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AACC Approved Methods

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02 02-01A 02-02A 02-03A 02-04A 02-31 02-32A 02-52 Acidity Fat AcidityGeneral Method Fat AcidityRapid Method, for Small Grains Fat AcidityRapid Method, for Corn Fat AcidityColorimetric Method Titratable Acidity Neutralizing Value of Acid-Reacting Materials Hydrogen-Ion Activity (pH)Electrometric Method Acids Phosphoric AcidQualitative Method Phosphoric AcidQuantitative Method Sulfuric AcidQuantitative Method Acetic, Butyric, and Lactic Acids in Rye Flour Benzoic Acid Citric and Isocitric Acids Tartaric AcidQuantitative Method Free or Combined Tartaric AcidQualitative Method Admixture of Flours Admixture of Rye and Wheat Flours Soy Flour

04 04-10 04-11 04-14 04-20 04-21 04-22 04-27 04-28

06 06-10 06-11

07 07-01 07-11 07-20 08 08-01 08-02 08-03 08-10 08-11 08-12 08-14 08-16 08-17 08-18 10 10-09 10-10B 10-11 10-15 10-31B 10-50D 10-52

Amino Acids Measurement of Acid-Stable Amino Acids Measurement of Sulfur Amino Acids Measurement of TryptophanAlkaline Hydrolysis Total Ash AshBasic Method AshRapid (Magnesium Acetate) Method AshRapid (2-Hour, 600) Method Ash in Cacao Products Ash in Dry Milk Products Ash in Farina and Semolina Ash in Molasses, Sugars, and Syrups Ash in Soy Flour Ash in Starch Ash in Yeast Foods Baking Quality Basic Straight-Dough Bread-Baking Method Long Fermentation Optimized Straight-Dough Bread-Baking Method Baking Quality of Bread FlourSponge-Dough, Pound-Loaf Method Baking Quality of Angel-Cake Flour Baking Quality of Biscuit Flour Baking Quality of Cookie Flour Baking Quality of Cookie FlourMicro Method

10-53 10-54 10-90 10-91 12 12-10 12-20 12-21 12-29

Baking Quality of Cookie FlourMacro Wire-Cut Formulation Baking Quality of Cookie FlourMicro Wire-Cut Formulation Baking Quality of Cake Flour Use of Layer Cake Measuring Template Carbon Dioxide Residual Carbon Dioxide in Baking Powder Total (Gasometric) Carbon Dioxide in Baking Powder Total Carbon Dioxide in Prepared Mixes and SelfRising Flours Table: Correction Factors for Gasometric Determination of Carbon Dioxide Color and Pigments Pekar Color Test (Slick Test) Color of PastaReflectance Colorimeter Method Agtron Color Test for Flour Determination of Pigments Ingredients Egg SolidsDigitonin Cholesterol Method Egg Solids in Pasta Products Enzymes Measurement of -Amylase in Cereal Grains and FloursAmylazyme Method

14 14-10 14-22 14-30 14-50 20 20-01 20-10 22 22-05

22-08 22-10 22-11 22-12

Measurement of -Amylase Activity with the Rapid Visco Analyser Measurement of -Amylase Activity with the Amylograph Measurement of Gassing Power by the Pressuremeter Method Measurement of -Amylase Activity in Flour Supplemented with Fungal -AmylaseModified Amylograph Method Measurement of Gassing Power by Volumetric Method Measurement of Diastatic Activity of Flour or Semolina Measurement of Trypsin Inhibitor Activity of Soy ProductsSpectrophotometric Method Measurement of Proteolytic Activity Spectrophotometric Method Qualitative Test for Peroxidase in Oat Products Measurement of Urease Activity Experimental Milling Experimental Milling: Introduction, Equipment, Sample Preparation, and Tempering Experimental MillingBhler Method for Hard Wheat Experimental MillingBatch Method for Hard Wheat Experimental MillingBhler Method for Soft Wheat Short-Extraction Flour

