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Issue 1, 01.02.2012

Dear brothers and sisters in the globe This digest is dedicated to the spreading Sahaja Yoga all around the world and its aim is to bring as much news and yogis experience in spreading Sahaja Yoga to its pages as possible so that it would inspire others to do the same in order to fulfill the Divine Will of our Saint Mother Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi and help Her Message of Love to reach every human being in all the corners of this Wonderful World.
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From the team of this digest


Issue 1, 01.02.2012 IN THE GLOBE

Christmas Puja and New Year Sahaja Yoga Festival in Togliatti, Russia

Jai Shri Mataji! We wish all of you joy and peace in this year which has just come! Let us all be united in spreading the message of our dear Mother! And let

(Dec. 24 Jan 8)! We offered Christmas Puja and met the New Year in large collective of Sahaja Yogis. There were also lots of other events in the

us start this year in this e-mail group with a very joyful message: This Year, for the first time, the International Sahaja Yoga Festival in Russia lasted for 2 weeks

frames of the Festival. Here you can learn more about them, watch the photos and videos: http:// news.sahajayoga-russia.ru/?p=2334 Much love, SSY Team


Issue 1, 01.02.2012

Realisation Programs at Schools, Colleges, Institutes, Villages and Jails at Multai & Chhindwara


Issue 1, 01.02.2012

8th Realize Iraq Tour

At the end of October, there was held the 8th Sahaja Yoga Tour in Iraq. Last 1 year we were desiring and working on the subject of establishing a permanent Sahaja Yoga Center. We applied to Ministry of Culture in Erbil for establishing an assoiation. And the great blessings of Shri Mataji all paper works finished at this Realize Iraq tour and our application approved by the

government. Now we are just waiting for licence than we will be able to open the first official Sahaja Yoga Center. This was our dream since 2003. Shri Mataji gifted these blessings and now the seekers of Northern Iraq can have a permanent Sahaja Yoga Center. The full story: http://www.realizeiraq. com/2011/11/realize-iraq-tour-8/

About 1000 people received their Self-realization during Sahaja Yoga Ural-Siberia Tour, Russia
faces, your heart is filled with deeper love and desire to bring the message of our Mother to every person in our enormous world. And the meetings with friends, brothers and sisters from other cities whom we have not seen for half a year or a year or even for a few months also bring not less joy! Here you can see the rest of the photos: http:// news.sahajayoga-russia.ru/?p=2201 Shri Mataji, thank You very much for giving us such beautiful opportunities to be together and carry Your loving massage. Jai Shri Mataji!

On November 4-6 there took place a Sahaja Yoga Tour about some towns and settlements of Ural and Siberia, Russia. Sahaja Yogis from the cities of Novosibirsk and Chelyabinsk held 8 programs during this short time in such cities as Pervouralsk, Omsk, Tyumen and Tyumen region. As a result, not fewer than 1000 people received their Self-realization. Every time when we go on such tours we get the evidence of how important this collective work is, what a great amount of vibrations, growth and joy it gives. When you see the light in the eyes of people who come to the programs and joyful smiles on their 4


Issue 1, 01.02.2012

Sahajayoga Programme at Maharashtra High-school

The Third Realize Ghana Tour

impromptu community programme at the Takoradi Polytechnic and over 60 primary school children from the Ato All-stars football team. Those who did come to the public programmes were all good quality seekers and sincere. At the follow-up in Kumasi on Saturday 5 November, not only did ALL the people who came to the public programme come again to the follow-up, they also brought another six people with them! Best of all, we have made good contact with the King of the Asante and his Chiefs and have every hope in the future of being able to hold a special conference to demonstrate to them and their communities the benefits of Sahaja Yoga Meditation and give them all realisation. This is the key to Ghana and we can hear it turning in its lock! Jai Shri Africeshwari! Jai Shri Mataji!! Read the full story with lots of beautiful pictures: http://realiseghana2011.wordpress.com/ tour-journal/

Jai Shri Mataji! Realize Ghana Tour was held frm Oct. 21 till Nov. 7, 2011 and that is how the brothers and sisters who participated in the Tour describe it: As we sit on the plane reflecting back over the tour, we feel a great sense of satisfaction. We managed to break into the media at a fraction of the cost of previous tours and made some good contacts in TV and radio. We gave three major TV interviews in English two on prime-time breakfast TV and one on the evening news and Koby and Diana will be giving a fourth in Twi (the local language) on Tuesday morning. Thats an audience of around 10 million people, all introduced to the experience of Sahaja Yoga and Self-realisation. Although less than a hundred people came to the public programmes in Kumasi, Takoradi and Accra, many hundreds got realisation in the streets, in the market places, in the universities and in the polytechnics. Over 100 students got realisation in an 5


