the team shall be obliged to wear vests. A toss of the coin, supervised by the Referee, shall determine which team wear the vests.

5. Goalkeepers must be provided with jerseys of colours different from that of the team colours. (If the goalkeeper used as field player, he should wear the same uniform as that of the field players with the same number in which he was registered.) 6. All players shall wear registered numbers of colours contrasting with the colours of their jerseys. These numbers should either be sewn or printed on the jersey. 7. All players shall play in jerseys bearing numbers in which they were originally registered. 8. Under no circumstances will players be allowed to play jerseys with numbers not properly sewn or printed or in jerseys bearing numbers with different from the numbers they were originally registered with. Any team found guilty or infringing these rules shall be subject to disciplinary action. J. MATCH REGULATIONS 1. Team line-up: - Prior to the start of the match, the Fourth Official shall distribute a form for the starting lists to the respective teams. - The starting lists must be accomplished by and bear the signature of the Head Coach before it is returned to the Fourth Official. 2. Substitution - Not more than six (6) players may be substituted during match, and these five players who must come for all remaining reserve players who must also be registered before the start of the match. - The substitution form must be accomplished and signed by Head Coach before an anysubstitution of a player can be made. - The incoming player then must submit this form to the Fourth Official of the match before he is allowed to enter the field of play. - Any player so substituted cannot re-enter the field of play.

K. PLAYERS CAUTIONED OR DISMISSED FROM THE FIELD OF PLAY 1. A player who receives two (2) cautions (yellow card) shall automatically be suspended for the match following the match where he receives the second caution. A red-carded player shall likewise be suspended. 2. A player expelled from the field of play by a referee shall be suspended for the next match. 3. Disciplinary measures such as cautions, expulsions and suspensions of players and officials shall be carried through to the next round of matches during the Cluster Elimination and Regional Championship. L. SUBSTITUTES BENCH / TECHNICAL AREA 1. Only the following duly-accredited persons are authorized to sit on their substitutes bench: - A maximum of six (6) substitute players: - Have to be seated (except for warm-up and for giving of water to their teammates; - A suspended player is not allowed to sit on the bench except during the match where he received a red card. Such player is required to wear an outfit different from that of his teammates. 3. Maximum of three (3) team officials: - Only one (1) person at the time is authorized to convey tactical instructions and he/she must return to his/her position after giving these instructions. - Only the coach or another designated person can stand beside the bench. - Officials shall be in proper attire. They shall wear team jerseys or team t-shirts w/ jogging pants or long pants. - If an official is thrown out of the game, he has to leave the inner zone area. 4. The behaviour of the persons on the substitutes bench must conform to FIFAs Fair Play Policy. 5. The coach and the other officials must remain within the confines of the Technical area except in special circumstances, (for example, a doctor or physiotherapist entering the field of play, with the referees permission, to assist an injured player.)

M. WARMING-UP BEFORE AND DURING THE MATCH 1. Before the match, depending on the weather and the condition of the turf (to be judged by the Match Commissioner), the teams will be allowed to warm up on the half pitch closest to their respective team bench. 1. During actual play: - A maximum of six (6) players from each team may warm up at the same time, but w/out the ball, behind the goal closest to their respective bench. - Only the goalkeeper is allowed to warm up with the ball. - Not more than two (2) officials are allowed to accompany the six (6) players during the warm-up. 2. MEDICAL TREATMENT OF PLAYERS ON THE FIELD OF PLAY 1. If a player needs medical treatment on the field of play during a match, the following procedure must be observed: - At a signal from the referee, the team doctor and his assistant shall leave the bench and attend to the injured player. - Only the goalkeeper can be treated inside the field. 3. LIQUID INTAKE DURING THE COURSE OF PLAY Because the balance of water in the body is essential for health, FIFA actively encourages players to drink liquids during a game. The following rules must, however, be observedso as to avoid disorderliness on the field and injury from battles being thrown through the air: - Liquids may be drunk during play and stoppages in play. - Drinks must be contained in plastic bottles (no Coleman allowed) and handed to the players at the touchlines, one meter away. 4. TOURNAMENT DISCIPLINARY COMMITTEE

