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As Project Control Manager you will be a part of project management team & will be responsible for project planning,

scheduling, progress management, cost planning & control, & overall project control. Main job responsibilities are: 1. Review the schedule submitted in the bid and prepare the detailed baseline schedule (L1 to L4) during design and construction stages for the project. 2. Prepare initial network of activities in simplified form for project programme in Primavera & Maintain critical path diagrams to ensure project milestones are met. 3. Preparation of detailed budget and cash flows in conjunction with engineering and Project Management team members. 4. Preparing weekly and monthly progress reports, co-ordinate preparation of commercial timesheets for reimbursable projects. 5. Preparation of look-ahead schedules (30,60,90) & prepare activities forecast schedule, & supply information to respective departments for timely availability of resources on site. 6. Prepare the progress measurement system such as manpower histograms, which indicate the number of people required each month, progress S curves which will indicate the progress that the project makes at a given point of time etc, which are reviewed at periodic intervals. 7. Capturing various costs based on COST BREAKDOWN STRUCTURES(CBS) & WORK BREAKDOWN STRUCTURES (WBS) 8. Liaise with clients to clarify cost related issues and provide timely inputs for preparation of monthly invoices. 9. Carry out schedule risk analysis as and when required and advise action plan to mitigate the delays, if any. 10. Provide leadership to planning engineers, schedulers and cost engineers to plan, monitor, and control the execution of the project within the time and budgetary parameters, optimizing resource utilization. 11. Liaise with Finance to establish a project cost control and reporting methodology. 12. Conduct regular site visits to ensure implementation of above systems and conduct audits on the progress and costs. 13. Alarming the Project Managers and other stake holders and resolve issues related to slippage and budget overruns. 14. Periodically preparation of budget variance report (budgeted vs actual) & finding out reason for & filling the loop holes. 15. Updated cash flows based on balance forecast cost to complete for the project. 16. Updated records of all site correspondence, progress, variation orders, payments from

client, payments to Subcontractors, Bank Guarantees and Letters of Credit. 17. Preparation, review and implementation of Recovery Program for planning & cost control. 18. Ensure proper billing of change order & document its impact in overall project schedule & cashflow statement.