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1.An embedded system is a system that has embedded by....{~software ~hardware = both ~core software} 2........

is the heart of the embedded system {~power supply unit ~ALU unit ~inst ruction unit =processor unit} 3.A processor has two units. They are......{=control and execution unit ~Arithme tic and Logical unit ~fetching and execution unit ~ decoding control unit} 4.A processor runs the cycles of......{~decode and execute ~decode and fetch =fe tch and execute ~none of these} 5.The metric.......for measuring processing performance{~MHz ~MIPS =Dhrystone ~a ll of the above} 6.An example for transceiver.......{=controlling bus collisions ~controls the co oling of engine ~all the above ~none of the above} 7.Intel 80x86 in this x is referred as 8086 extended for ......Bits {~8 ~16 ~64 =32} 8.High performance processor have pipeline and .......architecture {~subscalar = super scalar ~large scalar ~small scalar} 9.An important microprocessor used in embedded system are......{~ARM ~68HCxxx ~ SPARC family =all the above} 10......form the microcomputer part of the embedded system. {~microprocessor ~AL U ~Graphic processor =microcontroller} 11.The important microcontroller chips for embedded system are.......{~8051 ~HC1 6xx ~PIC18 =all the above} 12.......Processor is used for floating point processor {=coprocessor ~network p rocessor ~pixel processor ~protocol stack processor} 13.The example for accelerator coprocessor .......{ ~C codes accelerator = Java codes accelerator ~C++ codes accelerator ~Oracle} 14...... is a processor for jpg compression and decompression {~pixel processor ~CODEC processor =JPEG CODEC processor ~MPEG CODEC processor} 15.The ....... controls the time for executing and instruction {~power ~Reset = time ~all the above} 16.For processing units a highly ......oscillator is required{= stable ~unstab le ~ variant ~none of the above} 17........memory buffers at ports.{=RAM ~ROM ~EPROM ~EEPROM} 18.......memory is used to store non-volatile results of processing.{~Cache ~RAM ~ROM =flash} 19.A .....consists of a common set of lines to connect multiple devices.{=bus ~p ort ~Keys ~touch screen} 20.A.....modulator with an integrator circuit used for the DAC.{=PWM ~AM ~FM ~PP MA} 21.touch screen device is used as?.device{=inout ~input ~output ~none of these}

22.The ......is like the brain of the embedded system.{~hardware =software ~both ~none of the above} 23.An ...... Translates the assembly software into machine codes.{=assembler ~Li nker ~Loader ~locator} 24.The example for program model for software designing ......{~sequential progr am model ~Object Oriented Program Model ~Multithreaded model =all the above} 25.An applications of embedded system are .......{~telecommunication ~satelite ~automotives =all the above} 26.A......microprocessor provides the speedy processing of instructions.{~CSIC ~ ASIP =RISC ~ none of these} 27.A smart card is a ......card ISO standard dimension {=plastic ~metal ~alumin ium ~copper} 28.The frequency range for carrier wave generation of embedded system is ..... {~10MHz ~16GHz =16MHz ~5GHz} 29.The embedded system is classified into ......types{~4 ~5=3~2} 30.8051 processor instruction cycle time is ......{~5us =1us ~8ns ~2ns} 31.When processor activates .......signal ,it reads the byte from the external program memory through the D0-D7 data bus.{=PSEN ~EA ~ALE ~ all the above

} 32.A...... bus issues signals to control the timing of various action during tra nsmission.{~data ~address ~control ~multilevel} 33.A circuit called glue-circuit ,which includes the ....... For interfacing the system buses between the processor memory and IO devices.{~encoder =decoder ~mu ltiplxer ~demultiplxer} 34.The address of device depend on the system ......configuration.{~software =ha rdware ~both ~none of the above} 35.Interrupts are the mechanism used by most processors to handle ......events.{ ~synchronous =a synchronous ~both ~none of the above} 36..... refer s to a process by which the current bus master accesses and then l eaves the control of the bus and passes it to another bus ?requesting processor unit.{~system arbitration =bus arbitration ~signal arbitration ~none of these } 37......method is a centralized bus arbitration.{~polling ~ independent bus requ est ~Grant = Daisy chain} 38.What are the two signals from keyboard controller?{~KBINT and Rxd ~KBINT and SI =KBINT and Txd ~KBINTand TI } 39.ARM supports for .....execution accelerator.{~java ~CODEC =Jazella java ~ non e of the above }

