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SAFETY & HEALTH DEPARTMENT SAFETY STATISTIC & ACTIVITY REPORT FOR THE MONTH OF MAY 2006 DATE: 13TH JUNE 2006 NO 1. 2. 3. 4. PROJECT GONG KEDAK MRR 2 (Remedial works) U.I.A.M (Building) Kuantan, Pahang U.I.A.M (Infra) Kuantan, Pahang AVERAGE MAN HOURS 88 540 15 000 11 180 23 660 GRAND TOTAL = 138 380 MAN-HRS 1. Achieved current month (MAY 2006) total accumulated Man-hours without LTA = 138 380 man-hours. 2. Achieved Man-hours since 17th December 2002 total accumulated Man-hours without LTA = 5 501 222 246 man-hours (After fatal accident at Bkt. Putus). 3. No. of Fatality = 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. No. of Major Accident = No. of Minor Accident = No. of Near Misses Accident = No. of First Aid Accident = No. of Traffic Accident = 9. N.C.R/ N.O.I/ N.O.P/ SUMMON = - NIL - NIL - One (1 UIAM Bldg) - NIL- NIL - NIL - NIL REMARKS

11. 12.

Occupational Safety & Health Committee Meeting (Main & Sub Committee): Safety & Health Committee meeting was held at Gong Kedak project on 23rd May 2006 Safety & Health Training: -

a. Tool Box Talk was held at Tactical Shelter, Markas Skuadron, Bukit Puteri area, Site Office & Komplek Logistik on 02nd, 09th, 10th, 16th, 17th, 20th, 28th and 31st May 2006 to all sub-contractors i.e. Good Water Sdn Bhd, Realis Sdn Bhd, Pavement Team, Rasma Corporation Sdn Bhd, International Airadio Sdn Bhd, Lee Hob Kok Construction, Mutiara Teknologi Sdn Bhd. Site Safety Induction was held at Gong Kedak Project for new workers on 04th, 10th, 16th, 18th, 20th and 30th May 2006. b. Tool Box Talk was held at UIAM (Building / Infra) project on 05th, 11th, 15th, 26th May 2006 c. 13. Tool Box Talk was held at MRR2 remedial works on 05th & 23rd May 2006. Safety & Health Inspection and Audit :Gong Kedak:a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. Site Safety, Health & Environment Inspection was held on 25th May 2006. The submission of security work pass to PROVOS is on going basis. Monitoring dust control by using water spray by BHM Pavement Team. Inspection on Mobile Crane was held on 03rd, 07th, 17th & 25th May 2006 at TS 3 and Markas Squadron, TUDM Gong Kedak for HUME Sdn Bhd. Application vehicles stickers for staff, consultant & sub-contractors are on regular basis. Monitoring activity at Runway and Taxiway area. Supervised on Safety matters for Tactical Shelter 1 & 3, TUDM, Gong Kedak. Supervised fogging works at BHMs site office and sub-contractors Kongsi area.

UIAM, Kuantan (Building & Infra):a. There was no site Safety Inspection for the month of May 2006 for UIAM building and infra works, this is due to the works activity getting lesser. 14. Visit by Safety, Health & Environment Authority (DOSH, DOE, LOCAL COUNCIL, BOMBA and POLICE) at all BHMs sites: - NIL -

PREPARED BY __________________ Ismail Bin Mohamad Senior Safety & Health Officer -BHM

REVIEWED BY ______________________ Mohd Yusoff Abu Bakar Asst. General Manager Operation - BHM

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