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Licensed Acute Care Beds Licensed Skilled Nursing Beds Admissions - Hospital Patient Days - Hospital Patient Days - SNFs combined Deliveries Surgeries - combined Outpatient Visits ER Visits - combined Hollister Rural Health Clinic Visits San Juan Bautista Clinic Visits

49 127 2,489 7,226

Gross Patient Revenue: Medicare Medi-Cal Blue Cross Private Insurance Self-Pay Total Contractual Adjustments

Amount % 84,643,670 38.89% 63,875,413 29.35% 36,439,990 16.74% 24,042,673 11.05% 8,658,832 3.98% 217,660,578 100.00% 142,262,987 75,397,591 2,012,655

36,021 Net Patient Revenue 409 Other Operating Revenue 2,257 97,837 15,494 18,742 4,761 Net Operating Revenue 77,410,246 Expenses: Salaries / Wages /Registry 32,092,298 Benefits 15,459,250 Supplies 8,042,451 Purchased Services 7,509,243 Professional Fees 6,650,645 Depreciation /Amortization/Interest 4,953,896 Rental 926,792 Other Operating Expenses 2,100,965 Total Operating Expenses Net Operating Income (Loss) Non-Operating Revenue\Expense Net Income (Loss)

Clinic at 4th Street / San Juan Rd. Visits 11,334 Home Health Visits # of Employees # of Physicians # of Volunteers 7,008 549 126 356

41.28% 19.89% 10.35% 9.66% 8.56% 6.37% 1.19% 2.70%

77,735,540 100.00% (325,294) 2,232,509 1,907,215

A message from Ken Underwood, CEO

In this issue of Healthline; Beyond Healthcare, we present our annual report to the community. No doubt, 2011 had its challenges! Healthcare reform is changing the way we do business almost on a daily basis. But, the year was also marked by the success of the ew ERs first year of operation and the beginning of construction on the New Womens Center. These new facilities and the new First Street Clinic are much needed and will help us serve the local community. But, the role of Hazel Hawkins Memorial Hospital in San Benito County goes beyond healthcare. We are the second largest employer in the area, with some 76% of our 584 employees San Benito County residents. For every one hospital job, an additional 1 jobs are created locally. We contributed, just in payroll and labor-related services, $49 million back into the community in 2011 alone. As a public agency, we receive local property tax support of $1,344,000 annually, representing only 1.84% of our total net revenues of $77,410,246. All of our revenues are invested back into the institution to maintain our facilities or to purchase equipment and technology. As the safety net provider for those who need healthcare, regardless of their ability to pay, we provided just over $8 million in charity care last year. Through scholarships, sponsorships, partnerships and community service projects the Hospital and its employees support many local non-profit organizations and agencies. Were active in Lulac, Kinship, Exchange Club, San Benito County Chamber of Commerce, the Downtown Association, YMCA, Community Pantry, Relay for Life, Rotary and the County Fair. We engage in community outreach activities throughout the community such as health education classes and health fairs. Our priority, of course, is providing our community with the highest quality healthcare services. Our employees, physicians, volunteers and donors are the core of our institution. We are proud of the work that we do. I want to take this opportunity to thank the San Benito County and Hazel Hawkins Memorial Hospital community for another successful year of partnership and growth!
Ken Underwood, CEO

Actual letters from HHMH Patients

Dr. Leonard Caputo General Surgery

Dr. Ariel Hurtado Anesthesiologist

Local Physicians

Dr. Leonard Caputo, General Surgeon and Dr. Ariel Hurtado, Anesthesiologist share many passions. Its clear that both have a passion for medicine, for their families, their patients and their home town of Hollister. Dr. Caputo moved to Hollister as a young boy with his family in 1974. He was inspired to pursue medicine after taking classes in anatomy and physiology in high school. That and a promise from my father that as long as I stayed in school, he would do all he could to support me, stated Dr. Caputo. He did his undergraduate work at Pacific Union College in Napa, CA, receiving a bachelors degree and then went on to Loma Linda University School of Medicine where he earned his MD. He completed his surgical residency at Loma Linda Medical Center. Dr. Caputo is a Diplomat of the American Board of Surgery and a Fellow of the American College of surgeons. He has served two terms as Chief of Staff at Hazel Hawkins and recently completed his MBA in Healthcare from George Washington University in Washington DC. He specializes in anti-reflux surgery for chronic heart burn or GERD.