40.ARM7 has ......memory architecture.{=Princeton ~ Hardward ~ Non-Venumon ~ n one of the above} 41.ARM uses an ........technology.{=Intelligent Energy Manager ~Intelligent Mana ger ~intelligent Energy ~Artificial Intelligence} 42......is a highest performance density family of processors from analog.{=Tige r SHARC ~SHARC ARM7 ~ARM8} 43.Advanced signal processor circuit manly consists of ......unit.{~ALU =MAC ~p rocessing ~prefetch} 44.Uses of flash memory in......{~digital camera ~mobile ~mobile ?computer =al l of the above} 45........is used to measure the number of times the program can run in a second .{~MIPS ~RPS =Dhrystones ~all the above} 2u1.........is an approach in which programming is first done for the sub-module s of the specific and distinct set of actions.{=bottom up design approach ~ top down design approach ~high level approach ~all the above} 2u2.........is an approach in which the main program is first designed then its modules ,sub-modules and finally the functions. {~bottom up design approach = top down design approach ~high level approach ~all the above} 2u3.......files are program files for the functions of application software.{~C onfiguration =Source ~Header ~none of these} 2u4.........files are the files for configuration of the system. {=Configuration ~Source ~Header ~none of these} 2u5.A.........is a collection of codes that is defined in a C program by a name. {=macro ~function ~ Reentrant function ~recursive function} 2u6.Macros called .........are also designed during programming.{~test macros ~t est vector =both ~none of these} 2u7.Macros are used for.........{~programming ~designing ~executing =debugging } 2u8........is a reference to a starting memory address.{~array ~Queues ~Null poi nter =Pointer } 2u9.Before a pointer ........symbol is used.{~ # ~& ~** =*} 2u10.A.........is a way of organizing several data elements of same types or dif ferent types together at consecutive memory address{=data structure ~data level ~data types ~all the above} 2u11.A........ means an allotted memory block data from which a data element is read in Last in First out manner.{~Queue ~list =stack ~array} 2u12.An........has multiple data elements each identifiable by an index or by a set of indices are unsigned integers. {~Queue ~list ~stack =array} 2u13.A........means an allotted memory block from which a data element is retrie ved in the FIFO mode. {=Queue ~list ~stack ~array} 2u14.A.......is a queue in which tail and header pointers cannot increment beyon

d the memory block and reset to the starting valie on insertion beyndthe boundar y. {~Queue ~list =Circular queue ~array} 2u15.A........is a device which uses device driver functions and in which insert ions are from the source and deletions are at sink-end. {~Queue ~list =pipe ~tab le} 2u16.A.........is a two-dimensional structure and is an important data set that is allocated a memory block.{~pipe ~list =table ~array} 2u17.A........is a data set allocated with a memory block for key and value pair s. {~Queue ~list =hash table~table} 2u18.A.......is a structure with a number of memory blocks one for each element. {~hash table =list ~table ~pipe} 2u19.Embedded Java helps in reducing the code size to .......for the usual appl ications like smart card.{~5kB ~6kB ~3kB =8kB} 2u20.A.......is an electronic circuit with a memory and CPU or a synthesized VLS I circuit.{=smart card ~ATM card ~memory card ~none of these} 2u21.-------- instruction is use and change only register values.{=data process ing ~data transfer ~control ~none of them } 2u22.---------- instruction copy memory values into register.{~data processing = data transfer ~control ~none of them } 2u23.--------- instruction execution use insruction stored at consecutive memory address.{~data processing ~data transfer =control ~none of them } 2u24.The ARMC compiler is comliant with the -------.{=ANSI ~CISC ~RISC ~none of them} 2u25.The compilercan produce ------ code.{=thump ~verification ~both ~none of t hem} 2u26.The ---------- is a suitable program that modules the behaviour of various ARM processor cores in software on a host system.{=ARM mulator ~ARM emulator ~bo th ~none of them} 2u27.-------- accurate modelling gives the exact behaviour of the state without regard the precise timing character.{=instruction ~cycle ~timing ~none of them} 2u28.----------accurate modelling gives the exact behaviour of the all processor on a cycle by cycle basis.{~instruction =cycle ~timing ~none of them} 2u29.------- accurate modelling presents signal at the cottrect time.{~instructi on ~cycle =timing ~none of them} 2u30.The software tools for ARM is ----------.{~source file ~liabrary files ~obj ect files =all the above } 2u31.The JUMP start tools from ------- technology.{=VLSI ~embedded ~both ~none o f them} 2u32.Older ARM cores include low cost multiplication hardware only the supports the---------.{~16 =32 ~64 ~none of them} 2u33.During multiplication the partial sums and carrier are combined in --------

