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English B
Musical Article
11b Prof. Mr. Hctor Martnez. Gerardo A. Raymundo Tuesday 18/01/2011

-Ral di Blasio
Piano de Amrica
Commonly known as ' The piano of America ' from 1988, appellative arisen after the interview realized by the journalist Mayra Vargas for Prensa Libre ,of Guatemala in accordance with declarations of the artist to the above mentioned newspaper, Raul will also used these appellative as a title for an Album that he released two years later.
By: Gerardo Andrs Raymundo Angel.


I really love and enjoy Music; i play the piano and enjoy listening to piano music, my favorite musical artist is Raul Di blasio, who is an argentine Latin jazz and easy listening pianist, in his music and performances Di Blasio combines passion and Romance, which creates a nice feeling when you listen to his music, and in my opinion thats what makes him the best Latin jazz pianist. Raul Di blasio has a great repertoire and Discography, my favorites song`s of his collection are Penelope and Piano, I can play both of them thanks to an authentic sheet music signed by Di blasio, which I have, they are my favorites songs because in both of them Raul combines many feelings and Passion, also these are songs that contains a great and difficult interpretation and combined with his passionate style, is what lead him to the hall of fame.

Raul`s music is classified as a Latin Pop or Latin jazz music genre. Born in Zapala, Argentina, Raul Di Blasio showed a great interest in piano at the age of six. After his parents' recommendations that he should study music, he began to pursue piano as a career. Di Blasio practiced piano alongside his teachers for more than four years. Having difficulty in purchasing his musical instrument, a piano, he also relied on readily available sources of music such as whistling with his father, which helped develop the sort of melodies he employs in his work. This was the beginning of Di Blasio's career in music. He had early formation in the Classic Piano Technique, but he equally also enjoys popular music, especially Latin music. He admits that when he was 17 years old he was part of the rock movement with phenomena such as The Beatles. However, his parents asked him to pursue university studies and have a degree-based career in his life. The next step for him was to leave his hometown and go to Buenos Aires, where at age of 20, he began practicing music 12 hours straight per day. He comments: "I felt the wings on my fingers", at this time, he began living his musician lifestyle.

Di Blasio is a great person with many values and virtues, who thrives on a type of constant change in his life. He moved to Chile in 1978, where he began playing traditional music, Rock, and Classic Notes. He composed his own melodies and worked as a pianist in a bar, confessing he "scraped by to survive...", but that he was still happy doing so. I think this was a difficult step in Rauls life that he had taken to try to accomplish his dream. In 1983 he released his first album on EMI Chile. Then, a producer from the record company BCS-S in Chile

contracted with Di Blasio and his second album was released. This album included Latino-American music. Di Blasio now has a family and is still striving with his musical career.