where he was born. My whole extended family --my mothers and my fathers parents and my family-- lived on the same street, he said. They all spoke Italian (Dr. Caputo is fluent in Italian and Spanish). We all moved to Hollister at the same time and lived on the same block of Loma Vista Drive. My family is the reason I came back to Hollister to set up my practice, he added. I wanted my sons Ben (17), Stefan (15) and Christian (13) to grow up under the wing of their grandparents, as I had. Dr. Hurtado was born and raised in Hollister. His parents came here by way of Mexico in the 60s. His father was a truck driver and his mother a homemaker and seasonal cannery worker. Dr. Hurtado just always knew he wanted to be a doctor. He and his four siblings all graduated from San Benito High School. All five kids went on to college. Dr. Hurtado did his undergraduate studies at UC Berkeley, where he received his bachelors degree then went to the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor for Medical School to earn his MD. He underwent a surgical internship at UC San Francisco, then completed his anesthesia residency at UC Irvine. He stayed on at Irvine for an additional year of training, completing a fellowship in regional anesthesia and pain management. He started practicing at UC Irvine and later became a member of the faculty there.

Sons of Immigrants

Dr. Caputo is the son of Italian immigrants who came through Ellis Island in 1956 and settled in Brooklyn, NY, 4

On the Cutting Edge

Doctors Hurtado and Caputo often work on cases together. Dr. Caputo has been practicing at HHMH since 1997. Dr. Hurtado just joined the medical staff in 2011. Dr. Hurtado brings with him his cutting-edge training in regional anesthesia. I put body parts to sleep, he says. We can administer anesthesia guided by ultrasound directly to a small site with regional anesthesia. This is called a regional block or a regional nerve block and lasts 24-36 hours. The patient who gets regional anesthesia has less recovery time and less pain in the long run. The body experiences less overall trauma from the surgery, he added. Its state-of-the-art, and now unique to HHMH. The medical staff and administration have been very supportive of these new procedures, and Im very grateful for that. The facilities at Hazel Hawkins are nicer than the ones I worked at in Los Angeles, adds Hurtado. The new ER is phenomenal! Im glad to be here. Although I always wanted to return to Hollister, the longer I practiced in the Los Angeles area, the more unlikely I thought it would be that I would get that opportunity. So, when Dr. Caputo called me, I jumped at the chance. Ive travelled and lived all over the world. Hollister is the only place I really feel at home. In Los Angeles, I never really knew my patients. Its very gratifying to treat family and people I know. Its much more personal. Dr. Hurtado is also fluent in Spanish. I can see the relief on my patients faces when Im explaining a procedure to them directly and not through an interpreter. It puts them at ease.

All in the Family

Dr. Caputos wife Careen is an optometrist. She shares a medical office building with her husband adjacent to HHMH on Sunset Drive. His brother Nicholas is a physical therapist at HHMH while his son Ben, who wants to follow in his dads footsteps and become a surgeon, volunteers at the Hospital. Dr. Hurtados wife, Megan is a Nurse Practitioner in Dr. Peter Coelhos family practice office on Sunset Drive. She too is bilingual (English/Spanish) and specializes in womens health. They have two children; son, Sebastian (1) and daughter, Marina (3). Dr. Hurtado says hes looking forward to getting involved in local school sports programs and finding time to practice martial arts, which is one of his favorite pastimes.