22-14 22-15 22-40 22-62 22-80 22-90 26 26-10A 26-21A 26-22 26-30A

26-31 26-32 26-41 26-42 26-50 26-95 28 28-01 28-02 28-03A 28-06 28-07 28-10A 28-19 28-20A 28-21A 28-22A

Experimental MillingBhler Method for Soft Wheat Straight-Grade Flour Experimental MillingBatch Method for Soft Wheat Experimental MillingBhler Method for Durum Wheat Experimental MillingBatch Method for Durum Wheat Brabender Quadrumat Jr. (Quadruplex) Method Experimental Milling: Temper Table Extraneous Matter Apparatus or Materials for Extraneous Matter Methods Reagents for Extraneous Matter Methods Special Techniques for Extraneous Matter Methods Cinder and Sand Particles in FarinaCounting Method Cinder and Sand Particles in FarinaGravimetric Method Macroscopic Examination of External Contamination in Whole Grains External Filth and Internal Insect Infestation in Whole Corn Microscopic Examination of External Contamination in Whole Grains X-Ray Examination for Internal Insect Infestation Cracking-Flotation Test for Internal Insects in Whole Grains

28-30A 28-31A 28-32A 28-33A 28-40 28-41B

Macroscopic Examination of Materials Hard to Hydrate Pancreatin Sieving Method, for Insect and Rodent Filth in Materials Hard to Hydrate Sieving Method, for Materials Hard to Hydrate Pancreatin Nonsieving Method for Insect and Rodent Filth in Materials Easy to Hydrate Acid Hydrolysis Method for Insect Fragments and Rodent HairsWheat-Soy Blend Acid Hydrolysis Method for Extracting Insect Fragments and Rodent HairsLight Filth in White Flour Glass Plate Method, for Insect Excreta Iodine Method, for Insect Eggs in Flour Decantation Method, for Rodent Excreta Flotation Method, for Insect and Rodent Filth Tween-Versene Method, for Insect Fragments and Rodent Hairs in Rye Flour Defatting-Digestion Method, for Insect Fragments and Rodent Hairs Sieving Method, for Light Filth in Starch Flotation Method, for Insect and Rodent Filth in Popped Popcorn Ultraviolet Light Examination, for Rodent Urine Xanthydrol Test, for Urea Urease-Bromthymol Blue Test Paper, for Urea Direction of Insect Penetration into Food Packaging

28-43 28-44 28-50 28-51A 28-60A 28-70 28-75A 28-80 28-85 28-86 28-87 28-93

28-95 30 30-10 30-12A 30-14 30-16 30-18 30-20 30-25 30-40 32 32-05 32-06 32-07 32-10 32-20 32-21 32-22 32-23

Insect, Rodent Hair, and Radiographic Illustrations Crude Fat Crude Fat in Flour, Bread, and Baked Cereal Products Not Containing Fruit Crude Fat in Cocoa Crude Fat in Baked Pet Food Crude Fat in Dry Milk Products Crude Fat in Egg Yolk by Acid Hydrolysis Crude Fat in Grain and Stock Feeds Crude Fat in Wheat, Corn, and Soy Flour, Feeds, and Mixed Feeds Unsaponifiable Matter Fiber Total Dietary Fiber Total Dietary FiberRapid Gravimetric Method Soluble, Insoluble, and Total Dietary Fiber in Foods and Food Products Crude Fiber in Flours, Feeds, and Feedstuffs Insoluble Dietary Fiber Insoluble and Soluble Dietary Fiber in Oat ProductsEnzymatic-Gravimetric Method -Glucan in Oat Fractions and Unsweetened Oat Cereals -Glucan Content of Barley and OatsRapid Enzymatic Procedure


