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Gain from Unfavourable Circumstances

Human body is considered to be the best (door way to Divinity): labdhva sudurlabhamidam bahusambhavante (Srimad Bhagavata 11.9.29) God, Who showers grace without cause,confers human body by His utter mercifulness and kind grace:

Kabahuka Kari Karuna nara dehi, deta isa binu hetu sanehi. (Manasa,Uttara 44.3)
As God has by mere compassion and grace given us the human frame, so also whatever circumstance He has given us is also given by Grace. Whether our actions are good or otherwise, whatever kind of actions we have done, is of little concern! The important thing is that the dispenser of their fruits is our supremely Dear Friend - Suhrdam sarvabhutanam (Gita 5/29). From worldly view-point, circumstance is of two kinds: pleasure-yielding and pain-yielding. But, from spiritual point of view, the circumstance is not of two kinds. To them who love to have God-realization, there are no two kinds of circumstance. For, God has given this human body only for His realization, has conferred the circumstance also for that very realization. Therefore, whatever nature of circumstance we have obtained- whether the most favourable of the favourable circumstances or the most unfavourable of the unfavourable circumstances or the circumstance of mixed nature i.e., favourable-cumunfavourable circumstance - it is only meant for our spiritual welfare. Whatever nature of the circumstance is made available, it is merely the instrument of God-realization - sadhana dhama moccha kara dvara (Manas, Uttara 43/4). He who is a Bhogi i.e., a seeker of sensual pleasures, to him the circumstance is of dual nature: pleasure-yielding and pain-yielding. In Yogis view, however circumstance is never of two sorts. For accomplishment of spiritual well-being, an unfavourable circumstance is far better than the favourable circumstance. Why is it better? For accomplishment of spiritual well-being, an unfavourable circumstance is far better than the favourable circumstance. Why is it better? It is so because in a favourable circumstance there is a possibility, because of attachment, of going down in the mire of worldliness but it is not so in midst of an unfavourable circumstance; instead there is the manliness of walking only towards the God-head. For a seeker of God, only two things are of supreme value : withdrawal from worldliness and complete adherence to God. In a favourable circumstance we do get attached to the world; thus there is to be an effort to withdraw from the world. But in an unfavourable circumstance

no effort is needed in the act of withdrawal from the world. Therefore, half of the seekers work is automatically done in the unfavourable circumstance! Unfavourable circumstance is the principal means of God-realization. If we do not like unfavourableness of the circumstance, then we are not at all true seekers of God. We will be real seekers when we believe that the God-sent circumstance is auspicious for us. This is a matter of utterly perfect principle! In loving the child and in slapping the child, if need be, mother is never of two hearts; she is never devoid of grace or love. What to say of want of grace(akripa), there is instead a special grace in her admonitions. When love swells in any mothers bosom, she will distribute sweetmeat (Laddus) among all the children; but she will not slap all the children who are creating nuisance. She will slap only her child. Likewise God showers favourable circumstances on all people alike, but God confers unfavourable circumstances only on them on whom He has special grace, whom He regards His own dear devotees! In unfavourable circumstances, Gods special grace is obtainied, sins are destroyed and progressive development is achieved. Whosoever have been the great and good ones in history, they have mostly progressed on in adverse circumstances. Very rare saints there have been who have progressed in favourable circumstances.

Respect Your Understanding

There is one very fine thing. Be kind and pay attention to it. Whosoever has got whatever circumstances, if he regards them as the best and makes the most beneficial use of them, his well-being, Kalyana , will take place. The goods or articles which you have are enough, nothing more than that is necessary. There is no necessity of knowing more than the sum of education you have. No more strength is necessary than the strength already with you. Whatever power, intelligence, ability, circumstances etc., you have received, with the proper utilization of that much only God realization will be possible. This is at once a true and doctrinaire reality. There is no dearth of knowledge with you, but you do not do the right use of that knowledge, you do not attach importance to it - this is the deficiency. The situation that is before us now, will not remain the same for ever - this knowledge in you is not less or incomplete, it is full to the brim. If you rightly utilize this knowledge, this knowledge will be sufficient for your good or upliftment; it is not an iota less than is necessary; its right use is this that you do not get caught up in the mesh of circumstances, be neither pleased nor displeased with it.

Surrender your will to the Will of God

When you surrender your will to the will of God, it is only then that your decision will be impartial and correct. The will of a man, who stands in opposition to the will of God, can never be successful. At every step, he will have to face failure, despair and bitter repentance. All his decisions, all his thoughts will prove faulty and painful in effect and his life will be spent in constant suffering and unrest. If you surrender yourself completely to God, and unite your will with the will of God, and begin to regard your own knowledge and strength as nothing but a part of Gods knowledge and strength, then, turning auspicious yourself through the auspicious will of God, and protected by Gods eternal wisdom and incomparable, infinite strength, you will do good not to yourself alone, but your every thought, your every decision and your every act will be productive of good to the entire world.

Why do good people suffer?

It is only the good and noble people who have the capacity to suffer. Most people break down under adversity. Suffering is a way to balance ones good and bad deeds. Once the account is balanced, the suffering ends.