GENERAL SURGERY 891 Sunset Drive Hollister, CA 95023 (831) 637-7471


911 Sunset Drive Hollister, CA 95023 (831) 636-2610

Course Description

Learning about childbirth topics in a fun, comfortable and respectful class environment is the goal of the Childbirth Education Program at Hazel Hawkins Hospital. As expectant parents you will be introduced to the basics of nutrition during pregnancy, signs of preterm labor, onset and stages of true labor, pain theories and comfort measures. You will also learn breathing and relaxation techniques to assist you during the labor process. Possible medical interventions such as induction, pain medications, epidural and caesarean section will be presented. Newborn appearance, standard newborn procedures following birth, and cord blood banking are part of this comprehensive course that will help you feel more confident as you approach the special day when you bring your precious child into this world.

2012 Class Schedule

Each session includes 4 classes. Class is held on Tuesday, begins promptly at 6:30 p.m. and is approximately 2 hours in length. All classes are held in the Great Room on the 2nd floor of the Support Services Building. Dates with an asterisk represent a skipped week. Classes in English: Mar 13, 20, 27, Apr 3 Apr 17, 24, May 1, 8 May 22, 29, Jun 5, 12 Jun 26, Jul 10*, 17, 24 Aug 7, 21*, 28, Sep 4 Sep 8, 25, Oct 2, 9 Oct 30, Nov 6, 13, 20 Dec 4, 11, 18, 27 (Thurs.)


Taught by RNs Each session is 4 consecutive weeks Cost is $60 for the 4-week session Includes tour of Birthing Center Register with your doctor during your 2nd trimester to start classes between your 28th and 32nd week of pregnancy. Moms can bring a pillow if needed for sitting comfort.

*skipped week

Bring check or cash payment to your first night of class. Credit card payments can be processed at the front desk. Wear comfortable pants that allow freedom of movement. Water and light snacks will be provided. Breastfeeding Class offered separately, ask physician for brochure.

Registration Form
Name: _____________________________ Name of Partner: ________________________________ Address: __________________________________________________________________________ City:_______________________________ State:________________Zip:_______________________ Phone: ____________________________ Cell:___________________________________________ Estimated Due Date:___________________ Preferred Class Start Date:__________________________ Please return this form to your OB/GYNs office or mail to P Box 2489, Hollister, CA 95024 .O. 6
For further information contact: Lisa Robinson at 245-7893 or lisamarieob@yahoo.com

Course Description It is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics that your baby receive only breast milk for the first six months of life and to continue to receive breast milk up to one year, or beyond, after solid foods are introduced. In this class you will learn how to prepare for breastfeeding including: benefits of breastfeeding for mom and baby, how breast milk differs from formula, latching on, building an adequate milk supply, breast and nipple care while breastfeeding, normal newborn behavior at the breast, how to know when baby is getting enough, when to seek help, how to choose a breast pump and California law and breastfeeding. This class is designed for all expectant mothers; those that have decided to breastfeed and those that have decided to formula feed. Before you make this important decision, come and educate yourself with all the facts.

Details Taught by an R.N. that is also an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant Class is one evening Cost is $25 per couple Includes booklet Better Breastfeeding Bring check or cash payment to class or pay by credit card at the front desk in the main lobby Water and light snacks provided 2012 Class Schedule Class is held on Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. March 6 April 10 May 15 June 19 July 31 September 11 October 23 November 27

Class begins at 6:30 p.m. in the Support Services Building 2nd Floor Great Room .

Questions? Call Lisa Robinson at (831) 245-7893 or you may contact her at lisamarierob@yahoo.com

Registration Form
Name: _____________________________ Name of Partner: ________________________________ Address: __________________________________________________________________________ City:_______________________________ State:________________Zip:_______________________ Phone: ____________________________ Cell:___________________________________________ Estimated Due Date:___________________ Preferred Class Start Date:__________________________ Please return this form to: Lisa Robinson, P O. Box 2489, Hollister, CA 95024 Phone: (831) 245-7893 . Email: lisamarierob@yahoo.com. Please contact Lisa if you do not receive a confirmation letter. Thank you.