Total Dietary FiberDetermined as Neutral Sugar Residues, Uronic Acid Residues, and Klason Lignin (Uppsala Method) Fructans in Foods and Food ProductsIon Exchange Chromatographic Method Measurement of Total Fructan in Foods by an Enzymatic/Spectrophotometric Method Sensory Analysis Sensory EvaluationTriangle Difference Test Gluten GlutenHand Washing Method Wet Gluten and Gluten Index Farinograph Test for Vital Wheat Gluten Infrared Analysis Near-Infrared MethodsGuidelines for Model Development and Maintenance Near-Infrared Reflectance Method for Protein Determination in Small Grains Near-Infrared Reflectance Method for Protein Determination in Wheat Flour Near-Infrared Reflectance Method for Protein and Oil Determination in Soybeans Near-Infrared Reflectance Method for Whole-Grain Analysis in Soybeans Near-Infrared Reflectance Method for Protein Content in Whole-Grain Wheat Near-Infrared Reflectance Method for Hardness Determination in Wheat

32-31 32-32

33 33-50A 38 38-10 38-12 38-20 39 39-00 39-10 39-11 39-20 39-21 39-25 39-70A

40 40-10 40-15 40-16 40-18 40-20 40-21 40-26 40-30 40-31 40-33 40-35 40-40 40-41B 40-45 40-50A 40-56 40-57 40-58 40-61A 40-66

Inorganic Constituents AluminumQualitative Method AmmoniaQuantitative Method Ammonium SaltsQualitative Method Ammonium SaltsQuantitative Method Calcium in Bread and Flour Calcium in Feedstuffs Calcium in Mineral Feeds Chlorides in Ash as Sodium ChlorideGravimetric Method Chlorides in Ash as Sodium ChlorideVolumetric Method Chlorides in Yeast FoodsQuantitative Method Iodine Determination IronQualitative Method IronSpectrophotometric Method Acid-Soluble Manganese Sample Preparation for Phosphate Determination in Flour Improvers PhosphorusModified Fiske-Subbarow Colorimetric Method PhosphorusGravimetric Method PhosphorusVolumetric Method Salt, Calculated from Soluble Chlorides SulfatesGravimetric Method

40-70 40-71 40-75

Elements by Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry Sodium and Potassium by Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry Determination of Minerals by Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectroscopy Microorganisms MicroorganismsSampling Procedure Aerobic Plate Count ColiformE. coli Clostridium perfringens Enumeration Rope Spore Count Salmonella Bacteria Enumeration of Staphylococcus aureus Enterococci Thermophilic Spore Counts (Total Aerobic, FlatSour, H2S, Non-H2S Anaerobic) Thermophilic and Psychrotrophic Bacteria Mold and Yeasts Counts ErgotEther-Bicarbonate Method SmutMicroscopic Method SmutSedimentation Method Moisture Calculation of Percent Moisture MoistureDielectric Meter Method

42 42-10 42-11 42-15 42-17A 42-20 42-25B 42-30B 42-35 42-40 42-45 42-50 42-56 42-70 42-71 44 44-01 44-11

44-15A 44-16 44-19 44-20 44-30 44-31 44-40 44-51 44-60 45 45-01 45-05 45-14 45-15 45-16 45-20 45-21 45-25 45-41 46 46-09

MoistureAir-Oven Methods MoistureAir-Oven (Aluminum-Plate) Method MoistureAir-Oven Method, Drying at 135 MoistureASBC Air-Oven Method Moisture and Volatile Matter in Fats and Shortenings Moisture and Volatile Matter in Soy Flours MoistureModified Vacuum-Oven Method MoistureBy Distillation with Toluene, for Fats and Shortenings MoistureDrying on Quartz Sand Mycotoxins Sampling Grain for Mycotoxins AflatoxinThin-Layer Chromatography Method AflatoxinRapid Screening Method AflatoxinPresumptive Test AflatoxinLiquid Chromatography Method ZearalenoneThin-Layer Chromatography Method Zearalenone and -Zearalenol in CornHPLC Method Identification of Aflatoxin on TLC Plates Deoxynivalenol in WheatTLC Method Nitrogen Crude ProteinAutomated Colorimetric Method

