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Click Clack Moo Cows That Type Lesson Plan Grade 3

Lesson format: Read aloud, readers theatre, persuasive letter Title of text: Click Clack Moo Cows that Type Author: PURPOSE: at the end of the lesson I want the students to engage in a novel using different methods: drama, read aloud, and creative writing, as well as strengthen learning through groups. This lesson is also the first one on point of view to help with diagnostic of overall unit. EXPECTATIONS: Grade 3 Reading - 1.5 - make inferences about texts using stated and implied ideas from the texts as evidence 1.9 - identify the point of view presented in a text and suggest some possible alternative perspectives Writing 3.2 - spell unfamiliar words using a variety of strategies that involve understanding soundsymbol relationships, word structures, word meanings, and generalizations about spelling Drama - B2.1 express thoughts, feelings, and ideas about a variety of drama experiences and performances.

RESOURCES: -book Widow's Broom -poster paper 1 per group -markers -pencil crayon -scissor -ruler -canning jar "HOOK": -show students book - do a choice picture walk, only showing 3 pictures from the book. -in groups do a brainstorm, regarding what they will predict the plot/ending and the broom to widow relation. Q - "why is it the widow's broom"? Q - "using the pictures as clues what do you think the relationship between the broom and widow is"? -discuss in whole class one of their prediction from each group and why LESSON OVERVIEW: Read Aloud

-I will read to the children The Widows Broom on the carpet -part way through the book I will pause and ask the children Q now that you have heard more of the story who has changed one of their predictions? chose 3 children -after the book is finished I will ask Q think about the predictions and see which ones came true?- if any ask 3 children

Drama: -the children back in their groups at desks -Have inanimate objects (marker, pen, scissor, ruler, canning jar) on desks -They will select an item or may pass -The child will than interact with an object in an unconventional way other than its intended use. -I will demonstrate one item (marker as a toothbrush) Q - "what is another way in which you could interact with that item"? Writing: -students will use their creative writing folders - one page in length minimum -students will retell the story from another point of view - one of the other characters Q - "you could use the Spivey's, dog, broom, widow, or the witch" as examples Closure: -if students choose they may share to whole class how they used the objects -they may share a summary of their own story ASSESSMENT: Diagnostic: what do the students know about widows? Formative: are they demonstrating creative thinking, while doing the drama activity? are they able to work in groups on the assignment of brainstorming and drama? Summative: hand in their creative writing to be marked for correct punctuation, creative perspective, spelling, grammar, capitals, appropriate length, etc. MODIFICATIONS: -children with a short attention span I will make sure I include them in the discussion -have children who have a hard time concentrating that they sit at the front while I am reading -children with a more kinesthetic learning may demonstrate using their object in large movements and not constrained to the desk -children with language delay may write a shorter version of their story or a story board type version. -I would be available to scribe for students as well as any software nessesary.