--- address.{~full =carry save ~half ~none of them} 2u34.ResentARM cores have high performance multiplication hardware and support t he ---------. { ~16 ~32 =64 ~none of them} 2u35.The high speed multiplier have ------------ layer.{=several ~two ~one ~none of them} 2u36.The main decoder DLA has around -------- inputs.{=14 ~6 ~8 ~none of them} 2u37.---------- macrocell is delivered as physical layout ready to be incorporat eed into the final design.{ ~soft =hard ~both ~none of them} 2u38.A--------- macrocell is delivered asa synthesized design expressed in a har dware.{=soft ~hard ~both ~none of them} 2u39.The choice between hard and soft macrocell is a -----------.{=simple ~compl ex ~both ~none of them} 2u40.The ARM coprocessor interface support for the --------- logical coprocessor .{=16 ~8 ~32 ~none of them} 2u41.The each coprocessor can have upto --------- private register of any reason able size.{~8 =16 ~4 ~none of them} 2u42.The ARM7TDMI coprocessor interface is based on -----------.{=bus watching ~ time watching ~both ~none of them} 2u43.The cpa and cpb handshake signals are also uaed for ---------- purpose.{~da ta processing =data transfer ~control processing ~none of them} 2u44.The ARM processor support --------- data types.{=6 ~8 ~16 ~none of them} 2u45.Most ARMS are used in ------------ systems where such protection is inappro priate.{=embedded ~MC ~MP ~none of them} 3u1. The 8051 microcontroller is of ___pin package as a ______ processor.{~ 30, 1byte ~20, 1 byte = 40, 8 bit ~ 40, 8 byte} 3u2. The SP is of ___ wide register. And this may be defined anywhere in the ___ ___{~ 8 byte, on-chip 128 byte RAM. ~ 8 bit, on chip 256 byte RAM. ~ 16 bit, onchip 128 byte ROM = 8 bit, on chip 128 byte RAM. } 3u3. After reset, SP register is initialized to address________{~8H ~9H = 7H ~6H } 3u4. What is the address range of SFR Register bank?{~ 00H-77H ~ 40H-80H ~80H-7F H = 80H-FFH } 3u5. Which pin of port 3 is has an alternative function as write control signal for external data memory?{~P3.8 ~P3.3 = P3.6 ~ P3.1} 3u6. What is the Address (SFR) for TCON, SCON, SBUF, PCON and PSW respectively?{ = 88H, 98H, 99H, 87H, 0D0H. ~98H, 99H, 87H, 88H, 0D0H ~ 0D0H, 87H, 88H, 99H, 98H ~87H, 88H, 0D0H, 98H, 99H} 3u7. Match the following: 1) TCON i) contains status information 2) SBUF ii) timer / counter control register. 3) TMOD iii) idle bit, power down bit