Local Physicians at the Forefront of Prevention and Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease

Rapid Response
The first few minutes count when you suspect youre having a heart attack, says Dr. Martin Bress, Internal Medicine and Cardiology. Its important to seek treatment immediately. During a heart attack, blood flow to the heart is cut off, causing the muscle to die from lack of oxygen - time is muscle. The physicians in our new ER are excellent when it comes to treating and stabilizing cardiac patients. Their interventions can and often do make the difference between life and death. The way we treat cardiac patients and the profile of those patients has changed tremendously over the years, says Dr. Bress. People forget that its only been since the 70s that there has been open heart surgery. When I first set up my practice it was very common to see 40-year-olds succumb to heart attacks. Now, with better education and awareness of heart disease prevention and warning signs, along with better diagnostic tools and medications, the majority of cardiac patients I see are 60 years and older. Their condition is often a natural part of aging. The survival rate is higher and they live longer with fewer complications.

Heart Attack Symptoms

Nausea Vomiting Chest Pain Shortness of Breath Jaw Pain Left Arm Pain Fainting

Symptoms vary from person to person and may be different in men and women. People who notice any suspicious symptoms should not hesitate to seek medical care by going to the nearest ER or calling 911.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Dr. Bress has been practicing medicine in San Benito County for nearly 40 years. He has a special interest in cardiovascular disease. The Hollister Cardiac Rehabilitation Center (CRC) has been a part of his office on Sunnyslope Road since it opened. Its the only CRC in San Benito County and we get referrals from all over the region. Few cities the size of Hollister have this kind of facility, he adds. Cardiac rehabilitation, which involves exercise, education and counseling, plays a huge role in increasing strength, and decreasing inflammation of arteries and also decreases the depression common to heart patients. Patients who have had a heart attack or open heart surgery are often reluctant or afraid to exercise. But, a cardiac rehab program is done in a controlled, medically-supervised environment with 1:1 attention, instruction and education. This usually puts patients at ease. According to the American College of Cardiology, cardiovascular rehabilitation services (that includes exercise and counseling services) reduce symptoms and improve cardiac functions. Its proven/documented that cardiac patients who engage in a solid program of cardiac rehab which includes exercise and education do better.

Dr. Martin Bress Internal Medicine and Cardiology

Nuclear Medicine

Dr. Bress also has a Nuclear Cardiology Medicine Program. These examinations offer information that is unique, including details regarding blood flow and can identify impaired blood flow due to partial or complete obstruction of the coronary arteries. The test, called a Thallium Scan is done in his office and is very useful in diagnosing coronary artery disease, cardiomyopathy and identifying possible damage to the heart.

Board Certified Cardiologist

Dr. Joseph Klapper joined the medical staff at Hazel Hawkins five years ago. He came to Hollister from the Cedars Sinai Medical Center in the Los Angeles area where he had a private practice.

Dr. Joseph Klapper Cardiologist

These advanced procedures have increased some 60% at Hazel Hawkins since Dr. Klapper joined the medical staff.

The Preventionalist

The work I do with my patients is all non-invasive. We have the most advanced diagnostic tools at Hazel Hawkins. Electrocardiography, Transesophageal Echocardiography, Dobutiamine Stress Echocardiology, CT Scan, MRI, Cardiovascular Ultrasoundits all here. Theres no need to go elsewhere for these tests. A Stress Echocardiogram or Stress Echo is a test that uses high-frequency sound waves (ultrasound) to examine the hearts anatomy and function. The test is done while the patient is on a treadmill and the hearts response to physical activity is measured. An assessment is also made of the heart at rest. This information can detect blockages by assessing the pumping function of the heart and status of the heart valves. Transesophageal Echocardiography (TEE) is a diagnostic test using an ultrasound device that is passed into the esophagus of the patient to create a clear image of the heart muscle and other parts of the heart. It is used to evaluate the internal heart structures and blood flow.