46-10 46-11A 46-12 46-13 46-14B 46-15 46-16 46-18 46-19 46-23 46-24 46-30 46-50 48 48-08 48-42 48-62 48-71A 54 54-10

Crude ProteinImproved Kjeldahl Method Crude ProteinImproved Kjeldahl Method, Copper Catalyst Modification Crude ProteinKjeldahl Method, Boric Acid Modification Crude ProteinMicro-Kjeldahl Method Crude ProteinUdy Dye Method Crude Protein5-Minute Biuret Method for Wheat and Other Grains Crude ProteinImproved Kjeldahl Method, Copper-Titanium Dioxide Catalyst Modification Crude Protein, Calculated from Percentage of Total Nitrogen, in Feeds and Feedstuffs Crude Protein, Calculated from Percentage of Total Nitrogen, in Wheat and Flour Nitrogen Solubility Index Protein Dispersibility Index Crude ProteinCombustion Method Urea and Ammoniacal Nitrogen Oxidizing, Bleaching, and Maturing Agents Benzoyl PeroxideQuantitative Method Quantitative Method for Bromates Ammonium PersulfateQuantitative Method Azodicarbonamide in Premix Physical Dough Tests Extensigraph Method, General

54-21 54-28A 54-29

Farinograph Method for Flour Farinograph Table for Constant Dough Weight Method Only Approximate Corrections for Changing As-Is Farinograph Absorption to 14.0% Moisture Basis, for Constant Dough Weight Method Only Alveograph Method for Soft and Hard Wheat Flour Mixograph Method Determination of the Water Absorption Capacity of Flours and of Physical Properties of Wheat Flour Doughs, Using the Consistograph Physical Tests Test Weight per Bushel Corn Breakage Susceptibility Particle Size Index for Wheat Hardness Single-Kernel Characterization System for Wheat Kernel Texture Particle Size of Wheat Flour by Laser Instrument Specific Volume GlossaryBarley Physicochemical Tests Alkaline Water Retention Capacity Solvent Retention Capacity Profile Hydration Capacity of Pregelatinized Cereal Products Water Hydration Capacity of Protein Materials

54-30A 54-40A 54-50

55 55-10 55-20 55-30 55-31 55-40 55-50 55-99 56 56-10 56-11 56-20 56-30

56-40 56-50 56-60 56-61A 56-62 56-63 56-70 56-81B 56-99 58 58-10 58-11 58-12 58-13 58-14 58-15 58-16 58-17 58-18 58-19

Water Hydration (Absorption) of Rolled Oats Pelshenke Test (Wheat-Meal Fermentation Time Test) Sedimentation Test for Flour Sedimentation Test for Wheat Modified Sedimentation Test for Wheat Micro Sedimentation Test for Wheat Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate Sedimentation Test for Durum Wheat Determination of Falling Number GlossaryGrain and Flour Special Properties of Fats, Oils, and Shortenings Cloud Point Cold Test Determination of Oil Color Determination of Congeal Point ConsistencyPenetration Method Determination of Free Fatty Acids Determination of Peroxide ValueAcetic AcidChloroform Method Preparation of Methyl Esters of Long-Chain Fatty Acids Fatty Acid Composition by Gas Chromatography Total, Saturated, Unsaturated, and Monounsaturated Fats in Cereal Products by Acid Hydrolysis and Capillary Gas Chromatography

58-20A 58-25 58-30A 58-35 58-39 58-40 58-45 58-50 58-53 58-54A 58-82 58-99 61 61-01 61-02 61-03 61-99 62 62-05 62-20A 62-25

Refractive Index Solid Fat IndexDilatometric Method Iodine Value of Fats and OilsCyclohexaneAcetic Acid Method Acetone-Insoluble Lecithin Dropping PointAutomatic Determination of Melting Point in Fats Melting PointCapillary Method Monoglycerides and Free Glycerol Saponification Value Slip Melting Point Oil Stability Index Smoke, Flash, and Fire Points GlossaryLipids Rice Amylograph Method for Milled Rice Determination of the Pasting Properties of Rice with the Rapid Visco Analyser Amylose Content of Milled Rice GlossaryRice Preparation of Sample Preparation of Sample: Bread Preparation of Sample: Semolina and Feedstuffs Preparation of Sample: Fruit and Fruit Products