4) PSW iv) serial data buffer for Tx and Rx. 5) PCON v) timer/ counter modes of operation. {= 1->ii, 2->iv, 3->v, 4->i, 5->iii. ~ 1->i, 2->v, 3->iv, 4->iii, 5->ii. ~1->v, 2->iii, 3->ii, 4->iv, 5->i. ~ 1->iii, 2->ii, 3->i, 4->v, 5->iv.} 3u8. Which of the following is of bit operations? i) SP ii) P2 iii) TMOD iv) SBUF v) IP {= ii, v only ~ ii, iv, v only ~ i, v only ~ iii, ii only } 3u9. Serial port interrupt is generated, if ____ bits are set { ~ IE ~ RI, IE ~ IP,TI = RI,TI } 3u10. In 8051 which interrupt has highest priority? {~IE1 ~TF0 =IE0 ~TF1} 3u11. Intel 8096 is of ___ bit microcontroller family called as ______.{~ 8, MCS 51 ~16, MCS51 ~ 8, MCS96 = 16, MCS96 } 3u12. 8096 has following features fill up the following, i) ____ Register file, ii) ____ I/O Ports iii) ____ architecture. {~ 256 byte, five 8bit, register to register ~ 256 byte, four 8bit, register to register = 232 byte, five 8bit, register to register ~ 232 byte, six 8 bit, register to register } 3u13. How many synchronous and asynchronous modes are there in serial port of 80 96? {~ 2, 2 respectively ~3,1 respectively =1, 3 respectively ~ 1, 2 respectivel y } 3u14. In 8096 we have _____interrupt sources and _______ interrupt vectors.{~ 18 , 8 ~ 21, 6 = 21, 8 ~ 16, 8 } 3u15. 8096 has ___ general purpose I/O ports, Port 2 includes ______ of the foll owing i)two quasi-bidirectional I/O lines ii) two output lines iii) four input lines iv) open drain outputs {~ 4, i, iv ~ 6, ii, iii =4, i,ii,iii ~ 6, i, ii, iv } 3u16. 8096 write-protected mode, no code can write to memory address between __. {~ 2020 to 3FFFH ~ 8000 to FFFFH = 2000 to 3FFFH ~ 2020 to 202FH} 3u17. If the __ pin is ___ , then we have the option of using the ____ ROM or EP ROM together with _____ memory and devices. { = EA, high, internal, external ~ EA, low, internal, external ~ EA, high, external, internal ~ EA, low, external, internal } 3u18. In 8096, CCB bit 3 is ____. {~ write strobe mode select = address valid st robe select ~ bus width select ~ Internal read control mode } 3u19. In 8096, mode ____ of serial port are ___ modes commonly used for ____ com

munications.{ ~ 1, 8bit, single processor ~0, 7bit, multiple microcontroller = 2, 9 bit, multiple processors ~3, 8 bit, multiple microcontroller} 3u20. What is the function of watchdog timer? { ~ The watchdog Timer is an external timer that resets the system if the software fails to operate properly. ~ The watchdog Timer is an internal timer that sets the system if the software f ails to operate properly. = The watchdog Timer is an internal timer that resets the system if the software fails to operate properly. ~None of them } 3U21.A port can be ________.{ ~strictly for input ~strictly for output ~bidirectional =all of the above } 3U22.Which of the following is not a computer functional block?{ =Analog-to-digital converter ~Central-processing unit ~Memory ~Input/output ports} 3U23.The Pentium microprocessor has a data bus of ________.{ ~16 bits ~32 bits =64 bits ~128 bits} 3U24.The process of jointly establishing communication is called ________.{ ~DMA ~bidirectional addressing ~multiplexing =handshaking } 3U25.A mini-program that can be used repeatedly, but is programmed only once is called a(n) ________{ ~string =subroutine ~interrupt ~processor control} 3U26.Which of the following is not a basic element within the microprocessor?{ =Microcontroller ~Arithmetic logic unit (ALU) ~Register array ~Control unit} 3U27.Which method bypasses the CPU for certain types of data transfer?{ ~Software interrupts ~Interrupt-driven I/O ~Polled I/O =Direct memory access (DMA) } 3U28.Which of the following is not an enhancement to the Pentium that was unavai lable in the 8086/8088?{ ~"Pipelined" architecture ~Expansion of cache memory

~Inclusion of an internal math coprocessor =Data/address line multiplexing } 3U29.Which bus is bidirectional?{ ~Address bus ~Control bus =Data bus ~None of the above} 3U30.DMA is ~disk drive =disk drive ~disk drive ~disk drive particularly suited for data transfer between the ________{ and CPU and RAM and ROM and I/O}

