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Montgomery County Public Schools

Application for the 20122013 TeamWorks Copier Service Student Internship Program
Program Description
The Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) Editorial, Graphics and Publishing Services (EGPS) and the Department of Curriculum and Instruction (DCI) are supporting a fullyear, local internship for students. The goal of this program (TeamWorks Copier Service Student Internship) is to provide the students with relevant skills, knowledge, and experience in the daily operations of a multimillion dollar light industrial services operation. Highly-motivated students can study and practice professional technical support for highspeed copier equipment operations and practice basic business plan development. Students will work with the TeamWorks manager, and schoolbased internship coordinator. The program requires a summer paid sixweek internship and a singleperiod yearlong internship for school credit.

Program Entrance Requirements

The student must: Be either an MCPS junior or senior by September 2012. Have maintained a GPA of 2.5 Have fully completed the application by the May 18, 2012 deadline to be considered for acceptance into the TeamWorks Copier Service Student Internship program. Completing the application by the deadline does not guarantee program entrance. Be willing to provide appropriate documentation required by MCPS that includes a social security number and a work permit. For more information, contact the program internship coordinator. Have transportation to the summer sixweek internship at the Lincoln Center, 660 North Stonestreet Avenue, Rockville, MD 20850 and at the home school. Commit to a paid summer internship, July 16 - August 24, 2012. Monday-Thursday, 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m., and a singleperiod yearlong internship.

Program Completion Requirements

Participation in the program requires regular attendance during scheduled work hours. Participation in the program requires students to enroll in a work/study internship class period for the entire school within their school facility with the internship coordinator. During that time, students are expected to: (1) Practice their technical operations skills and customer-service abilities as they assist school staff with copier equipment operations. (2) Attend all class meetings and complete all assignments with the internship coordinatoir. (3) Fulfill the four projects associated with the Teamworks program, which are: College/Career Essay Personal/Professional Logo Resume Letter of Reference

In addition, interns are required to maintain a weekly Work/Study Log for the entire year. It is to include examples of professional interactions theyve had with customers (school staff members), problem-solving actions taken with technical problems, and overall lessons learned. The TeamWorks Copier Service Student Internship is a credit-bearing course in which students receive a letter grade on their transcripts. Failure to comply with 50% of the program will result in a grade of E for the quarter on the student transcript and removal from the program. Interns are responsible for their own transportation to and from the summer internship site. Transportation difficulties that result in time lost at the site may affect the grade for the course.

The application deadline to be considered for the 2012-13 TeamWorks Copier Service Student Internship program is May 18, 2012

Application Process
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Application Form: Complete the student application. Make sure all items are completed and clearly, legibly printed. Since TDS will correspond by e-mail, applicants must provide a valid e-mail address. Recommendations: Provide the names, signatures, and e-mail addresses of a current MCPS teacher, internship coordinator, and one counselor to contact for a recommendation. Transcript: Include a copy of your unofficial transcript from the registrar. Personal Essay: Describe your interests and goals related to life after high school. Resume: Provide a resume that lists your activities and credentials. Information about how to write a resume is available from www.MontgomeryYouthWorks.com.

6. Checklist: All applicants and their parents/guardians must complete the following checklist:

TeamWorks Copier Service 20122013 Application Checklist

Review the TeamWorks Copier Service Student Internship program description (page 1). Review the TeamWorks Copier Service Student Internship entrance and completion requirements (page 1). Attach a copy of the school transcript. Complete the TeamWorks Copier Service Student Internship program application. Attach a copy of personal essay. Attach a copy of the resume. 7. Mail: Forward this application packet with a copy of your school transcript to: MCPS Career and Postsecondary Partnerships attention: M. Lipson, room 257-C 850 Hungerford Drive Rockville, MD 20850

Program Application
8. Please print all information requested on this application form. The student, parent/guardian, and school counselor must sign and date this application in order for the application to be processed. Forward your completed application packet by May 18, 2012 to: MCPS Career and Postsecondary Partnerships attention: M. Lipson, room 257-C 850 Hungerford Drive Rockville, MD 20850

*Appointment is contingent upon verification of eligibility to be employed in the United States and meeting all other program entrance requirements. Applying to this program does not guarantee placement.

Name: ___________________________________________________________________________________ Last First MI Current High School: _________________________________ Counselor: ____________________________ Student ID Number: _______________ Date of Birth: ________________ Current Grade: Circle one 10 Social Security Number: ____________________________ Street Address: ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ City State Zip Home Telephone: ____________________________ Cellular Phone: _______________________________ E-mail Address: ____________________________________________________________________________ Parent /Guardians Name: ____________________________________________________________________ Parents Work Phone: ________________________________________ Parent E-mail: ______________________________________________ 11

Directions: Use the table below to provide contact information for each recommendation. Please notify the the instructors that they will be contacted for a recommendation.

I have reviewed and provided all documents required for consideration for entrance in the TeamWorks Copier Service Student Internship program. Students Signature: Date: _______________

I have reviewed the application requirements. To the best of my knowledge, my son/daughter can independently participate and function while in either the classroom or internship setting for the duration of the TeamWorks Copier Service Student Internship program. Transportation will be provided to the summer six week internship at the Lincoln Center and at his/her home school. Parents/Guardian's Signature: Date: _______________

FOR OFFICE USE ONLY: 9. Counselor - Please review the completed application packet, sign below, and submit it to MCPS Career and Postsecondary Partnerships attention: M. Lipson, room 257-C 850 Hungerford Drive Rockville, MD 20850 Date:

Counselor Signature:

School Coordinator/Resource Teacher for Information Technology Signature: Date:

Principal Signature:


MCPS Teacher Recommendation Course(s) Print name Signature E-mail Internship Coordinator Recommendation Print name Signature E-mail

For questions, please contact Michelle_E_Lipson@mcpsmd.org

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