Issue 1, 01.02.2012

Spreading Sahaja Yoga in Argentina

14 December 2011

Sahaja Yoga Big Baltic Tour 2011

Video for the story: http://www.youtube.com/ watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Od5vD4fbZB k&noredirect=1 Russian Inter-regional Public Organization Sahaja Yoga and Sahajayoga Lituanica organized and conducted a Big Baltic Tour on October 21-30, 6

2011. Eight Sahaja yogis from different regions of Russia who had studied in the International Academy of Indian Classic Music and Art in Togliatti formed a creative group Nirmal Naad and became those who brought the message about the teaching of Shri Mataji to the towns and regions where Sahaja Yoga


Issue 1, 01.02.2012

had not been yet recognized officially. During these 9 days we were witnesses and participants of eight Self-realization programs in Belarus Capital and in towns of Lithuania and Latvia and also in Russian town-enclave Kaliningrad. Program Schedule: 21 Minsk (Belarus) 22 Panevejes (Lithuania) 23 Shauliai (Lithuania) 24 Daugavpils (Latvia) 25 Riga (Latvia) 26 Lipae (Latvia) 27 Ventspils (Latvia) 28 Kaliningrad (Russia) For the first time four programs in succession were conducted in Latvia, and many seekers received their Self-realization and wanted to know more about Sahaja Yoga teaching. They could not only enjoy Indian music and dances but also practice Sahaja Yoga meditation during the program. In Latvian city Ventspils the local television made a special report about the Sahaja Yogis who came to their country. After the program six people left their contact info they wanted to practice Sahaja Yoga regularly in the collective.

On October 29, the group divided into two parts, four people in each. The first one (basically musicians) stayed in Vilnius to take part in Diwali Puja and to play bhajans at it and the second part started off to cross the borders of the two states (Lithuania and Belarus) and reached St.Petersburg, Russia, to take part in the Festival Happy Diwali. We also were glad to know that in Minsk AllBelarus Diwali puja was offered that day. The representatives from all the cities where there are Sahaja collectives came there. The moment came when the illusion of complete unity and oneness of all the countries disappeared and now we keep the feeling of one single whole in our hearts, the feeling of the space where there is no borders between the states and kilometers-long lines at customs, where there are people who understand each other in spite of different languages, currency and living conditions, and where the border between Europe and Russia also becomes an illusion, and there is only the knowledge about your Spirit and beautiful harmonious life of enlightened people who have found the truth and that is the only reality which is eternal. Jai Shri Mataji!


Issue 1, 01.02.2012 PERSONAL EXPERIENCE

(an experience of conducting the first Sahaja Yoga Public Program)

What Brings Joy and Collectivity

On December 11, 2011, there was conducted a Sahaja Yoga Public Program in one of the towns near Surgut, Russia. The reason why we would like to tell you about our experience is that it was the first experience of such a kind for us which made us really collective. When now we are looking at our photos, we clearly understand that those were not we. How did we dare organize such an event? We can neither sing nor dance nor entertain the public. And we know for sure that we did nothing. We were literally raised, organized and sent to that town in three cars. Our neighbours Sahaja Yogis from Langesep and Nizhnevartovsk gave us enormous vibrational support and even offered a havan. We had no way to step back. There was our native city behind us and, what is more important, Shri Mataji who is asking us to carry the message about Sahaja Yoga to all the corners of our planet. Mother brought to the program 90 people! In the advertising posters we had honestly indicated that it is a music and informative program not just a concert but (as it was seen afterwards) many had come to a concert as they were going to see something like what is shown in Indian movies. Our professionalism as performers left much to be desired as it was the first time we had been performing in front of such an audience. Before the program, when we were going to the 4th floor where there was an absolutely splendid hall, we were laughing loudly understanding that our world is so illusive and we are very far from real 8

performers. What we were really thinking about was not to forget the words and not to forget the roles in show-sari. It was our first PP in which 8 members of our 10-Yogi collective were taking part. Moreover, 4 Sahaj children also acted in our performance. And everyone had been so much happy when he/she got about a page of the text to utter on the stage. It is not a secret that usually at the programs organized by Sahaja Yogis the most talented perform: those who sing, dance and speak well. The rest just watch or even do not come not having an opportunity to reveal their abilities. May be there is someone who would like to perform but he/she compares him/herself with the others and feels shy. And in our collective all are similar and all are not very skillful. However, each one in our collective has an open heart and the desire to bring joy to people. One of the Yogis said, If someone had told us that soon we would perform on the stage, we would not have believed. Preparing for the Program we clearly understood that just stories, audio tapes with music, show-sari and slide-who would not work. There should be real, live, music. And our collective (not having an ear for music and music education) began to sing. We had practiced only for 3 months 1 time a week but regularly. Of course, it is not enough but all of us really felt that collectivity and the feeling of joy in our collective had grown. At the Program, we sang the bhajan Durgati Harini after which there followed a story about the Central Heart, Goddess Durga, exercises for getting rid of fear and the bhajan Ganesha Sthuti with a


