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Installation instructions 1) Burn XPA_PowerPack.ISO to a blank DVDROM disk at 4X speed. 2) Make sure all your data is backed up.

3) Reboot and hit F1 F2 or delete to enter setup, some PCs may require you hit a different key, but these 3 are most common. 4) Under boot options, boot order or boot priority depending on your system, and on some older systems it will be under IDE devices, drive priority, set the CDR OM as the first boot device. 5) Save and exit with the XPA_PowerPack DVDROM in your optical drive. If the dis k menu will not come up, or you get errors during setup, you may have one of the following issues, listed with solutions: a) bad media (try a different disk) b) bad drive (try a different drive) c) corrupt disk (try reburning at 4X) d) corrupt ISO (redownload) e) bad drive cable (replace) f) incorrect BIOS boot settings (correct) g) bad memory (replace) h) bad motherboard or drive controller (replace) 6)When prompted, choose your build. Attended versions include all updates and ca n be used for repair installs and recovery console. Advanced installs all includ e updates, driver packs and OEM preactivation for OEM builds. Advanced Standard also include 3rd party applications. Advanced Ultra adds tweaks and removed comp onents for speed and ease of use. Scroll down for more detailed information. 7) When prompted, select an empty partition to install to. You may need to delet e your partition, especially if it has a previous Windows installation on it, an d then select the unallocated space to install Windows to. 8) Format with NTFS (quick) 9) If you PC is a brand name OEM system, it may preactivate with an OEM Advanced build. If you get stuck at a black screen saying to hit a key to continue, it d idn't activate and you will need to activate it later. Media Center and Tablet B uilds will require an appropriate key to install properly. If prompted for a key for these versions, enter the license key on your matching license sticker. You may choose not to enter a key during setup, but MCE and Tablet will not install , but rather will become XP Pro. To avoid this, you may enter the following keys , which will ensure proper installation, but will not activate. MCE) DTQ4X-9BFVC-G3T32-TQFR3-MF6DB TAB) XT67V-GY7FW-GR6FR-WDK2C-8T97J 10) Answer all prompts. Expect to get stuck at 23 minutes and again at first log in. This is normal. Leave it alone. 11) After complete, if you still need to activate, do so. 12) To check activation: Click start, run and type "oobe/msoobe /a" and hit ente r. 13) Right click my computer, select properties, then hardware tab and select dev ice manager. Any unknown devices or devices with yellow or red symbols still nee d drivers. You will have to get these drivers yourself.