3U31.The first microprocessor had a(n)________{ ~1-bit data bus ~2-bit data bus =4-bit data bus ~8-bit data bus} 3U32.Which microprocessor has multiplexed data and address lines?{ =8086/8088 ~80286 ~80386 ~Pentium} 3U33.Which is not an operand?{ ~Variable ~Register ~Memory location =Assembler } 3U34.Which is not part of the execution unit (EU)?{ ~Arithmetic logic unit (ALU) =Clock ~General registers ~Flags} 3U35.A 20-bit address bus can locate ________{ =1,048,576 locations ~2,097,152 locations ~4,194,304 locations ~8,388,608 locations} 3U36.What is occurring when two or more sources of data attempt to use the same bus?{ =Bus contention ~Direct memory access ~Bus interruption ~PPI} 3U37.Which of the following is not a jump instruction?{ =JB (jump back) ~JA (jump above) ~JO (jump if overflow) ~JMP (unconditional jump)} 3U38.Which of the following was not a design improvement for the 8086/8088 over the 8085?{ ~Execution unit (EU)

~16-bit data bus =Arithmetic logic unit (ALU) ~Bus interface unit (BIU)} 3U39.Polled I/O works best when ________{ =there are no priority considerations ~priority considerations are frequent ~the polling rate exceeds 1000 s ~the polling rate is below 1000 s} 3U40.During a read operation the CPU fetches ________.{ ~a program instruction ~another address ~data itself =all of the above} 3U41.The first Intel microprocessor to contain on-board cache memory was the ___ _____.{ ~80386 =80486 ~Pentium ~Pentium Pro} 3U42.Which of the following is not an 8086/8088 general-purpose register?{ ~Code segment (CS) ~Data segment (DS) ~Stack segment (SS) =Address segment (AS) } 3U43.Which of the following is not a computer bus?{ ~Data bus ~Control bus =Timer bus ~Address bus} 3U44.With interrupt-driven I/O, if two or more devices request service at the sa me time, ________.{ ~the device closest to the CPU gets priority ~the device that is fastest gets priority =the device assigned the highest priority is serviced first ~the system is likely to crash} 3U45.The Pentium can address ________.{ ~1 MB ~1 GB ~2 GB =4 GB } 4u1) Routine is not loaded until it is called. All routines are kept on disk in a relocatable load format. The main program is loaded into memory & is executed. This type of loading is called _________ {~ Static loading ~ Dynamic loading = Dynamic linking ~ Overlays} 4u2) Which of the following is crucial time while accessing data on the disk? {=Seek time ~ Rotational time ~ Transmission time

~Waiting time} 4u3) The host repeatedly checks if the controller is busy until it is not. It is in a loop that status register's busy bit becomes clear. This is called _______ ______ and a mechanism for the hardware controller to notify the CPU that it is ready is called ___________. {~Interrupt and Polling ~Polling and Spooling = Polling and Interrupt ~Deadlock and Starvation} 4u4) Unix Operating System is an __________. {~Time Sharing Operating System ~Multi-User Operating System ~ Multi-tasking Operating System = All the Above} 4u5) Which of the following memory allocation scheme suffers from External fragm entation? {= Segmentation ~ Pure demand paging ~Swapping ~ Paging} 4u6) Information about a process is maintained in a _________. {~Stack ~Translation Lookaside Buffer = Process Control Block ~Program Control Block} 4u7) Distributed OS works on the ________ principle. {~File Foundation =Single system image ~ Multi system image ~Networking image} 4u8) The problem of fragmentation arises in ________. {~ Static storage allocation ~ Stack allocation storage ~Stack allocation with dynamic binding = Heap allocation} 4u9) Which file system does DOS typically use ? {= FAT16 ~ FAT32 ~ NTFS ~WNFS} 4u10) The program is known as .......... which interacts with the inner part of called kernel. {~ Compiler ~ Device Driver ~Protocol = Shell} 4u11) The time taken by the disk arm to locate the specific address of a sector for getting information is called __________. {~Rotational Latency =Seek Time ~ Search Time