Issue 1, 01.02.2012
showing collectivity and when we were making exercises for strengthening the Central Heart and then suggested that we all should recite the Lords Prayer the audience received it quite well. It was really an impressive picture: 90 people reciting the prayer. But it was at the end of the Program when we felt the greatest joy at the time when we invited everyone to come up to the stage and get Sahaja Yoga booklets. We had only 30 booklets (as our experience had shown that usually booklets are not very popular). But can you imagine what joy we felt when after the program most of the people literally rushed to the stage stretching their hands to get a booklet (as if a tasty pie was offered to them). One of our sisters got speechless because of joy and, skipping over the steps and getting tangled in her sari, rushed to the hidden (for some occasional purpose) 30 more booklets. All the booklets were distributed in a couple of seconds. It means that at least 60 people felt our state and our love. And we are happy! And the main thing is that weve understood that without each of us the program would not have taken place! And when everyone takes responsibility upon him/herself and becomes a link in the Program (or a part in the Universe) it is what is called collectivity and it gives such a sense of joy and love that it cannot be described with words. And staying at home and using Sahaja Yoga only for yourself will never bring so much joy and spiritual growth! We are so much grateful to Shri Mataji for everything to have been organized in such a wonderful way! Jai Shri Mataji! With much love, Sahaja Yogis of Surgut, Russia

story about wisdom, prudence and innocence and the legend about Shri Ganesha. We had also rehearsed the bhajan Ganesha, Ganesha before the Program (in case there would be asked to sing an ancore :) a very funny thought ). Our Program was corrected by Mother and Ganesha, Ganesha was sung so well that all the audience were applauding. By the middle of the Program the viewers started

First Sahaja Yoga Seminar in China

Last summer we held our first seminar in Fuzhou China, it was our blessing to host Yogis from many provinces through out China. There were many wonderful highlights one of which was our Havan on Saturday Night. Our Seminar was held on an Army base on the outskirts of town. The rural open grounds provided the perfect location for an outdoor Havan. That night the sky was filled with clouds and there was a threat of rain on the horizon. I remember 9


Issue 1, 01.02.2012
among us and encompassing our group. My husband walked around capturing those energized moments with pictures, that evening following Havan as we reviewed them, we were amazed at what we saw. The Kundalini captured in such a way that the pictures themselves resonate with vibrations. You can clearly see the clarity and strength of the Kundalini progressively grow in three of the pictures above. Unseen to the naked eye there is a figure that appears among us its aura is a light blue, and it radiates the very essence of Divine pure energy. Just viewing these pictures gave us all goosebumps and reminds us of the words of our Lord Christ For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them. I hope you will enjoy these pictures. with Nirmala Love Your Sister Leah

looking at the sky thinking how nice it would be to sit under the moon and stars. I said a little prayer within asking for the clouds to part allowing the moonlight to shine on our collective The night air was charged with our collective energy as we lit the Havan and the sounds of mantras filled the air. As the Havan progressed we could feel the vibrations grow, flowing

From Mongolia

Dear all! I wish you all successful and happy entering to the New Era of joy, happiness and Divine Love! Mother spontaneously gathered us for Sankranty Puja here in Mongolia. What a joy and Blessings of Mother! We had such mutual understanding and support! Everything works so well and everybody walks and loves Sahaja Yoga after Dimas and Oxanas arrival from Russia. Mother leads us very well. We remember cordiality and help of Russian Sahaja yogis to us here. We made a bandan for good and qualitative seekers in Mongolia. Vibrations were strong! We even made a bandan for a new Ashram and Mother 10

also sent us very strong vibrations. We see many miracles how Mother helps us and sends us signs every day. We have programs in the Technical University. Mother gave us this place Herself and we pay only 10 thousand tugriks for two hours and that is all. Those who come to the programs started understanding that Shri Mataji is most important. Today we and three more Shakties agreed to get up at 6 oclock every morning We love Russian brothers and sisters. Russia and Mongolia are always friend! Jay Shri Mataji! A family from Mongolia



Dear brothers and sisters, Send us, please, the news about spreading Sahaja Yoga in your places to the e-mail: news@spreadingsahajayoga.org we will be glad to share them with the whole Sahaj family of the world.