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MEDIA FOR THE It seems like an age ago when the burgeoning

reach of the Pakistani media seemed like a

PEOPLE: HEARING distant dream; but now, with access to more
IMPAIRED TV channels and Radio channels than you can
shake your remote at; it has become an
obvious reality. It is within this reality, that
I f y o u c a n r e a d t h i s t e x t , you are the Pakistani media has begun to find its feet
one of those 99.6% lucky peoples who are and evolve itself into a position of further
neither blind nor deaf. You can enjoy the strength by looking to eventually gain the
beauty of nature, your life, your relationships, ability to be trusted in terms of the
and the most important part, your information that it internally communicate to
communication with the rest of the us, and to also be able to externally brand
world. As you are living in the age of quick
communication and information explosion,
you must be thankful that you are blessed
with your beautiful EYES that makes your
vision and helps you to respond The media ever noticed?
accordingly, your listening power that plays a That there are more than 3.5
big role in your communication, making you Million Pakistanis are disabled,
update with the responses around. 0.3 million blinds, 0.25 million
We get the best to our moods and
needs with switching a large In this fast developing world where there are
variety of channels. people like us who are enjoying and making
their best to survive happily, there exist some
ln the population of 167 million Pakistanis number of people who are DISABLED,
(https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the- cannot communicate their ideas but can
world-factbook/geos/pk.html July 2008 est.), THINK with excellence, sometimes even
there are people like us who regularly interact better then us. As it’s my view that if they are
with the media. We wake up every morning provided with perfect tools that make them
with a tea and newspaper or a news headline understand the world around them, and asked
on television, in daytime get updates on an to manipulate and express their ideas, they
important news that is sensed, for can definitely come up with as natural and
ensuring safety for our family at home and for innovative ideas as we are or may be
our security to reach back home from the even BETTER than us.
office or university. After a hard day in the
evening, we entertain ourselves via television It is vital though, that the media remembers
prime time shows with the beloved family that it must not simply ‘grow’. It is
and gatherings. Even on weekends when we fundamental to have a responsible media, and
really want to sit back and relax in our leisure, then the onus comes on the very barons that
special shows and programs help us to do so. run the media to ensure that their
Every body wants to be updated in relation to responsibility is carried out to the fullest.
his knowledge. So it is the medium that helps Where they benefit young and old, literate
keep us informed and updated every moment, and low educated or illiterate, they are
with the latest and breaking news about the expanding the target viewers reaching and
world and people around us making us focusing on every community and people. One
manage our lifestyle and survival in community that is being forsaken is special
accordance to it. Even at times of depression, people. And the most effecting from the tunnel
we try to overcome it through entertainment. vision of the media are the hearing impaired.
Some of us have also participated in
discussions, where we contributed our views It is the matter of fact that they can also read
and vision on certain issues. In fact we get the a newspaper or the headline that appears 24
best to our moods and needs with switching a hours on a news channels. But is it not what
large variety of channels. they are limited to by us? What if they ask for
their right to be treated equally for
entertainment side, information side, and
education side of television channels? The I remember once upon a time there used to be
television media is equally important for them a show on PTV called "BOLTAY HATH" in
as well. We, rather than asking them to get which sign language is used to communicate
alternate options and wait for newspaper till with hearing impaired, but now you would be
next morning for the today's news, cannot hardly find something like this that the
have a single channel for them??? Or we hearing impaired finds for them and can
think that THEY DON'T NEED MEDIA? communicated for them.
They also come across multiple situations,
they also want to move forward with us and
be updated, but are we providing them with
An end responsible note: What
solutions to their needs? In fact their needs we have to realize?
are somehow more than us. In order to
support their deficiency, they rely more on The key thing is to understand that these
other senses to communicate with the world individuals can play important roles in
around. shaping the future of our country: a future of
acceptance and understanding. This
It is not just the matter of realization for understanding needs to be clear to the media
media concerns, but it is the matter of concern firstly, and then it needs to seep to the society
to the people like us who can bring CHANGE. through the media. This message is for the
Like Shehzad Roy who says "NO many channels that are often struggling to
DIFFERENCES CAN MAKE A find quality programming, open your eyes and
DIFFERENCE". Let’s just imagine yourself see what riches our country has.
a deaf for a moment. You are in a world where
you cannot hear what’s going on around you; The Media has to be FOR the
you can just make a raw idea or sense that people
this may be the situation. There is no one to
entertain you or to update you. You can watch
television but cannot listen that what is being A hope, that this responsibility will be
communicated. Can you imagine a life like realized by every citizen of our country. The
this??? How difficult for you to survive in the media will realize their negligence and accept
world where you just rely on lip reading and their responsibility to provide equal
hand movements of others to be able to importance to these 0.25 millions of
communicate, although you have to Pakistanis. And the citizen will join hands
understand that message what is not made for with disabled and allow them to move
you, not in accordance to your deficiency but forward with us.
it is essential for you to understand it.
(Written by Arif Altaf Rajani, CBM ID:2008-3-
Imagine a world where you can not even 06-8414)
understand what the president of your
country is saying when he addresses the
nation. Quite simply imagine a world which A Comment by a reader:
does not accept you as part of itself, simply
because it refuses to communicate with you. “They have also right to get updated with the
This is where the responsibility of the media current situation of country and other things,
comes in, to create awareness and acceptance whenever any thing happens, all the channels,
for these communities, and to show them that radio stations, newspapers publishes and
they are an important part of the country and releases it as early as possible, but do the media
that they are just as much patriotic as you or I persons thinks that how can we make the
are. disable people update or make them aware with
the situation? We should make a Change”

What have we provided??