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Houses as representative areas of our lives

7th House: The first six houses have to do with our inner self; the other six will have to do with how we relate with the others. Seventh house will represent our husband or wife, our business associates and partners, a very intimate friend. Sometimes this relationships are good and sometimes not so much. This house will show us the deepest love and the most hostile hate. Marriage, our spouses personality; associates, contracts; legal processes, trials; divorce; declared enemies (competitors and rivals). 8th House: Other people possessions and assets. This is an important house because sometimes our fortune comes from other people and now from our own effort. This is why this house is related to inheritance, our spouses goods, donatives, loans, and legacy. It also show the way we manage other peoples assets. Death is the master of this house. Death as a cause of legacy, and our own physical and psychological death. Jobs related to death as funerary, morgue. But, besides physical death, it has to do with our periods of regeneration too. For example: losing lots of pounds, converting to a new religion, changing the principles we had for a long time, to some other new values and beliefs. Another aspect is the consultants sexual conduct, secrets and deep investigation on any area and science. 9th House: Higher education, University, Philosophy, Religion. Law, book writing, magazine writing, Relationships with people connected to these areas. Long trips, which expand our conscience and culture. Political family (in laws). Philanthropy and tendency to spiritual growth, ability to learn from experience. Aviation, ability to write, to create literature productions, diplomatic career, business with foreign countries, cleric, ceremonies and rituals, religious life, church. Emigrants, contact with foreign countries and persons. 10th House: Profession. Public and social affairs. The father or the parent with more authority. Occupation as a mean to provide security to the family. Reputation, how people (in a social way) see us, the consultants social position, professional world. Our superior and bosses. Public life. 11th House: Friendships, interest for the community, humanitarian associations and contacts with people with these interests. The way we use other people; circumstances that we cant control; big and little organizations, clubs and any social group. This is the house of hope and wishes, free love. Interests, aspirations, goals, objectives. Adoptive children, step-children under or any other children but under our care. Our ability to make friends, our attitude towards acquaintances; the way we receive love from others. 12th House: This is a mysterious house, difficult to understand, because it has many meanings. It represents those things that are hidden or secret in life. Secret enemies. Illegal activities. The cause of our ruin. Unconscious negative behavior, how we can lead ourselves to destruction. Our deepest sorrows, suffering and losses. Reclusion, impediments, hidden places, secret affairs,

subconscious mind, big animals. Escapism, suicide, gasses, anesthesia. Cheat, falsification, imitations, actors, plastic surgery. Chronic illness. Sacrifice, service as a sacrifice, psychism, occultism, esoterism. Next week: Zodiac - The meaning of solar signs. Narayani. Words: 509.