I practice what I like to call preventive cardiology. Except when genetics play a role, all cardiovascular disease is due to obesity or metabolic syndrome. This is where heart disease starts. I think its important to establish a relationship with a cardiologist before there is a major heart incident. Controlling blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol through medication and lifestyle changes such as eating a healthier diet and exercising not only helps, but can often reverse heart disease for most at-risk patients. Most of my patients are referrals from the ER, the hospitalists and the community physicians & clinics. Some have had heart surgery or interventions at hospitals elsewhere and want a cardiologist close to home. Klapper is a fellow-proponent of cardiac rehab. I often refer patients to Dr. Bresss Cardiac Rehab Center, adds Dr. Klapper. HOLLISTER CARDIAC REHABILITATION CENTER 930 Sunnyslope, Suite B-1 Hollister, CA 95023 (831) 637-9215


HAZEL HAWKINS MULTI-SPECIALTY CLINIC 930 Sunnyslope, Suite B-4 Hollister, CA 95023 (831) 635-9788


You too can name part of the New Womens Center!

Use the envelope enclosed and mail in your contribution!
Peggy Pierce, Campaign Chair

Help us meet our goal of raising $300,000 to help equip this new facility.

Womens Center Lobby

A dramatic 2-story atrium design will welcome patients and their families into the state-of-the-art facility.

Birthing Suites/Labor and Delivery Rooms

(13) $12,000 each
The spacious 19x19 rooms are designed for families to enjoy the birth of a new child and remain in the same home-like environment for the duration of their stay.

Operating Suite
For women requiring a c-section; this 400 sq. ft. in-house operating suite will allow OB/GYNs immediate access to an OR without moving mom and baby to another facility.

Birthing Bed (13) $10,000 ea. Bassinet (13) $5,000 ea. Fetal Monitor (15) $5,000 ea. Delivery Table (13) $1,000 ea. Rocking Chair (13) $450 ea.

Newborn Nursery
This area will be used when close monitoring of baby is necessary.

Nurses Lounge
Equipped with a refrigerator, ice machine, microwave, dishwasher, table and chairs, and personal lockers; OB nurses and staff will have a nice place to take a break.

Bili-bed (2) $5,000 ea. Bassinet (2) $5,000 ea. Radiant Baby Warmer (1) $3,000 Rocking/Gliding Chair (2) $500 ea.

Community Conference Center

Located on the second floor, birthing classes will be held here along with staff meetings and conferences.

Nurses Stations
(2) $15,000 each.
Two nurses stations with a central monitoring system will allow staff to monitor all activity on the unit and to be readily available to respond to patient needs.

Physician Sleep Rooms

(2) $2,500 each.
Babies arrive in their own time and at all hours. Physicians will have access to these private rooms to rest or sleep in-between procedures and/or deliveries.


Hazel Hawkins Hospitals Foundation

Womens Center Computer Stations

(10) $1,000 each Adequate computer access and specialized software is necessary for staff, nurses and physicians to track patients and complete required documentation.

McCullough Resource Center Fund

$500+ Named for Mary & Gerald McCullough, this library will be the first of its kind in San Benito County. The McCullough Resource Center Fund will be used to purchase books, periodicals, brochures, CDs, videos and computers with internet access all geared toward providing the community with the very latest information on all womens health issues.

Digital Diagnostic Imaging Center

$250,000 Ultrasound Digital mammography Bone density testing

Womens Center Facility

$500,000 Birthing Suites / Labor & Delivery Rooms (1st floor) Digital Diagnostic Imaging (2nd floor) Future Patient Care Area (3rd floor)

( ) number indicates number of rooms or pieces of equipment available

The New Hazel Hawkins Memorial Hospital

is scheduled for completion in January 2013

Womens Center

Brace Frame Erection

Cross Beam Erection

Hazel Hawkins Hospitals Foundation


Womens Center Naming Opportunity Gifts So Far: Birthing Suite

Lily Klauer

Newborn Nursery Nurses Lounge Operating Suite

K&S Properties

Ted Davis in memory of Mari Davis Lily Klauer in memory of Frances Klauer & Virginia Ruiz

