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Graduation is always triumphant and emotional occasional. Its time to say goodbye to classmates, mentors and ones Alma Mater to commence a life thats more responsible and independent. It is a beginning of a new life ahead. Our high school life is almost over. I really enjoyed it. I had fun spending with my friends. The memories i have will never be forgotten because they are all worthkeeping. High school taught me countless things, it opened doors of opportunities and it made me a stronger person. Maybe some of you here wonder why im here, especially my fellow graduates who were my classmates in elementary or some may ask how did I obtain my possessed knowledge right now because before, i was a simple and ordinary schoolboy who was contented of coming to school, sitting on my desk and learning nothing. I always belonged to the lower section then, from grade 1 to grade five. This trend changed only when i transferred to Batangas, there I studied very hard because i wanted to be awarded on graduation and all things worked out, I graduated from elementary with flying colours. In order to reach your dreams, you need to set certain goals that will light your path, life with no goal is like walking in a dark street, you see nothing so you dont know where to go. Another factor is change, change is not hard to get all you have to do is enhance your perseverance. Everyone can make a change, but you only have to make sure that it is for the better.

This is dream come true for me because I really wanted to become a valedictorian and to recite a valedictory address like this. When I was a kid, I idolized my cousin, Kuya Jayson, I said that I will also take BS Chemistry in UP Diliman, where he graduated. Unfortunately, I was not lucky enough to pass the UPCAT, but I dont have any regrets, because I believe that the Almighty up there has other plans for me, greater plans indeed. It is just like the homily on one Sunday of February in Catholic Church saying, God has only three answers to our prayers, yes, next time and I have better plans for you. I may not be the holiest neither the kindest person in the world but I have a strong faith to God. Prayers will be answered unless you put it into actions. God is really kind, he will give you all you want, you only need to show him that you are working hard for what you want. They often say that life is not fair, but the truth is, it is not. It only does when you keep in your mind that it is unfair. Things go wrong when you think negatively. Positivity helps in creating good decisions because when you are positive, you enjoy what you

are doing, you have a good mood and you have a good outlook in life which may lead to success. So guys, lets all be positive in all lifes aspects, you never know maybe sooner or later you will find it helpful. I had faced many problems and encountered hardships before that really made me a stronger person, there were times that I almost gave up but I never did because of the people who were there who supported me, the people who motivated me. I am what I am at this moment because of them. So I want to take this opportunity to thank them. First, my family, Mama and Papa (though hes no longer alive) I owe you my existence, thank you for the love that you are giving me same with my siblings, Monica and Renmar, you are the reason why I strived harder, why I have this. My relatives, who give me their full support. My ate Nheng who pushed me to work hard. My friends, sorry because I will not be able to mention all of you here but I want you to know that Im very thankful to have you, I will treaseure all the memories we have, thank you guys for opening your ears, for sharing me your shoulder, for sharing me your handkerchiefs and for the memories. My teachers, my second and third year teachers, ,my ever supportive advisers, Mrs. Dela Fuente and Mrs. Romasanta, Nanay Salieth, my fourth year teachers, Sir Lunar, Maam Carino, Maam Ramos, Maam Estacio, Maam Manalo and Maam De Asis, thank you for all the good things that you have taught us, I will miss you, I love you. And of course, the teachers who really gave their full support, their guidance, motivation and love, Mommy Anne, Mama Elnora, Kuya Fernan and my Mama Rhoda, you are one of the reasons why im strong. And last, but not the least, to God, I owe you everything, thank you for this wonderful gift, thank you for all the blessings, for hearing my prayers and for everything. This is definitely the end, but not of everything. When future comes, I hope to see all of you with big smiles and big hearts, with great stories and great life. To my fellow graduates, CONGRATULATIONS to ALL of Us!!! Good night and
thank you.

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