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ABRAHAMIC CHART Reference: Addressed To: Circumstance Ingredients Under Which it was Which compose Reiterated: The Covenant: Development In the Book of Genesis:

Gen 12:1-3


Family has moved from Ur of Chaldeans to Haran, where Terah has died

Gen. 12:7


Abram passes through Shechem and Canaanites occupy the land Lot and Abram have separated Lot settling in the cities of the valley of Jordan Abram in Canaan Chedorlaomer and the kings were defeated, Abram has returned home.

Promises to give land, make him a great nation and bless him making his name great, bless others that bless him and curse those that curse him Lord promises to give the land to Abram

It is first introduced here as the original covenant

Abram is shown the land that will be his.

Gen. 13:14-17


God gives all the land Abram can see to him and his descendants forever. Descendants will be numerous. Abram is blessed and acknowledged for his faith and his enemies are defeated

The promise of land and descendants in this blessing is one for all time.

Gen. 14:19-20


Abram is again protected and his covenant is with God is evident to others

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BIBL410 Gen 15:1-6 Abram Abram has a vision thought his servant would get his inheritance Abram is in a deep sleep having a nightmare (terror) One from Abrams own body would, descendants as numerous as the stars in heaven People will suffer 400 years of oppression but that nation will be judged and your descendants redeemed. Abram will die at a ripe old age Smoking oven and flaming torch passed between pieces Abram is promised a son and the multitude of his descendants is reiterated

Gen 15:12-16


They will return to the promised land after the iniquity of the Amorites is complete

Gen. 15:17-21


God shows this is unconditional covenant on His part

This symbolized Gods promise and the fulfillment of His oath, He alone passed through the pieces Abram and Sarah had a lapse of faith, again the Lord provided for them and offered grace

Gen 16:7-12


Hagar, Saras handmaiden conceives a child from Abram due to their lack of faith

Gen 17:1-7


He will be a wild donkey of a man, against everyone, and everyone against him, he will live in the east toward his brothers He is 99 years old Reiterates Abram will and still without a son be multiplied from Sara exceedingly, father of many nations, Everlasting covenant

God changes Abrams name to Abraham as a symbol of this covenant

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BIBL410 Gen 17:8 Abraham God continues to reiterate the covenant The promise of the land forever God progresses to say that he will be the God of Abrahams descendants

Gen 17:10-14


God claims responsibility for the covenant, as an obligation God addresses Abrahams wife and her role in the covenant

All males are to be circumcised

God has set forth His requirement, establishing the cost.

Gen 17:15-17


Gen 17:18-19


Abraham finds it hard to believe he and Sarah are to have a child The Lord visits as one of the three men Sarah has heard but laughingly disbelieves and is confronted by the Lord

Saras name is changed to Sarah, God reveals that Abrahams lineage will come through her. The covenant is confirmed to be with Isaac not Ishamel

This new prophesized son is set to be the heir

The lineage of two great peoples and the course they are to take is set.

Gen 18:9-10


Gen 18:12-15


The promise of a son is again given this time in one year A promise to return this time next year and she will be with child

The time frame is set

God has confronted the unbelief in Sarah and called her on it.

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BIBL410 Gen 18:16-21 Abraham The men are preparing to leave and they feel the need to give knowledge of coming events to Abraham Abraham in Gerar pretends Sarah is his wife, King takes her as his, God comes to him in a dream They have left Abimelech and God healed him due to Abrahams prayer, God now fulfills the covenant Tension arises between Sarah and Hagar, Ishmael mocks Isaacs birth and wants inheritance God Test Abraham The judgment of Sodom is decided God reveals his plan to reward Abraham for his righteousness and give justice to the wicked.

Gen 20:3-7


God protects Abrahams and the covenant by intervening on his behalf Isaac is born as promised

Establishes Abraham as a prophet and powerful before kings, who see Gods hand on his life Gods sovereignty and the fulfillment of his promise is shown

Gen 21:1-8


Gen 21:9-13


Gen 22:1-2


The rightful heir is delineated and the lineage established, Abraham sends Hagar and Ishmael away The test requires Abraham to sacrifice his only son, the promise of God The Angel of the Lord stays his hand, spares Isaac and provides a ram for sacrifice

God provides for Isaacs inheritance.

Abraham is faithful and trust in God regardless of the hardship

Gen 22:10-13


Abraham has made the preparations and is about to sacrifice Isaac

Abrahams obedience and faith in God is well founded

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BIBL410 Gen 22:16-18 Abraham Abraham has proven his faith and the covenant is reiterated He is greatly blessed, his seed will be as the stars in heaven, the sands of the seashore and will possess the enemies gates The Lord answers by providing Rebekah who is willing to marry Laban and Bethuel accept Eliezers answer being from the Lord and gives Rebekah to him for Isaac To be blessed with thousands of offspring and that her descendants posses the gates of her enemies Gods blessing on Abraham is reiterated and he has died at a ripe old age, with an heir as promised God blessed Isaac The affirmation of Abrahams faith

Gen 24:10-27


On a journey to find a wife for Isaac, calls on the Lord to bless his quest on behalf of his master Abrahams journey is successful and he has found the wife for his masters son he has come to find She has agreed to marry and is about to embark on the journey to her new home Abraham Dies

God provides for the covenant to be fulfilled and the line to carry on.

Gen 24:50


Gods will is shown to others who also see and understand

Gen 24:60


God has reaffirmed his covenant continuing it through Rebekah.