Community Conference Center

In-Focus Medical Imaging Jim & Sharon Hawkins in memory of Alice S. Hawkins Gloria M. Torres, RN*

Delivery Table & Rocking Chair McCullough Resource Center

Mary & Gerald McCullough Jon & Jeanette Whorley

Physician Sleep Room

Dr. Ralph & Deborah Armstrong The Caputo Family Lily Klauer

Chuck Kayser
Charles Chuck Kayser was elected to the Board in October, 2011. He recently retired and moved from Virginia to Hollister with his wife Loretta. His background includes work in commercial real estate, positions with Honeywell, Inc. and Beckman Instruments as well as owning and operating his own company J & R Exhaust Systems for nine years.

Marissa Brennan
Marissa Brennan joined the Board in September, 2011. A graduate of Chico State, Marissa is an Account Executive with First Data. She had been with both Santa Barbara Bank and Trust and First National Bank in Salinas the previous five years. Marissa is active in the community serving as Vice President of Pet Friends and Secretary for Community Food Bank.

Rod Pintello
Rod Pintello was elected to the Hospital Foundation Board in late 2011. Mr. Pintello is a member of the management staff at Hazel Hawkins, directing the Materials Management Department. When not on the job, Rod and his family are actively involved at Pintello Comedy Theater in Gilroy.


Hazel Hawkins Hospitals Foundation

Lanetta Bishop Honored as Chamber of Commerce Woman of the Year

Long-time Hazel Hawkins Memorial Hospital volunteer, Lanetta Bishop was named Woman of the Year by the San Benito County Chamber of Commerce. At an event in January, Bishop was honored for her service to the Hospital and the greater San Benito County community. In addition to serving Hazel Hawkins Hospital as a volunteer and member of the Hospital Auxiliary and the Foundation Boards of Directors, Girl Scouts, veterans organizations and historical societies are among her other passions. She was honored by the Hospital Foundation as our Donor of the Year in 2011, says Leah Dowty, Foundation Director. Shes always been a big supporter of all of our fundraising efforts and a leader on our Scholarship Committee. We were very pleased and happy to see her get the recognition she deserves.

Lanetta Bishop enjoys the Chambers annual dinner at San Juan Oaks

Magazine Concierge Service Begins

Volunteer Coordinator, Alice Oliveira has announced a new volunteer program at the Hospital. The new Magazine Concierge position has been created to help keep reading materials (magazines, brochures, booklets, newsletters) in the lobbies and waiting areas up to date. Volunteers will also offer to read to Hospital patients and residents of both Skilled Nursing Facilities: Mabie-Northside and Mabie-Southside. Training and instruction will be offered to those who sign up for these duties. Contact Alice at (831) 637-5711 Ext. 2287
Alice Oliveira Volunteer Coordinator

Hazel Hawkins Hospitals Foundation


2011 - 1K FoR Hazel HaWKins GeneRal FunD Trinity Melinda Adams Steven and Sue Carey* Karen D. Bermudes Erin Perez* IN HONOR OF Adele Cortero In-Focus Medical Imaging, Inc. Bertil Engwall Anonymous Charles Presser & Joyce Presser* Gene Corotto Joey Hernandez Virginia Hernandez, RN* Reba Mayfield Jones Rebecca Jones* Jean/Josephine Larrondo Henriette Carbone Robert McKibbin Joan Rogers* Peg McKinley, RPSGT Sleep Technologist Richie Cobb* IN HONOR OF ER Nurses Rebecca Jones* IN HONOR OF Evelyn F. Pivetti Fernando & Nancy Oliveira* Andrew Lawrence Prak Suzanne Prak* Charlie Presser Mindy Presser* Dr. Robert D. Quinn Don & Danette Perrien* David Quintero Breanne Quintero* Alice Reynolds Debbi J. Rodgerson* Gloria & Gabriel Santos Maricela Sosa* IN HONOR OF Tom Slatten Grace & Associates Frank P Solano . Crystal Flores* Gloria M.Torres, RN* Carmen & Ezequiel Soza Armandina Zamarron* Janet Giordano Underwood Ken Underwood* Dale & Ron Wichman Jan Read* 2012 - 1K FoR Hazel HaWKins neW WoMens CenTeR Trinity Melinda Adams Betty Adams Warren Chan Reba Jones Olivia H. Sosa Steven and Sue Carey* Melody Sullivan* Rick & Karen Gambetta* Rebecca Jones* Maricela Sosa*