~Response Time} 4u12) Which file system does Windows 95 typically use ? {~ FAT16 = FAT32 ~NTFS ~ LMFS} 4u13) Identify the odd thing in the services of operating system. {~ Accounting ~ Protection = Error detection and correction ~Dead lock handling} 4u14) Cryptography technique is used in ________. {~ Polling ~ Job Scheduling =Protection ~File Management} 4u15) Which of the following is not advantage of multiprogramming? {~Increased throughput ~ Shorter response time = Decreased operating system overhead ~ Ability to assign priorities to jobs} 4u16) In ______ OS, the response time is very critical. {~Multitasking ~ Batch ~ Online = Real-time} 4u17) An optimal scheduling algorithm in terms of minimizing the average waiting time of a given set of processes is ________. {~FCFS scheduling algorithm ~ Round robin scheduling algorithm =Shorest job - first scheduling algorithm ~ None of the above} 4u18) Real time systems are ________. {~ Primarily used on mainframe computers = Used for monitoring events as they occur ~Used for program development ~Used for real time interactive users} 4u19) Which technique was introduced because a single job could not keep both th e CPU and the I/O devices busy? {~ Time-sharing ~SPOOLing ~Preemptive scheduling =Multiprogramming} 4u20) Inter process communication can be done through __________. {~Mails =Messages ~System calls ~ Traps} 4u21) In Priority Scheduling a priority number (integer) is associated with each process. The CPU is allocated to the process with the highest priority (smalles

t integer = highest priority). The problem of, Starvation ? low priority process es may never execute, is resolved by __________. {~Terminating the process. = Aging ~Mutual Exclusion ~Semaphore} 4u22) CPU performance is measured through ________. {=Throughput ~ MHz ~ Flaps ~None of the above} 4u23) PCB = {~ Program Control Block = Process Control Block ~ Process Communication Block ~ None of the above} 4u24) Software is a program that directs the overall operation of the computer, facilitates its use and interacts with the user. What are the different types of this software ? {~Operating system ~ Language Compiler ~Utilities =All of the above} 4u25) A __________ is a software that manages the time of a microprocessor to en sure that all time critical events are processed as efficiently as possible. Thi s software allows the system activities to be divided into multiple independent elements called tasks. {= Kernel ~Shell ~Processor ~ Device Driver} 4u26) The primary job of the operating system of a computer is to ________. {~Command Resources = Manage Resources ~ Provide Utilities ~ Be user friendly} 4u27) With the round robin CPU scheduling in a time-shared system ________. {=Using very large time slice degenerates in to first come first served algorith m ~Using extremely small time slices improve performance ~ Using extremely small time slices degenerate in to last in first out algorithm ~ Using medium sized time slices leads to shortest request time first algorithm} 4u28) Which of the following is a criterion to evaluate a scheduling algorithm? {~ CPU Utilization: Keep CPU utilization as high as possible. ~ Throughput: number of processes completed per unit time. ~ Waiting Time: Amount of time spent ready to run but not running. =All of the above} 4u29) Which of the following is contained in Process Control Block (PCB)? {~Process Number ~List of Open files ~ Memory Limits = All of the Above}

4u30) Super computers typically employ _______. {~ Real time Operating system = Multiprocessors OS ~ desktop OS ~ None of the above} 4u31) Consider the two statements. (A) A network operating system, the users access remote resources in the same ma nner as local resource. (B) In a distributed operating system, the user can access remote resources eith er by logging into the appropriate remote machine or transferring data from the remote machine to their own machine. Which of the statement is true? {~ A true, B false ~ B true, A false = Both A and B false ~Both A and B true} 4u32) Using Priority Scheduling algorithm, find the average waiting time for the following set of processes given with their priorities in the order: Process : Burst Time : Priority respectively . P1 : 10 : 3 , P2 : 1 : 1 , P3 : 2 : 4 , P4 : 1 : 5 , P5 : 5 : 2.{ ~ 8 milliseconds = 8.2 milliseconds ~ 7.75 milliseconds ~3 milliseconds} 4u33) Which of the following will determine your choice of systems software for your computer ? {~Is the applications software you want to use compatible with it ? ~ Is it expensive ? ~ Is it compatible with your hardware ? =Both 1 and 3} 4u34) What is a shell ?{ ~ It is a hardware component =It is a command interpreter ~ It is a part in compiler ~ It is a tool in CPU scheduling} 4u35) The operating system manages ________. {~ Memory ~Processor ~ Disk and I/O devices =All of the above} 4u36) The Hardware mechanism that enables a device to notify the CPU is called _ _________. {~ Polling = Interrupt ~ System Call ~ None of the above} 4u37) ___________ begins at the root and follows a path down to the specified fi le {~Relative path name