Gen 25:7-10


God is faithful to his word

Gen 25:11


Isaac and Ishmael have buried their father

The covenant continues

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BIBL410 Gen 25:21 Isaac Like his mother Sarah, Rebekah was barren Isaac prayed to the Lord and his prayer was answer and she conceived Esau sells his birthright with little concern for the consequences Confirms the same Covenant with Isaac that Abraham had, land, descendants, blessing and obedience The king orders all to leave Isaac and Rebekah alone God answers faithfulness and prayer

Gen 25:30-34


There is competition between the brothers, Isaac loves Esau, Rebekah loves Jacob Famine is in the land God commands him to stay and not go to Egypt

Fulfills God will in verse 23 that the older shall serve the younger and demonstrates God nature in how he brings about His will Gods covenant continues and He shows Isaac what is demanded of him

Gen 26:2-5


Gen 26:8-11


Because of divine guidance he sees Isaac and Rebekah together being intimate He sowed in that land

As with his parents Isaac is caught in the same lapse of faith, yet the Lord show grace giving him protection through Abimelech God rewards Isaacs faithfulness

Gen 26:12-15


God blesses him, reaps a hundred fold, becomes rich and wealthy, flocks, great household He will be blessed and multiplied for his fathers sake

Gen 26:24


He has had to move because he is feared and they are jealous in Gerar

God encourages Isaac in a time of trouble

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BIBL410 Gen 26:26-30 Abimelech/Isaac Abimelech comes to Isaac wanting a covenant Offer each other no harm and peace God has provided for Isaac welfare and safety

Gen 27:27-30


Jacob is fooling his father into giving Esaus blessing to him

Gen 28:3-4


Jacob is preparing to journey to find a wife

Gen 28:12-15


In a dream sees Jacobs Ladder Angels descending to earth

Like the smell of field blessed by God, give you dew of heaven, fatness of earth, abundance of grain and wine, people serve you, nations bow down, mothers son bow down to you, cursed are those who curse you, bless those who bless May God Almighty bless you, fruitful and multiply, company of peoples, give the blessing of Abraham to you, descendants and land The land on which you lie I will give to you and descendants, descendants will be like the dust, will spread out, all the families of the earth will be blessed, I will keep you wherever you go, will not leave you

The path is secured for the line of Jacob to continue the covenant

God provides for the inheritance blessing and the covenant blessing

God promises to never forsake Jacob and always provide

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BIBL410 Gen 29:22-30:24 Jacob Jacob searches for a wife finds Rachel and is duped into marrying her sister Leah Jacob is not welcome with Laban the Lord tells him to leave Jacob has 11 sons as well as other daughter from Rachel, Leah and their servants Lord promises to be with him God provides for multiple descendants and establishes the lineage for 11 of the 12 tribes of Israel Gods protection

Gen 31:3


Gen 31:11-13


In a dream the Angel of the Lord speaks to Jacob

Male goats speckled, mottled and striped

God is showing Jacob how he has blessed him while at Labans

Gen 31:24


God comes to Laban in a dream and prevents him from harming Jacob Jacob wrestles with an Angel of the Lord, possibly a Christophany

Nothing good or bad against Jacob

God protects Jacob from Laban bringing Jacob back

Gen 32:24-30


Name now Israel, Seen God face to face and life preserved

Jacob was in the presence of God

Gen 35:1


God commands Jacob This is the beginning to go to Bethel and of the reiteration of build an altar the whole covenant with Jacob

God brings him to where the original Abrahamic Covenant was made.

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BIBL410 Gen 35:5 Jacob There was great terror in the area that Jacob passed through The sons of Jacob were not pursued God provided for their protection

Gen 35:10-13


God confirms Jacob is now named Israel

Gen 35:18


Rachel dies in childbirth

Be fruitful and multiply, nation and company of nations shall come from you, kings shall come forth from you, land given to descendants Jacob is given Benjamin the 12th son representing the nation of Israel Joesephs life is spared and through him Israel will be saved Favor shown to Joseph by master at first, then by jailer.

God reconfirms the covenant

God is faithful to his promise

Gen 37:25-28


Joseph brothers plot to have him killed

God can use evil and turn it into good, which He did for his people

Gen 39


Joseph is in Egypt as a slave but finds great favor with his master

The Lord was with Joseph through all his trials

Gen 40-41:37


God gives Joseph revelation to interpret dreams

Joseph interprets the cupbearer, the baker and Pharaohs dreams which save his people from famine

God provided a way for Joseph to work through the Pharaoh to do His will

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BIBL410 Gen 41:38-49 Joseph Joseph finds favor and is mad a ruler of Egypt Given authority over Egypt second only to Pharaoh, land was abundant, seven years of plenty Forgiven and spared God is sovereign in all He does, and provided for Josephs rise in order to do His will, Provided and protected God shows where it was not Josephs brothers that caused the situation but God himself for the greater good. God protects those in His covenant and is faithful

Gen 45:4-8

Josephs Brothers

Joseph reveals himself and shows mercy to his brothers

Gen 46:1-4


Israel sees God in a vision telling him to go to Egypt

Gen 47:27


Israel is now in Egypt in Goshen

Do not be afraid, go down to Egypt, I will make you a great nation there, I will bring you up again, he will die in the presence of Joseph Israel acquired property and was fruitful and became numerous Blesses the lads that name lives on with them, adopts them, grow into a multitude in the midst of the earth, blesses each of the twelve sons

Gods promise is affirmed

Gen 48:15-49:28

Ephraim, Manasseh and Jospeph

Israel is dying and blesses josephs sons

God blesses and establishes the twelve tribes of Israel

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BIBL410 Gen 50:24,25 Joseph Joseph is in Egypt not God will bring you the promised land out of this land to the promised land God sets the stage for the Exodus.

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