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Name of the student AMIT KUMAR

PG Roll No: PG20111107

Submitted to Subject Submitted on Marks Allotted Remarks(if any)


Name- Amit kumar

Enrollment No. PG20111107

Name of the Company: Grasim Industries ltd. Location: Jodhpur Rajasthan Name of Faculty Mentor: Mr. Rahul mishra Name of Company Mentor: Ms.Ramneek kaur gill Progress of the training: Good Description of tasks: Channel sales Learning from experience: Good Achievements: sales of around Rs 35000.

Description of task
My tasks is go to the various general trade and modern trade stores and give presentation about the product, tell about the margin and various schemes and take the order.

KARA WET WIPES Different categories Refreshing wipes two fragrance mint and cucumber

Deep pour cleansing wipes

Sunscreen wipes

Moisturizing wipes

Make-up removal wipes Toning wipes

Progress Report From 1st may to 15th may 2012 -:

I joined Grasim Industries pvt ltd. on 1st of this month in Jodhpur Rajasthan. I report to Sales Officer of Rajasthan Mr. Lavdeep singh. The hierarchy structure followed over here is Regional Manager- Sales Officer and then Sales Representatives. Sales Representatives are on company payroll and directly paid by the company. There is one sales representative for Jodhpur area who is basically responsible for taking orders from retailers and for secondary sales. Selling for the company is of two types primary sales which happen from company to distributor, and secondary sales which happen from distributor to retailer.

Learning from the Internship:

Distributor gets 9% margin from the company on mark up price and retailer gets 18% margin from the distributors plus marketing discount schemes on the marked down price.

For example a pack of 10 refreshing wipes would cost Rs. 25.42 to retailer and Rs. 27.52 to distributor. There are also marketing budget allotted to promote the wipes and push them in market from time to time. Like at present there is scheme if the retailer buys 2000+ then 8% markdown margin, 3000+ 10% margin, 5000+ 15% margin and the retailer have to buy that quantity in one month. .

Routine tasks and Responsibilities to be performed:

First, in the morning report to the distributor then go on the beat, which is a schedule in which every retail counter is visited once in a week for taking orders and arranging displays. There are two types of channel where wipes are sold general trade and modern trade. General trade covers all the retail counters like fancy stores, departmental stores, and cosmetic stores or others. Modern trade covers the supermarkets and hypermarkets like big bazaar, national handlooms, super markets, Spencers and others. Every day in morning I have to report to distributor who assigns me which channel I have to visit on which day along with location of the counters.

I am accompanied by the sales representative who takes the order and at new stores we give presentation about the product and get orders. And at the end of the day I have to report back to the distributor.