GENERAL FUND Fred Evanchak Frances Martin Frank and Joyce Guerra Mr. and Mrs. Gerald McCullough Ms. Sally S. Bryan, L.C.S.W. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Orlando Mrs. Betty Jeanne Holt Linda Morrissey Barbara Matulich Mr. and Mrs. Gerald McCullough Mr. and Mrs. Emilio Casillas Carol and Richard Killer Mr. and Mrs. Gerald McCullough Mr. and Mrs. Al Bonturi Mr. and Mrs. Robert Swanson Susan L. Mesa Mr. Willis Dooling Mr. and Mrs. Emilio Casillas Aurelia Bozzo Don and Jackie Shearer Juli Vieira Mashawn Werthmann Mr. and Mrs. Frank Borelli Mr. and Mrs. Gerald McCullough Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Pingree Mr. Fulton J. Picetti Mrs. Sharyl Currie Richard & Holly Muenzer The Pivetti Company-a Dunning & James Corp. Mr. and Mrs. John Miller Mr. and Mrs. Sam Marcus Mr. and Mrs. Emilio Casillas Dr. and Mrs. Harlow Standage Mr. and Mrs. Frank Borelli Stevan & Rita Mueller The Tissue Foundation Raymond Tissue Anne Conconi Mr. Fulton J. Picetti Mrs. Betty Jeanne Holt

WILLIAM & INEZ MABIE SKILLED NURSING FACILITY Louise Galdos Branum Maria Caputo Everett & Myrtle Dillon Myrtle Dillon Richard Falconi Katie Fancher Mary Louise Frates Frank Greco Antonio Medeiros Mr. and Mrs. Bob Orlando Rita Bowling Don & Danette Perrien* John & Timi King Ms. Beverly Rianda Mr. and Mrs. Bob Orlando Mr. and Mrs. Emilio Casillas Rosalie Campisi Mr. and Mrs. Bob Orlando Leo & Kay Soares Lucille M. Freitas Mr. and Mrs. Amador Lima Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ferreira Ms. Trish Thomas Vedana & Co., Inc. Jack & Marian Bowlus Mr. and Mrs. Bob Orlando Rosalie Campisi Mr. and Mrs. Emilio Casillas Jim and Pat Taliaferro

Mary Louise Frates Don Gabriel Stella Garcia Frank Greco Stephen Hailstone Bob Hansen Wayne Heppler Dominic Lomanto, Sr. Dan Mesa and Matthew Lopez Ida McPhail Florence Medeiros Effie Muenzer

Antonette Bea Morris Effie Muenzer Bill Bucky Serpa Ilene Mousie Wiebe

MABIE NORTHSIDE SKILLED NURSING FACILITY Northside Employees Jim Fitzgerald Marie R. Ricotti Bill Bucky Serpa PALLIATIVE CARE Billie Adams Juli Vieira Trinity Melinda Adams Steven and Sue Carey* JoAnn Byrd Mrs. Velma Tiffany Phyllis Fritz Barbara J. Barrett* Harriet Ludwig Annette Saunders* Bob & Angie Macedo Mrs. Dolores King IN HONOR OF Petra Marquez Sylvia M. Marquez* Herb Rehmus Irene G. Maggini SCHOLARSHIP FUND Billie Adams Betty J. Adams Trinity Melinda Adams David Baker Bobbie V. Burham Helen Burrise Leonard Caetano Fred Evanchak Renee Flores Reba Jones Effie Muenzer Marie Ricotti Lisa Ann Sanchez Bill Underwood Ernest M. Vest Cheryle Weatherly Gloria Kent Zuniga Irene G. Maggini Mr. and Mrs. Bob Orlando Steven and Sue Carey * Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Rodrigues Mr. and Mrs. Bob Orlando Aurelia Bozzo Mr. and Mrs. Bob Orlando Don and Carol Hart Mishel Thomas * Larry & Karen Smith Mr. and Mrs. Bob Orlando Mr. and Mrs. Bob Orlando Ronald & Josie Sanchez* Carole J. Churchill Larry & Karen Smith Carole J. Churchill Mr. and Mrs. Bob Orlando
IN APPRECIATION OF Mabie Ricardo M. Padilla*

