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STATEMENT ON BEHALF OF JAMES ASHBY Tuesday, 15 May y We can confirm that a Statement of Claim was lodged today in the

Federal Court. This is the next step in the legal process following the filing of the Originating Application under the Fair Work Act lodged on 20 April. At the time of that filing on April 20, there was no formal criminal investigation into Mr. Slipper. There now is. We believe it is important that the formal criminal investigation into Mr. Slipper, previously announced by the AFP, be allowed to proceed independently of the civil action being taken by Mr. Ashby. Mr. Ashby continues to provide assistance to the AFP, as a witness, in their criminal investigation. Also, by continuing to include the cabcharge issues in the civil action, once a formal criminal investigation is underway, could be detrimental to Mr. Ashbys civil claim, by significantly delaying it until the conclusion of the potential criminal matters. As a result,the cabcharge issues are not formally raised in the Statement of Claim. We can also announce that Mr.Ashby proposes, based on existing information, to significantly expand the scope of his claim against the Commonwealth and Mr. Slipper after the process of Legal Discovery is complete. Spokesman for Mr.Ashby ENDS Media Contact Anthony McClellan AMC Media Twitter

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