The PFF shall appoint a Chairman and two (2) members to constitute the Tournament Disciplinary Committee, whose duties shall be to resolve or decide the following matter or issues: - Cases of players having been dismissed from the field of play; - Any misconduct by an official or player, which has been reported to, or come under the notice of, the Committee; - A written complaint for misconduct made by the manager or an official of a participating team; - In cases of misconduct involving an official, The Committee shall investigate such cases and take appropriate action; - Confirm in writing all cautions administered in the field of play; - Impose automatic suspension of one match on a player who receives two cautions; - Other cases of misconduct which may require the application of Disciplinary measures including files; - Whenever there is a disciplinary case to be adjudicated, the Tournament Commissioner shall convene a meeting or consultation of the Tournament Disciplinary Committee within 24-hours of the match concerned; - The Tournament Disciplinary Committee shall be guided by the applicable. PFF Disciplinary Code and FIFA Disciplinary Code. 5. THE TOURNAMENT COMMITTEE 1. Oversee the management, organization and administration of the competition. 2. Approves and decides issues or matters pertaining to the following : - Eligibility of players and of the teams - Format of the competition - The fixture schedule - The technical regulations - Appointment of Match Commissioner 3. Deal with issues arising in the Match Commissioners Report 6. THE TOURNAMENT COMMISSIONER

PFF shall appoint the Tournament Commissioner for the tournament. He is the Representative of the PFF and shall be solely responsible for all decisions in respect of organization of, and scheduling of matches in, the tournament. He or his representative designated by him in writing shall preside over the Managers meeting. The host Provincial Football Association and the participating teams should render all assistance and cooperation to enable him discharge his duties efficiently. 7. MATCH COMMISSIONER A Match Commissioner shall be appointed by the Tournament Commissioner of each and every match. - He will be solely responsible for all aspects of the match organization in the particular venue of the match for match he was appointed. - He must complete the Match Commissioners Report form including the results and cases of cautions, expulsions and serious incident (if any) and submit report to the Tournament Committee immediately after the match. - He shall exercise such functions as are traditionally required of a match commissioner.

8. REFEREES ASSESSOR The Referees Assessor is appointed for the tournament to assist the Tournament Commissioner throughout the entire tournament. He serves to inform the Referees Committee and the Organizing Committee of the Match Officials performances. He will also be an important reference person in judging any incident which may occur.

9. REFEREES AND ASSISTANT REFEREES PFF referees committee shall appoint the referees and the assistant referees to officiate in this tournament.

10. PROTESTS 1. Protests against the qualification of players who have been registered to play in the competition shall be submitted to the PFF Tournament Committee as soon as the Final Registration of Players has been circulated to the participating team. 2. Other protests must be made in writing to the Tournament Commissioner not later than two (2) hours after of the end of each match. 3. All protest must be accompanied by a fee of Php 5,000.00 (five thousand pesos only) which will not be refunded in the event the protest is found to be trivial and without justification. 11. WALKOVERS / ABANDONED MATCHES 1. Walkovers: - If a walkover is given, the team conceding the walkover shall forfeit the match and the game shall be awarded to the opposing team. 2. Abandoned Matches - If a match has to be suspended as a result of incidents (walkouts by teams, lack of order, spectators invading the field), the Commissioner must decide (within 24-hours of such incidents) and determine the action to be taken. - Should it be necessary to award a match to an opponent, three (3) points shall be awarded with a score of 2-0 or possibly more if the score time of stoppage showed a greater number of gaols for the team declared the winner.


Any player or team official reported by the Referee or the Match Commissioner for indiscipline or violence conduct shall be dealt with severely in accordance with PFF Code of Discipline. Reports on such cases shall be submitted to the Tournament Disciplinary Committee for further action it deems fit. 13. FAIRPLAY CAMPAIGN 1. In every match of this competition, Fair Play should be actively promoted through the Fair Play flags, cards, posters, etc. 2. For the opening and championship games, a match ceremony is advisable to have flag bearers carrying the FIFA Fair Play flag onto the field with the FIFA anthem being played simultaneously. 3. The FAR will provide the Fair Play Trophy. 14. MATTERS NOT PROVIDED IN THIS REGULATION FIFA RULE SHALL APPLY. All matters not provided for shall be dealt with by the Tournament Committee in accordance with Laws of the Game as promulgated by Federation International de Football Association (FIFA) and FIFA Disciplinary Code.