Joe and JoAnna McMahon Mr. and Mrs. Bob Orlando Mr. and Mrs. Emilio Casillas

Margaret Rose Prewett Betty Sans Dr. Lloyd E. Smith, Jr. Lucille Sonniksen Bill Underwood

EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT Renee Flores, RN Mrs. Patricia M. Young* Robert Hansen Mr. and Mrs. Sam Marcus Reba Nell Mayfield Jones HHMH Surgical Services Department Lanetta Bishop Herb Rehmus Anthony & Carolyn Yacovone* CAMPAIGN FOR THE NEW ER Jason Arballo GENERAL FUND Generosa L. Acosta Billy Adams Betty J. Adams Harold Azevedo David Baker Wilson & Cora Acosta-Invencion * Lanetta Bishop Ms. Pauline Lepera Price Barbara Matulich Bill & Viv Medina Carol OBrien Ersilia Sicoli Mr. and Mrs. Frank Borelli Mr. and Mrs. John Hubbell Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Poletti Mr. Fulton J. Picetti Mrs. Betty Jeanne Holt Mr. and Mrs. John Filice Mr. and Mrs. William Freitas Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ferreira Mrs. Betty Jeanne Holt Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Rasmussen Mr. and Mrs. Sam Marcus Don and Carol Hart Mrs. Jean E. Davis Ms. Beverly Rianda Mr. and Mrs. John Miller Mrs. Betty Jeanne Holt Anthony & Carolyn Yacovone* Dorothy Fisher Stebbins Frankie Gallagher*

Intensive Care Unit Delores M. Vieirra Walter Wright

SAN BENITO HOME HEALTH CARE David Baker Sally Escamilla Dominic J. Lomanto, Sr. Charles Rodriquez INFUSION CENTER Antonio Medeiros Fernando & Nancy Oliveira* Mr. and Mrs. Mel Silveira Mrs. Dolores King Mr. and Mrs. Mel Silveira Rhonda DeLoe*

WILLIAM & INEZ MABIE SKILLED NURSING FACILITY Paul, Dawn & Emi Rovella Rovella & Antoinette Morris John Armour Mr. and Mrs. Bob Orlando Linden Bowling Aurelia Bozzo Cecil and Enes Vallejo Connie and Ernie Perreira Ersilia Sicoli Henry & Jennie Solorio Joe and Rosemary Vallejo Mr. and Mrs. Bob Orlando Mr. and Mrs. Frank Borelli Mr. and Mrs. Gerald McCullough Mrs. Barbara Sabbatini Rosalie Campisi Roy & Carole Lewis Scott & Chris Vallejo Steve & Cecile Struve Walter & Betty Perreira

Don Beresini Annie Borelli Vern Boucher Linden Bowling Louise Galdos Branum Josephine Cardinalli Warren Chan Elmo W. Davis Everett Edmond Dillon Inez Ehrich Fred Evanchak

CAMPAIGN FOR THE NEW WOMENS CENTER Mari Davis Harriet Ludwig Alice Solano Alice Solano Bev Stratton Frances Klauer & Virginia Ruiz Ted Davis Annette Saunders * OB Department - HHMH * Anthony & Carolyn Yacovone* Bob Stratton Lily Klauer


*Hazel Hawkins Hospital Employee

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*Hazel Hawkins Hospital Employee


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