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Writing Assignment II Business Report Task You work for Bon Appetit plc as a member of the corporate strategy

y department. You have been studying the company The Bread Basket because your company is considering taking them over. Write a report to your board of directors explaining what you have discovered and whether you think it is a suitable target for a takeover or not. Remember a formal report contains the following: Title Introduction defines the sequence of points that will be looked at Findings are the facts you discovered Conclusion is what you think about the facts and how you interpret them Recommendations are practical suggestions and ideas Your report will contain between 400 500 words, and include at least one graph. You may add further information that has not been included if neccessary. A report should be detailed yet precise. Formal language is required. They are due in 5th May . Background information Bon Appetit plc is a chain of restaurants in the UK offering top class cuisine to higher-income groups. It has been extremely successful since it was founded in the late 1970s, and is now at a point where it can see no further opportunities for expansion. The management have decided therefore to grow the business by acquiring an already established company in the food business , either in the UK or overseas. The main objectves of the acquisition are: To increase Bon Appetits profits To enhance its image To buy a company which will contine to grow and contribute to the groups success To buy a company which will not take up too much of the present managements time and energy.

Information about The Bread Basket plc Head Office Type of business Ownership Founded Location of outlets Products London Cafes serving drinks(mainly coffee) and sandwiches 65% of voting shares: small shareholders plus big institutions, banks, insurance companys pension funds, etc 10 years ago. First outlet in Brighton, seaside town All stores company -owned. Located in high streets - major cities in UK High-quality coffee mainly Columbian, Kenyan plus healthy style sandwiches and snacks, offers a good range of dietary foods such as diabetic and gluten free altenatives. Lunch time all ages. Evenings - mainly 18 35, a few older ones Very busy at lunch times, less food sold in the evenings, but coffee still very popular. Contemporary music played in the evenings with a live singer once a month Medium-high prices. Coffee drinks a little more expensive than rivals. Large windows; bright colours, modern furniture, comfortable leather sofas. Friendly sometimes over-friendly. Staff turnover high. Service varies a lot at stores. Want to open new outlets next year in Italy or Spain. Difficult to say. Tough competition. Starbucks a formidable rival. Uncertain future. Company has lost its way a little. . Turnover 3 years ago 48 million GBP 2 years ago 55 million GBP last 12 months 39 million GBP 5 years ago 45pence 2 years ago 150pence last 12 months 25pence

Clientele Atmosphere

Prices Decor Service Plans Prospects

Share price

Use standard A4 white paper. Print on one side only. Avoid double-sided printing. All assignments are written on a computer.

Computer formatting: Margins: Leave 2.5 cm margins on the left and right and at the top and bottom of each page. Font type: Times New Roman Font size: 12 Line space: 1.5 Indentation: Indent the first line of every paragraph about 1.5 cm from the left margin. Align the
right margin.

See on the next page what a COVER PAGE should look like. As far as the body of your paper is concerned, ask your English lecturer for more detailed instructions. Finally, you can staple your sheets and put them into a plastic pocket.

Note that although writing on a computer is the most efficient, timesaving method of reorganizing and improving the content of your work, you must still proofread your paper yourself because a computer will not find all of your errors.



Course: ENGLISH FOR MANAGERS II Writing Task Two: Business Report From: jaroslav Vedral Group: M2/C3 To: Rachel Zacharov Date: 5th May 2012


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