62-40 62-50 64 64-40 64-50 64-60 64-70A 64-71

Preparation of Sample: Dried Pasta and Noodle Products Preparation of Sample: Malt Sampling Sampling of Fats and Shortenings Sampling of Feeds and Feedstuffs Sampling of Flour, Grain Products, and Feed Products in Sacks Manual Sampling of Wheat and Other Whole Grains Mechanical Sampling of Dry, Free-Flowing Granular Material Semolina, Pasta, and Noodle Quality Determination of Granularity of Semolina and Farina: Sieving Method Macro Scale Pasta Processing Micro Scale Pasta Processing Pasta and Noodle Cooking QualityFirmness Solutions Preparation of Buffer Solutions Preparation and Standardization of Hydrochloric Acid Solution Preparation of Indicator Solutions Preparation and Standardization of Ammonium and Potassium Thiocyanate Solutions Preparation and Standardization of Potassium Permanganate Solution

66 66-20 66-41 66-42 66-50 70 70-15 70-20A 70-25 70-40 70-50A

70-60 70-70 70-75 70-80

Preparation and Standardization of Silver Nitrate Solution Preparation and Standardization of Sodium or Potassium Hydroxide Solution Preparation and Standardization of Sodium Thiosulfate Solution Preparation and Standardization of Sulfuric Acid Solution Staleness/Texture Measurement of Bread Firmness by Universal Testing Machine Measurement of Bread FirmnessCompression Test Staleness of BreadSensory Perception Test Starch StarchGlucoamylase Method with Subsequent Measurement of Glucose with Glucose Oxidase Total Starch Assay Procedure (Megazyme Amyloglucosidase/-Amylase Method) General Pasting Method for Wheat or Rye Flour of Starch Using the Rapid Visco Analyser Determination of Damaged Starch Determination of Damaged Starch Spectrophotometric Method Statistical Principles Definitions of Statistical Terms Statistical Evaluation of Test MethodsEstimation of Variance in Analytical Tests

74 74-09 74-10A 74-30 76 76-11 76-13 76-21 76-30A 76-31

78 78-40 78-60

80 80-04 80-05 80-10 80-50 80-51 80-53 80-60 80-68

Sugars Determination of Simple Sugars in Cereal ProductsHPLC Method Determination of Saccharides by Liquid Chromatography Determination of Glucose in Sugar Mixtures Glucose Oxidase Method Determination of Sucrose Solids in SyrupsRefractometer Method Solids in SyrupsSpindle Method Determination of Reducing and Nonreducing Sugars Determination of Reducing SugarsSchoorl Method Tables Notes on of Use of Tables 82-21, 82-22, 82-23, and 82-24 Table: Conversion of Farinograph Absorption to 14.0% Moisture Basis (Constant Weight Method Only) Table: Correction of Analytical Values to 14.0% Moisture Basis Table: Flour Weight to Give 100 g at 14.0% Moisture Content Table: Multiplication Factors to Correct Weights to 14.0% Moisture Basis Vitamins Vitamin AUltraviolet Absorption Method

82 82-20 82-21

82-22 82-23 82-24

86 86-01A

86-02 86-03 86-05 86-06 86-10 86-31 86-40 86-45 86-49 86-50A 86-51 86-70 86-72 86-80 86-90 89 89-01

Vitamin ACarr-Price Method Vitamin A in Enriched Flour Vitamin A and Carotene Vitamin A and Vitamin E in Foods by HPLC Ascorbic AcidIndophenol-Xylene Extraction Method Vitamin B6 ComplexMicrobiological Method Vitamin B12Microbiological Method Choline Niacin in Enrichment Concentrates Niacin and Niacinamide in Cereal Products NiacinMicrobiological Method RiboflavinFluorometric Method RiboflavinMicrobiological Method ThiamineThiochrome Method B-Vitamins in Vitamin Concentrates by HPLC Yeast Yeast Activity, Gas Production

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