= Absolute path name ~ Standalone name ~ All of the above} 4u38) Process State is a part of {= Process Control block ~ Inode ~ File Allocation Table ~None of the above} 4u39) Virtual Memory is commonly implemented by __________. {~ Segmentation ~ Swapping = Demand Paging ~ None of the above} 4u40) Virtual memory is __________. {~1 An extremely large main memory ~ An extremely large secondary memory = An illusion of extremely large main memory ~ A type of memory used in super computers.} 4u41) The kernel keeps track of the state of each task by using a data structure called __ {= Process control block ~ User control block ~ Memory control block ~None of the above} 4u42) A binary semaphore {= has the values one or zero ~is essential to binary computers ~is used only for synchronisation ~is used only for mutual exclusion} 4u43) _________ page replacement alogorithm suffers from Belady's anamoly. {~LRU ~ MRU = FIFO ~ LIFO} 4u44) A program at the time of executing is called ________. {~ Dynamic program ~ Static program ~ Binded Program p = A Process} 4u45) _________ is a high speed cache used to hold recently referenced page tabl e entries a part of paged virtual memory {=Translation Lookaside buffer ~ Inverse page table ~Segmented page table ~ All the above} 5u1) The collection of processes on the disk that is waiting to be brought into memory for execution forms the ___________ {~ Ready queue ~ Device queue = Input queue ~ Priority queue}

5u2) Demand paged memory allocation {=allows the virtual address space to be independent of the physical memory ~ allows the virtual address space to be a multiple of the physical memory size ~allows deadlock tobe detected in paging schemes ~ is present only in Windows NT} 5u3) Which is not an Operating System ? {~ Windows 95 ~ MS-DOS =Windows 3.1 ~ Windows 2000} 5u4) The operating system manages ________. {~ Memory ~ Processor ~ Disk and I/O devices = All of the above} 5u5) It is not the layer of the Operating system. {~ Kernel ~Shell ~ Application program =Critcal Section} 5u6) ___________ begins at the root and follows a path down to the specified fil e {~ Relative path name = Absolute path name ~Standalone name ~ All of the above} 5u7) Who is called a supervisor of computer acitvity ? {~CPU = Operating system ~Control unit ~ Application Program} 5u8) Consider the two statements. (A) Protection is an internal problem. (B) Sec urity is considered as an external environment within which the system works. Wh ich of the statement is not true? {~ Only A ~ Only B ~ Both A and B = None of the above} 5u9) The process related to process control, file management, device management, information about system and communication that is requested by any higher leve l language can be performed by __________. {~Editors ~ Compilers =System Call ~ Caching} 5u10) Mutual exclusion {=if one process is in a critical region others are excluded ~prevents deadlock ~ requires semaphores to implement ~ is found only in the Windows NT operating system}

5u11) Which scheduler controls the degree of multiprogramming? {~ Short term scheduler = Long term scheduler ~ Middle term scheduler ~None of the above} 5u12) What is the name of the software which can be legally compiled and often u sed for free? {~ Shareware program = Public domain program ~ Firmware program ~ Mind Ware} 5u13) The problem of fragmentation arises in ________. {~Static storage allocation ~Stack allocation storage ~ Stack allocation with dynamic binding =Heap allocation} 5u14) In interactive environments such as time-sharing systems, the primary requ irement is to provide reasonably good response time and in general, to share sys tem resources equitably. In such situations, the scheduling algorithm that is mo st popularly applied is ________. {~Shortest Remaining Time Next (SRTN) Scheduling ~Priority Based Preemptive Scheduling = Round Robin Scheduling ~ None of the above} 5u15) Thrashing occurs ________. {= when excessive swapping takes place ~ when you thrash your computer ~ whenever deadlock occurs ~when no swapping takes place} 5u16) Boundary registers ________. {~ Are available in temporary program variable storage ~ Are only necessary with fixed partitions = Track the beginning and ending the program ~ Track page boundaries} 5u17) The principle of locality of reference justifies the use of ________. {~ Virtual Memory ~ Interrupts ~ Main memory = Cache memory} 5u18) The section of code which accesses shared variables is called as _________ _. {= Critical section ~ Block ~Procedure ~Semaphore} 5u19) Thrashing ________. {~Reduces page I/O ~Decreases the degree of multiprogramming =Implies excessive page I/O ~Improve the system performance} 5u20) In memory management , a technique called as paging, physical memory is br

