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Pratibha Advani 33 years old, with a stint as a real estate marketing executive, an independent career in TV journalism, and now

a new show on Doordarshan behind her about her father's ideology and shell only say she blindly follows him. On the bigger issues, we never have a disagreement. It's only on the smaller issues that I sometimes have a different opinion. She does have an opinion on a lot of other things, especially what she calls the negativism in the media, and she wields it quite freely. It comes from an open house which her parents run in New Delhi's Pandara Park. It's where they've been living for 30 years and where she returned after her marriage to Ahmedabad-based hotel executive Kailash Thadani broke up. It's where her mother, Kamla, cooks almost every day, and where Pratibha keeps at least two jokes handy (usually culled from the Internet) to liven up dinner table conversation. Imagine an entire day dealing with the police and terrorism, Dada (as she calls her father) needs to relax, she says. http://www.paklinks.com/gs/all-views/3742-altaf-hussaing-gets-married-second-time.html Whatever limits us we call fate! Whatever we can't change we call destiny! Weren't you the one who wanted private life of people private ,for e.g. Atal ji a bachelor how he does it with help of Mrs Kaul a divorcee with a teen girl, keeping his (atalji's) bed warm. Now i know you will tell m anti india & anti Hindu ,Cant i be critical just as you only with different things. Advanis daughter is eloped with a muslim,& thackery sister is in love with a muslim. Dont get upset, the politics is too big for these petty activities. No body cares. Mind your own business. AND dont think i/m MQM,or Pakistani or anti anything. How do u know? Did u go and sleep in same bed as well. This is not political question and hence put on general forum. Take care. I know people having two wives in India and I know how the first wife lives. The facts about Advani, Thackerey & Attal Behari Vajpayee, is true .Its so true that it is not news worthy to be in paper recently that i can post ,but you can find it out yourself if you do little research yourself. I am not condoning mr. Altaf nor do i condenm him not knowing. He could as a muslim be fully justified if he full fills the shariat conditions.& even if he is not like i said such indiscretions in larger politics is small patotoes. There are many such e.g. Edna mt Battens romance with Nehru, Pundit Vijay Laxmis romance with Omer Quereshis Brother, B.C Roys bachelorhood & how, Kennedy & munroe,etc etc. If an unmarried hindu girl/boy goes and marries a muslim, i am not concerned. two elligible adults are making their decision about life. it is fine by me. (BTW, I personally doubt Bal thackrey has a sister, that pratibha advani is married to muslim or Mrs. Kaul is divorced, advani's nice or nephew marries a muslim, advani attended the function, nothing hush-hush about it, and if u make a claim it is ur job to give links, not somebody else's to

do research, in any case, rumors of affairs can ardly be established one way or other.) i do not understand why u have taken it so much to heart. unlike u, who has taken it as ur religious duty to defame india and indian leaders, it is not my type to do same. i dont even say that it is typically pakistani to do it either. karunanidhi is married thrice, to give example. all i am interested in is how this multiple marriages work. i have seen some and they dont. young wife gets all affection and older one is as good as being dustbin. It is a horrible custom from women's point of view. Women have nothing to gain and everything to lose. It is a throw back from the days men had all the power, now with democracy, one person one vote, women are making sure that they get equal treatment at home in marriage and outside. In democratic countries women can achieve equality because they have equal voting rights.