oken into fixed-sized blocks called ___________. {~Pages = Frames ~ Blocks ~ Segments} 5u21) The state of a process after it encounters an I/O instruction is _________ _. {~ Ready = Blocked/Waiting ~ Idle ~Running} 5u22) In one of the deadlock prevention methods, impose a total ordering of all resource types, and require that each process requests resources in an increasin g order of enumeration. This voilates the _______________ condition of deadlock {~ Mutual exclusion ~ Hold and Wait = Circular Wait ~ No Preemption} 5u23) Which of the following file name extension suggests that the file is Backu p copy of another file ? {~ TXT ~ COM ~ BAS =BAK} 5u24) The degree of Multiprogramming is controlled by {~ CPU Scheduler ~ Context Switching =Long-term Scheduler ~ Medium term Scheduler} 5u25) The higher versions of operating systems are so written that programs desi gned for earlier versions can still be run. What is it called ? {~ Up gradiability ~ Upward mobility ~ Universality = Upward Compatibility} 5u26) A scheduling algorithm is fair {= if no process faces starvation ~ if a process is starved, detect it and run it with high priority ~ if it uses semaphores ~ only if a queue is used for scheduling} 5u27) A critical region {= is a piece of code which only one process executes at a time ~ is a region prone to deadlock ~ is a piece of code which only a finite number of processes execute ~ is found only in Windows NT operation system} 5u28) Semaphore can be used for solving __________. {~ Wait & signal ~ Deadlock = Synchronization ~ Priority} 5u29) The operating system of a computer serves as a software interface between

the user and the ________. {=Hardware ~Peripheral ~Memory ~Screen} 5u30) What is the name of the software which deals with the running of the actua l computer and not with the programming problems? {~ Operating system = System program ~Object program ~ Source program} 5u31) If you don?t know which version of MS-DOS you are working with, which comm and will you use after booting your operating system ? {~Format command ~FAT command = VER command ~DISK command} 5u32) _______ OS pays more attention on the meeting of the time limits. {~Distributed ~ Network = Real time ~ Online} 5u33) A process said to be in ___________ state if it was waiting for an event t hat will never occur. {~Safe ~ Unsafe ~Starvation = Dead lock} 5u34) The removal of process from active contention of CPU and reintroduce them into memory later is known as ____________. {~Interrupt = Swapping ~ Signal ~Thread} 5u35) The problem of thrashing is effected scientifically by ________. {= Program structure ~Program size ~Primary storage size ~None of the above} 5u36) Paging _________. {= solves the memory fragmentation problem ~ allows modular programming ~ allows structured programming ~ avoids deadlock} 5u37) Real time systems are ________. {~Primarily used on mainframe computers = Used for monitoring events as they occur ~Used for program development ~Used for real time interactive users} 5u38) A thread is a __________ process . {~Heavy Weight

~ Mutliprocess ~ Inter Thread =Light wieght} 5u39) _________ allocates the largest hole (free fragmant) available in the memo ry. {~ Best Fit = Worst Fit ~First Fit ~None of the above} 5u40) Number of CPU registers in a system depends on ____________. {~Operating system = Computer Architecture ~ Computer Organization ~ None of the above} 5u41) A major problem with priority scheduling is _________. {~Definite blocking = Starvation ~ Low priority ~ None of the above} 5u42) A ___________ contains information about the file, including ownership, pe rmissions, and location of the file contents. {=File Control Block (FCB) ~ File ~Device drivers ~File system} 5u43) Which directory implementation is used in most Operating System? {~ Single level directory structure ~ Two level directory structure = Tree directory structure ~ Acyclic directory structure} 5u44) The term " Operating System " means ________. {= A set of programs which controls computer working ~ The way a computer operator works ~ Conversion of high-level language in to machine level language ~ The way a floppy disk drive operates} 5u45) The operating system of a computer serves as a software interface between the user and the ________. {= Hardware ~ Peripheral ~Memory ~Screen}